2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 1

What was your first car? What app do you open first in the morning? Last time you Googled yourself? Hear from Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and more.....

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Funny how almost all of them got a podium or even win in their first karting race...
Nando and Yuki with their on brand first cars 🤣
The Aviator
The Aviator:
You know you’re loaded when you forget your wallet for 2 months and never really cared about it.
Darkowl 57
Darkowl 57:
“Last time you forgot something?”
Fernando: “February 14th...” *pained smile*
Jose Rocha
Jose Rocha:
Last time you forgot something important:

Mazepin: curve 4 on Bahrain
Skyscrapers & MegaProjects
Skyscrapers & MegaProjects:
I had never realized how curly Lando’s hair is!
George: my Wikipedia photo is awful.
Everyone: instantly opening a new tab to see his Wikipedia photo...
Megabyte Gaming
Megabyte Gaming:
Everyone : Instagram,whatsapp
Valtteri : Weather Boi
Checo : Stonks
Schumi : Zzzz...
Max : How are my gamers today
Everyone: Insta, Whatsapp, Weather
Kimi: I have it on do not disturb

Classic Kimi, love him
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee:
So Russell is used to driving slower cars since childhood.
George Russel : I left my bag
Producer : *dramatic intensified*
Vettel: "I'm still waiting!"

Challenge accepted, Seb!
Daniel M
Daniel M:
George: "everyone in the top 10 got a trophy"

*screams internally*
The funniest part is kimi appearing 2 times and still not saying anything
The person who asked Carlos for an autograph is loving life right now
The person who asked mazepin for an autograph probably thought it was putin's son
Million Colors of Light
Million Colors of Light:
"When was the last time you forgot something important?"
Alonso: "14th of February"

oh dear
Lewis: **forgets mum's birthday**
The whole world: *OOOOOOOOFFF*
Marc Ali マーク • アリ
Marc Ali マーク • アリ:
I love how they added intense music to the time George forgot his bag😂
Anton Perekopsky
Anton Perekopsky:
First car:
Lewis: mini
Kimi: *Soviet masterpiece of engineering*
Ricciardo admitting his salary was the best part😂
Ohmz i
Ohmz i:
"It's your job anyhow, not really my job to do." We all wish we could say this at work.
Jayson McCullough
Jayson McCullough:
I love how apathetic Kimi is. Unless he's racing he just can't be bothered.
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia:
Alonso's face after saying 14th February kills me xD
Benedek Csákány
Benedek Csákány:
I have always loved the fact that Max was allowed to drive a f1 car before a normal car
Azeem Amedi
Azeem Amedi:
I like how this video turned out to be showing a very human side of every driver. Telling their stories from their humble beginnings
2:05 "If anyone googles George Russell..."

*Immediately googles George Russell*
Sam G
Sam G:
"I nearly burned the clutch" had me in hysterics. Charles is the best.
Okay im not gonna lie, i came here only for Kimi. Actually can anyone combine every answer kimi gave into one video? I mean literally every answer since he’s iceman, like an hour clip or longer. This is so weird and satisfying
Quentin Potter
Quentin Potter:
Everyone else: Instagram, WhatsApp
Sergio: S T O N K S
Nakul K.R.
Nakul K.R.:
4:55 mazepin doesn't even sound like a russian. His english accent is perfect!
The Tigeroza
The Tigeroza:
I can’t explain how glad I am that Fernando is back. He always knew how to entertain us even off the track.
lim shan
lim shan:
everyone: clapping as told
0:06 : just kimi being kimi
Sebastian is just so likeable.
People really dont appreciate his humor 6:15
everyone else: my first car was a car that you drive on roads
carlos sainz: toy car
max verstappen: toro rosso formula 1
Kristian Koski
Kristian Koski:
Alonso: 14th of February and that face :DDDD
José Manuel V.
José Manuel V.:
For those curious about Checo's first car, the "Chevy" was the name given to the Opel Corsa in Mexico, from the late 90's to I think 2009 or somewhere around that time.
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi:
"Russel casually talks about how he forgot his bag"
**dramatic Brian Tyler music intensifies**
Lara Jean Pineda
Lara Jean Pineda:
lol the guy who asked carlos for an autograph because he’s sure he’d be famous someday 🤣
Demir Emre
Demir Emre:
Imagine you are in the airport minding your own business and suddenly George Russell comes out of nowhere sprinting
I wish everyone was like Kimi the world would literally be a better place
Alonso's face when he answers 'February 14th' is classic
Reynaldo Gonzalez
Reynaldo Gonzalez:
Kimi is a master iceman! No app to check in the morning, congrat to his inner peace 😂🙌🙌
Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks Coffee:
Older drivers - modest first cars
Younger drivers - spoilt and/or daddy's money
Yuki: "Honda S2000"

Me: He's cultured.
George's Wiki photo literally just got updated XD
Connor Faulds
Connor Faulds:
cant be hard for yuki to remember his firsts, he was born like 2 years ago
Angelo Isaac Siervo
Angelo Isaac Siervo:
Kimi doesn't disappoint as always
First Car
Everyone: talks about the cars they have when they had their license
Carlos being a boss: battery powered car when I was 2.5years old 🙌😂
LandoFan 69
LandoFan 69:
Kimi: LADA
Benjamin Lanner
Benjamin Lanner:
Last time you forgot something important?
Fernando: 14th of february
The office zoom and a pained smile
xD absolutely perfect
Everyone: Autographs

