2019 Royal Enfield Motorcycle - Jay Leno’s Garage

President of Royal Enfield North America Rod Copes shares three of their newest motorcycles: the Himalayan, the INT 650 Twin, and the Continental GT 650 Twin.
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2019 Royal Enfield Motorcycle - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

100+ comentarios:

I drove my 350 bullet all the way back from the dealership in New Delhi to my home in the UK. Best road trip ever
If you drop your GSXR, you'll break the plastic.

If you drop your Himalayan, you'll break the pavement.
I am Charlie
I am Charlie:
As an Indian I thought only we love Royal Enfield. But I was wrong. 🇺🇲🌟
3 year unlimited warranty
Roadside assistance included.

Are you listening Harley Davidson ?
there is a girl that travels the world in the Himalayan her channel Itchy Boots
Luke Farmer
Luke Farmer:
Fact: Royal Enfields are now more reliable and more available than Harleys.
Syed Ali
Syed Ali:
Jay leno is so old school, he turns off the bike using the key and not the engine kill switch. Go Jay!
"I like motorcycles that look like motorcycles." Quote of the decade (where motorcycle talk lives).
Nice one as usual Jay - I've ridden all three of those bikes and I particularly like the GT and INT650 (over here in England we still get to call it the much cooler "Interceptor 650"), but the Himalayan (actually properly pronounced "him-are-lee-ann" according to my Indian subscribers) is also surprisingly capable. I too love the fact the design, and in particular the Harris Frame come from England but let's not down play what the parent Indian company has done here, really upped the game with their manufacturing quality but still kept the price reasonable. Great video as usual and I'm really tempted by one of these.... All the best! - TMF
Lone Star Shopper
Lone Star Shopper:
I am an old tired dude who really likes the Orange Royal enfield
Kenneth Higdon
Kenneth Higdon:
I'm seriously considering the Himalayan as a daily rider. If It's good enough for the Himalayas then it'll have no problem with the White Mountains of New Hampshire
carl arthur
carl arthur:
Another good thing is you don't have to get dressed up like a spaceman.
Phil Sale
Phil Sale:
I live in Colombia, and bought a 2016 Classic 500 last year, ideal for the older motorcyclists amongst us, I love it!
Steve Prestek
Steve Prestek:
Nice to see a manufacturer that instead of moving up market with products that you can't afford, they're keeping bikes affordable.
I have ridden bikes since the mid 60s, small 80cc on up to the Harley Ultra classic and everything in between. After all those bikes I missed the simple bike that was still big enough to go anywhere. My past favorite was my 650 xs Yamaha. 3 years ago I wanted to get back to the basics again. Got me a 500 Royal Enfield. What a joy. Strong enough to anywhere, and sized right.
Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma:
In India you can see many RE bikes everywhere

Indian Army also using this RE
Hur Guler
Hur Guler:
Itchy Boots Noraly fans? Everyone knows Jay Leno but this is how I heard of Royal Enfield.
Dan Sotelo
Dan Sotelo:
Beautiful bikes amazing price point! Harley Davidson pay attention not everyone can afford to pay your insane prices.
M R:
"Built like a Gun, Goes like a Bullet"
Burt Hulbert
Burt Hulbert:
I bought the red/black interceptor.
I'm in love.
That Caferacer
That Caferacer:
I own a GT650 chrome and buying this bike with my own earned money is one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life.
Shashwat Panda
Shashwat Panda:
Jay Leno praising India-made/India-based motorcycles? My day is made!!!!!!!
A W:
The guy at 8:16
Aniket Vardhan
He is an Architect from my college School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

