A Decade of Game of Thrones | Emilia Clarke on Daenerys Targaryen(HBO)

From the first day on set to the last, Emilia Clarke looks back at her time playing the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones in this extended edition of Season 8’s “The Cast Remembers” behind-the-scenes series.

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Lavinia Jane Hollis
Lavinia Jane Hollis:
The casting of Emilia as Daenerys is so spot on. She really embodied the role. Bravo Emilia!
Majd Murad
Majd Murad:
Emilia talking about Daenerys is the best thing ever
That’s my name
That’s my name:
One of the most iconic characters of all time, no debate.
She has such a great impact on popular culture that even people who never watch Game of Thrones know her. Iconic
David Gorman
David Gorman:
Emilia was the best thing about Season 8. You might not have liked what happens to Dany but Emilia was great.
Divine Chareka
Divine Chareka:
Daenareys carried this series with her badass episode endings like Her scene with the baby dragons in S1 E10, Her leaving Astapor with the Unsallid, Her being Mhysa in Yunkai, Her arrival in Meereen, Her leaving the fighting pits in Meereen on top of Drogon, Her coming out of the burning Dothraki house, Her speech to the Dothraki on top of Drogon(BloodOfMyBlood), Her on the way to Westeros(WindsOfWinter).

Mad respect & love to Emilia Clarke for playing such a splendid role👐
Dan Norman
Dan Norman:
We bend the knee for you Emilia for what you went through during GoT.👸🏼
E N Fitz
E N Fitz:
I don’t know how we would have coped if we lost Emilia to her two aneurysms.
The fact that the writers didn't tell her what Daenerys does in The Bells makes them really twisted
Daenerys, love her
or hate her
but you can't ignored her.

Thank you so much Emillia Clarke for playing this iconic character.
Diego Nadal
Diego Nadal:
I can't imagine other actress as Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke the best.
i’ve been watching all these videos and let’s be real here: the whole cast couldn’t have been any better. literal perfection. world class acting from nikolaj coster-waldau, lena headey, peter dinklage, emilia clarke, the list goes on. All these individuals are superstars. (PSA: thank you to everyone except for the directors who ruined the final season)
Mykhailo Poliukhovych
Mykhailo Poliukhovych:
Imagine giving live to this amazing character, spending years of your live on her, and then being left with that horseshit at the end.
Isabella Purdy
Isabella Purdy:
Dany is my queen, now and forever. I’m so sorry that D and D ruined you. You deserved so much better. You were the breaker of chains, not a mad Queen. You would’ve made Westeros better. I miss you and your children constantly.
Adriana Ramirez
Adriana Ramirez:
Jesus Christ, I didn't think I would tear up in every single of these look back videos, but here I am.
King Yeager
King Yeager:
*There will never be a more charismatic character in television history, her speech still give me goosebumps to this day. Danny will forever be our Queen*
Daenerys is a great character. So sad that they will never finish her arc after season 7.
Daenerys Clarke
Daenerys Clarke:
“ Dany saved my life (pertaining to her almost dying to 2 aneurysms “
“ it’s like leaving home “

Clarke , you are everything 😭😍😩🔥🔥🔥👸🏻👸🏼
You are just as badass as Daenerys. Fire runs through your veins 🔥🔥🔥🐲👸🏻👸🏼😭😍😩
By the end of the show, I caught myself realizing that she's my favorite character.
Queen sheda
Queen sheda:
My Khaleesi 👑👸🏼 her story is one of growth and strength. We watched Daenerys go from a scared little girl who didn't have a voice of her own, who was abused by the only family she ever knew, had no sense of who she was. Getting married to Khal Drogo and slowly realizing her voice, getting pregnant and looking forward to having a family of her own, to losing her husband and baby and her identity. To giving "birth" to 3 dragons 🐉and emerging from that tragedy with a power no living person had ever seen. So incredible! #dracarys 🔥
Jean Correa
Jean Correa:
legendary character and will always be remembered as the most iconic one of pop culture of the past decade.
Zot Tv
Zot Tv:
She is the true queen of game of thrones and upon her death the land would of suffer their was no way she could of lost
Daenerys Clarke
Daenerys Clarke:
you will forever be our Queen , our Mother of Dragons, now and always.

Daenerys’ have been a Pop/Feminist Icon for more than 10 years now. You’ve been significant in empowering women who represented through rally’s , etc. and even those who went through and survived trauma.

