2008 Chelsea - Manchester United Football Match
The Story of the unforgettable Champions League final

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Maç Hikayeleri
Maç Hikayeleri:
2012 Bayern Munich - Chelsea / Champions League Final CINEMATIC STORY
The defenders would die for both teams, vidic, ferdinand, terry, carvalho, meanwhile now we have smalling and luiz
Kusi’s Vlog
Kusi’s Vlog:
Let me see true united fans watching this
Our team was once the greatest
Vidic - that guy was like a beast released from the cage! i miss defenders like him!
Türkler nerde yabancılar basmış burayı +1
Алмас Кемелов
Алмас Кемелов:
who is here watching highlights being quarantined in 2021
Ankit Mallick
Ankit Mallick:
Forget about today's Man Utd and Chelsea,today's Liverpool and Man City are not good as 2008's Chelsea or Man Utd.
Badman No.1
Badman No.1:
Brown = underrated... He had an assist in this Ucl final ... He always gave his all... Respect.
Remember that day when we had keepers like Van Der Sar and Petr Cech..
Bayy madjavis
Bayy madjavis:
Almost 12 years ago, our last champions league title. We miss that emotional moment, we miss that screaming, we miss that stage, we miss that title. WE MISS MANCHESTER UNITED!!
Those days when players have a soul
So happy Paul Scholes played in the final and won his medal after the heartbreak of 1999❤️
That Ronaldo header is legendary , the beginning of many to come !!!
Gan Ka Sing
Gan Ka Sing:
I miss the old days, footballs were more passion, hungry for winning, power, strength, speed, luck and everythings!
Angga Rachmadi
Angga Rachmadi:
Draw, extra time, penalty shootout, fight, blood, good saves, no "dramatic" injuried, and fans. It is hard to find final like this again.
And bad dance celebration too.
honey badger
honey badger:
they where so equal, chelsea was the opponent united needed back then.
Damn two teams of legendary fighters and world class players.
Tom Allen
Tom Allen:
So many legends in both teams 😍😍
Dinçer Güleç
Dinçer Güleç:
Finalde bile yenilmeyen chelseayi o sezon sadece Fenerbahçe devirmişti. 🇹🇷
David Klido
David Klido:
When footballers where ready to die for the badge. I miss this Chelsea team
Angami Accent
Angami Accent:
I remember watching this as a kid with my father...supported manu

Fucking sweet memories..
Coco Crepe
Coco Crepe:
Chelsea were so unlucky hit the post twice and terry missed when they were inches away from trophy
aca pavlovic
aca pavlovic:
6:22 Just imagine Neymar in this position. XD
abrao marcelo
abrao marcelo:
Que final incrível independente do campeão foi um jogão.
One of my Favourite night I was 9 years old, I miss the real Man UtD .
Saddy seid
Saddy seid:
Looks like it was the end of the world!..Miss when the legends played!..Great action from both club.
F R F R:
This prolly the most epic champions league final ever
Carlos Eduardo Balderas
Carlos Eduardo Balderas:
Since the season 1998/1999 Im fan of MUFC men, respect from Veracruz, México. Best team in europe 🍺 for Sir Alex!
Dayan Kong
Dayan Kong:
8:39 when your mum gets u n ur friends a few beers
Bob Jeff
Bob Jeff:
Who misses this team so much and wishes football was still as exciting as this?
It’s Neel
It’s Neel:
now, i come see these matches to overcome depression.
daniel kyalo
daniel kyalo:
I miss this man utd team...why do memories like these be so emotional😭😭
Furkan Karagöz
Furkan Karagöz:
Şu maçtaki Anderson adana demirspor forması giymişti vay be helal olsun adana demirspora büyük transferdi .
Edo Widya
Edo Widya:
8:09 “he didn’t look happy coming for, anelka..... and .....he’s not happy now” 😂
This match was and is still a classic
Masudi Senzia
Masudi Senzia:
This was real man u. Ronaldo confidence was amazing from start
Real co
Real co:
am not a Chelsea fan but I really felt for John Terry 😢..am happy he won the ucl later...
