2019 | Martha Argerich plays Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 + Bach Gavottes / Scarlatti K141 encores

Conducted by Gábor Takács-Nagy
Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
December 2019

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Greg Smithhisler
Greg Smithhisler:
A true “reference recording”! Breathing new life into an exquisite first masterpiece fro Beethoven. Made listen to an old favorite in a new way. Bravo!
I, minor pianist, am fighting with breast cancer, and this performance really encourages me. Absolutely splendid!!!
Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер
Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер:
Martha is genius, of course, but what really impresses is the vibrancy and clarity in the reduced orchestral forces. It actually sounds better than with full orchestra. Better balance. The acoustics are exquisite. I regret that I was in this hall and didn’t get to hear a concert. The conductor is a gem. How could any human being not be touched by the childish joy in his face? It’s like he is discovering the music for the first time. Delightful!
Maria Cristina Bittar
Maria Cristina Bittar:
Beethoven: “Piano Concerto N.º1, in C major, Op. 15”
01:00 __ I. Allegro con brio
15:09 __ II. Largo
26:22 __ III. Rondo. Allegro scherzando
38:38 __ Bach: “Gavotte”
44:14 __ Sacarlatti: “Sonata K141”
jarrod anderson
jarrod anderson:
78 years young and still a force of nature. I love this concerto!!!
Irene Polesel
Irene Polesel:
Maravillóssa intérprete no hay otra igual
I first saw Martha Argerich perform at the Proms in the early 1960’s in London. Who knew she’d be as good as ever in her 80’s like in her 20’s. Clearly she’s having so much fun at the piano. Just look at her joyful expressions she occasionally imparts. Martha has been my favorite pianist of all time.
Otavio Fernandes
Otavio Fernandes:
Marta plays and sings Beethoven (33:21). She is fantastic. Simply, the best. Thanks for sharing
noemi baki
noemi baki:
This is the last concert I saw before the pandemic, such a fond memory 💜 Martha's piano playing is simply otherwordly
Jocelyn R
Jocelyn R:
Into her 8th decade, she has lost none of that nimble, magic, precise touch and speed. Incredible pianist. I am glad to see Beethoven in her repertoire, as I have not seen or heard her play him before. Wonderful.
Martin Salazar
Martin Salazar:
Increíble la interpretación. Magnífica Martha! Gracias
Pilar Campaña
Pilar Campaña:
Simplemente maravilloso, la energía, entusiasmo y virtuosidad de Martha, junto con el Director y orquesta que la acompañan, te llenan el espíritu y te hacen seguir adelante.
Itala Povoleri
Itala Povoleri:
Parabéns, Martha! Escuta-la é sempre uma experiência singular.
Francine Nascimento
Francine Nascimento:
O maestro é um show a parte, conduz com sentimento, fazendo a orquestra coroar o brilhantismo de Martha, um presente para a alma. Sensacional.
Anthony Hazlewood
Anthony Hazlewood:
Martha is such a beautiful pianist and she plays this Concerto to perfection - Thank you for uploading....
Irene Polesel
Irene Polesel:
Marta ARGERICH no habrá ninguna igual no habrá Ninguno !! en Argentina hay un Tango que tiene eso!! No habrá. Ninguna!!! Insuperable
Maria Rosario Huntrods
Maria Rosario Huntrods:
Martha, una leyenda! A los 78 años mejor que nunca. Grande Martha!!!
Patricia Topper
Patricia Topper:
Martha! Martha! You never fail to amaze me! My life is so enriched listening to your sublime performances.
Juan José Namnún Tavárez
Juan José Namnún Tavárez:
Martha esta maravillosa y que excelsa la orquesta, gracias por compartir.
Tom Meggle
Tom Meggle:
Words cannot express how much I admire and love her divine mix of passion, elegance and balance between sheer force and delicacy
Kyle Wang
Kyle Wang:
Great to see and to know in 2019 Martha plays so wonderfully and soulfully as ever. I wish her live and enchant humanity forever and ever. Martha Argerich is an eternally young angel on earth.