He had always been a motorcycle enthusiast, and last I knew, through our college unofficial SM portal _(akin to but much prior to advent of Facebook... Portal is called SPAtalli.. Where SPA is acronym for the college name and _*_Talli_*_ means Drunk_ 😜) ... he was building and retrofitting bikes at his home / garage
Sreejith Chengazhassery
Sreejith Chengazhassery:
Royal Enfield didn't go back to England. It's still in India :)
David Mantle
David Mantle:
I liked it that much that after a test ride I bought one -- Interceptor 650 in Silver Secptre . Best machine I have bought for years, and I have been riding for over 50 years.
ryan webb
ryan webb:
That's what Itchy Boots rides (Himalayan)! I enjoy her whole continent journey and it's still uploading. :)
Rohit Kashyap
Rohit Kashyap:
"Built like a Gun goes like a Bullet" i always loved this tagline
Two Facts...
The company is named after the town of Enfield in north London, England.
The 'royal' part comes from a royal warrant the company was awarded a century ago.
Guilherme Almeida
Guilherme Almeida:
Jay Indian engineers are so good they made my LML 200 4S better than an original Vespa...they put a 4 stroke 200cc with 4 manual transmition in a Px chassi ..
unbelievable good ...
unhappily closed the doors of the factory and stopped the production ...
Yamonda Kawazuki
Yamonda Kawazuki:
3:56 Jay hears "two year warranty" then proceeds to start the bike and immediately rev it to 6 grand.... I'm dead y'all
Dead Redd
Dead Redd:
We still want the Himalayan 650!! Fingers crossed for early 2020
Drew A
Drew A:
I'm currently in India on business and see RE's all over the place. I like the Continental GT a lot.
Yanyan Porto
Yanyan Porto:
I like how jay can't seem to take his eyes off the GT the whole time :D
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh:
As many of the comments point, these bikes are cherished (mostly) by old people outside of India, but here young men too want to own a RE as it has a different charm.
the PaulTurf
the PaulTurf:
RE GT 650 is the real deal !!!
Sexy, Sturdy, Affordable, Quick.
Bang for buck.
For sure my next ride !!
What about ya'll ????
Dr Abdul arshad
Dr Abdul arshad:
Try watching "itchy boots" channel u will get to know about royal enfiled
Jerry Schneider
Jerry Schneider:
Jay, I am sure you just doubled sales of Enfield in North America. Great bikes.
Philo in the Philippines
Philo in the Philippines:
They have a presents here in Philippines too many people love them here.
There's something about orange coloured interceptor ! So beautiful.
Dushyant Patel
Dushyant Patel:
This is a indian bike company
I love it
It’s hard to beat that. All metal bikes, with great classic lines, and cost crazy cheap!
Jason Pierson
Jason Pierson:
I would love either an RE Interceptor or a Triumph Bonneville. RE is better value
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar:
Loved to see a RE in Jay leno's garage
Coffee Jazz Motos
Coffee Jazz Motos:
That Interceptor is a thing of beauty!
Marc Swanson
Marc Swanson:
Perfectly poised to sell like hotcakes in the spring of 2020 if distribution can meet demand.
Clint Rockfist
Clint Rockfist:
I really liked this video, for many reasons, first it's informative and Jay talks about the bike like a mate would and the other fella comes across as a good lad too. I would give this bike a test ride.
K Koller
K Koller:
Finally a motorcycle that doesn’t look like it’s out of the movie “Tron”! This what a motorcycle suppose to look like.....hear that Honda you used to make fun motorcycles that looked like this,
Vijay Hiremath
Vijay Hiremath:
"Sometimes you just want to go for a ride..."
Tiger 09
Tiger 09:
Royal Enfield is the legendary motorcycle in india
Parth khaladkar
Parth khaladkar:
Where I live, this motorcycle is called a "Phatphatiya"
Josh Kyrejto
Josh Kyrejto:
I have a limited RE Pegasus, absolutely love it... I think it's turned me into a RE collector, looking at the twins next!
Kilal Googlestaffers
Kilal Googlestaffers:
The Himalayan reminds me of something Malcom Smith would ride.
I had no idea that Royal Enfield was still in business.
800k units a year is definitely in business!
Way cool.
BILL randell
BILL randell:
I always thought the "neutral" lever on the old RE was the greatest idea EVER and I don't know why all bikes don't have it
Jim the Adventurer
Jim the Adventurer:
This guy showing off the bikes has to be the best representative from a company I’ve seen on the show, just seemed genuine and had seen the show before. It didn’t feel like he was selling something but I’m sold on these bikes they seem great!
Charlie Gutierrez
Charlie Gutierrez:
I love the RE. Built like a gun.
Man the cafe racer 650 looks so amazing, it's literally perfect. Wow. And the sound of the engine is beautiful. It has a heavy gear whine, and sounds like a Ducati V-Twin. Amazing.
Aaron Rood
Aaron Rood:
The president stepped back frightened when jay started it up haha. He must not ride often...
Just a great video. Mr. Leno conducted an excellent review and is honest about pros and cons. It’s great to see that fame hasn’t changed a great and genuinely good person.
Cop Flyer
Cop Flyer:
I’m an old guy too Jay (74) and love motorcycles. When. I was in the Navy in the 60’s I always borrowed my friend’s Honda 305. One night, another friend let me take his Kawasaki 750. That thing was like a rocket ship! Years later, I bought a Harley 1200 then moved up to a Softail Deluxe. Unfortunately, after working 35 years on Fighter jets in the Air National Guard, my old body took its toll a couple of years ago and I had to sell it. Those who have never driven a motorcycle on a country road and smelled the odor of fresh cut grass will never know what they have missed in life. Thanks for a great video. It brought back so many good memories.
Jon Samuel
Jon Samuel:
Dammit Jay, I was broke now I gotta buy these bikes!!
It's an Indian motorcycle - owned and manufactured in India.
nonya biz
nonya biz:
Its got a freakin center stand! Thats amazing! You may not know how important and wonderful that feature is but i can tell you from experience its nice to see that on bikes again!
Thanks Jay for all of these videos. Informative and fun. The best part is seeing a guy really enjoying what he’s doing. Kudos.
timothy weigall
timothy weigall:
Royal Enfield has hit the spot because the Japanese bikes have all turned into a Pokémon or some sort of extreme video game image .... just bring back motorcycles as a motorcycle
kevin garvin
kevin garvin:
now I want to buy one of these. I didnt even know about this brand till Jays video
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
I'm 67 and bought my first bike in 1965, worked in the industry for many years, and I'd buy one of these.
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders:
Mr Leno excellent Bike just what Im looking for
David Sandy
David Sandy:
I really like the Enfield gt. It looms good and I test drove one. Really not bad
David Miatke
David Miatke:
I would have the Continental, if I had the room for it, I like its old school cool.
Interceptor is definitely my fave :)
Froosi Froosii
Froosi Froosii:
Thumbs up thanks for sharing
GT is definitely the only I go for
Russell Federici
Russell Federici:
I love it , being 66 years old I’ve had my share of British bikes enjoyed every minute of it , I would love too own one of these !!
Rob Greene
Rob Greene:
Back to basics, no frills, competent motorcycle...tractable power, nimble handling....and the price is right...what's not to like ?
anton tk
anton tk:
As a millennial, I approve this message
Jay still looks at home on a motorcycle. I ended up here because I wanted to see if he was still riding. Hang in there Leno.
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson:
Love my Royal enfield, I own the classic very enjoyable 🇬🇧
Joshua Pinto _1DS19ME068
Joshua Pinto _1DS19ME068:
7:10 that’s exactly how a Yamaha rx sounds like.
As someone who wasn't interested in motorcycles before, I'm discovering a whole new universe watching Noraly of Itchy Boots travelling the world with her Royal Enfield Himalayan, Basanti.
John Spencer
John Spencer:
The GASTANK, on that Twin, reminds me of My "Hinckley Bonneville."


