73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has a schedule packed full of flights and photoshoots. In-between trips from New York to LA, Gigi invites Vogue to IMG's offices where she takes a shot at answering 73 Questions. Gigi tells us who her girl-crush is, shows off her boxing skills and ranks her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia

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100+ comentarios:

Madhu Suresh
Madhu Suresh:
“73 questions with Harry Styles” is my current dream!😫

Edit: OMFG!!!! Thank y’all so much for 6K likes nfkkchdjdk!! Ahhhhh!!! This is so huge for me! 😭😭😭🙏
Did u see my hair?
Did u see my hair?:
I am pretty sure Zayn's and Gigi's baby will call me ugly in 1000 languages.
Heather w
Heather w:
"do you ever wanna have kids some day" I'M SOBBING I WASNT READY
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose:
Zayn and Gigi's baby definitely won the genetic lottery:)

Edit: so happy for Zayn and Gigi
N N:
I'm here after her pregnancy news who else
Kendra Harris
Kendra Harris:
I literally thought Bella was older than Gigi 😳
Nadia Poling
Nadia Poling:
She’s pregnant, she’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s kind, she’s Zayn Maliks gf SHES PERFECT
so Gigi's real name is Justin and Selena's ship name? wow.
Tahseena Jamil Choudhury 62
Tahseena Jamil Choudhury 62:
gigi broke into a smile on hearing zayn's name 😂
Anyone's phone switched to selfie mode when she said "ok Google"? I had to start the video over again 😆
literally nobody:
Navarro Toledano Jimena
Navarro Toledano Jimena:
gigi: *takes one selfie and looks absolutely stunning*
me: *takes 123456 selfies and look like a run-over rat*
Tanaya Paliwal
Tanaya Paliwal:
Who’s here after Gigi’s pregnancy news!!!! Dayummmm, she grew upppp.
Millie Wilson
Millie Wilson:
“do u ever wanna have kids someday?” and now it’s rumoured she is 🥰
Ti Ya
Ti Ya:
She looks like a teen but her voice is deep af😂
Kate Angela Zabala
Kate Angela Zabala:
Interviewer: Do you wanna have kids someday?
Gigi: Yes

And now she's pregnant, I feel happy for her.
ariana's oxygen
ariana's oxygen:
Off topic, but she's SO TALL oh my gid
Dina M
Dina M:
"do you ever wanna kids some day?"
Anyone here after her childbirth?
Sana Zahra
Sana Zahra:
Who's here after Zayn and Gigi's daughter's birth
Satyam Pratyush
Satyam Pratyush:
When I heard Jelena, I think of something else.
Kevin and Lill
Kevin and Lill:
why are people assuming she's narcissistic from this? like no shit she's going to just talk about herself the entire time since its HER 73 questions video LOL
rhea raj shinde
rhea raj shinde:
i swear she is the most natural interviewee out of everyone
Rose ooo
Rose ooo:
" Hey gigi do you ever wanna have kids some day". Me watching when she is supposed to give birth this month
Jessica Lacy
Jessica Lacy:
Anyone here after finding out she is having a baby with Zayn Malik
Imene Lnn
Imene Lnn:
No one :
Literally no one :
Comments be like : who's here after gigi's pregnancy news
aanya s
aanya s:
who’s here after the pregnancy news
Shifana M
Shifana M:
Wow, she had studied criminal psychology.. interesting
Human Being
Human Being:
It seems like The whole world is jealous of the baby's genes who hasnt even entered the world
Nadya Issa
Nadya Issa:
G’s child is gonna see this interview and see how his/her mom smiles so wide when the dad is mentioned 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Joy Cumba
Joy Cumba:
Who’s here after Gigi was pregnant?

Only me? Okay. :’(
mar. mzzn
mar. mzzn:
whose here after Gigi is pregnant!!!!
Nadia Poling
Nadia Poling:
“Do you ever wanna have kids someday?” Gigi: “yes” 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗰𝗮𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗴𝗼 :)
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen:
"Hey Gigi do you wanna have kids someday?"

