25 Times Floyd Mayweather Showed Genius Ability

In this video we analyse 25 times where Floyd Mayweather showed Genius Ability. Floyd Mayweather, 50-0, may go down as one of the best in history. Now that his career is finished, it gives us fans time to reflect on just what made Floyd Mayweather 'The Best Ever.' What moves does Floyd Mayweather make in the ring to win a boxing match? - In this educational video we break it down!

We talk about fights such as 'The One' against Canelo Alvarez, along with others included but not limited to Robert Gurrero, Marcos Maidana, Miguel Cotto and more. We also slow the techniques down so we really get a proper look at just what's going on in the squared circle. We hope you learn something from this video!
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0:00 Introduction
2:09 Genius Ability
10:04 Ending

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The Fight Game
The Fight Game:
Do you think Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers ever? 🤔🥊
Chaz Surrett
Chaz Surrett:
Imagine having the 50-0 streak, then somehow he loses to Logan Paul...
Bradd Young
Bradd Young:
Kid was so good that people excluded him from mortality, it’s like he had no prime or decline. He was one age his entire career. When he fought older guys critics say they were too old for Floyd. When he fought younger guys critics never said Floyd was too old but the other guy was too young, when he fought guys around his same age critics complained the other guys were out of their prime even when Floyd was a few years older. They treated him like he was Immortal and just to get a few hits or rounds on him was a victory. He was that damn good!
grimgamer xd
grimgamer xd:
Before watching this and not knowing anything about mayweather apart from his record I thought Logan had a chance boy was I wrong
Btw if you think Logan won you are stupid
Def Noodles
Def Noodles:
imagine being logan paul and watching this video only to realize you're about to get knocked out without seeing a single punch hit you.
Mal'ak The Messenger
Mal'ak The Messenger:
He fought everybody that mattered and beat everybody. Young and Old he won
Adam Macias
Adam Macias:
I used to hate Floyd, but that’s how he wins. He beats you mentally and physically. He’s too good. I respect him a ton nowadays.
Tyler Shinobi
Tyler Shinobi:
From the beginning of this video the guy said “ to hit and not get hit that’s the name of boxing” so don’t get mad at Floyd for mastering what the game is stands for.
James Poole
James Poole:
I'd rather spend my career 'running' (being a smart fighter) and retire healthy, coherent and wealthy then be a 'warrior' and retire bankrupt with a scrambled brain.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee:
One thing they failed to mention about Floyd is his ability to adapt to all his opponents inside the ring,that for me is his superpower... 💯🙌🏻
35P, Petra's, and Akai Haato's Souls
35P, Petra's, and Akai Haato's Souls:
People miss this certain aspect a lot about Floyd, the philly shell defence is easily broken if you, the one using the philly shell, cannot punch HARD. Notice how Floyd's counters gets the respect from his opponents. Even guys like Cotto, Manny, Canelo, and Maidana were stopped in their tracks and they kept having to reset their positions. Floyd does have enough power, add timing to that as well, to throw you off and reset, that's why his philly shell is so strong compared to others.
David Jay
David Jay:
“Boxing is like Jazz, the better it is, the less people appreciate it.” - George Foreman
D C:
Genius ability to sell a fight

50-0 record

Genius ability in the ring

No signs of any brain damage thanks to unparalleled defence.