Michael Vega
Michael Vega:
Ahh...Brava Martha.. Bravo Beethoven. Martha shows her true genius at the piano! She plays with emotion, conciseness, and elegance. Simply magnificence! So happy I was able to find this musical gem.
Mamacita De Los Perros
Mamacita De Los Perros:
She is brilliant! One of the most expressive I have ever heard!😊
I just love that 3rd movement so much. It's so much joy, and she delivers it with technical perfection coupled with so much character, life, colour, it's just delicious!
Jean Loh
Jean Loh:
The orchestra is excellent the Maestro totally immersed in Beethoven but Martha....Martha is the Goddess !
Péter Komlósi
Péter Komlósi:
Kiváló zenekar egy még kiválóbb Zongoraművésszel! Respect!
Luciano Valle
Luciano Valle:
Wonderful performance! Perfect, ideal conducting by Takács-Nagy but above all, what a great Argerich!!! A madam with a so long experience is still playing with the fingers and the enthusiasm of a young girl. BRAVISSIMA!!!
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen:
She's definitely under the top 5 of best pianist of all time. I would her even call the mother of the piano
LUZ STELLA Avellaneda
LUZ STELLA Avellaneda:
Toda mi admiración a esta gran artista. Excelentes concierto. Gracias
judith herrera
judith herrera:
Esta mujer argentina no deja de impresionarme.
Maravillosamente interpretado...!!!
this is a magical concert, a perfect blend between Madame Argerich and the wonderful orchestra
Jan Fogt
Jan Fogt:
Martha Argerich is giving a brilliant performance ... pure MAGIC !!! The orchestra and conductor, Gábor Takács-Nagy are vibrant and ... simply outstanding. BRAVO & Thank you !!!
Madalena Freitas
Madalena Freitas:
Simplesmente Maravilhoso! BRAVO!!! ADOREI !!!
Catherine Ouriaghli
Catherine Ouriaghli:
MERCI grande Martha pour votre talent et... pour votre éternelle jeunesse ! Longue vie à vous... on vous AIME !
Claudia Ricardo
Claudia Ricardo:
Martha maravillosa !!! Alma en tu interpretación Gracias siempre !!💓
Francisco Peixoto
Francisco Peixoto:
Martha, espetacular
Não me canso de assistir e apreciar a performance dessa argentina genial!!!
Amiga de nosso também genial, Nelson Freire, que nos deixou recentemente!!!
Joe Palooka
Joe Palooka:
An incredible performance by Argerich and the orchestra, who obviously feel the music so deeply and are inspired by her enormous talent.
Julio C. Becerra Ibanez de Pelliza
Julio C. Becerra Ibanez de Pelliza:
Maravillosamente genial. Una Mozart argentina. Genial como siempre..
La Reina del teclado!!
Elizabeth Engelman
Elizabeth Engelman:
I don't know what I'd do without ears and without such beautiful music during this never ending pandemic.
Ana Maria Bonel
Ana Maria Bonel:
Absolutamente admirable su performance! 👏👏
herr brucvald
herr brucvald:
This is just too superb for words. Surely with the smaller orchestra we get closer to what Beethoven's audience originally heard? The dialogue between winds and strings with the smaller orchestra creates different emotions because of the equalization of weight between the two sides. The details shine out here such that we say, 'Here is real music making!' Argerich = divine. (Is she the last of the great Romantic pianists?) All the excessive 'emoting' on the bench by today's pianists turns me right off.
Carl Scarbro
Carl Scarbro:
A great rendition of a great concerto.
William Davis
William Davis:
Beautiful lady, beautiful artist, marvelous orchestra, bravo, thank you!
Patricia Fogli // TGNorte
Patricia Fogli // TGNorte:
claudette St-Denis
claudette St-Denis:
merveilleuse interprétation au piano / finesse et qualité de la direction et de l'orchestre ...hommage à Beethoven le grand....merci.