Seb: No one gets mine.
Apophis STR
Apophis STR:
Yuki: "S2000."
This man right here, is now officially my best buddy.
Mikhail Kalashnikov
Mikhail Kalashnikov:
Imagine charles wearing that banana costume and driving a fiat 500

Someone plz create the meme template
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale:
RAI: *"Social Media?"*
Iceman: *"Leave me alone! I know what I'm doing!"*
dr mrks
dr mrks:
Last time you forgot something important?
Fernando: 14th February 😂
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal:
I love how the film crew asked the drivers to clap so they ask sync the audio from the microphones and video and Kimi is like nah that’s your job 😂😂😂😂😂Savage
8:50 Kimi, unproblematic, unbothered. Legend.
Cyp Zac
Cyp Zac:
Yuki with a S2000! A man of culture!
Henry Campbell
Henry Campbell:
Fernando googling himself that morning makes a lot of sense
In this video, you really see the diference between the drivers that came from money and the ones that just had regular families
Giovinazzi is always so happy and excited, makes me happy & excited 😁
Lewis: "The last thing I forgot was my mum's birthday. Manages to pull it back in and she had no idea."

Well, she has now...
Fox trot
Fox trot:
All I can think of right now is a Russell doing a full sprint through the airport yelling: *Oh no! Me bag!*
Valtteri Lehtinen
Valtteri Lehtinen:
I’m suprised by how fluently and well Mazepin speaks english
loligagerer 265
loligagerer 265:
"Last time you forgot something important?"

Kinda disappointed that noone said "I don't know, I forgot it"
*last time you forgot something important?*

Kimi: my drincc, gloves and steering wheel
f altay
f altay:
that uncomfortable laugh of alonso when he revealed he forgot valentines day caught me off guard XD
my father painted that lada with kimi when they were young, still have that photo at my dad's place on the table of the living room.
Silent Night
Silent Night:
Alonso super honest as always.
I died when Fernando said this morning😂
Richard Gore
Richard Gore:
Yuki: Honda S2000
Drivers car 🤩
Carlos: A toy car when I was 2
Checo: ... Until I crash it
Jan Smit
Jan Smit:
6:19 Fernando Alonso please never change 😂😂😂😂
Legend has it, Kimi's first autograph pre-dates the ink and quill
Paweł Radzewicz
Paweł Radzewicz:
"Last time you forgot something important"
My brain:
Gloves and Steering wheel
Cheapest F1!
Cheapest F1!:
Props to the guy who got Sainz's autograph. He was right and know forever has an autograph from Carlos Sainz Jr.
Jhyro Messiah Pe
Jhyro Messiah Pe:
Me when I hear that Kimi's first car was a Lada: *Soviet Anthem Intensifies*
Jeremy Palad
Jeremy Palad:
Sainz's autograph story is the most epic one imo
"last thing you forgot" was hoping Kimi would say "steering wheel" or "gloves and steering wheel".
Spencer Cook
Spencer Cook:
I love how when asked about their first podium, they all light up and look so happy when talking about childhood karting.
whoever edited george's airport bag interview deserves a raise
Tiisetso Hlatshwayo
Tiisetso Hlatshwayo:
Interview Question: What is the first app you open in the morning?

Kimi Raikkonen: Nothing and my phone is always on silent😂😂😂😂
Peter Pham
Peter Pham:
9:17 You have gained my respect...
Salt AU
Salt AU:
Fernando, the only truthful answer to when you last looked yourself up online.
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie:
George's dramatic forgetting a bag moment 😂
Aryaman Sharma
Aryaman Sharma:
George: " I hate my photo on Wikipedia"
Me : Goes to checks instantly
Abhigyaan Ah
Abhigyaan Ah:
6:41 Bad Boy Lewis. Never forget your mum's birthday
Dóra Horváth
Dóra Horváth:
Lance tells a story like: "that's the best moment from my chilhood "
Krishna Sujith
Krishna Sujith:
Now we know why Yuki needs traffic to move:
He had an S2000
1:20 - Of course Yuki's gonna have a jdm.
Thomas Dunne
Thomas Dunne:
Every1 else : my first podium was my first race in karting

Lando: my dad pushed me up a hill on a bike
Yudha Setya
Yudha Setya:
I Bet that Max is looking the meme about his relationship with Kelly and Danil kyvat hehehehehe
Sofía Unzaga Domínguez
Sofía Unzaga Domínguez:
Last time you forgot smth?

Esteban: 1 hour ago
Aarya R Namboodiri
Aarya R Namboodiri:
honestly George's quest of his bag was the best part of the video 😂
*that moment when you are racing in F1 but can't drive yet*
Arbi Ujka
Arbi Ujka:
Producers: Can you clap to sync the audio?
Kimi: It’s your job anyhow.

I mean he’s not wrong😂
I love the dramatic music when George is telling his story
Caedmon Calbero
Caedmon Calbero:
Yuki with the S2000 is so fitting
Aida Đulović
Aida Đulović:
6:20 - 6:22 I just can't 😂 that face 😂😂
Luz Adriana Camargo López
Luz Adriana Camargo López:
Everyone "whatsapp, insta..."
Kimi : "Nothing, it's on silence"
Classic Kimi