40 Unique Roger Federer Tennis Plays!

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100+ comentarios:

Other players have been faster, more 'stretchy', come in with loads of stamina, had more top spin, more muscular, hit the ball harder, than this man, but no one has still played tennis quite like him. Tennis is beautiful because of Roger and for me that is the greatest contribution an athlete can make to his sport. He made generations of kids like me expect magic every time he steps on the court. Just like MJ, Tiger Woods, Leo Messi, Maradona, Zidane. Thank you Roger. Always the best for me.
Nilufar Yasmin
Nilufar Yasmin:
The most talented,natural,graceful player ever to watch.

Edit:Why are there so many triggered Novak fans under my comment馃槀
I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... nobody, but NOBODY has the shot versatility that Roger Federer has. He is one of those humans who was just born to play. The Messi of the tennis world. The Muhammad Ali of tennis.
Nadal and djoko will end up with more titles than roger but the variety of shots he plays, his style, and the touch he has will be forever unmatched! Happy birthday!!!
Felix Y
Felix Y:
Happy birthday Roger Federer, the greatest player of all time
Ketan Jobalia
Ketan Jobalia:
Without doubt, Federer is the most talented, beautiful, vesatile player ever to play tennis. Variety of shots he has, is far more than combined of Nadal or Novak. His volley , stop volley, backend, forehand and dropshots are very pleasing to watch. To play for 20 over yrs with very high consistency is simply amazing. And above all, he is very humble, down to earth always easy going with his fans and media. We hardly read or hear ppl say bad things abt him. It is astonoshing to know that he has never retired half way in 1250 matches he has played. This shows how much he loves Tennis.. No other player has this effect on public past 50 yrs plus. No wonder he gets so much love, respect and attention from Reporters, players and public.. Even if Novak wins 25 Slams, he can never match talent, skill, charishma, elegance and popularity of Federer. Last but not the least, behavior on the court where RF gets 9.9 out of 10 and Novak may be 5....Novaks behaviour in tokyo olympics 2 wks ago is totally disgrace and unacceptable.. 馃憣馃徎
Happy Birthday Roger! Will always be my idol, and an icon for the tennis lovers!
Ank Bas
Ank Bas:
I hope we can see him in action at the USO. All the best Maestro.
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
So lucky to be alive to witness the legend of Federer
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
I wish we could see one last hurrah from Roger. If not, we've been so privileged to watch him play. Happy Birthday Champ.
Binh Vo
Binh Vo:
Never get bored watching his plays, pure perfection.
Critics at large 007
Critics at large 007:
What a player, what a treat. My favourite tennis and what a genius. We are unlikely to see a player like that ever again. Maestro. Such magical touch that will be forever remembered. Absolutely magical player. Really special.
and this is missing a lot of footages from Federer's best years (2004-2007) because of video technology as well
Federer's entire tennis career is a highlight reel
Anak Bungsu
Anak Bungsu:
Happy birthday Roger! No matter what happens, you are the best! Keep playing and keep producing those wonderful shots!
Marc Zimmer
Marc Zimmer:
Dear Roger, thanks for everything in the last 23 years. You were/are and will be the best what happened to this sport. The best representative ever. Oncourt and offcourt. The GOAT celebrates his 40th today. Enjoy this day with all your beloved ones and all the best for next 40馃憤
Happy birthday, Maestro Roger! It is always such a joy to watch your amazing and unique tennis! We, the fans will keep supporting you and love you! Enjoy your day!!!馃コ
Alex Mc Cloud
Alex Mc Cloud:
Federer always will be the best in our hearts.. No matters what happens with other tennis players!!!
Federer is and will be the most talented, the most charismatic and the most elegant tennis player the world has ever seen !!!
Marc Zimmer
Marc Zimmer:
In all these reallies, you see how brilliant he plays. You can not train or learn this. Simple the GOAT with a tennisracket!
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don:
袗薪写褉械泄 啸
袗薪写褉械泄 啸:
While this guy stays in tour, I feel that I am still young and I am 40 already too, happy birthday, maestro!!!!
Movie Spoiler
Movie Spoiler:
Just be glad we can still witness the maestro play! We won鈥檛 be able to say that for long :(
I can honestly say, from the deep end of my heart, on behalf of the whole universe and beyond, there will never be someone like him, not even nearing anywhere close to his level genious, and I鈥檓 so glad I play just like him!
Waziha Wahid
Waziha Wahid:
even roger not playing anymore, i'll still watching his games, he such an entertainer....the 2 last shots with agassi n roddick were unreal....roger truly the GOAT
诪砖驻讞转 讗讘讬讙讚讜专
诪砖驻讞转 讗讘讬讙讚讜专:
I don't know if he's the greatest ever (it can't be determined objectively and it doesn't matter too), but it's sure easy to forget how good he was in his prime. Inspirational... Out of this world...
jaycean Taylor
jaycean Taylor:
As a nole fan you have to respect Federer. As much as I want nole to be remembered as the goat I don't think most people will change their opinion. It's no doubt Federer is the face of tennis, he's very entertaining to watch, just not against nole cos the crowd get mean
Ben Fiedler
Ben Fiedler:
You can鈥榯 teach shots like this 馃敟
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
He鈥檚 given everything to this sport. He鈥檚 won everything there is to win. And here he is, still going at 40 years old. Truly astounding from the MAESTRO 馃嚚馃嚟
Kegi 28
Kegi 28:
The most talented and the greatest off all time. It doesn't matter if Djokovic or Nadal will or gonna have more GS鈥檚, Roger will remain the best
Hope he continues to play, unhampered by injury and we see many more unique and exciting plays from him.
Nero RoseUmu
Nero RoseUmu:
Happy Birthday 馃巶