No cabe la menor duda, la magnificencia de la música de Beethoven, y sublime la interpretación de estos músicos, es un regalo de Dios para el alma.
Swede McGuire
Swede McGuire:
I love Takács-Nagy's conducting here, he's just rockin' this Beethoven piece. And great audio-video work !
Once in a life time. An amazing pianist.
Christopher Devlin
Christopher Devlin:
To hear this concerto performed with the elasticity of chamber music is wonderful! Fantastic soloists all, and one happens to play the piano. Bonus: Argerich singing solfège sixteenth notes, under her breath, during the final statement of the Rondo theme. Amazing.
Mihail Panait
Mihail Panait:
Charming!As always, Martha brings music to life .
Anna Gonzalez
Anna Gonzalez:
Increíble! Única! La mejor.
Katalin Patai
Katalin Patai:
I'm so glad being able to watch and listen to this wonderful concert as somehow I missed here in Budapest. Martha is great but not to forget about the orchestra and brilliant conductor either. They are all fantastic musicians.
Well done Martha.The conductor is remarkable too. Very energetic.
william Motta
william Motta:
Not only are all the artist's involved very good but the video camera work showing all the sections was done beautifully. Great sound quality is very evident as well. Martha and Gabor were just outstanding, their vibrant and melodious style give this performance a true elegance. The 3rd movement is a knock out highlighting Martha's virtuosity.
Janene J
Janene J:
So beautiful... and what an exquisite setting! Dynamic performance. Superb photography. Love the close ups of the orchestra - especially the winds. Love, love, love!
Richard Roark
Richard Roark:
What a performance! Gabor Takas-Nagy - How pleasant it is to see someone who so obviously enjoys his work! The same can be said of Argerich who is still superb at 78. They work well together.
Nancy Nichols
Nancy Nichols:
Wow!! Ms. Argarich's performance is .........how can I describe it?? Delicate, lively, perfect, happy!!
wilfred damon
wilfred damon:
A conductor enjoying the ensemble playing with equal respect for the subtleties of the musical score. Wonderful!
Incredible awesome performance!!💖
Alfonso Martín
Alfonso Martín:
Emocionante interpretación de Martha con su técnica perfecta y su fuerza .Un placer . Magnífica la orquesta y dirección ❤️❤️❤️
Liliana Chaud
Liliana Chaud:
Que alegría que me da escuchar éste concierto. Es la cuarta vez que lo escucho completo. Bravo Martha y el primer violín!!!. Maravillosa orquesta 🎹
Тамара Яковлева
Тамара Яковлева:
Carlos Bauzá
Carlos Bauzá:
The interchange with the clarinet is ravishing in the Second Movement!
Carmel O'Reilly
Carmel O'Reilly:
The audience said it all but I love Beethovens’ slow movements touch

my heart. Thank you Martha for your sensitive playing of the Largo. Love Carmel Adelaide Australia
pepe valadez
pepe valadez:
El piano es antes y después de la maestra Martha Argerich. Siempre ha sido, es y será la diosa del piano. Su musicalidad toca fibras internas que no todos logran tocar cuando se les escucha.

Su impecable técnica, la economía de sus movimientos y muchos aspectos más son parte de su grandeza y majestuosidad.
This is really incredible and so worthy of everyone's respect. It's a lifetime's dedication and passion.
Fredrick Kaufman
Fredrick Kaufman:
Simply exquisite. Her sense of musicality defies belief and has never subsided after all of these years.
Michelle GRUBER
Michelle GRUBER:
She is fantastic, true perfection. And she is so generous with others.
I love her. Thank you Great Lady.
Erik Núñez
Erik Núñez:
Vaya conjunción, el piano natural y virtuoso de Martha , un director y orquesta excepcional y un público agradecido y alegre por tremendo regalo. Emocionante.
Dana Reedy
Dana Reedy:
Martha Argerich is amazing. Her playing makes me feel such a spectrum of feelings.
