A conversation on being Black in America with @Angela Rye

Political commentator @Angela Rye sits down to talk Black Lives Matter and the state of policing in the United States.

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Think Different — Thought Provoking Ideas
Think Different — Thought Provoking Ideas:
“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
― Voltaire
Lenni L
Lenni L:
I don't care about black people in general but I care about Will Smith, he brought me joy when I needed it.
Pyluk Lockyer
Pyluk Lockyer:
The problem is in the Hearts and Mind of the people. Of ALL PEOPLE. SO ALL LIFE MATTERS.
Chaz A.
Chaz A.:
If Will curses, then there s a real problem goin on... “here we go again” one of my fav records. Thanx will
Kevin Jacobson
Kevin Jacobson:
Nobody has a problem with the idea that "black lives matter." However, people take serious issue with the behavior of many of BLM's members.
John Smith
John Smith:
Will Smith seemed so much smarter on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
tOm the bOmb
tOm the bOmb:
Will knows what it’s like to be a regular black man. 😂
unicorn diva
unicorn diva:
Why do you all call people black, white, brown, etc? Curious. In our country we don't do that so asking
Clarence Lee
Clarence Lee:
he cussed more in the first 10 secs than his whole rap career
When Black community member say "Not ALL Black Lives Matter", What's your position?
mohammed fayez
mohammed fayez:
I know that this is out of contest this video but I wanted you to know that we got your back . Everything that happened to you lately it's just a natural thing for the great and good men so sign up on the contract that says no one deserves you ♥️
Choco Orange
Choco Orange:
Divide and conquer!
... worked in the past, it seems it's still working.
Honey Dee
Honey Dee:
Will Smith is such a legend!!!!God Bless you Brotha..
Chasing Obstacles
Chasing Obstacles:
“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius
kkmichelle 314
kkmichelle 314:
I've always had the upmost Respect for Will & I completely value what he has to say. Ty, W. S. For being a role model for Black boys & girls ♥️
"Do not elect people who do not have God and love in their hearts"~ Will Smith
And remember that Marxists are Godless.
Lying Dogface Pony Soldier
Lying Dogface Pony Soldier:
Imagine calling Will Smith for relationship advice wtf
Abel red4
Abel red4:
i never seen will smith say " bad words " oooooo give me a sec to think.
Chris Topher
Chris Topher:
Yeah sorry i would never ever take BLM advice from Hollywood people. There is so much good Hollywood can do but yet they dont they just spout off at the mouth.
DZ Arlington
DZ Arlington:
I love that Will is known for not cursing so when he does it we're all shocked. I sat up quickly at the beginning of the video lol
Lovelessness is what is seemed Jada showed you at the Red Table. In my humble and Im sure unwanted opinion. Just praying for you my dude.
Rock Mr
Rock Mr:
Why does will speak so loud.. And so dramatic...i feel high listening to him ...
Just Janie
Just Janie:
Hey Will I love you to death but I'm going to say something I've been through all this crap in the 70s 80s 60s I thought it was settled.
Poor is poor no matter what white black whatever.
The idea of BLM is wrong.
It's segregation at its best.
Do you not realize antifa is behind this do you not realize Bernie Sanders people swore that they were going to go after the police and take them down.
I grew up poor but my parents made me work.
I was working at nine years old.
There was no money for your grades or getting an allowance or doing housework it's called pick up the pop bottles.
I never saw color when I grew up not that it wasn't there as I got older and saw it .I had black friends that used to come to my house we used to go to each other's house.
Everybody's spouting off about about Farrakhan. Oh give me a break!
Farrakhan was an a****** I remember those days.
I also having fond memories of Dr Martin Luther King Junior.
This is not the dream he had for the ALL colors and races of all faiths and creeds.
It's like they're all spitting on what he stood for.
You have money you have connections you worked for it.
Why don't you get your family and friends that want to help out please these inner cities where most of the black on black crime is because is caused by black gangs how about those people put your money there in those inner cities. A good investment for their futures.
My family crayon box has many colors in it
My family is so mixed up they don't know which way they're going.
No one asked to be born in the skin they're in God made us that way.
Just as black people should not dishonor themselves for apologizing for what shade of black or brown they are I will not apologize for being white.
Why does it have to be about color color color color?
They want us to be the demon crats wanted this Obama invested in this virus follow back your history.
The demon crats where the slave owners I never owed a slave did you ? You got more money than God!
Use it for positive things prayer back in school ,support your local police, help the needy ,help your neighbor, help a friend .What good does it do for these people under the assumption of BLM they're Hood rats ,regular demonstrators ,thieves how do you separate that and there's somebody in there lighting the fire on their butts.