Tuấn Ngô Minh
Tuấn Ngô Minh:
09:22 ... beautiful moment
Altan Berat Mercimek
Altan Berat Mercimek:
these men bleed for their teams. no fancy hair paint, no twitter bullshit. just warriors of two great teams battling each other for glory. i miss the good old days of football. thank you, sir alex, for the win or die trying mentality you instilled into man utd. this is real football ❤
Muhd Tajuddin
Muhd Tajuddin:
I love this moment 👍👍
صباح الخير صبح بخیر
صباح الخير صبح بخیر:
I cannot still understand why Jisung Park was out of squad. I understand that Jisung wouldn't be a starting but out of squad must've been harsh for me.
Theeeoz- 3
Theeeoz- 3:
O ne güzel bir tarih. Ne güzel oyuncular. Yaşımız küçük. Milli takımımız zirvelere oynuyor. Şuan herşey kötü aşk hayatı,gelecek kaygısı,aile.
2 sene sonra bu yorumu görüp umarım hepsinin üstesinden gelmiş olurum Allah büyüktür düştük kalkarız Allah ın izniylr.
Davis Dachi
Davis Dachi:
Most emotional night
kamara jonathan
kamara jonathan:
Why do I still cry with Chelsea watching this after many years
Maarifa Photostudiokisii
Maarifa Photostudiokisii:
This was the game we will never forget
Chen Khai
Chen Khai:
The best football match ever..this match make me love football..how best if I was there watching live
tambelin clinton O.
tambelin clinton O.:
What an emotional night. Ronaldo n Terry burst out in tears.
enuabanosa Davido
enuabanosa Davido:
Spirit of the big club made us win this match if not Chelsea had so many good chances than us of winning this game
Carlos 24
Carlos 24:
Que delantera la del manchester tevez ronaldo rooney 👏👏
oo o
oo o:
ji sung park....
Mohamed Warsame
Mohamed Warsame:
This match day finale will never be forgotten.
Cheha Paik
Cheha Paik:
Probably the most intense game in football history
Drogbaaaaaa ❤️💛
Guilherme Tavares
Guilherme Tavares:
Não sei se era uma partida de futebol ou a reprodução da primeira grande guerra, com chuva, lama, trincheiras, sangue, suor e lágrimas.
Lothepus 2021
Lothepus 2021:
I will never forget whatching this as a united fan, with my mom's side being Chelsea supporters, and my dad's side being united supporters. We were 17 people at our house whatching this game, and it is one of the best memories i have from when i was younger.
harry athanasiadis
harry athanasiadis:
The greatest ending to a season ever 2008 UCL win 😍
David PC
David PC:
Still remember watching this as a kid...what a memories it was.. Cr7 is the only player playing at top level from these 2 teams.. Cr7 don't retire! The game needs you!
الشاعر محمد أبو ليث الغالظي
الشاعر محمد أبو ليث الغالظي:
Langat Emmanuel
Langat Emmanuel:
Wow! Can't forget this greatest night...Manchester utd was a serious team! Miss the golden moments!
༒ᴍᴀᴄɪᴇʟ ʙʀɪᴛᴏ༒
༒ᴍᴀᴄɪᴇʟ ʙʀɪᴛᴏ༒:
Deus é fiel Amém
Hyper Kid
Hyper Kid:
SAF G.O.A.T of managers ❤️
Laris Bajus
Laris Bajus:
Terry and Lampart are heart and soul of Chelsea!
Kadir Bey__07
Kadir Bey__07:
Üff beaa Efsane bir yıll... #CR7
The Don Loco
The Don Loco:
Ronaldo really took missing that penalty to the heart. Went to real and scored more goals then games played. The best in the world
World Comparison
World Comparison:
Almost 12 years ago, our last champions league title. We miss that emotional moment, we miss that screaming, we miss that stage, we miss that title.