Roger Federer 馃憦 馃憦 馃憦 馃憦 馃憦

Greatest Of All Time
No Question 馃憤 馃幘
Juancarlos Brito
Juancarlos Brito:
Sin duda alguna, el m谩s espectacular, jugador de tenis, el mejor de todos los tiempo, es el Michael Jordan del tenis馃憫
Yoni Yampolsky
Yoni Yampolsky:
Screw Tennis; Roger transcends sports.
He's honestly up there with the greatest artists in human history.
The best ever to do it on a court, happy 40th birthday RF. Legend....
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase:
The Man with the Magic racquet 馃幘. Roger Federer 馃敟馃弳
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob:
You can't spell peRFect without a piece of him. Happy Birthday Maestro!! 馃馃コ
Yusei 5Ds
Yusei 5Ds:
Happy birthday roger. Miss RF tennis so much. Hope to see him well and healthy soon. Uncoparable hand skills
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
I think that Roddick AND Agassi are still to this day in shock ;)
"Incredibile ma vero"
(Incredible but true. Love the Italian broadcast)
nbk kiks
nbk kiks:
Nadal & Djokovic are great but Federer is SPECIAL!馃敟馃く馃挮
That last shot in the final rally is unbelievable, and the rally before that was pretty impressive too. What a legend!
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
Although 2019 WB final is more recent,
The 2017 AO final *fifth* set had some of the most spectacular winners ever assembled :)
Su Sa
Su Sa:
No one else hits shots like this which is why RF is my favorite tennis player
Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin:
No words can describe Federer鈥檚 game. It鈥檚 beyond us humans.
Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty:
The beauty of tennis, in one video.
Happy Birthday, Maestro! Hopefully you will entertain us some more with your tennis
Bart Pickford
Bart Pickford:
For me, his skills are a composite of many racquet sports - the overhead shots of badminton, the mathematical use of angles from squash and the touch of a table tennis player - love it all
Tony Miller
Tony Miller:
Roger Federer has been my favorite player to watch since he handed Lleyton Hewitt (#1 at the time) a a free drop volley lesson in early 2003 on national TV.
Pat McEnroe predicted the result from the booth opining that his hands were every bit as good as his brother John's). Kyrgios, Montfils, and Dustin Brown (and others) are just as talented as Fed is, but they don't display their talents in order to win matches, but rather to show off to the fans and lord it over their less talented opponents.
Oh and Kyrgios is an asshole.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
I will be honest. Roger Federer made me love Tennis. He is the best 鈾ワ笍 Maestro Federer
F Mo
F Mo:
No other player has such a shot-making ability. Truly the most talented player ever.
Federer may not be GOAT to some statistically, but he absolutely plays the most beautiful game. Which is worth more and makes him my favorite, personally.
I saw Federer play in 2007 when he won the AO without dropping a set, I noticed something I did not pick up watching him on TV, his uncanny ability to read the game, he seemed to know exactly where the opponent was going to hit the ball every shot.
Tennis made into human form. Nothing he can't do with a racket. Dared us to imagine the impossible, and then surpassed it.