Like I said this is total Reverse Racism at its best.
This is what China wanted to happen to us. They wanted to separate us with this new virus the Democrats were in on it. So nobody could go out and vote. They're already, already talking about November's election.
I am shocked where are all these big mouth movie stars The can't keep their traps shut and now they're all silent.
I appreciate you I think you are great guy and you have a beautiful family and wife .I think your whole family is totally level headed to some degree
I quit watching Robert De Niro he went completely nuts.
I wouldn't pay a penny to see another one of his movies .What's that going to do for him he's got money. Paid by the people who watched his movies Etc.
People should keep their personal politics to them self you don't mix church and state.
Movie stars that accept ra whether they're black white again we're talking about the crayon box I'm not speaking for the whole race that they come from but they act like they are.
You are A common sense guy.
I Believe In My Second Amendment right and I hope you do too .Cuz they're going to come for you one day too my friend. They're going to want to come to your house cuz you got more than them. Will you work for it.
You've got to wake up these people that are so out of touch.
Get rid of the police ?! You have movie stars ,singers Etc. Running their mouth ,while all along they have their own private personal guards. You get the picture?!
Did you watch that news article about the husband and wife trying to protect their own property against hundreds of people trying to keep what's theirs.Like you, they worked for it and the judge did a reverse racism and they went to jail There's something wrong that! It is totally wrong !
I have another thing to tell you.
All players that play all kinds of sports including the Olympics.
I have so many sports things
that are autographed pictures I'm a Steeler fan I grew up in Pittsburgh area.
If they play that black national anthem before our national anthem that covers everybody.
All the blood that was shed for our freedoms for all people. I'm done with sports and I will burn everything that I paid for. Then going to go to my son's house and get my Neiman and lie to him and all my boxing gloves and pictures and autographs that I collected over the years and gave to him . Then I'm going to videotape everything being burnt They want to watch things burn they can watch it burn.
I'm going to videotape it and I'm going to put it on my Facebook and you know why because if the NFL and all the other sports Embrace this b******* again Raceism segregation at its best.
I will never watch another sporting event.
If tickets don't get sold, players don't get paid ,there will be no teams and there will be no NFL.
That goes for everybody.
Go ask a veteran that shed their blood lost a limb or talk to a family that lost this life.
Communist countries and the demon crats want US separated can you not see this?
You and I both know and you have to admit if any other race White ,red,yellow ,brown wanted their own national anthem that would be considered racist.
There Goes My crayon box proof self admitted.
Again, I will reiterate the national anthem is for all people in this beautiful Republic called the United States of America.
There's a black bunch of guys out there trying to take over Texas did you see that they want the state of Texas all to themselves for only them they're blacks their movement is totallay out of order it is so wrong
You and I both know call blacks are not like this so neither all weitz
They're even trying to take our churches away now come on this is downright communistic.
Qarin Raef Azman
Qarin Raef Azman:
Will is my child hood actor he's my fav I noticed him when men in black came and I just noticed he had a channel
Ronald Lawrence
Ronald Lawrence:
Don't succumb to "LOVELESSNESS." - Bottom Line!
Kelley Jones
Kelley Jones:
Jayson Cowan
Jayson Cowan:
Your a hero to me Will, and I am indigenous. So I am right there with you, 100% support. I know my peoples history. Not only occupation but genocide.
Mark M
Mark M:
Yeah, Smith has suffered a lot from "systemic racism" in America.
Edwin Moran
Edwin Moran:
It just insults my intelligence, on how these people act.
Leonardo Von haniel
Leonardo Von haniel:
Never heard will smith say the f word
Something as simple as....an entanglement
Marik 444
Marik 444:
This "Continuing the conversation" section of YT is a joke. Everyone is from one side of the conversation and almost half of the videos have their comments disabled.

"Ignorance is strength"
Will is the real Icon.
Theshadow Knows
Theshadow Knows:
3)  "The Hidden agenda behind racism by Ivor Meyers" & "Am I cursed? by Derek Prince"
DisneyGirl Christian
DisneyGirl Christian:
Good GOD! Always loved Will Smith. I am sooooo done with him. Had no idea he was so racist.
Shad Oria
Shad Oria:
WILL SMITH: "Black..... Lives....."
All You Need Credit
All You Need Credit:
Beautiful. Love it. Salute to the transformation to love and light!