I WANT two Indians.

I WANT a "Challenger," pulling a
"Scout," on a M/C Trailer.

I RODE, for 50+ YEARS. You've heard from Me, BEFORE.

John Spencer
Long Beach
Hoph Gopi
Hoph Gopi:
you know
there was a rifle called the enfield rifle
and you know
that rifle started the indian revolt of 1857
pls refer wikipedia
Rick DeBaan
Rick DeBaan:
Hard to compete with Kawasaki twin 400 at $4k new with 48hp and 28 lb-ft torque.
Brian Denison
Brian Denison:
It’s nice to see a bike that remains affordable, yet maintains its iconic look! It seems like one that would be in serious consideration for my next bike.
Royal enfield classic 500 that bike was the most popular for zamindars and village chiefs back in the old days in India. Chrome paint of classic 500 is awesome.
Makes one want to get back on a bike. lol
I wish I was Jays neighbor. Love his video's. Very cathartic, no stress, only pure happiness!
COOK & EAT foodiee crush
COOK & EAT foodiee crush:
America have HD
UK have triumph
I'd actually say that Royal Enfield nailed the Cafe Racer look better than Triumph with the Thruxton. The Thruxton's tail is too long.
It's a good looking bike.
Frank x
Frank x:
I love my Royal Enfields so much! Every ride make me a big Smile. You meet the luckiest people on an Enni😊.
Pramathesh Zamindar
Pramathesh Zamindar:
very Practical and a lot of fun, love the classic lines, and at this price point, its a steal
Andrew Ostertag
Andrew Ostertag:
Love the look of that Himalayan.. yes sir. AND the $ tag
Frank Machtans
Frank Machtans:
By chance I see this video clip and immediately I fell in love with the two twins Continental and Interceptor! I used to have BSA 650 Thunderholt and Golden Clash in the 80s and I was looking for a BSA again. Only it was hard to get something suitable. A dealer nearby had all the models available and I decided to buy a MK3 (the black one). I can hardly wait for the summer.
The real motorcycle world had to do without such motorcycles as new for 50 years!
Greetings from North Germany.

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Vena Fanai
Vena Fanai:
I was born in a Middle class family.
But my Enfield made me Royal
Aqwin Aqwin
Aqwin Aqwin:
Well I bought one and ya it’s crazy ❤️
Pete Bjerkelund
Pete Bjerkelund:
Those bikes kick butt. So well thought out, from how they are new designs - but so classic, and how they were thought out for today: bring in new riders, and nab experienced riders too. I have one motorcycle (my third), and as a regular guy don't have Jay's Garage budget 8^) , but for a second bike - for a Day Bike, a chromed tank RE GTCon would definitely be it! Thanks for the great clip on these Jay.
അഭിജിത്ത് 2K കിടു
അഭിജിത്ത് 2K കിടു:
GT പൊളിയല്ലേ അപ്പുപ്പാ🔥🔥🔥🔥
" I'm an old guy.. likes stuffs made out of metal "

~ you explained yourself sir 😌
Read Zechariah 12:10
Read Zechariah 12:10:
I grew up on a 1980 Honda cb400t Hawk. This seems like a great replacement for that bike, that bank had 39 horsepower and that was plenty, I could go a hundred miles an hour if I wanted to oh, I could wring its neck and not get killed. It weighed about the same as this bike, this seems like a fantastic replacement. I'm very interested.
Anubhav Roy
Anubhav Roy:
Himalayan is the best. I love it. ❤️
Siv Vinod
Siv Vinod:
I took this to a school

They said i committed a school shooting
CHris G
CHris G:
Well done Jay ——a great informative programme and what a great advert for Royal Enfield ——bringing back “the fun” in motorcycling 👍👍