5 Goals in 9 Minutes – The Legendary Lewandowski Show | Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg

22 September 2015: Robert Lewandowski makes Bundesliga history
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Bayern München welcomed VfL Wolfsburg to the Allianz Arena. The Wolves led 1-0 at the break - but then the Pole made his legendary appearance. In Robert Lewandowski's finest hour, the striker did something unimaginable by scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes as a substitute, a magical new Bundesliga record. In front of coach Pep Guardiola and the entire footballing world, Lewandowski set a new benchmark. The 5-1 win against Wolfsburg - a game for eternity. Will Lewandowski's record ever be broken? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Pablo Alonso
Pablo Alonso:
This is what happens when you give your big brother the controller in the second half
Jerrin SG
Jerrin SG:
who is here after he broke gerd muller record by scoring 41 goals in a single bundesliga season in just 29 games?
Nagashri Ashok
Nagashri Ashok:
Lewandowski - 5 goals in 9 mins

Alvaro morata - 5 misses in 9 mins
"You just cannot be that good" one of the most legendary lines in Bundesliga history...
Wolfsburg: *scores*
Lewandowksi: and i took that personally..
R Verma
R Verma:
This is the greatest solo performance of a striker in the history.
5 years later he broke Gerd Muller record scoring 41 goals a season. Legend.
Levis Andere
Levis Andere:
Pro tip: Don't use the bathroom when Lewandowski is playing.
Akash Thomas
Akash Thomas:
Lewandowski: "I have never scored 5 goals in 9 minutes"

No one ever has either.
It’s basically becomes a tradition, watching this every once a while
Hazard in two years: 4 goals
Lewandowski in niene minutes: 5 goals
Vava Roczniak
Vava Roczniak:
And now, today, another record has fallen. 41 Bundesliga goals in one season. Inconceivable!
''Everytime Caligiuri scores they won''
Lewandowski: give me 9 minutes.
Awg Amirul Ashraf
Awg Amirul Ashraf:
4:21 Robert Lewandowski 5, Wolfsburg 1 😆😆
At this point it’s tradition to watch this every few months 😂
Popierniczony Szop Pracz
Popierniczony Szop Pracz:
Kto po pobiciu rekordu Müllera? XD
Geri Manik 8.5
Geri Manik 8.5:
Robert Lewandowski is one of the best striker of the world history
Laxit 33
Laxit 33:
Legendary Polish Power 🇵🇱
j d
j d:
I back here after Lewandowski beat Gerd's Mueller record
Antonio Hristov
Antonio Hristov:
Im not even joking, I missed all 5 of them cause I was in the toilet for 10 minutes
One of the most unbelievable moments in football...I mean wtf?!?!
Shilpa Rajesh Chaithanya
Shilpa Rajesh Chaithanya:
no one:
Lewandowski is a perfectly 'Polished' footballer.
Pranav Pratheek Malleboyina
Pranav Pratheek Malleboyina:
The commentator's voice is so underrated.He brought the right atmosphere.
Jeevan R
Jeevan R:
Ronaldo: 5 goals in a match

Lewandowski : 5 goals in 9 minutes
Kto przyszedł tu powspominać?
Łukasz Wiński
Łukasz Wiński:
I will never get bored watching this. Historical performance.
Daksh Dobhal
Daksh Dobhal:
It's a tradition to come back and watch this every once in a while🔥
Commentator - "Everytime Caligiuri scored Wolfsburg won."
Lewandowski - Hold my beer 😂
Triona Brennan
Triona Brennan:
That last goal is one of the best goals I have ever seen
Thanakrit K.
Thanakrit K.:
Wolfburg :got a goal
Levandovski: "And I take that personally"
“Every time Caliguiri has scored for Wolfsburg they have won”

Lewy - ‘huh, that’s cute’
Bayern was just supercharging Lewandowski's batteries in the first half.
Dallas Kite
Dallas Kite:
Daniel caliguiri : scores
Lewandowski : so u have chosen death
Its difficult not to cry on the last goal.
Yes yes No no
Yes yes No no:
Lewandowski: “it was a nice evening for me”

Unai Emery: “Good Ebening”
He waited and worked hard his whole life for this moment. This is his moment.
Shima Rin
Shima Rin:
Commentary: Everytime Caligiuri scores they win
LewanGOALski: im about to destroy this man's whole career
Bagiroud 12
Bagiroud 12:
Wolfsburg: "Caliguri scores"
Lewandowski: "and i took that personally."
"Everytime caliguri scored a goal they've won"
Lewandowski: not anymore
The question is: why would you keep striker like THAT on a bench for the first 45...?
""I've never scored 5 goals in 10 mins before"

Clearly, you didn't play football back in school... xD
Abtahi Khan
Abtahi Khan:
Although I’m a Barca fan, this is a amazing performance by one of the top 3 strikers of All time
Aarav Aher
Aarav Aher:
Muller is essential to his team. If anyone sees this comment
4:06 "The referee has decided that there's no point in continuing with this game."
I like to think they just ended the game after 5th goal, lol
0:44 unfortunately that wasn't a brilliant news anymore 😂
Julio Santillán
Julio Santillán:
Thomas Muller is so underrated. He is one the most important players for Bayern and Mannschaft in history.
ammy nation
ammy nation:
I have watched this like 10 time and i still come back everyday
Team 7 Heavens Official eSports
Team 7 Heavens Official eSports:
Absolute legend!
Kung Fu
Kung Fu:
"I've never scored 5 goals in 10 minutes before" is a statement true for every person on this planet.
Fortnite _ pro
Fortnite _ pro:
What a comeback i will always remember this match
Cynthia Twumasi
Cynthia Twumasi:
Commentator:he is a goal machine