Millions in the bank

Makes millions more fighting for fun these days

That's why he's the best pound for pound boxer of all time.
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez:
I remember starting out in boxing when I was 12 and my coach always talked about how great of a boxer Floyd is, and he always tried his very best to teach us in that style in his gym. After becoming a fan, I saw he talked a lot of shot and ppl say he “runs away” or “he needs to fight someone like pacquiao who can just blind him with punches” but no, he’s just studied this art perfectly cuz this is his job and he wants to be the best and so he did. If anyone thought Logan stander a chance, you’re trippin’ bro...
Shane Pietila
Shane Pietila:
He’s playing chess while everyone else is playing connect 4
Machel R. Robinson
Machel R. Robinson:
The greatest boxer of all time. In the ring he has the ring knowledge to counter all, boxing attributes. It is truly art. The boxer had no flaws.
The most impressive thing about Floyd is his adaptability to any opponent. Most guys go in and box their way. Mayweather adapts to your style and level of aggression and makes you pay for it.
G P Hrishikesh
G P Hrishikesh:
He's like a cat with super precise reflex . Definitely one of the best out there. Hate him as much as you want but my man is there winning and living the best life than anyone in this world.
f shre
f shre:
Even in his younger days, his defense was already brilliant.
Jokes aside, hats off to logan for being brave enough to step in a ring with him (If the match isn't rigged, of course).
Subject To Christ
Subject To Christ:
I’ll admit, I was rooting for PAC Man when they fought, but watching mayweather was pretty cool. He uses his left arm like a shield that you see on those full armor knights. People punch at that left arm and then mayweather counters. But mayweather’s defense, is very impressive. I’ve never seen that arm shield/guard before, and mayweather used it so effectively. It was seriously like watching a guy with a shield and a sword fight a guy with a short. Like mayweather had an unfair advantage because he has this shield/buckler against his opponent. That was my observation. Haha and yes, we’ll See if Logan Paul has the power to break through the buckler, but mayweather’s quick counter, endurance and experience will obviously be on full display.
Magic of Alvin Lui
Magic of Alvin Lui:
Floyd is the most technically advanced fighter that ever lived. His ability to adjust to any style during a fight is unparalleled and I don’t think we’ll see another like him very soon.
Back then, I used to hate Mayweather because of how he acts and how he defeated my favorite boxers. But I just didn't realize how talented he is. After watching and watching most of his fights, I can honestly say that I truly admire him and he is just too smart to fight. I'm glad I managed to be a Mayweather fan and witness his greatness.
W. Kamara Njoku
W. Kamara Njoku:
Floyd takes the first few rounds to collect data and then goes into work. Floyd the healthiest, richest and slickest of all boxers. Retired with a scratch.
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong:
U just gotta give him his props, respect & credit.! He definitely was & still is number 1.! Skills, offence, defence & ring iq above board.!
Dmitry Vasiliev
Dmitry Vasiliev:
He is a boxing genius! He makes difficult things look simple!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
what i love about him is how clean his strikes are. not so much of how fast or powerful he is
Sup Reme
Sup Reme:
Im a filipino but when i hear people says that floyd won agaisnt pacquiao by being a coward, its prolly the most idiotic thing ive ever heard. Floyd won the fight by using the fundamentals of fighting which is to hit ur opponent but dont get hit. Dont get me wrong tho pacquiao still the number 1 boxer in my heart.
♡ Tory LeeAnn ♡
♡ Tory LeeAnn ♡:
4:42 was just beautiful to watch. Love him or hate him, he's an amazing fighter.
"He destroyed a generation of fighters by boxing with speed and precision. Everyone else who did that got creamed but Floyd was so quick and skilled he could get away with it. I was forced to take PED’s to even get close to his greatness. But it affected my sex life and I punched Freddie too hard during sparring. Anyway Maywether is the greatest”
- Manny Pacquiao🇵🇭
Yancy Nunez
Yancy Nunez:
Let’s not forget the fact that he not only undefeated , what really made him special is he made it look easy .
Andy Santana
Andy Santana:
He is the greatest boxer ever. Skill is 🔥
"no matter how I win I WIN" Floyd Mayweather true champion
Saint Denis
Saint Denis:
Mayweather is near from perfect physically. Body and brain working in harmony.
Chrollo54 chro
Chrollo54 chro:
I never hate mayweather at the ring. He is a pure defensive genius.
The Don
The Don:
Its really unreal how special Floyd really is.
Jeffrey Prokopowicz
Jeffrey Prokopowicz:
Floyd is the most conscious, aware, clear-minded fighter ever.
Stephanie Hiss
Stephanie Hiss:
Mayweather is a damn Grandmaster in the ring! Always enjoy watching him. 51-0 tonight Money!!!
[email protected]:
This is result of hard work and dedication. I imagine that growing up in a boxing family probably helps abit aswel, and being blessed with natural ability doesn't hurt much either. Floyd Mayweather Jr is a once in a generation fighter. All the pieces seemed to have lined up perfectly as if it was his destiny. But he still needed to put the work in at the gym, so props to him in retirement. Life is amazing though; just when you think you've seen the height of heights another unseen peak or level reveals itself. For now though in my opinion as far as boxing goes, Mayweather Jr is TBE 🥊