The pinnacle of artistic absolution...and the soul of an angel, thank you!!
brian rodney
brian rodney:
It is some time since I have listened to this concerto, and here it is, as fresh and new as when it was first performed in 1795.
Beatriz Seligman
Beatriz Seligman:
This memorable concert, Ludwig 250 years, Martha astonishing as ever, the music in a cold night... . It allow us to forget for a while the cloudy days we are living and move to a place where art rules - not tyranny or pain. Thank you so much, Martha Argerich, always.
David Lockett
David Lockett:
I’m especially fond of Argerich’s performances of Mozart and Beethoven concerti. Full of vitality, brilliance and expressiveness, and with a captivating instinct for the classical style.
Robert Trepagnier
Robert Trepagnier:
Kudos to the camera people for all the great shots of her hands on the keyboard. Stunning performance.
what beautiful nuance, colors, phrases, everything. Left me thinking even ol' beethoven would have been well pleased with such a performance. he couldn't have asked for more. she, they really brought it alive and made it transcendent like we imagine beethoven's music should be.
Emile Epifanoff
Emile Epifanoff:
What a wonderful orchestra and conductor.
Francisco Peixoto
Francisco Peixoto:
Impressionante a euforia do maestro.
Não me canso de assistir ao vídeo
Martha genial!!!
Kaisar Anvar
Kaisar Anvar:
Daniel Caranti
Daniel Caranti:
Martha is an Argentine and World treasure. Let's enjoy her while she still plays. These talents a rare. They don't come very often.
Jennifer Dyster
Jennifer Dyster:
I love Marthe Argerich..Thankyou camera person for capturing the engagement of Marthe with conductor and orchestra as well as the keyboard .
Maria Mercedes Revol
Maria Mercedes Revol:
perfecta interpretación y siempre con ese toque mágico que la acompaña, perfecto Martha me encantó!!!
Mirela U
Mirela U:
Minunata interpretare! Thanks for sharing!
Argerich has magical fingers 💕 She is my favorite pianist ❤️
T Wells
T Wells:
She embodies each composer she plays. Have never seen anyone do this before.
Tamar Khuchua
Tamar Khuchua:
Brilliant performance! ❤️ her individual touch and at the same time her sense of rhythm ah... pure magic!!!! She paints with sounds and experiences pleasure that we all feel together with her! Lucky her, she can express all this with her magical fingers! Bravo and bravo again!!! Amazing orchestra too!!!
Luke Welch
Luke Welch:
I can't get enough of this performance! She is the gift that just keeps on giving - bravo!!
benny nizdok
benny nizdok:
ive been many times in this fantastic concert hall, in my opinion one of the best in europe with great acoustics and lovely art deco, conductor and soloist outstanding
Gyulchora Atanesyan
Gyulchora Atanesyan:
Amazing! Bravo Martha!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
Paul Revelli
Paul Revelli:
I love the sound of a smaller orchestra with the Beethoven concerti sometimes. So much more clarity, less "weighty". I'm sure that hall has something to do with it. Very moving and joyful performance. Brava!
Lana Fateeva
Lana Fateeva:
Brava Martha!!! What a great performance by her and the orchestra! Great conductor !
Geani Itaborahy
Geani Itaborahy:
Que show maravilhoso
Jim Crawford
Jim Crawford:
What a performance by the Franz Liszt Academy and it’s conductor! There are plenty of superlatives about Martha, all I can say is MARVELLOUS!
a true genius, so emotional, so brillant.
Maestro Argerich plays so expressively. Excellent.
Andrea Freire
Andrea Freire:
Estupenda!!!!👏👏👏 Obrigada por compartilhar .
Levent Seral
Levent Seral:
It's not every day you listen to a living legend
Светлана Швидко
Светлана Швидко:
Божественное исполнение
Марты от сердца к сердцу
Lorenzo Barrio Santos
Lorenzo Barrio Santos:
Chapeau, en todos los idiomas. Increible Martha.
David Kent
David Kent:
This performance is special in every way