3 years later!!!
Jaclyn Forbes
Jaclyn Forbes:
The format of these videos makes it awkward, not anything Gigi did. I think she actually did a really good job. Light hearted, got to see her personality, fun to watch.
jireh diamante
jireh diamante:
She does love Kobe. This is sad 💔
catarina esma
catarina esma:
im here after zayn's tweet about gigi giving birth?
R a i n e e
R a i n e e:
CeCe Rae
CeCe Rae:
She’s so goofy and has such a cute personality
Alexandra R.
Alexandra R.:
This hit differently when he asked her about meeting Kobe and how many Kobe jerseys she has 😓💔 RIP Kobe and Gianna 🙏🏼
Yissel Suazo
Yissel Suazo:
73 questions with Zayn Malik, please
Mina Stylezz
Mina Stylezz:
"Do you ever wanna gave kids some day" ITS NOT EVEN A MONTH ANYMORE IM CRYINNNG
marwah aljabri
marwah aljabri:
“Do you ever wanna have kids some days” AND SHE IS A MOTHER NOW
"Hey Gigi, do you ever wanna have kids someday?"
Gigi - "Yes!"
Me - Jelena Noura Hadid, did you just......ah nevermind.
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker:
“Who wants to buy it for lots of moneys” she too cute 🥺
Kathleen Rae Acuña
Kathleen Rae Acuña:
Who’s here because Gigi and Zayn are having a baby? 💖
I am soooo eager to read the comments like : "Who's here after Zigi's daughter?"
Lil_spght 21
Lil_spght 21:
Gigi voice is deeper than the question dude
5:25 question: you wanna have kids some day gigi and zayn now expecting a child
Saumya Banerjee
Saumya Banerjee:
Gigi is a perfect example of beauty with brain and lots and lots of different talents... and her personality ... wow! And now she is going to become a mother ! Omg! C is amazing
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko:
She's very cool, confident, chill, kind, nice and fun.

She's really beautiful and she's really good at painting.
"Do you want have kids someday?"
And now she is pregnant
Oh myyyy godddd
Tanvi Uppal
Tanvi Uppal:
Okay ! So Gigi hadid is a model , meaning she's pro in fashion , she can paint well , she won masterchef , was volleyball captain and does horse riding and boxing!!!!! How can someone be this perfect !!!!????
“Do you ever wanna have kids someday”
Well she has one now :”””)
Sophia Nasby
Sophia Nasby:
the way her face lit up when he mentioned zayn UGH THEY ARE SUCH A POWER COUPLE
A C:
She’s going to be such a pretty pregnant lady!
Everest stationery
Everest stationery:
Gigi and Zayn's child isn't even born yet and has already one the lottery of life
73 questions with the guy who asks the 73 questions
Shannon Deegan
Shannon Deegan:
“who wants to buy it for lots of moneyssss”
Lakshita Popli
Lakshita Popli:
fun fact: nobody really counts if there are actually 73 questions
Echah Johari
Echah Johari:
her and zayn muslim:
Me: Ya Allah zayn has tattoos andd she wear very revealing clothes
who's after her and zayn's beautiful baby girl?😢❤
Li Na
Li Na:
"What about horoscope?"
Gigi : "I love them, I read them, but don't believe them."
That's my exact words

Edit : woah 5.3k 😷 tnx
Yung King'EJ'
Yung King'EJ':
Remember when she was asked if she wants to have kids someday and now she is expecting🥺🥺🥰 Congratulations!!!🥳🥳
Keija Blake
Keija Blake:
how tf did she take such a good picture on her first try-
Faizah Afifah
Faizah Afifah:
"Do you ever wanna have kids one day?"
GG : (smilling brightly) yes. :))