Pete Lee
Pete Lee:
a super skillful fighter, mayweather has been analyzing and calculating every punches and every steps.. just too good... that takes a lot of practices but only floyd could do that .. no one else
Floyd never had a prime. He was always at his best since he joined as a youngster till he retired as an old man...That's what separates him from Carnelo's, Pacquiao's, and De la hoya's (The Crying Lot). Floyd never used the out of prime excuse or too old or too inexperienced. #TBE
"Mayweather is a genius at making them miss & making them pay "
Just glad I’m alive to see the greatest boxer of all time lmao
Edson. Taffi Pasi
Edson. Taffi Pasi:
Accuracy patience defence from May weather. He always landed 50% plus punches against his opponents all the time whilst his opponents always had less despite throwing more than Mayweather
I cant believe logan actually thinks he can beat floyd
When you sit back and watch it man you have to appreciate Floyd dude was a monster
Elliot Potter
Elliot Potter:
For me, during my lifetime (still going btw) he is the best. He always seemed to be, or end up within a couple of rounds being, one step ahead. I wonder sometimes, given the amount of of 'hate' he gets, whether its because he's brash, flash, ego-obsessed and black more than anything?
You can love or hate him but one thing is certain,the man is a great boxer full stop.
Autism Walk
Autism Walk:
He's the GOAT, period.
Love him or hate him, he has a superior form of boxing.
T Stock
T Stock:
Could probably do a whole video on the Genius of Mayweather Managing the Business of Boxing. He was/is a brilliant fighter, but he well understood how to leverage the most out of the economics of boxing.
JamFam TwoPointZero
JamFam TwoPointZero:
Hell yeah definitely one of the greatest especially in his prime. He was untouchable now towards the end I do believe that he picked his opponents more carefully, but think about it he had to market himself to keep the money coming in so he couldn’t take risky fights. That’s the business part of it, but for the art and sport he one of the best ever.
The Greatest ever in the boxing game Wow especially after what you just showed
The Pacquiao fight was a masterclass in boxing by Floyd. An absolute boxing clinic by Floyd against an overrated fighter.
Reysel Uttoh
Reysel Uttoh:
Paquiao: offense is the best defense
maywhether: defense is the best offense
Italy S
Italy S:
I was not always a fan but Floyd Mayweather is the GOAT
Sagat Uppercut
Sagat Uppercut:
Floyd's speed is amazing. Also, his ability to take hard hits to the head. I think Manny could've beaten him if he had more intense training.
Kevin Mart
Kevin Mart:
love him or hate him you MUST RESPECT HIM
35P, Petra's, and Akai Haato's Souls
35P, Petra's, and Akai Haato's Souls:
6:07, nice observation there. You can literally see Canelo's left arm relaxing and the moment Floyd felt that he threw that uppercut right away.
Gladius 1
Gladius 1:
“19 years in the fight game and I've had one excuse: 'Don't have an excuse'. Winners win and losers have excuses."
— Floyd Mayweather
Dudes a baller, nuff said.
Patrick literally me Bateman
Patrick literally me Bateman:
I tried his techniques a few times it really works I can't get hit and I always hit them easy
stonge tower
stonge tower:
its hard to say he's not the best. Hard to argue with that. He always finds a way to win. I would have to say he is #1 boxer but other humanitarian work I would say Ali and a few others.
Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams:
Love him or hate him, you can't deny, hes the GOAT.
Joseph Letsoha
Joseph Letsoha:
Floyd Mayweather is good, very very good.The man did what many failed to do.Mayweather is the best and those who say otherwise are just unable to admit that they dont have an eye for perfection
I appreciate how Mayweather cared only about winning and wasn't necessarily concerned about being a crowd-pleaser.
Listen to Ghosts In Gold and Morphine DSBM.
Listen to Ghosts In Gold and Morphine DSBM.:
Height and weight isn't everything in a fight. Back when I fought in MMA, I won against a guy who was three inches taller than me (6'4) and nearly 20lbs heavier.
Tc Hoopz
Tc Hoopz:
I already knew Logan didn’t have a chance just cos he’s in his 40s don’t mean he doesn’t have tricks up his sleeve
Logan ain’t ready
I believe Floyd understands and practice things that most athletes dont understand or take it for granted.
Saphire Playz
Saphire Playz:
He had his chance to be considered among the top three - if he had stepped up to MW to fight Golovkin, and won.
Duran tried to be great by challenging Hagler after spending most of his career at LW.
His problem was he stopped challenging himself. There's also evidence of failed Steroid tests - Google hauser vs usada for some interesting facts.
I used to dislike him as a person and his fights, but once I looked into more into him as a boxer he truly is a monster. Makes it look so effortless and is efficient in his attack.
Big Brother Tai
Big Brother Tai:
8:09 he also used his forearm to parry victors jab and to create an opening for that right hand as he slips offline
401 Files
401 Files:
The greatest fighter to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

