15 Things You Didn't Know About MASTERCARD

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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
• Is MasterCard a company?!
• Are Visa and MasterCard owned by the same company?!
• Which one is better Visa or MasterCard?!

• Is Mastercard accepted everywhere?!
• Is a Mastercard a debit or credit card?!
• Why Mastercard is better than Visa?!
• Is Visa or Mastercard more accepted?!
• How does the Mastercard make money?!
• Where is Mastercard accepted?!

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95 comentarios:

Hey Aluxers, do you think Mastercard will ever overtake Visa as the number one payment transaction company?
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15 Things VISA ~ https://youtu.be/U3yte3dWjGk
Alphonse James
Alphonse James:
Where future billionaires come to be inspired. I love that line!
Stephanie Hale
Stephanie Hale:
*One word - Ajaypal Singh Banga, CEO, MasterCard. One of the greatest visionaries in the payments industry.*
Robert Jean-Louis
Robert Jean-Louis:
According to you videos Master Vard does more with there money than Visa. And there are more opportunities to grow with Master Card than Visa. Definitely going with Master Card
loai yamani
loai yamani:
your sincere voice lover ...
Keshav Agrawal
Keshav Agrawal:
Great work Ma'am, Regards from India
I think they will overake visa becausw that younger kids can also get it. Just like me, im 13 and im about to get a mastercard soon.
2:10 starts
Aurel Calingllpvmdk
Aurel Calingllpvmdk:
Dr.Dheeraj Gupta
Dr.Dheeraj Gupta:
Any one can overpass its competitors if work with forward thinking nature , dedication , determination to do so..... Nothing in the world is unachievable if its done with a belief to do so...
kelly odriscoll
kelly odriscoll:
every time i try to pay it says There was a problem processing your payment. Please contact your credit card provider or try an alternative payment method. pls help me someone
Atem S.
Atem S.:
Now that will look great right next to my Mastercard-debit card! =) PS, am always open to sponsorship! As for taking over Visa, I don't think they're aiming for that! The competition is good and they complement each other well! If I was them, I wouldn't want to be #1 on the list but the most respected and consumer chosen! What's the point of being #1 when you're forced to take it! ( Am not saying Visa is doing this but you get my drift)
Robert Boham
Robert Boham:
MasterCard is an Inspiration in modern payment because of the hightech Knowledge they have..and Knowledge is power...plus the finance a powerfull combination.
Axel Adrian
Axel Adrian:
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Cherchill Omandam
Cherchill Omandam:
Pls make a video about Berkshire Hathaway
Gianfranco Sciascia
Gianfranco Sciascia:
By taliking about systems payment Mastercard is and will be the second choice ever
Snehanshu Phukon
Snehanshu Phukon:
As said in 3:40, does it actually contains the PIN?
Ero Del Rey
Ero Del Rey:
could you do 15 things about Lana Del Ray please can’t wait to watch thanks ❤️❤️❤️🍋
Ping01 Ping
Ping01 Ping:
"Is MasterCard a company?" :DDD Is water wet?
Conservative America
Conservative America:
I love mastercard!!
Richard Siegers
Richard Siegers:
16 - we force companies to remove people we dont politically agree with
Bryce Maynard Winter
Bryce Maynard Winter:
To overtake Visa, they would have to do something really different, really well—for instance found a way to integrate the next level of block chain economies into their clients
Ritwik Saha
Ritwik Saha:
no..visa is visa
Gkr TPS:
Your voice is the best :)
Juan Pablo Ortiz
Juan Pablo Ortiz:
What does it take to make the MasterCard of crypto? What should I study to learn how to do this? I'm a software engineer.
Sameer Hinduja
Sameer Hinduja:
Hey alux i have a new topic suggestion for you. 15 people who got massive success despite a late start.
Dr. OneSelf888
Dr. OneSelf888:
bitcoin libra ! ;)
Ankur p
Ankur p:
In India company work culture is very very 3rd class same like very small company.... not any extra facilities, not given any things at the joining time, bot even any reimbursed like cab, wifi, ups chair in lockdown.
Rishabh Kapse
Rishabh Kapse:
Hey Alux you have never made a video on cricket players as well as tennis players please make on them such as Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni & from Tennis Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Dokvez etc. Thank you ALUX for making this video.
Pejuang Dunia
Pejuang Dunia:
Currently I'm using Citibank Mastercard
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
Garvin Benjamin -G LION:
Do one about Guyana Suriname and Grenada
Verenase Blessed
Verenase Blessed:
I wish South Korean bank issued Mastercards would stop making irregular errors when customers use the cards outside South Korea.