Joseph Beverly
Joseph Beverly:
Thank you for everything and more to come thank you for when I was tired of society
J Brody
J Brody:
I need these two to get into an entanglement 🤣😂
Sigmund Bosch
Sigmund Bosch:
It's okay to be white and have white culture.
Steve Davis
Steve Davis:
Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are so much more intelligent then Will Smith
Bernardo Ferreira
Bernardo Ferreira:
look at all these racists in the comments
Will Smith
Net Worth: $350 Million this poor oppressed man
Max Power
Max Power:
BLM - The Klan with a Tan
Basketball God
Basketball God:
When big Willy starts cursing you know somebody then messed up LOL
this man will lowkey lookin like he blazed up a fatty before this interview
Sorry for the entanglement. :(
gennie Gen
gennie Gen:
I wish I would've did some movies like will, blessed man
joe fran
joe fran:
Hey Will, how was your visit on the Epstein Island, tell us about it!
8-Pains And 4ever
8-Pains And 4ever:
When other people curse it’s normal, but when will curses you know somethings wrong.
Those red eys and bags under the eyes tho. Hope he gets the "will" to get him self better
Defcamp & Melderon TV
Defcamp & Melderon TV:
Love, yes; God, irrelevant
Can you Imagine if he said this on a podium in front of a crowd
Me Neither
Me Neither:
"What's the point of contention with black live matter."

Well I don't know go ask the peoples triggered by "all lives matter."
B McKee
B McKee:
i think Marxism is the point of contention
j ortiz-puyarena
j ortiz-puyarena:
That was awesome!!! I feel like one of the issues, Will, that my generation has is we were brought into a world in need of fixing and we were never taught how to fix ourselves so we walk around trying to fix our parents and grandparents etc.. Conflicts and problems. We arent taught how to find ourselves as children and for those like me who werent raised with family or by their parents its hard. Its tough knowing you have to do something and willing to take on whatever responsibility but dont know what you need to do. The main issue particularly is communication you said it too Will but we aren't taught how to put our emotions on paper to express so others can see our point of view. So when you come out here like this and say all these things and you're saying the right words we're just sitting here like, "Yes I've always thought of that but never knew how to tell people" its a great feeling because it feels like a discovery we can finally breathe knowing that from now on we have a way to express ourselves even if its just 1 thing out of the hundreds we still can't express. Yes Black Lives Matter
If you want to hear from a celebrity about BLM go listen to Dave Chappelle.
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker:
Thanks for having this conversation. Angela Rye is really cool, and so are you. Anyone saying Will Smith can't talk on oppression because he's wealthy...well, he's still black. Anti-blackness doesn't care about wealth.
MR Small
MR Small:
"Say that for the people in the back"
Kenon Fenton
Kenon Fenton:
The point of contention is:
Black Lives Matter vs "black lives matter"
Communicating the difference, just like Will said, would improve all of our much-needed conversations on this topic.
I watched the whole vid. I love your work & will continue to follow you even though I have opposing views. That is what true open-mindedness is. I wish that you could see that you could use your platform to change what's wrong in the black community. I wish you would open your eyes to the games that the powerful are playing. I wish that the hatred that arose from the seed planted in the days you walked the streets of Philadelphia and were subjected to slurs did not blind you so. You are one of the greats of our time. You could do so much more than transplant that seed of hatred into today's youth.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName:
"White kids were happy when the cops showed up; my heart started pounding" - wow. That should never be a thing but the reality is, that's almost every Black person, male OR female 😞
Josh Roy
Josh Roy:
Great interview...love the conversation!
Joe Gallop
Joe Gallop:
0:13 wish youd pay my student loan debt instead of preaching from your mansions
Melwk Man
Melwk Man:
This is like asking a Chinese person born in Britain what its like to be Chinese.
Latina Mitchell
Latina Mitchell:
Mr. Smith you need to let these lil punks know or remind them that I Am Legend...with a flow or two because most Importantly your life matter
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez:
Yo Will i grew up watching you. I want to let you know, I don't agree with everything you said,but I still love you man. I respect your opinion.
11:31 I love Will for putting this out there
Mek bez
Mek bez:
I love you Will .Keep mental health , Thanks for being our hero. Gemni man was owsome .
For the 0.1% of the people who sees this I wish you a happy day❤️
Stat positive stay safe❤️😘
Hi Sir,
Your voice is similar to Neel De Grass Tyson. Are you related to him.
A Cee
A Cee:
You watch hoping for something of substance to be said and by the end your so horribly disappointed.
Tamar 4272
Tamar 4272:
We love ya Will & Family 💕❤️💜, wishing you all the best with your new project .
