Grammy nominations & predictions from Rap/Hip Hop to Soul/R&B
from acts such as Freddie Gibbs, Roddy Ricch, nominating songs like The Box & Whats Poppin to many more...

2021 Grammy's Nomination List

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Black Pumas
Black Pumas:
Thanks for the love!
Dagim G
Dagim G:
The Weeknd got robbed. Like literally what....
The Weeknd not being nominated is the biggest snub of all time like ain't no way dawg
confused how the weeknd and mac miller didnt get at least 1 nomination
The Mul
The Mul:
How did After Hours not get nominated whatsoever but Yummy did?!?!
Anirudh Pottammal
Anirudh Pottammal:
for real for real tho it sucks that the weeknd didn’t even get ONE nomination for a great album this year
Byron Harty
Byron Harty:
How did yummy even get close to winning a Grammy
Mike Kerr
Mike Kerr:
I can’t believe The Weeknd really got snubbed 🤧🤧
mayson graves
mayson graves:
Mac Miller & The Weeknd deserve to be nominated
Yeni Taylor
Yeni Taylor:
Dua Lipa was rightly nominated. Her and Abel dominated this year! So shocked he was snubbed!
Yannick L
Yannick L:
Kanye pissing on that grammy was not crazy.
It's Leviosa not UrALosar
It's Leviosa not UrALosar:
Didn’t Even know Coldplay released music this year.
Mario J
Mario J:
Happy for my bald Freddie and sad for Mac Miller😔
Hunter Blair Ambrose
Hunter Blair Ambrose:
How did Abel get the biggest chart topping hit of the year, shatter records, release the most acclaimed album of your career, appear on Rolling Stones Grammy preview edition, get the super bowl halftime show, win awards at all the other awards shows and not get ONE nomination? There is something going on behind the scenes. Shit is not fair.
The Weeknd snubs absolutely disgusted me. Biggest song of the year and no nominations.
There HAS to be a story behind Abel not getting nominated. Blinding Light is literally one of the biggest songs ever and everything about After Hours has been next level at a time where very little else is really going on.
Taylor was robbed in 2017, didn't get a single nomination, badly snubbed. But this time she deserves all of the nominations she received. Obviously Abel getting snubbed is the biggest shock from the Grammy's this year.
The Weeknd would win in every category he was nominated for After Hours will always be 2020 aoty
Also Alfredo needs this
let’s be honest you went to the comments to see Abel get robbed
The Weeknd: You took everything from me