Daenerys saved your life? You saved me.
Both of you saved us.
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya:
The best and most iconic character in the show
Roopesh Joshi
Roopesh Joshi:
She was great casting. She's also such a jolly person. It's a shame the writers screwed up the last season. But all of the actors were amazing.
Shinbi Love
Shinbi Love:
She has a point she’s an Icon and She is the moment! She deserved better will always be my queen 🥰💙
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais:
Im still so fucking pissed off she died...ohhh writers/producers what have you done...I want to cry right now just thinking about it...my fav character...one of the most legendary TV characters from any TV show of all time.
GOT is not just a T.V show..it's an emotion❤❤❤
Miss Anthropocene
Miss Anthropocene:
The most memorable character in this shit!
She didn't deserve that AWFUL ending.
My eternal queen. 😢
It was an honour to watch your journey as Daenerys and Emilia for these 10 years. Thank you for inspiring me for a decade. As a Fantasy Nerd and as a Theatre person I loved every moment of it. I cried a lot in these 10 years and I wouldn't wanna change a thing. The emotional journey all of you shared with us gave me a lot! <3
My Lord
My Lord:
The only girl I'm willing to SIMP for. She is a special girl 🤩🤩🤩
Dani Kurt
Dani Kurt:
Emilia and Daenerys will have a very special part in my heart for the rest of my life!
Juan Clavijo
Juan Clavijo:
You are my Queen <3
That last season was the worst, but by far Emillia's best performance, still shocked she didn't win that Emmy.
Maria Luísa
Maria Luísa:
Emilia loved Dany so much, I'm so sorry for what they did to Dany and even sorrier for how it must've hurt Emilia
chandan kumar
chandan kumar:
No one can expect such a serious role from Emilia after knowing her in real life.
Aaron Kempster
Aaron Kempster:
Even if she was meant to go mad for her arc, they did a bad job executing.
Ábhí Røhít
Ábhí Røhít:
I don't bend the knee for final season 🙏
Bikram JR Kotwal
Bikram JR Kotwal:
One of the Most iconic characters of all time, as simple as that ❤️❤️❤️. Miss her 😭💔💔
Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones:
Watching this after knowing about her recovery is insane
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma:
Stop it now it's so distracting.. taking me to the GOT world, those days again by releasing these awesome trailers of this extraordinary show. .. I can't after what happened in April- May 2019 , I just can't 💔😞
Anthony Higgins
Anthony Higgins:
I don’t really like how it ended but I do love this show and Danny’s journey was still amazing.

And you HAVE to love Emelia Clarke. Class act.
She is so ICONIC!!!
Daenerys Clarke
Daenerys Clarke:
D&D really thinking “ omg theyre gonna hate her after this “
and them not caring enough about the last season because they were like “ lets just finish this as fast as possible “ . They just wanted to move on right away and head to Star Wars
People loved Dany / Emilia even more by the majority ; thousands of people helping her charity as a thank you gift & wanting a rewrite & & then there’s D&D are just shamed to death that they literally just have gone hiding for years now. Hahaha then , Star Wars dropping them and Netflix cancelling their plan contract.
Like , IMAGINE If they just really took the time to care about this season more. They literally ruined this show.
Its not remembered as the greatest show of the decade with the worst ending.
txsumusic man
txsumusic man:
Ok why did this make me cry. I miss GOT soooo much
Emilia Clark is amazing! Whenever I see how sweet and goofy she is in rl I get reminded of how amazingly she got into the role of The Mother of Dragons.
Donny Nguyen
Donny Nguyen:
Such an iconic role. Emilia was the prefect actress for the role. So much talent
Konstantinos krd
Konstantinos krd:
OMG I LOVE EMILIA SO MUCH, Daenerys is the best character ever
David Garvin
David Garvin:
Even as a vicious beast she is so lovable her gentleness in her rage she did an amazing job
Nermin Huseinbašić
Nermin Huseinbašić:
Casting her was second best casting decision in last 30 years after casting James Spader as Reddington in the Blacklist.
Valar Morghulis
Valar Morghulis:
Emilia is a literal sunshine 🌞❤️
Arturo Montana
Arturo Montana:
i still want them to redo that final episode of the final season.
i think us the fans DESERVE a much better ending than the one we got.

just the very last episode...that's it.
Life of Football
Life of Football:
Iconic character of all time!!
Andrew Rojas
Andrew Rojas:
Omg Dany / Emilia...U need to rule this world. Seriously
Wrenlin Whitelight
Wrenlin Whitelight:
To the 51 people who disliked this video:

Dracarys 🔥
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams:
Absolutely the best and most iconic character on the show, hands down.
Oh how I love Emilia Clarke! She was FANTASTIC as Daenerys! She was my #1 favorite character on the show. I will always bend the knee for her!
ri chi
ri chi:
Rise and fall of dani was a journey that we all could relate to some how
Astride De Lagarde
Astride De Lagarde:
her satisfied face everytime she ordered "Burn!" and you'all wander how can she be mad xD
Priya Adak
Priya Adak:
She is the one of most incredible characters of game of thrones..just love her
I miss this show, such a shame I can never watch the show again
Alexi GVS
Alexi GVS:
Emilia such a good actress.
Jordyn Smith
Jordyn Smith:
The fact that this made me bawl my eyes out... like why? I've watched the whole series 6 times, enjoyably. It's so nice to see all the actors as their real humble selves.
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique:
Daenerys, mother of dragons and breaker of chais, the queen that i choose
Moe Jaafoury
Moe Jaafoury:
Thank you for 8 wonderful seasons of the best series in history❤️
Hari K Dhar
Hari K Dhar:
I will never get tired of watching she smiling...❤️
Myko Suntay
Myko Suntay:
Her character had one of the best character development which lasted for 7 epic seasons only to be botched in season 8
Thank you for giving us Daenerys, Emilia. It’s such a great TV experience to root for Dany til the very end. You made it easy for us to empathise and to look past at her abrupt “storytelling switch”. And thanks for standing by Dany even at her worst in the end.
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique:
I love Dany so much
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams:

I *HATE* how they’re still trying to twist and manipulate her character. They cut the scene to fit their narrative. She only said that because they were going to throw her into the desert and wish death upon her.

Also foreshadowing doesn’t equal character or plot development. You need to actually build it up, otherwise foreshadowing is useless with zero effect.
smack down
smack down:
Sure Dany is a true Khaleessi and can control the 7 kingdoms, she was able to control those unbent eyebrows all 8 seasons!
luke ketchum
luke ketchum:
Dear God. Please give me a time machine so I can go back in time to give this freakin' wonderful woman a better ending! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
the only character that matters. my queen.
Daenerys Uchiha
Daenerys Uchiha:
The BEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW dont even try to change my mind cuz I love her😤❤
Remember seeing a poster for Game of Thrones with Sean Bean, thinking it was some new fantasy movie or something. That was when I was finishing elementary school, now I'm finishing my bachelor. Crazy
Daniyal A
Daniyal A:
Her character arc was so epic and inspiring, it was such a journey seeing where her character went.
Javier Méndez Pérez
Javier Méndez Pérez:
Forever the rightful queen of the 7 Kingdoms and my queen!
Javier Olvera
Javier Olvera:
God. She’s so precious.
Her speeches she did for the armies gave me chills every time and at the same moment would get me absolutely pumped. Her last scene was so cool for the behind the scenes to the crew. I loved it you could tell how much she loved being on the show and believed in what they were working on. I really loved season 8. It’s good to see they did too.
Laura Connolly
Laura Connolly:
Annnnnndddd now I’m crying 🙄😢
Maria Bernardita Alvarez Gonzalez
Maria Bernardita Alvarez Gonzalez:
She deserved so much more!!! Emilia did an amazing job
Such a shame her character was assassinated in season 8😤
Emilia having that awful D&D writing at the end and still giving us EVERYTHING 😭 muh kween.
Life of Football
Life of Football:
This series is the best of all times and danereys is my all time fav! Emilia's acting was so perfect! Love you guys!
Abdullah Emad
Abdullah Emad:
I like how in the end of each of these videos there’s either dave or dan just standing next to the actor having just witnessed how they killed their story arc
Robin Gronwald
Robin Gronwald:
Emilia seems hyped, if we can remake justice leauge then we can remake season 8 😂
Vanesa Kovacova
Vanesa Kovacova:
My Queen, now and always 🔥🐉
Leanna Nichols
Leanna Nichols:
One of most well known characters. Before I even watched one episode of GOT I knew who she was.
Then everything changed when D&D rushed the script.
Selena Fever
Selena Fever:
Iconic. Mother of Dragons!
"It always his scenes that wanted to watch the most" - You and me both sister
Laura Dubois
Laura Dubois:
2:31 best scene ever, don’t even change my mind
Concon Software
Concon Software:
Emilia shines like the bright morning rays of the sun
Mateus Oliveira
Mateus Oliveira:
The fact that HBO is giving us more videos of Game of Thrones in the last few days makes me wonder if they will somehow make a sequence in the future. Or it can just be just marketing for House of the Dragon 🤡
manish kumar
manish kumar:
Thank u game of thrones for filming this out of the box memorial scenes ❤️❤️ #10yearschallenge
matt maggorio
matt maggorio:
THE most underrated actress in the world, so gifted, wow I miss Emilia Clarke so much
Edward Corbett
Edward Corbett:
Embodiment of a beautiful soul.
Cam 2112
Cam 2112:
As someone that watches her since season 4 I spend my teenage years amazed by this character, Daenerys Targaryen also shaped as a woman and I will forever love my Queen..
I will never thank Emilia Clarke enough for her amazing job.