Fritzgerald Danso-Boadu
Fritzgerald Danso-Boadu:
One of the best champions league finals ever
Sonny K
Sonny K:
The goal line clearance from terry was unbelievable
I watched this match in a bar in Regina, Saskatchewan. There were plenty of Reds and Blues there but when John Terry fluffed his penalty kick the Reds knew it was their night. And so it proved.
Living Joke
Living Joke:
So many legends in one match
harry athanasiadis
harry athanasiadis:
RONALDO AGAIN! 42 Goals what a season 😍
Dikilu Douglas
Dikilu Douglas:
The two best elite goalkeepers in EPL history ever and will be for modern days to come.
Putin Veliki
Putin Veliki:
gemini gemini
gemini gemini:
every player if get kicked falls on grass to oponent get red card,only Nemanja Vidić wants to get in fight
True Legend and best defender of all time
My Man Utd 🔥❤
Nelson So
Nelson So:
The game who changes my footballworld! Love United since 2008 ! Now I’m 20..
Willy Skallz
Willy Skallz:
Remember when Terry spit on Tevez while pretending to wipe his arm after he got Drogba sent off...$#@% was intense
Nandkishor Kale
Nandkishor Kale:
man i like how you put the music and commentary where its needed💣
Silvetre Lomeli
Silvetre Lomeli:
I’m straight shedding tears of joy this Manchester United was scary but it’s finally coming back after so many years... feels we might have an opportunity in the ucl this year 21 but that’s if everyone shines in there positions
Which manager would have been able to beat 2008 Barcelona with this Man U team? These guys were not world class players but god damnit they were a world class team. Literally one of the greatest ever.
cheese cake
cheese cake:
I’ve watched this so many times and it feels like I’m watching it live
Angga Adi Pratama
Angga Adi Pratama:
like 4 Mu 2008
comment 4 Mu 2019
CoCoMeLoon Co
CoCoMeLoon Co:
Trận chung kết gay cấn nhất trong lịch sử champion league, cả trận căng như dây đàn, quá hồi hộp và hấp dẫn, thánks John Terry và Anelka 😄😄😄
Udith Pandian
Udith Pandian:
Today's combined XI of these teams wouldn't stand a chance against either one of them. These teams consisted of legends who could literally be showcased.
Moustafa Sumareh
Moustafa Sumareh:
Esto si que es una final dos guerreros luchando por la Victoria hasta ha ávido sangre
Chris H
Chris H:
2:40 seeing Cech stop that was unbelievable if you watched the match live! Literally was a stolen goal by the legend keeper
David Briñez
David Briñez:
Glory, Glory, Man utd!!
Toprak KAYA
Toprak KAYA:
Hahaha Drogba great , Man who played in Galatasaray and scored a goal in real madrid , Galatasaray loves you Didier ❤️😘😘😘
Goosebumps seeing this
Kumar Singh
Kumar Singh:
The biggest rivals of that time at the biggest league of Europe. Every man utd fans best match. I was just about to cry and then John Terry missed the penalty and the rest is history. I am sad now
Chiramba Michael Chiramba
Chiramba Michael Chiramba:
Glory days truly Missed #GGMU
Ljuba #4
Ljuba #4:
0:37 look at Vidic face. Scary. Max focus. Best defender ever probably
How I miss this football !!!
Trong Khuong Tran
Trong Khuong Tran:
My heart is still racing hard after all these years watching this highlights. Forever Manchester United.
Dean Majid
Dean Majid:
This was the era I miss, look how many English players the top 2 English teams had that year
Mas Pramudyo
Mas Pramudyo:
The day when both teams have a such good fighting defender
long huynh
long huynh:
9:40 look van der Sar
Jay Henry
Jay Henry:
Growing up, my support was In-between Manchester United and Chelsea. This game was to be the game that will help me seal my decision on one team and Manchester United did it. I am proud I made the decision to support Manchester United.
I miss Man Utd my fav team can lift trophy again like this.
Daniel Speakman
Daniel Speakman:
What a united team that was miss the good old days