Grammys: I don’t even know who you are
Mike T Music
Mike T Music:
Why you hating on Dua lipa Shawn? Future nostalgia is fire...
Don toliver shoulda been nominated for upcoming artist, bruh the Grammys are rigged
Everyone’s talking about after hours but how did Mac Miller get no nominations
Biggest albums this year were definitely After Hours by The Weeknd, Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa and Folklore by Taylor Swift. All of which deserve the AOTY nomination. Its a crime that After Hours got nothing.
Christopher Jastin Labana
Christopher Jastin Labana:
Folklore and After Hours I was expecting a very hard battle between them but Im so shocked they did the weeknd dirty
Just More
Just More:
Taylor's gonna win Album of the Year I think. the only other competitive artist for AOTY is Dua Lipa.
Mansoor Yousaf
Mansoor Yousaf:
Folklore is valid in each and every category its nominated.
Antonio Brooks
Antonio Brooks:
And let’s call it what it is: the Grammys didn’t want a black male artist to sweep the general category. Hell, Harry Styles barely got any major nominations despite Fine Line being one of the best albums in years from a male pop star.
pak man
pak man:
Taylor being the only good in the lists is deliberate. This was deliberate sweep wanted for Taylor because what can we now when her songs are the only good ones. Watermelon sugar is actual garbage
istg if Yummy wins a grammy when Blinding Lights wasn't even nominated someone's family is going to die
Sergey Kushyan
Sergey Kushyan:
If Shawn dropped his RnB album, it would've been nominated for AOTY
D M:
I stilllllllll play After Hours everyday. I'm still not tired of blinding lights smhhh
Bro listen to Future Nostalgia before doing it like that, it honestly deserved the nominations, the production is crazy, especially comparing it to her last album and considering it's her softmore album
S3 AX:
The fact that abel did not get a single nomination is beyond me.
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin:
So happy for the well deserved noms for Tay and Dua but Abel, Rina, Halsey and Mac were robbed BIG TIME. Post, Justin and Coldplay didn’t deserve their noms imo.
Mania Beats
Mania Beats:
This was the weekend’s year and he got robbed. Mans had blinding lights in the billboard top 5 five for almost the whole year and After Hours is easily the beat album out of this year.
Marcus S.
Marcus S.:
I truly can't believe that The Weeknd got snubbed completely. You can't tell the story of 2020 without Abel Makonnen Tesfaye.
Knowing the Grammys, Meg will probably sweep everything.
Austin S.
Austin S.:
Screw the Grammys The Weeknd got no nominations despite having the biggest song of the year or the Album of the year. Grammys haven’t mattered since Macklemore won over Drake, Kendrick, Jay-Z, and Kanye tbh tho
Eren Sivas
Eren Sivas:
The Weeknd was the artist of the year with one song
Idk Idk
Idk Idk:
Say what u want but dua lipa deserves everything she was nominated for.
Jacob Jnamps
Jacob Jnamps:
I low-key feel like No Pressure should've got a nomination
I'm just gonna keep telling myself the Grammy's didn't nominate the Weeknd because he'd get annoyed from having to walk back and forth from his seat to the stage like 10 times.
Julian Jones
Julian Jones:
I just really wanna hear Freddie’s acceptance speech 🤣🤣
Starshine ALDC
Starshine ALDC:
I personally think BTS should have a shot at song of the year with Dynamite, that song is played on the radio SO much and I thought it was a pretty loved song by most people, especially since it's in English. I wish they could've had Map of the Soul: 7 nominated for album of the year since it sold so well but I guess most of the songs on that album aren't as popular in the United States because they aren't in English. I'm surprised Dynamite didn't get nominated for song of the year, though. I'm rooting for them in the Pop Duo/Group, though I won't be too upset if Taylor wins it.
vasu yaduvanshi
vasu yaduvanshi:
i cant even believe how bad they snubbed the weekend, dude had the AOTY for me by a mile.
Yash Padhiar
Yash Padhiar:
“ASMR Queen Billie Eillish” LMAO
Kaytranada: drops 2 full length studio albums, 10 mixtapes/eps, and over a dozen other projects spanning over the past decade

