10 GREAT Manchester United vs Liverpool goals | Premier League | Anthony Martial & Mohamed Salah

A countdown of 10 great goals scored in previous matches between @Manchester United and @Liverpool FC in the Premier League. This video features Anthony Martial, Mohamed Salah, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and more!

What’s your favourite Manchester United vs Liverpool goal? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Premier League
Premier League:
Discover how you can watch this match and others from Matchweek 9: https://bit.ly/WhereToWatchPL2021_22
Fan Site
Fan Site:
It's sad that till date we haven't had the opportunity to see this fixture as the Champions League final.. Hope we do one day!
Oscar Wolff
Oscar Wolff:
Amanuel Habtamu
Amanuel Habtamu:
Although I am a United fan, that Benteke bicycle kick goal is much more better than Scholes's
ℕT. 7
ℕT. 7:
Hope we see a good- thrilling match this Sunday
Nick Mugambi
Nick Mugambi:
Salah will add another wondergoal by dribbling past 3,4 or 5 players
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir:
Great goal by Salah
Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo:
When that Martial goal is only 9th on the list, you know the goals are about to be insane
How can Riise's free-kick is placed in #10, far from #3 Beckham's ?

The angle and the distance Riise was facing had much higher difficulty level than Beck's - which is quite often we see goals from around D circle.

Therefore, Riise should replace Becks for #3 or #4, which moved up Gerrard's goal into #3.
It's very hard to beat Barthez from ±25 yards, yes?