Awwww her dream comes truuue🥂
Golden Girl
Golden Girl:
You can't be *Hot and cute* at the same time
Gigi : Hold my baby
Taryn May
Taryn May:
At 1:50 i don’t know why, I just love that moment because she seemed genuinely sweet and respectful to the lady who brought her water
Joyce Mbeboh
Joyce Mbeboh:
5:22 this aged well! congrats gigi and zayn on the baby girl :)
shr eya
shr eya:
And now KOBE is no more😩😭😭
Adyoasha Vlogs
Adyoasha Vlogs:
I’m sure that Gigi and Zayn’s child will be very good looking
shanzay ali
shanzay ali:
*90% comments: WHO IS HERE AFTER HER CHILD!!!!!!?*
Shannen Heart Abolucion
Shannen Heart Abolucion:
5:22 the fact that she wants to have kids someday and it is now happening
olivia Lopez
olivia Lopez:
“Who wants to buy it for lots of MONEYS!!” She is soo cute!! 🥺😍
Sophia Lam
Sophia Lam:
It’s so cute how she started smiling when Zayn was mentioned ❤️and now they are having a baby🥺❤️🥰❤️
Gigi is so pretty I’m- she’s so humble and sweet too. I love her
besma a
besma a:
5:21 im here right after she anounced her pregnanc and im crying wtf
lieke manders
lieke manders:
I love that when the interviewer brought up zayn she smiled so bright
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose:
"Do you want children?"
She now has a child who will be the most beautiful human in the world
KwikDraw 35
KwikDraw 35:
Why are these always so awkward
eila calma
eila calma:
"do you ever want kids someday?" the gods have spoken
Fasozai Macagaan
Fasozai Macagaan:
This was on my recommendations after letting her pregnancy sink in my mind. Love u
Lucía Martín Zamora
Lucía Martín Zamora:
Fereniki Patmanidi
Fereniki Patmanidi:
Who wants 73 questions with the 73 question-guy?
She looks so classy, I feel like her mom forced modelling on her a lot tho
edit: so happy for Gigi & Zayn, they’re gonna have beautiful babies ❤️
Margarida Leao
Margarida Leao:
Gigi: takes a picture serious. Gigi: shows the result of the picture looking serious
Ziva Frigelj
Ziva Frigelj:
"Do you ever wanna have kids someday?" NOW SHE'S GOT A LITTLE ANGEL❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺
ChelseiaLois Manicad
ChelseiaLois Manicad:
Gigi looks like she really has beautiful soul that why zayn love her so much.
" hey gigi do you ever want to have kids someday?"
" yes "
Tioni Tam Sing
Tioni Tam Sing:
Beauty, brains, and personality! Love her.
I like Kiwis
I like Kiwis:
My google assistant reacted to her saying ,,hey Google" 😂
''do you ever wanna have kids some day'' honey..
Maria Flø
Maria Flø:
When Gigi said "Ok Google"
My google assistant showed up
Am i the only one ?
Prachi D
Prachi D:
Okay I got attracted the moment she said 'Ok Google' and not 'Hey Siri' !!<3
Elizabeth Yi
Elizabeth Yi:
Wow when he asked if she wanted to have kids I was like she would be the best mom and then I was like wait a minute she is
Ale Blanco
Ale Blanco:
They asked if she ever wanted to have kids I'm cryinnng😭😭😭
Dhriti Shambhavi Singh
Dhriti Shambhavi Singh:
“do u ever wanna have kids someday” ig the someday is here🥺🥺
Pritikana Bhattacharya
Pritikana Bhattacharya:
I want to see Deepika Padukone and Gigi Hadid together.♥️💜🖤
Grace O
Grace O:
@5:22 “do u ever wanna have kids someday?” 🥳she’s preggo rn 🥰❤️
mallory g.
mallory g.:
"hey Gigi do you ever wanna have kids some day?"
haha you didn't even have to ask.
Madi Brooke
Madi Brooke:
omg her face when he said I have some Zayn questions. That was sooo sweet