Samsung and South Korean Standard Charter bank issued Mastercard's irregular errors outside South Korea could perhaps be solved if non-Korean powers outside South Korea such as Mastercard headquarters would press the mostly insecure South Koreans to stop bullying customers. A helpful personal note can be how I had seen numerous abusive South Korean parents who even envy tiny kids half their height and discourage kids from reading even children's books in English or foreign languages as they seem to envy and abuse mere children while they wear titles of doctors or another logo-embedded £3K bag. When I use a card issued from a US bank, I would never get calls at 3AM unlike when in South Korea from a Samsung card male employee to check whether I really purchased a plane ticket from a non-Korean website at 3AM. Unethical employees who keep creating unethical policies should be fired immediately and never be hired for any other card or tech companies as the 'insecure and sociopathic' employees would never change and would only tarnish company culture and ruin products and service to customers. (Also who knows how Trip.com is related to Expedia, so it'd be great if my refunded Qatar airlines ticket and order from Expedia uk would be found again just as the order confirmation email.)
kelly odriscoll
kelly odriscoll:
number 16: they never let u buy anything online and says there was a problem
It will difficult for them to overtake VISA.
Horny Mahatma Gandhi
Horny Mahatma Gandhi:
CEO is a sikh, sikhs are most helpful people in the world
Anyone from any religion can visit Gurdwara and get free food
Florentina Popa
Florentina Popa:
My master dosen't work on steam can anyone help me ?
Richard Andrássy
Richard Andrássy:
Please do one on amex aka american express
Cenima 8
Cenima 8:
David Heller
David Heller:
What the logo mean and why they use those colors?
very nice
outta all the things they coulda made a vid on they finna make one on mastercard lmfao
Akash Sadhu
Akash Sadhu:
How's this any different from maestro card?
Mikass Bučmis
Mikass Bučmis:
MasterCard, Visa, PayPal... We are waiting for BitCoin.
sampurna dahal
sampurna dahal:
make speed 1.25 thank me later
Daniel Jason
Daniel Jason:
Just got my CC from Mrpaycash..... totally reliable.... telegram 🔥.. thanks a lot bro
disability.2677 Pickett
disability.2677 Pickett:
I sm being murdered right now. Rhonda Pickett Jackson, MS

Dawn Boyd, Nateea Hodges Sheila Brown- Lansing,MI roaming??? !!!
shawn johnson
shawn johnson:
You say that US credit card debt hit one trillion dollars for the first time in 2017 yet the graph you show says it hit the same amount in 2008
Lol how many people's Mastercard were duplicated this month ?
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
Garvin Benjamin -G LION:
Do one about the NAACP
6:02 looks better than school food ...
Gaurav Mishra
Gaurav Mishra:
Proud user of mastercard 💳
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona:
I thought you were going to talk about Master Goku.
AMEX please!!!
Chetan Krishna
Chetan Krishna:
They are doing things better than visa
batman light
batman light:
Who came thinking it was about master bed
What are your thoughts on the govt. repealing net neutrality?
Radu Ghita
Radu Ghita:
"In more than 210 countries"

There are only 197 worldwide.
James Merone
James Merone:
Do a video about cryptocurrency
Ryan C
Ryan C:
Umm 15 Thing's You Didn't Know About American Express?
Isaac Alcala
Isaac Alcala:
No visa will always be winning
"The company spent $170m on advertising In the 1st quarter of 2017" to support the roll out of master pass!! 😳

Nah...That can't be right. That's hard to believe. Probably a typo. Plus, I'm just hearing of master pass from this video! What kind of advertising campaign was that?
Well that's why you shouldn't use credit cards.
awais iqbal
awais iqbal:
Yes they will
Martti Suomivuori
Martti Suomivuori:
Master Race Card.
Estera Horvathova
Estera Horvathova:
Mark Rudich lochiang Gimena
Mark Rudich lochiang Gimena:
How to use master card nearby in globe telecom in cellphone Huawei search my server..
Samuel imakon Osawaru
Samuel imakon Osawaru:
Master card favours me
Shawn Afshar
Shawn Afshar:
Visa is accepted everywhere master card is not
sam n
sam n:
Who cares about those things ..what is for me there ? Nothing
Miguel Messam
Miguel Messam:
Yes can surpass Visa at any time
(r.shift + r.arrow) *10
Avani Gregg
Avani Gregg:
Pauline James
Pauline James:
hey alux i want to be a bussiness man
Royal Entertainment
Royal Entertainment:
I need a master card
Mystic Eric
Mystic Eric:
AMERICAN EXPRESS!!!/z/???????????
Guarth Griffiths
Guarth Griffiths:
Jamaican news
eric bubbles
eric bubbles:
gibbs rock
gibbs rock:
WHY 15.???????????????
Santana Davis
Santana Davis:
All Thanks to mrpaycash on telegram helped me with mastercard
Truong Anh Thu
Truong Anh Thu:
I have a mastercard
Estera Horvathova
Estera Horvathova:
Boomer Kaboom
Boomer Kaboom:
Levels To This S#!t
Levels To This S#!t:
Yes I do think mastetcard will overtake viss.
zay t
zay t:
FC BallSoHard
FC BallSoHard:
Crypto will rule them all
What about amex?
Lucky A dog who think she human
Lucky A dog who think she human:
Natural Flow
Natural Flow:
albert basman
albert basman:
Get rid of Tai Lopez from these ads....He is a phony
Markuss Petrausks
Markuss Petrausks:
Maestro is shit.Dont recommend to anyone. Mastercard is much better,or Visa.
Visa is bad
MasterCard is forcing online platforms to de-platform Conservatives by threatening to withhold payment processing services. MasterCard should be regulated like the utility it is. Is it legal for the electric company to check your political beliefs before providing services? No, and it should be the same for financial service companies like MasterCard and VISA.