I don’t even think he’s lost a round, never mind took a standing count
[email protected]:
Love his defensive bait and counter style!! 6:40
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks:
Best boxer of his Era and time was completely unmatched in every fight he had always won convincing decision 👍 a few unnecessary rematches 😆
Unquestionably The Best of His Era, the "Also Rans" were great fighters. 🥊🥊🥊
Devon Nissen
Devon Nissen:
The error people make, is associating him as person and how he is portrayed in media outside of boxing, and his ability to box. As a boxer, this dude is unquestionable. Sure, there are people that do cool things in training videos, or have good amateur records, but he has done it under the lights on PPV 50 times and walked away the victor. Pretty sure he is the current epitome of undisputed in the world of boxing, not only that but he has defended his record well past the retirement age of most of the former greats.
Laid Bare
Laid Bare:
Mayweather Jr is a top 20 fighter of all time, throughout every division and I have him as the greatest 136lbs fighter ever. To be in that group of fighters you are above elite status, you are legendary.
Coby Lamb
Coby Lamb:
There are a lot of amazing boxers but the first that come to mind for me are Muhammad Ali, mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather
"Everyone is waiting for his loss, a loss that never came."
That hits the haters so hard
Big fan of pac...but gonna love this man...truly master genius of sweet science of boxing
Omar Laborde
Omar Laborde:
I just saw this video and can't agree more. He is a genius and if there are 7 wonders in the world then Mayweather is #8. In my view, he is the greatest boxer ever. I hate to see boxers get beat down or beat up. Mayweather gives it and never takes it. I love that passionately. His skills are incomparable. By the way, I still love Ali. Unfortunately, since Mayweather left the ring I no longer enjoy boxing and these days I hardly watch.
Just an Observation
Just an Observation:
You did a great job explains Floyd’s moves and technique.
Adam Thepaut
Adam Thepaut:
Mayweather: the best defense is to esquive to protect himself and not be hurt by opponents
*Rocky blocking punches with his face
Pretty boy Floyd was a monster, but it was Money Mayweather who became the unbeaten last boss.
yo just want to say that being relatively new to boxing, I didn't know how to appreciate Mayweather's style so I decided to watch some of your vids and as a boxing fan regardless of how entertaining people think he is I agree with you, he is a boxing genius
Elijah Speller
Elijah Speller:
I've been saying for years... Floyd wasn't trained to box.... he was programmed to box
Jack Shite
Jack Shite:
People can whine all they like, Floyd has a better record than Ali or anyone on the planet. Jimmy Barry had a record of 60-0 but back in 1894-1914 when boxing didn't have the greats that Floyd had to face. Canelo, Pacquiao, Hatton, De Le Hoya, Cotto, should I go on?
Beto G
Beto G:
He’s a beast no doubt about it
Xan Dex
Xan Dex:
Thinking ali moved like Floyd while being a heavy weight is pretty crazy both are legends
Juan Derer
Juan Derer:
I'm a Filipino. I love Manny. He's no.1 in my heart. But mayweather is no.1 at my list in terms of defense. I can relate my style to his style. I mean in a fight I don't want to be get hit
Ace Gabriel Cruz
Ace Gabriel Cruz:
Imagine if Flyod is Canelo's age right now he could have gone for more fights with his brilliant style
R M:
Haters will hate but he had tremendous skills, one must give credit when it’s due
Let me sleep in peace
Let me sleep in peace:
I noticed he has incredible vision. He never let's his eyes get off the target and anticipates their every move.
Tim Gonzales
Tim Gonzales:
Floyd's stance is fascinating to me. Does anybody else have that?
50 wins with not one loss. You have to respect that. You have to give him one of the best of all time or the best of all time. I don't see anyone ever beating a 50 and no loss record.
Scott Freebass #beats
Scott Freebass #beats:
He's like Kyrie Irving in basketball. He's more of an artist than a boxer when he's out there
Binge Fox
Binge Fox:
He was a master at exhausting opponents by hanging on them. When he was in Danger instead if fighting or risk getting knocked out he just tied the opponent up.
Sherry and Shitters
Sherry and Shitters:
I think Floyd is underrated i dont think people realise how good he actually is
many people saying they used to hate Floyd that was his plan all along he wanted people to hate him so they would want to see him lose they would bet against him they would buy his fights to see him lose but he never lost which made people want to see him lose increase which kept getting him more and more viewers. True Genius
geof capes
geof capes:
I've never watched much of his fights,
I certainly will now😀
He's like a technical genius ninja 😎