"Oh, come on. How can you play a backhand-smash-lob-volley?"
Welcome to the 40's club FedEx . Always a delight to see your graceful and effortless tennis. Would like to see in the US Open this year . Hopefully you'll recover in time 馃
El Joelo
El Joelo:
Such technique, such grace, all hail King Federer. It is like he understood something about hitting a tennis ball that no one else has figure it out.
Stefan StefanovIC
Stefan StefanovIC:
Federer is the GOAT of ballet, the ballet scores an artistic impression. Djokovic and Nadal are tennis gladiators and the two best tennis players of all time.
Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr.:
40 Unique plays by a 40 year old Legend.
Rom Giotti
Rom Giotti:
Simply the GOAT.
Lin Paul
Lin Paul:
He is an artist of tennis not just a GOAT.
flor A
flor A:
Hes truly maestro, variety of shots, beautiful to watch, and no grunting. Thats why hes my goat and nobody would contest that. Only rogers replays that i watch.
noorangad singh
noorangad singh:
The two-handed half - volley at the net was my favorite one .
Mona Buster
Mona Buster:
The Greatest of all Time
Farshad Persian
Farshad Persian:
i love his half volleys
Pietr Piepir
Pietr Piepir:
Epic plays from the fifth best of all time. Salute!
Bart Pickford
Bart Pickford:
The nishikori and agassi rallies around 8.15 = insane 馃憤
# PANoczko
# PANoczko:
Watching most of these is like "what's so good about th... wait that was a volley?!"
Happy 40th to the GOAT!
Liberated Now
Liberated Now:
1:10 When the GOAT is playing, even the ground starts shaking!
S R:
'You cannot teach shots like that'...That's why he's the greatest...most natural player the sport has seen...makes you want to play the game.
jadair gaming
jadair gaming:
1:12 is awesome. Imagine playing tennis while the court moves. ? Only G. O. A. T can handle that without getting dizzy.
gary oshi
gary oshi:
14:00 notice the Blue Clay...14:42 Agassi the Great ( Gen.I )..........15:19 Roddick( Gen. I ) ..BEST SHOT
Fritz Zahnd
Fritz Zahnd:
Thanks God for having a Great tennis player like Mr.Roger Federer, so class and humble.
My late swiss husband felt very emotional with teary eyes watchin Roger,during championship won.
Wish you the Best always .
Hai Caspi
Hai Caspi:
Alberto Baudino
Alberto Baudino:
Since playing since he was young, he has been carrying a name Roger the Master !!!
brown tratorie
brown tratorie:
Someone is getting through something hard right now because you've got their back. Nice work.
The best tennis player ever.
Arturo V谩squez
Arturo V谩squez:
Magic touches. The Best.
jack woods
jack woods:
Federer plays Tennis like he Lives his Life...Effortless Smooth and Elegant...He has Built a Huge Legacy for himself on and off the Court...He is a Business Magnet...Regardless of if you think he is not the best player Tennis ever seen he Certainly is the Biggest ICON in History of Tennis...He has that very rare "IT" Factor
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
His ability to not only have the best technique of any tennis player but also his innate predisposition to improvise with the best technique made him such a force. Literally no weakness except for Nadal鈥檚 forehand to Roger鈥檚 backhand. What an exciting player to watch.
Wow, Happy 4-0 to Roger! It seems like he's been around forever 馃槈. Hope to watch more of his beautiful game a liitle longer.
Hey, where's the two-handed backhand down-the-line winner!