Lewandowski: I need to cure this illness
Diego Russ
Diego Russ:
3:14 when you forget to press O for a celebration in fifa
Sarmin Raam
Sarmin Raam:
When the mc start having flashbacks about his friends
Paulo La Joya
Paulo La Joya:
The commentator made this even more iconic
sevan mesropian
sevan mesropian:
Robert Lewandowski should win 2020 Ballon D’or.
Webster Mwangi
Webster Mwangi:
This was the night Lewy made the transformation from man to machine!
Moideen Kutty A
Moideen Kutty A:
This means the solo performance by lewy
Παναγιώτης Δαγκλής
Παναγιώτης Δαγκλής:
What an appearance from Robert LewanGOALski. I like this player and his style when he plays. Very nice video with reactions 😁😁.
The video and the editing and the music made it feel like a motivational story and a legendary movie.
L M:
3:38 "I've never scored 5 goals in 10 mins before". I dont think anyone else in the world can 😂
Jejdjs Zgzhhs
Jejdjs Zgzhhs:
Twój stary idzie na kibel w 50 minucie meczu wraca za 10 minut a tu 6 bramek padło
Coach Matt
Coach Matt:
I remember watching a replay after this game and grabbed my stop watch. It was the most incredible 9 minutes of Fußball I’ve ever seen in my life. I have showed this to my teams several times as inspiration for them. We talk about creativity, persistence, and teamwork. Everything that is on display here.
Ananyas James
Ananyas James:
The tune and the commentary makes a perfect atmosphere
"you just can't do it, you just cannot be that good"
Saurav Joshi
Saurav Joshi:
this never gets old but shame no ballon d'or for his amzing performance in 19/20 season.
Vinayak Sharma
Vinayak Sharma:
Here to relive this after his record breaking 41st goal at the 90th minute of the final game!!!!!
Dylan Goddard
Dylan Goddard:
When you play on beginner difficulty in player career mode
VisHal Vijayan (VizKid)
VisHal Vijayan (VizKid):
He made a history 💥
El Mangolazo 286
El Mangolazo 286:
Commentator " every time Caligiuri scored, they've won"
Bayern "we dont do that here"
Patryk Petrowski
Patryk Petrowski:
The last goal, every time I watch those replays. Mind blowing
Alvine Isaac
Alvine Isaac:
Who's here after be broke the all time Bundesliga record
Maciej Szymanski
Maciej Szymanski:
The Guinness Record Book: "He's the guy who'd broken most GRB records in the shortest time..."
Keval Maru
Keval Maru:
"Ohh superb goal from distance" that voice from commenter after 2nd goal is so setisfying 🤜🤛
Hadassah Prizont
Hadassah Prizont:
As Müller once said: he is Robert lewanGOALski (to anyone saying 442oons then just to let you know it’s not from 442oons muller actually said that)
Everyone talking about Lewandowski 5 goals
No one taking about morata 5 misses
Lewandowski is the type of footballer who knows exactly where and when to position himself, and has very good players around him who can use his full potential, giving him excellent balls with which Lewandowski already knows what to do
Pierre Peters
Pierre Peters:
Imagine just going to get a drink and then you come back and Robert has scored 5 goals
Gilang Ferdy Valentino
Gilang Ferdy Valentino:
Imagine you are Wolfsburg fan and go to the toilet for 10 minutes then back with score 5 - 1 😂
Abhay Saini
Abhay Saini:
“idk how many marriage offers Robert Lewandowski going to have after this but Pep Guardiola going to be one of them” 🤣🤣🤣
When I hear the name Robert Lewandowski, this is the first thing that comes to mind.
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt:
"Oh you just can't do it... you just cannot be that good!" Up there with the best commentator quotes
Andrea Stenti
Andrea Stenti:
"and the good news for Wolfsburg...is that every time Caligiuri has scored a goal, they have won!"
Sourajit Das
Sourajit Das:
The way Neuer claps at the end is very cute❤️❤️
Just EJ
Just EJ:
*Me gone for 9 mins*

Also me: what’d I miss?
The coach's reaction killed me
Alpha Dee
Alpha Dee:
Commentator: Ooooooooh, my word. Love it.
Relaxx Dudee
Relaxx Dudee:
Proud that I am Polish 🤍❤️

Szczerze za każdym razem oglądając to czuje mega dumę z bycia Polakiem, Robercik przejął tą ligę w całości, aczkolwiek wciąż boli mnie lekceważenie jego osoby i traktowanie przez część Niemców a szczególnie jeśli chodzi o jego pobyt w BVB.
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen:
legendary <3
Ian Dickman
Ian Dickman:
This one of the greatest commentators of all time
I did 3 goals in 7 minutes in fifa, and look at this man..
Shaurya G
Shaurya G:
I love how the commentator says Lewandowski 5-1 Wolsfburg
That's why I have him in my starting line up on fifa mobile! Hahahahaha!
Rajarshi Biswas
Rajarshi Biswas:
"How many times will you upload the same video?"
Bundesliga: Yes
Tarık Esen
Tarık Esen:
I still can't believe although five years passed he did in real life what we can't do even in the PES or FIFA
76 Caleb Paul
76 Caleb Paul:
I never knew that a match took place like this until youtube recommended me tis😮
Tymon Krzyżanowski
Tymon Krzyżanowski:
Who's here after he broke Gerd Muller's record with 41 goals?
And now he scored 41 in one season
Easiest difficulty in FIFA be like:
Ahmed Jaangoan
Ahmed Jaangoan:
And this legend also scored 4 goals against Real Madrid in just 90 mnts