Grammy's: you are one of the best new artists of 2020. congrats
Love him or hate him. 2020 was the Weeknd’s year. No other artist had a bigger year than he did. He absolutely dominated in singles, his album and features. To not get ONE nomination is criminal. How tf did Yummy Yum and Changes beat Blinding Lights and After Hours?? There is literally no category where Bieber or Coldplay beat Weeknd’s work. Sales, quality and critical reviews etc.
Ethan McNew
Ethan McNew:
The taylor album is actually realllyyy good. I hope she wins
It's a shame how hard the Weeknd worked so hard commercially and musically to come so close and the Recording Academy does this to him.
jake b
jake b:
pretty impressed w the rap nominations this was cool to see, but then i look on twitter and people bitchin "why no lil baby?" lmao
Please tell me the Grammys is trolling, ain’t no way in form The Weeknd isn’t nominated after having one of the best albums of 2020 and best songs this year, They’re trolling right??!???
Kung Fu Elite
Kung Fu Elite:
no hit different by SZA either, that’s weird to me.
I expected The Weeknd to have like 8 nominations...
Iverson Shrestha
Iverson Shrestha:
the weeknd would've won most of the major categories smh
Brown-eyed Cheese
Brown-eyed Cheese:
No Blinding Lights, No Heartless, and No In Your Eyes?! Nothing at all from After Hours?! How?
marykate mae
marykate mae:
i’m not even a weeknd fan and i am shocked they got no nominations, though i’m happy for harry styles:)
Davis Foster
Davis Foster:
Don’t sleep on Jacob Collier tho
Celal Ozdemir
Celal Ozdemir:
Weeknd said i wont celebrate because of all the things going on with african american people when he got the VMAs so im guessing grammy ppl didnt like his attitude
Rahul Mathur
Rahul Mathur:
Taylor Swift ❤️
Karim Dahab
Karim Dahab:
“My name Cocaine, they ain’t gon put me in the nominees”
I hope Dua Lipa can win a few of her nominations. Few people had a year during COVID like Dua Lipa.
Sean Brink
Sean Brink:
The weekend would have carried this years grammy
Sunny Rays
Sunny Rays:
Don’t do Dua like that 😂 Future Nostalgia is a great album. Very modern/reminiscent of 70s/80s music. She did her thing with that album
Marquelle Stanford
Marquelle Stanford:
I can't believe how yummy got nominated but blinding lights didn't 😂😂😂 like how
I honestly hope Dua Lipa wins some categories. Really been loving what she’s putting out. It’s a disgrace though that there’s no Weeknd or Mac on the lists.
Alyssa G
Alyssa G:
I don’t think the Grammys will give new artist of the year to chikka over Doja. For some reason award shows give Doja everything
**Sees no Abel**
Dana White voice: ROBBERY...
T Frazão
T Frazão:
I just wanted a nomination for Mac Miller...
D Phillip
D Phillip:
"The Box" needs to win Record Of The Year.🔥👊🏽⚡
Danesh Khan
Danesh Khan:
Shawn, Die Lit came out nearly 3 years ago it wouldn’t even be eligible for these categories. Besides that great vid!
micah white
micah white:
Wait the Weeknd got zero nominations? That's mega 🧢. He had one of the best albums this year
Martin Drol
Martin Drol:
Bruh the Grammy's are worse every year
Antonio Brooks
Antonio Brooks:
I know Brandy’s album didn’t get a lot of attention but my god, not even a Best R&B Album or R&B Performance nomination for Borderline is just insane. And the fact The Weeknd didn’t get a single nomination. I honestly can’t think of another reason besides racism. There’s no defending or justifying how the artist who had arguably the biggest album/era this eligibility period besides Taylor Swift didn’t get a single nomination
gun2 block
gun2 block:
Since that beyonce is related with grammy. I would say beyonce at least get 1 grammy in 2021
5:02 since you listened to everything you ever wanted and you weren't impressed; what is it you want now?
Sub Zero
Sub Zero:
Weekend was robbed 😔
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter:
Dua Lipas ‘future nostalgia’ is actually fire
Master T'angerines
Master T'angerines:
Why is Post Malone getting nominated for 2019 stuff?
Suck It
Suck It:
Watch Yummy win, I swear to god, I thought we had grown past the need of this song why is the end of 2020 feeling like the start of 2020? This is terrorism, I just wanna know how much they paid to get the nomination.
Braeden’s Broadcasting Channel
Braeden’s Broadcasting Channel:
andrew gould
andrew gould:
i have a feeling that Abel pulled a Frank Ocean or something because that shit blows my mind that he didn't even get one nomination
Kanye was right to piss on that grammy
Big Boy Bernie
Big Boy Bernie:
Griselda got robbed. From King to A God albumn of the year. Also would’ve love to see RMR in new artist category, but maybe that’s expecting to much from them.
Janna Rose Martin
Janna Rose Martin:
Folklore and future nostalgia deserved all the nominations.
Duckie Maverick
Duckie Maverick:
if alfredo don't win, I'm shooting up the morgue. Kinda butthurt that RTJ4 ain't up there.
Also I want dua lipa to win something. Future Nostalgia a great pop record

Also also, see me is great. Emily king gotta take that RnB award mane. Come on
Maverick Mantasha
Maverick Mantasha:
How are you doing your "predictions" when you yourself say you don't know enough about half of those artists?
It’s cuz Abel called out LA toxic culture and shit and of course the academy is gonna get offended by that cause they’re those LA type ppl
Daniel Majesty
Daniel Majesty:
The Weeknd was robbed 😔
cassidy gajewski
cassidy gajewski:
Taylor will sweep the Grammys and I can’t wait!
Kamilah Williams
Kamilah Williams:
The quality of these nominations are not that good, there was a lot of good music and projects that came out between 2019-2020 (unless artists didn't submit their work to be nominated). The Grammy's just continue to be irrelevant, it doesn't have the prestige it once had.
pinto potter
pinto potter:
Expecting the weeknd to get big noms and win big but now I'm rooting for taylor swift she put out a really solid album I see taylor swift and dua lipa winning big.
Lorde Rose
Lorde Rose:
it’s 2021... the Grammy’s are so dead🥴
First Asian Artist on Grammy BTS
Morgan Flowers
Morgan Flowers:
Everyone to Weeknd: *Look how they massacred my boy*
Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish will win the majority of the Grammy’s
u bitches are my sons
u bitches are my sons:
Yummy has a nom
Abel got no noms
Rain on me has only one nom
Beyonce has 9 noms like tf
Everything i wanted TFFF (hoe just drives around a car like-)
Stefan Alcantara
Stefan Alcantara:
Ughhhh I legit thought Future Nostalgia, After Hours and folklore were the ones that are gonna go neck in neck for the main categories this year.