10 Minutes of Denis Shapovalov Pure MADNESS

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100+ comentarios:

Eric Weber
Eric Weber:
Shapo's jump backhand winner is the nicest shot in tennis right now!
Zverev spends too much time in other people's highlight reels.
My shoulder almost dislocated while watching this.
Harry Pollard
Harry Pollard:
2:08 Del Potro is thinking 'so that's what that feels like'
Elijah S.
Elijah S.:
I'd like to know how many of those jumping backhands he misses, they're pretty epic.
Rastko Manasic
Rastko Manasic:
Happy 21st Birthday, Denis
Amogh Naganand
Amogh Naganand:
The reaction from Popyrin is the real highlight.
Love it Shapo, just plz stop rapping 😄
Shawn Zhang
Shawn Zhang:
He’s the next generation of elegance
Mopar Maniac
Mopar Maniac:
Shapo is the best! I met him in real life countless times and have like 4 autographs from him heck I even had a short conversation with him!
Somnady Chhy
Somnady Chhy:
Love his jumping backhand. Happy birthday 🎊
A great tennis star!
just dev
just dev:
This video should be titled "you've got to be kidding me"
Imagine spending your 21st birthday in quarantine, happy birthday denis!
zak proudman
zak proudman:
Anyone else want shapovalov in one word?
James Gunn
James Gunn:
21 years old and a highlight reel like this
Alexis Collado
Alexis Collado:
I really love watching him specially when he's scrambling for balls. Just limbs going everywhere. 😹
Touma Kazusa
Touma Kazusa:
One of the most explosive players on tour to watch, Happy Birthday El Shapo!
Alex G
Alex G:
The video that needed to happen 🙌🙌
Lê Anh Minh Nguyễn
Lê Anh Minh Nguyễn:
He maybe is a player who is Nadal and Federer collaboration we are looking for in the future. I hope so.
Vincent Hannah
Vincent Hannah:
Love Shapo's jump backhand, a thing of beauty. He is one of the players that I miss the most during this crisis.
TheBigSquirrel 50
TheBigSquirrel 50:
I'm 3 weeks older than him.

I'm on the ATP Tour, but I at least got age on him 😂
Krishna Karthik Kosoor
Krishna Karthik Kosoor:
Where's him rapping?
Vũ Khánh
Vũ Khánh:
His shots look so clean, and his backhand is just pure sex. A great future awaits & Happy bday man
K W:
8:20 anyone know where to get this shirt?
Jayant Chonkar
Jayant Chonkar:
such a talented young man! Can't wait for him to win a slam!
I really hope he actually pans out and starts getting consistent results. Otherwise he'll be another Monfils.. flashes of pure brilliance on court but no significant results to back it up. He has the game and athleticism for sure. He's my favorite next next (or whatever next we're on now) gen player to watch
Syn het
Syn het:
I love shapo but he is always showing his best skills under pressure, rarely when he is in control... let’s hope he can be more aggressive and dictate more.
7:26 - popyrins face
Max Stange
Max Stange:
What an incredibly charismatic skilled player he is. Happy birthday Shapo!
Happy birthday Denis!!!🎉🥳🥳
Yuniar Sasti
Yuniar Sasti:
Really love his strokes so effortless but powerfull
Alyssa Adeline
Alyssa Adeline:
"MY GOODNESS...MY GOODNESS...Where are my sunglasses?" @ 3:12
He kind of reminds of Verdasco in a way, but with a few more tools. I think he'll be an amazing player in a couple years time.
zachary wan
zachary wan:
You know you have a special backhand when most of the highlight revolves around that wing😬
happy birthday Dennis❗️
EJM Azzi
EJM Azzi:
0:50 the rap match!!!!
Explosive Power. Spectacular Shotmaking.
His shots make me fantastic.
One of my favourite players to watch.
Jshdh Jakdhsba
Jshdh Jakdhsba:
His rapping will kill u faster than COVID
L. Gyger
L. Gyger:
7:25 Popyrin's face :D Pure disbelief.
Vincent Borg
Vincent Borg:
can't wait to see his progression in the next 10 years
Corrin Shapovalov
Corrin Shapovalov:
Happy B-day Denis.

