10 facts about Dilhan Eryurt

10 facts about Dilhan Eryurt.

She was an #astronomer,specializing in astrophysics,who made major contributions to scientific research on the formation and evolution of the Sun, and other main sequence stars.

Dr.Dilhan Eryurt's life and work is being celebrated in today's Google Doodle.

Dilhan Eryurt made a significant discovery to help the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission to be a success. #DilhanEryurt #googledoodle

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2 comentarios:

David Roddis
David Roddis:
It seems there are so many women who have contributed to science that we never heard about. I wonder if Turkish society at the time helped women have better chances in non-traditional professions or if she suffered the same obstacles as women in the West. Thank you for sharing this information.
luvernie lulu
luvernie lulu:
Is she Muslim?

Good job astronomer