Shane Schmidt
Shane Schmidt:
Mr. Smith and Ms. Rye, two people who have provided me with wonderful guidance and enlightenment in being a better human. Thank you for all that you do, and I hope I am able to pay forward the lessons I have been given. I appreciate you! #BLM #LoveWins
Javier Avila
Javier Avila:
The amount of projection is over whelming.
Thank You for speaking your perspective and Truth brother Will Smith!!
Golden Beauty Tejeda
Golden Beauty Tejeda:
Why is Will yelling? Why is Will speaking so firmly at us all? Firmly. Bueno. Con su permiso, Sir.
Angela C
Angela C:
Will Smith needs to just LOOK at the BLM website...he is absolutely clueless
Ant E
Ant E:
You do realize that you can talk about money distribution in our government without rioting and burning up your communities right?
Meanwhile, this man is a multi-multi-millionaire in America.
*Black Lives Matter inc.* is NOT _"black lives matter"_ 😆😂
... Just look at where the donations to BLM inc. go to.
Ellen E. Brock
Ellen E. Brock:
Keith West
Keith West:
Love Will Smith. Philly Stand up 🔥🔥💯
Philip W
Philip W:
Angela I been attracted to intelligent women my hole life and you take my attraction to another level,to meet you would be a true blessing,much love 💝 Mr Smith one of my all time favorite great actors in my time.
Congrats on rising above and doing so much with such overwhelming obstacles.
Steve Sarich
Steve Sarich:
Marxism is the problem. Is that the message YOU support Will? Is that the message all black people want to get across? Cause that IS the message of BLM..... that and firing the cops!
Conscious Trap House
Conscious Trap House:
This man is Super Human. I admire him, truly.
John Hafner
John Hafner:
'Only elect officials with love and God in their heart'...Will Smith
Karen Lottering
Karen Lottering:
Mr Will, you are an exact definition of acting man. I would like to be in touch with you hopefully someday, @gmaill: [email protected] hopefully you will get that time.🙏
ok...... I watched the video. I have a few problems.
Mr. Smith, you say don't elect officials who don't have love and God in their lives?
Have you read BLM manifesto, it pretty much debunks your parameters for electing officials.
Have you seen who really controls BLM...... 20 something white entitled youth. Then behind them are antifa/socialist/marxist.
BLM has no face and no one to move the "message/dialogue" forward. Maybe you Mr. Smith.
Lets also be realistic, the police and communities have been at odds at each other for years.
So how do we get past all this?

1. Education Matters - time to put education in the forefront by teaching "real/honest" history, math, science, english.
2. Jobs Matter - look up Mike Rowe. Not everyone is going to get a college diploma, but there are some high paying blue collar jobs.
3. Families Matter - time to get back the nuclear family...... if not mentors.
4. Belief Systems Matter - Christian, Muslim etc..... Humans need to believe in something higher. It gives us a solid base of how to act and treat others.
5. Level Playing Fields Matter - this has always been a problem..... time to address and fix. It's what you know..... Not who you know, what color your skin is, what belief system (political/spiritual) you follow.
6. Americans Matter - we have to look out for "us" first, not the world. we have to fix and address our issues.
7. Civility Matters - do I say more. Politics/News/ the streets/people in general.

I could probably go on, but until we fix "our house" and listen, not scream when having an honest conversation about issues. This "experiment" called America is doomed.
Luis Castellon
Luis Castellon:
He'll stand up for one group's rights while calling for others to be discriminated against, in particular, non-believers. 👎
Ester Da cunha
Ester Da cunha:
will lovely man god bless you always 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Sentinel Gaming
Sentinel Gaming:
I'm white and I respect black people because blm because don't judge people because of their colour
I love u Will. There’s a light in u I now see, Thts was dormant since I’ve watched your evolution. This time it’s different, this time it’s SPECIAL, this time it’s LOVE...!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ALIVE.
Crip Log
Crip Log:
I think will needs to get somebody on the ALM side to talk with and see their point of views. That would be a very interisting conversation. Maybe Officer Tatum or Anthony Brian Logan.
Tom Purcell
Tom Purcell:
Not much of a "conversation" when you delete factual comments.
Metro M
Metro M:
Corona and everything else going on is a sign from God. The only thing that truly matters is our soul and our works 🕊 🙏 ❤....Turn to God everyone.
Of course, all my facts from the NACCP, FBI, HHS get erased 👎. But, just look at their neighborhoods and what they do to each other.
Matthew Baaliah
Matthew Baaliah:
Anyone remember that 70's show