It's been two months and I miss watching tennis already
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
amazing denis
backhand's like missiles. Amazing. Stay safe
Sheenyl Hassan
Sheenyl Hassan:
The real madness is how often the commentators pronounce his last name incorrectly.
Even he knows that backhand is sick the way he acts after he hits it 😂
Ana Laura
Ana Laura:
Naaa que bestiaaa 🔥🔥🔥
Rafael Fage
Rafael Fage:
That is outstanding from Denis Shapololov
Carlos JG
Carlos JG:
Al little bit underrated for me.
At some review videos of "best backhands", he doesn't appear, meanwhile he has one of the best backhands of the circuit
glenn curley
glenn curley:
So much sport talent in Canada!
Tonka Tanks
Tonka Tanks:
Where’s the Headshot...
Frank G.
Frank G.:
he needs to be more consistent and then he'll be a true champion
Shivam Madhur
Shivam Madhur:
4:26 is what you came for.
Such a talent.
Raph Sports
Raph Sports:
Happy birthdays🥳
EJM Azzi
EJM Azzi:
3:30 probably the best two nextgen players
Morgan YTC
Morgan YTC:
Shapo vs Kyrgios would be a treat.🤣
Miguel Barahona
Miguel Barahona:
Dennis "Jumping One-hander" Shapovalov.
Ryan Truta
Ryan Truta:
Happy Birthday Denis!
Anton Owens
Anton Owens:
8:19 that mans face says it all
By the end of next Season Shapovalov will be ranked No 1 💪💪💪
He needs to win the big titles to justify his fancy play. Otherwise it's all just simply good for TV
wow very unorthodox style, cool!
I thought the first one was Jannik Sinner lol
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
The two most exciting players Right Now playing deep into Rome 2020, are
Shapo and a new guy Musetti.
Very similar, one hand BH. Just no jumping :)
Devarshi Gupta
Devarshi Gupta:
Denisn is one of the few players who has more backhands than forehands on his highlight reel.
I have the feeling he will end up like Dimitrov. Too many hot shots and a very promising young player, but won't win any slam. Hope not though... Very entertaining!
Leonardo Chuquillanqui
Leonardo Chuquillanqui:
Madness is his rapping career
his backhand like to fly
few player jump up and use backhand shots
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
He has the gift of raw power, youth and does not fear the net. with the right mental attitude he could win majors.
L Milne
L Milne:
Do like this fella all out attack and aggression looking to win. Wonderful backhand he has power on both sides.
Entertaining player. That signature back hand jump shot is amazing. I got emotional watching the end in Montreal against Nadal. My dream is to see him play live some day. Maybe in Montreal since I'm here.
Maybe the next number one
Salman Alfarisi
Salman Alfarisi:
Somebody tell me why this guy hasn't reached top 5?
Achinteya Jayaram
Achinteya Jayaram:
Del po got del po'd
Gus Patte
Gus Patte:
happy birthday Denis
This kid is a pleasure to watch
I was hoping, PRAYING, that you guys wouldn't upload his cringey rap verse at the end. You almost got me there lol.
Marcelo Rodrigues
Marcelo Rodrigues:
Those court level clips are very nice
August 25th
August 25th:
Him and felix will have a great rivalry
Kunal Chand
Kunal Chand:
I think so... That shapo aggressive game is the best in the tour....( Or someone else... Comment)
alexandre forget
alexandre forget:
Shapovalov is uncredible
His backhand is pretty much on par with Thiem's, absolutely RIDICULOUS velocity he gets on that thing 🤚
Most one handed backhands from the left side are average to poor...just used to keep the rally going. But Shapovalov's is actually above average and a weapon. Very rare
PE Expert
PE Expert:
Let’s be honest, we’re all here to see Denis rap.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Pura elegancia de juego, un talento indiscutible y los más genial de Shapo, su monstruoso revés. Es una bestia, pero aún no ha despertado, cuando lo haga, no lo parará nada.
Nick Uplands
Nick Uplands:
No ATP season going on and still 9 haters.
This Australian commentator has to start believing in people, he thinks everyone is kidding all the time.
Tommaso Guerrini
Tommaso Guerrini:
he celebrates too much
Sharoni Fernando
Sharoni Fernando:
Who the hell disliked this
Nino's Vlogs
Nino's Vlogs:
Denis will win over 15 slams and will be considered of the greats 🧿🔜🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅🎯🧿🔜🧿
Midfield Maestro
Midfield Maestro:
BeKiZz On Pad
BeKiZz On Pad:
Is so clean and elegance
Prob has the best shot making ability out of any prospect, but lacks the mentality (or attitude) to be great. In other words, he's another Grigor Dimitrov in the making.
Sickest one-hander on tour?
The Great One
The Great One:
lol, then you realize just how many matches of these points he lost. Just another erratic shot maker that won't amount to anything big