Come on, PL editing & research video Team - you know my argumentation is solid as rock, isn't it? 😉
All the goals were great thats wht man u and Liverpool fc can do !! The big game of the season but not the biggest now !!
As a Liverpool supporter always want to win this game buy there are now better teams than Manchester United at the moment!! Still a big game without a doubt!!
Maximillionares That's Football
Maximillionares That's Football:
Hope we get to see goals in this tense rivalry
rouvin upadhyay
rouvin upadhyay:
Thats when united fans called Martial the next 'big thing' 😆
Snehangsu Kumar
Snehangsu Kumar:
Best league in the world no doubt
Hruaia Renthlei
Hruaia Renthlei:
1:40 that Fowler looks like Firmino's goal against Man City when the defender was john stones
Premier League
Premier League:
What’s your favourite Manchester United vs Liverpool goal?
A.M Ramdhani Kun
A.M Ramdhani Kun:
Some overhead kicks from Juan Mata, Benteke, Berbatov and also a free kick from John Arne Riise
Abdi Ahmed
Abdi Ahmed:
Only thing stopping Benteke from his rightful number 1 position is his name. His goal was the best.
Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City are the 3 teams that I believe will be fighting for the number 1 spot when the league is about to end. As for Man U, they should be fighting to get into the top 5..
Teams like Watford and Brentford might defeat them.💔🤣🤣
Paul Scholes one of the greatest midfielder in the Premier League.
Kuben Blisk
Kuben Blisk:
Greatest rivalry in English football!!
Hassan mohamed حسن محمد
Hassan mohamed حسن محمد:
Mo Salah❤️🇪🇬
J R:
Ole stays. Once a proper manager takes the wheel Man U gonna back to its prime.
Zexa XIII:
Berbatov an underrated legend. Touch of god.
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
The best match 🔥💪
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny:
I still hear Benteke's thump till this day. What a hit?!
Brian G
Brian G:
Wow that number 1 goal was insane a bar down bicycle kick damn that was crazy
M R:
Salah & Gerrard ❤️
Emmanuel Obiechefu
Emmanuel Obiechefu:
That Berbatov's goal would have been overshadowed by a truly wonder strike from him at this game which hit the post. Had that gone in it would have won the puskas award.
عماد احمد السعودي
عماد احمد السعودي:
MO Salah 👑
Kuda Nyats
Kuda Nyats:
Philippe Coutinho's goal was also special.
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
It's mental that these two giants have never played each other in the UCL
Kushal Kumar Kasina
Kushal Kumar Kasina:
Omg! Noone's talking about the #2 Fowler's goal.. isn't it exactly like firmino's goal against man City? He owned John stones with his shoulders that day
Henrique Lhano
Henrique Lhano:
The biggest game in Premier League with no question
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley:
No way Salah goal is number 2 that's should've been number 10
Gavin Gavin
Gavin Gavin:
I can't wait to see The Portuguese Machine vs The Egyptian King
Some great goals
Liverpool are the contenders for the title this season.
Ese fue el mejor gol
Aniket Gupta
Aniket Gupta:
Wait for salahs goal mata was offside. How was Allison allowed to punt it like that? Is that allowed?
Beckham goal was another level, Ronaldo are his reincarnation
Gomaa Omar
Gomaa Omar:
Yes Mo ❤️🇪🇬
John Derwin
John Derwin:
that free kick from john Arne what a strike
브라질이선택한 공격수
브라질이선택한 공격수:
Come on LFC!!
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Liverpool ❤️
bravo liverpool
BestInTheWorld 13x
BestInTheWorld 13x:
The biggest rivalry in English football
Salah is doing well
Akeel Brown
Akeel Brown:
Mata goal was top tier
Yörük Kızı Geziyor
Yörük Kızı Geziyor:
Very beautiful 👍👍
Muhammed Uwais
Muhammed Uwais:
Ronaldo 🔥🔥😍😍
Pandji Eka Pratama
Pandji Eka Pratama:
Salah dribbling all united players, fans, manager on the bench
Tawakal Ahmed
Tawakal Ahmed:
Where's Rashford goal where he tears apart Alexander Arnold and lashes into the far bottom corner.
welcome to manchester anthony martial
Leonk Hagi
Leonk Hagi:
appreciation for Daniel James run
Miguel Recto
Miguel Recto:
Wonder goals all
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh:
One more name incomming ft. Cristiano Ronaldo
Radoslav Carev
Radoslav Carev:
Berbatov - Legend
Oliver Orchard
Oliver Orchard:
I'm surprised to not see any impressive Ronaldo goals?
M . S h a d i n
M . S h a d i n:
And then liverpool has won 😅
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques:
Quite annoying that I’ll have to miss the first half of this game because of the el clasico. Should be illegal to have these games at a similar time.
Muhammed Uwais
Muhammed Uwais:
King Ronaldo 🥇
4:02 atrocious and cowardly defending. That was an easy block. Well physically at least. Not mentally. But still. I’d be livid if I were his manager.
Steve G ❤
its Me
its Me:
Man Utd please wait, Liverpool on the way.
Karsono karsono
Karsono karsono:
scholes’s should lower, benteke’s 2 places higher.
DUMORA channel
DUMORA channel:
Woww wonderful football world
Sir Mohammad Jamal salah the III
Sir Mohammad Jamal salah the III:
We are about to smash utd can't wait 😈
Menzies Dyer
Menzies Dyer:
best players ever
Great ankle strength
Liverpool’s goals were far better quality than United’s goals, the order of the list didn’t make sense.
Yosef Rabia
Yosef Rabia:
Man united the best
Should have added the Fernando Torres goal.
BOT 444
BOT 444:
❤from Kerala
Goal is great
Dean W.
Dean W.:
can't with for Sunday!!
Arnold Pass is awesome
Ferza Exclusive
Ferza Exclusive:
Best league in the world is premier league
James should have taken one for the team and took Salah out.
What ever happened to Martial?
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
How was that rise goal only number 10
Yadhu krishna
Yadhu krishna:
tacar puzen
tacar puzen:
Ok Radford goal was top 1
A lot of great goals, but the order is all wrong. For me, my top 10 in order (based purely on the goals from this list):

10) Salah
9) Scholes
8) Martial
7) Gerrard
6) Beckham
5) Fowler
4) Mata
3) Riise
2) Berbatov
1) Benteke
Leaving out the Fernando Torres goal on Old Trafford is pure disrespect.
wanjekrod Out
wanjekrod Out:
the reds devils is no 1 in top goal vs the reds..not spectacular goal by berbatov not the best goal..
stay humble
khamid wijaya
khamid wijaya:
No for number 9 🙅
Ex Comunicado
Ex Comunicado:
Ahmed Abozaid
Ahmed Abozaid:
Riise 🔥
Rilwan Showemo
Rilwan Showemo:
Dan james didn't watch Valverde 😄
A M:
Those scholes and salah goals don’t belong tbh or at least should be 9 and 10 if this supposed to be in order
okafor cletus
okafor cletus:
Where's Dossena's goal Vs Man United at Old Trafford 2008?
Devaraj Devaraj
Devaraj Devaraj:
5-0 🤣😂
Il Trequartista
Il Trequartista:
Mata should be 1st
How is salahs goal here
Salah in man United??
real madrid
real madrid:
Today Liverpool 4-2 Manchester United
This needs to be updated

Bentekes goal is by far better than Berbatovs goal, he basically just falls back, even Mata’s goal is better than Berbas, also Suarez ripping apart United’s defense should be in there
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud:
Where is rashford goals where he fooled the liverpool's back??