10 Times Roger Federer Went GOD MODE! ?

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Ronnie James Osbourne
Ronnie James Osbourne:
Everyone knows Federer can go GOD MODE
at almost any point; against any opponent.

What few may know or remember is when Federer goes God Mode
"Off The Court" for his fellow tennis colleague(s).

Seeing Federer play James Blake in these highlights
reminds me of the story that James shared (after playing Federer)
at the 2006 Indian Wells final when James Blake was hospitalized after one of his worst years on earth.

In May 2004, during practice in Rome, Blake crashed into a net post and broke his neck.

Six weeks later, his father, Thomas, died from stomach cancer.

Days after that, Blake, came down with a debilitating case of shingles,
which left half his face paralyzed and his vision blurred.

Out of all of the visitors that came to visit him,
James said that there was only *ONE* tennis player that
contacted him and wished him well and a speedy recovery...

And that person...

Was Roger Federer.

I'll never forget that story and how that made me feel.
Војвода српски
Војвода српски:
Wow. That match against Murray was completely brutal.
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson:
God mode Federer is just normal Federer when he actually converts break points
Match against Blake is the most impressive imo. Blake played well but Federer was just untouchable that day
Andrew W
Andrew W:
7:18 Rafa’s thinking “He play umbilleebably gud tuday, no?”
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
I will never see another player that showcases the game's beauty like only Roger Federer does.
Weak era this weak era that... The only reason the current era isnt called "weak" is because this man continued to play till 38 despite all the injuries
I miss fast courts ! Most of these magical performances happenned in Shanghai, it's not a coincidence...
Dat backhands against James Blake, damn, wish he used those aggresive shots more often during his career
《LoppiArj 》
《LoppiArj 》:
Someone should save this video for future generations
Adam Cang
Adam Cang:
I don’t understand this video, Federer is God mode tennis anyway
While this video shows Federer genius without a doubt, what is also glaringly obvious is the slowing down of surfaces in the 2010s versus the noughties. Look at the ball travel on European hard courts when RF played Blake or Agassi in Houston versus the painful to watch slugfests on concrete clay in matches against Nadal and Djokovkic. And people think Fed gets the surfaces he wants!
Luis Jaramillo
Luis Jaramillo:
Roger Federer the GOAT had been in God mode his whole career 😂.
Tennis Star
Tennis Star:
Whenever I watch that 2014 ato finals RR match against Murray...I ask myself a question Did he threw that game at Murray?😂...coz that was absolute destruction
Atomic S.H.
Atomic S.H.:
Federer's tennis is pure art.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
Federer improvises better than anyone.
Anurudra Verma
Anurudra Verma:
Federer : Tell me Something I don't know in tennis.

Me- What is the number of holes in the net ?
Carlos von Dessauer
Carlos von Dessauer:
Pure perfection, absolute genius, ... How many times have you heard commentators saying the same about any other player
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Damn he didn't even lose a point
Nicolas Föhn
Nicolas Föhn:
Young Roger Federer must be the best thing I've ever seen
One Crazy Gamer
One Crazy Gamer:
the whole cincinnati 2015 tournament could be in this video :)
Andrew John
Andrew John:
WeAk ErA cHaMp.... you only call him that because he completely dominated everyone
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
damn no matter how much you wanna hate on the OG, his game is straight pleasure for the eyes when he's feeling it
Din Djarin
Din Djarin:
This is like watching Leonardo making a painting.. if not better
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
The thing that is amazing about Roger Federer is how "unimpressed" he is with himself. Very rare for a man of his ability.
Henrique Laydner
Henrique Laydner:
Federer must be the only player that gets a smiley “thank you for crushing me“ from his opponents.
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin:
YEC is Fed's breeding ground for his best performances.
Yang Torres
Yang Torres:
I'd say he was also in God mode against Djokovic at last year's ATP Finals RR. His serves had no response, and Djokovic had only one break point during the whole match!
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
When Roger is in god mode, he has displayed the highest level of tennis in history. For me his top 3 performances ever are:

1. Blake Masters Cup Final 2006
2. Nadal Indian Wells 2017
3. Djokovic RG 2011
Denis Seget
Denis Seget:
That first match against Murray at ATP Finals was for the first time ever I saw Roger playing live. It was wonderful performance but on the other hand I was little bit disappointed that he destroyed Murray so quickly - under an hour :D
Étienne Gauthier
Étienne Gauthier:
2017 IW is the most impressive thing i’ve seen. Its the pure definition of « being on fire ». Everything was working
We need to see faster courts on the tour!!! Look at how exciting this is to watch. Slow courts are so boring.
strange that Mischa Zverev match where Federer won 6-0 6-0 is not included but Albot match is
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw:
3:18 when your coach tells you Federers backhand is his weakness >.<
Daniel Song
Daniel Song:
its not a coincidence he does so well in shanghai
I think only tsitsipas can adopt to the fast courts out of the younger generation
Huan Ngo
Huan Ngo:
Thank you Tennis TV to put together such highlights!
Scott Eckart
Scott Eckart:
Geez. The slice approach at 10:15. virtually unhittable
Renzo Farfán
Renzo Farfán:
"You are witnessing sheer perfection on the tennis court." Indeed.
2006 YEC Final, the backhand my lord.
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
This guy might have a bright future ahead
21:39 giving them camera men in the back a hard time haha
Vikas Galande
Vikas Galande:
He's a Monster of Tennis !! RF❤️
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
Commentator: "He's just toying with Murray now." - my thoughts exactly.
Tom Deverson
Tom Deverson:
Still just in awe at how easy he makes the game look, can hit the ball wherever he wants, however he wants
How nice of Sir David Attenborough to comment on the Blake match
I think it’s fair to say that Federer plays his best at the World Tour Finals.
Nikola Kozhuharov
Nikola Kozhuharov:
"like a mongoose on amphetamines" - how does one come up with this comparison...
Renzo Farfán
Renzo Farfán:
"I mean, it's a different planet. I said this a little while ago". Correct, sir.
Teddy M.
Teddy M.:
Gaston Gaudio was honestly playing out of his mind!! It's unbelievable how one-sided the scoreboard looks. I guess that truly qualifies as god mode on Roger's part! Haha
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
2nd one vs Blake was the best IMO... I mean, it looked like Roger was playing video games.... Stunning shots!!
Andrey Skripnikov
Andrey Skripnikov:
7:08 The ultimate "F*** it, Imma head out" moment from Rafa
Watching Zverev after Agassi feels like watching karting after F1... the game back then was so much faster and harder!
Every one-hander, including me, has got to watch a 10 hour loop of Fed vs Blake in order to improve their backhand lol
The time when Federer used a two handed backhand against Djokovic at 17:55
No one else could make a commentator utter "Nadal never stood a chance." Unbelievable skills
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown:
Man o’ man 4:48- that’s a beautiful shot filmed from such a great vantage point we usually don’t get to see in tennis videos.
Danita L Twedt
Danita L Twedt:
Thank you! I miss tennis so much these days!! Watching this for 30 minutes makes it easier!
More like a 1000 times so far, in the great Federer's career!
CMDR Fulwsiso
CMDR Fulwsiso:
9:37 crazy dropshot
1k Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
1k Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge:
Federer is a absolute GOD, my favourite tennis player :)
Redouane Redou
Redouane Redou:
Damn like poor murray he was savage , outrageously rude
I bet Federer sees everything in slow motion. :)
frick seerose
frick seerose:
I am glad hes continuing to play for so long, so that we can watch his genius in HD
Arthur Fungai Mvududu
Arthur Fungai Mvududu:
@6:24 Federer's got his great rival in a 'STICKY SITUATION'
Aisulu Aisulu
Aisulu Aisulu:
It’s called Federer moments
How freaking fast was the court from the Blake match. It looks almost sped up
I Cant believe Nadal has never won an ATP Finals masters cup at Nito.
Federer’s era is just the best tennis era.
He lost that last match tho...but the editor thought “I’d probably put that highlight in there for sure.”
Leah K
Leah K:
This man has no sweat glands at all!!! 😆
S H:
2018 Hopman Cup finals against Zverev. Jaw dropping dropshots, does anyone remember? 😃 (Not part of ATP tour though)
Precession Of The Equinoxes
Precession Of The Equinoxes:
I knew the Houston 03 Final against Agassi was going to be on here. Absolutely blew Agassi off the court. This FedEx imho was unplayable. Devastating off both wings.
ele tinha que chegar em casa cedo hahah o cara é foda!
Maymoona Nizami
Maymoona Nizami:
Beautiful backhands... 👏 🔥
Ethan Andres
Ethan Andres:
this is why federer is my idol B)
Should be: 10 times Roger Federer didnt play in GOD MODE
Andy Meehan
Andy Meehan:
One of the better, or perhaps even best, Fed videos I’ve caught. Even knowing it’s selective footage can’t distract from the marvel on display.
Keren Martinez
Keren Martinez:
Federer is the GOAT (for now) :) I hope that Federer will play forever.
Dear @TennisTv the title of the video should be: “10 times Federer was just Federer and god would be proud to play Tennis like him” 🙌🏼
Wagner Souza
Wagner Souza:
Monstro!!! Jogo contra o Blake foi brincadeira!!! PeRFect!
Raghav Thakar
Raghav Thakar:
9:43 The most lethal drop shot.
Vince Mcmahon
Vince Mcmahon:
You see a lot of Nole fans in other videos saying Roger will never beat Djokovic again .
But didnt Roger literally destroy Nole in the WTF ?
Arthur Fungai Mvududu
Arthur Fungai Mvududu:
God Mode yes but this is just so scary and 'Ungodly' @4:48
When the best players go into GOD Mode they´re unbeatable.
Yoyo gondouin
Yoyo gondouin:
I would prefer the Miami final 2017 against Nadal instead of the R4
Isaac Sim
Isaac Sim:
God his footwork is so good
CMDR Fulwsiso
CMDR Fulwsiso:
That one against Blake.. holy moly!
Srikanth Narahari
Srikanth Narahari:
0:46 👀
OverGame - 100% Game
OverGame - 100% Game:
This Comeback in Shanghai
Raz Ols made this before vid before ATP; you should thank him for his wonderful work promoting tennis around the world. And the others who do the same.
Instead, you block him, punish him and then steal his ideas and even use his titles.
For shame.
Timothy de Haan
Timothy de Haan:
Federer is such a freak... :0 what a god
Real Donald Trump
Real Donald Trump:
I love Roger Federer!
Murilo Tadeu
Murilo Tadeu:
Federer in red... DAMN
Marian Serban
Marian Serban:
In the match with Zverev you can clearly see the refinement in Federer's game vs. NextGen simplicity and low creativity/high power game
11-0 against Murray 🤯
Graham Gervin
Graham Gervin:
Angus Buckland
Angus Buckland:
Nadal V Fed IW 2017 was quite possibly the highest level any tennis player has ever played. ever.
Mário Alberto Ungaretti
Mário Alberto Ungaretti:
Gave 4 different top 5 players (3 of them legends of the sport) a bagel in a Masters Cup/ATP Finals event. I think is fair enough to say there will never be another one like Roger.
jj jj
jj jj:
He’s got the best back hand period