More seriously, *tennis incarnated itself in Federer* 鈥 the greatest and most complete all-court player to have played the game. His records aside (some of which have been broken, some of which will be broken, and some of which may never be broken), this much is true: *his game will forever remain the gold standard for tennis aesthetics and beauty* .

(As for those who like to say stuff like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or "I like Rafa's forehand and attitude better" or "the Djoker's backhand down the line and mental strength are much better than 'weakerer's'", it's worth noting that *both Nadal and Djokovic, not to mention numerous others, have called Federer tennis's **_artist_* ... and one suspects they know what they're talking about.)
Fabrice LIOT
Fabrice LIOT:
The man who has turned this sport into an art !..
The Table
The Table:
Stop saying that he must retire. Just enjoy him while he's still on the tour. There won't be anyone like him.
Forever the 馃悙
Bede House
Bede House:
its funny but that last point shows why fed is so incredible. the shot was great but if you look at Roddick's position he didn't start to move to the smash for about half a second but if it had been fed against that shot he would have moved instantly.
Khushboo Kashyap
Khushboo Kashyap:
The dislikes are from the opponents 馃槀
Khushboo Kashyap
Khushboo Kashyap:
Hoping to see federer back
Chris Zhang
Chris Zhang:
Djokovic fan here. I mean when Federer was in his prime, playing with him was like playing against God.
No doubting the genius. But. It's worth remarking that a lot of these are just exceptional net play - the likes of which we used to see all the time on highlight reels 20+ years ago. In some way it's a testament to his ability to keep that kind of shot making alive when it's unfeasible for 98% of players on the tour
He is and always will be the only legend.
Radu Hasegan
Radu Hasegan:
Federer will remain the GOAT the same way Muhammad Ali did. Even if they don't have the best records, people will always remember them like this because of the way they practiced and displayed their natural, raw, once in a lifetime to come along talent.
3:03 Two handed half volley by Fed - Seen everything now!
Vinay Shende
Vinay Shende:
2:13 is my personal favourite for long...Berdych couldn't event move an inch
Kar Tel
Kar Tel:
I m one of those who still feel Roger Federer is the best Tennis player of all time, though Djoko is playing in full form for long time.
moro _ace21
moro _ace21:
Oh my God, it's incredible! I think that Federer is tennis, without Federer tennis isn't the same, this man is a LEGEND! 馃挭馃幘
Boban Donevski
Boban Donevski:
Master of tennis from a Djokovic fan
Jolly Molly
Jolly Molly:
Happy 40th birthday to Roger! I'm not gonna start the GOAT debate...again...but... GOAT! GOAT! GOAT! LOL! Sorry Novak and Rafa fans but winning 20 Slams playing inventive and imagination-bending tennis like this is infinitely more impressive - and entertaining - than winning 20 (or however many) playing like Djokovic and Nadal. There's not a shot Roger can hit at any time in a rally. It's probably the end of an era for men's tennis because nobody plays like Roger even as a lot of the younger generation try to replicate some of his shots/plays. Roger is without a doubt the most talented player in the history of tennis. Take a bow, Mr. Federer.
He was always so intuitive in creating new shots like the fake forehand slice or the SABR. But what I like the most at his game is his movement and the elegance in his strokes, like a prima ballerina. I hope we will see him at the US Open to have a fight with Nole and Rafa for their 21st GS Title. And Happy Birthday Rog, much love and many health.
Critics at large 007
Critics at large 007:
Such an inspiration to many people. And so graceful. An artiste
Erick 脕lava
Erick 脕lava:
Happy birthay to the GOAT馃嚚馃嚟馃嚚馃嚟馃憫馃憫
What a talent ... nothing gets even close to his magestic level ...
Matty Mans
Matty Mans:
10:38 extreme and unmatched skill lol
The GOAT ladies and gentlemen