A look ahead at Emmy nominations and what the awards show will look like l GMA

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 awards will be unlike those from the past, with a virtual ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

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51 comentarios:

Barbara Edelmann
Barbara Edelmann:
This is so unimportant in the world environment today.
Austin butler
Austin butler:
Can we just skip the Emmy's this year... these celebs get enough attention all ready
Tell you how pathetic Hollywood is, they have Jimmy Kimmel hosting it.
Crispin Fornoff
Crispin Fornoff:
Does anyone even watch celebrity award shows?
No worries Mate
No worries Mate:
Again YouTube cut all comments from Barr’s testimony because YouTube didn’t like what the people had to say!
Follow The White Rabbit
Follow The White Rabbit:
Pedowood giving themselves more pats on the back. Don't support them or give them attention they want.
That’s Just Crazy Talk
That’s Just Crazy Talk:
NOT TRENDING”NEWS”!!!!!!!!!! Besides all of these “We Love Us” shows are just an excuse for Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Mean, Orange Man Makes Us Cry bullsh*t!!!!!
B.G. Bankston Sr.
B.G. Bankston Sr.:
Do people care about this anymore? Hollywood has been revealed during this quarantine... nobody needs them as it's all independent streaming now.
Bobby B
Bobby B:
It would be more accurate if they called it the Pedo's.
Michael Ferreira
Michael Ferreira:
For one year, maybe don't make it all about yourselves...
GMA: Nobody gives a flying duck.
A Robot Army
A Robot Army:
Cancel this pointless drivel forever.
Flux Bullets
Flux Bullets:
Disconnected from reality
demons awarding other demons
Herbert Fawcett
Herbert Fawcett:
its a wacky world
its a wacky world:
Booo Booo! Social Justice ruined award shows.... and everything else it touches.
I can't wait to NOT watch !
[email protected]:
This year it’s been reported that they’re doing an opening monologue about all the Peaceful Protests and how their passion has inspired the world. True story...
Still waiting on someone to make a 'Dear Black People' show.
Oh wait, there would be riots in the street.
Oh wait, there already are.
Dunky Gamer
Dunky Gamer:
I love Robin Roberts. I remember her from her ESPN days, she's rock solid.
Carol McDowell
Carol McDowell:
Boycott Left crazy celebrities
Dream Up
Dream Up:
Where's Mr robot in this !
Cypress Stick
Cypress Stick:
Did I miss something, or did no one give a shit about the Emmys long before the coronavirus?
Do they get the awards before of after they have sacrificed babies?
Views will be low, nobody wants to see a bunch of celebrities stepping up on their soap boxes to accept their meaningless awards. There will be virtue signaling and plenty of political views spouting from their turd mouths. Expect most of them to kneel down and apologize for their white privilege.
Mandalorian better win a bunch of awards or baby Yoda's gonna get pissed.
Mary Betz
Mary Betz:
Who cares? No one can act anymore. More into politics, than acting. Hollywood, is gone. Better find another career
What junk.
Aimee Marie
Aimee Marie:
Who cares???
Vanessa STARS
Vanessa STARS:
We all know what will happen. There will be a bunch of overpaid people telling us how virtuous they are (just like every other awards shows). 😁
Cecilie Sørensen
Cecilie Sørensen:
I came to see if bojack horseman was there. Glad to find it on the website, but I think it deserves more.
Robert Bottoms
Robert Bottoms:
I would rather watch PORTLAND & CHICAGO BURN !!!!
geo neo
geo neo:

With this many downvotes, you would think the Hollywood “weirdos” would rethink who they should be pandering to.
Huncho’s Thoughts
Huncho’s Thoughts:
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
No one cares.
zoe pound'z juvenile younggun willieane mwen ya
zoe pound'z juvenile younggun willieane mwen ya:
# som ven-set raasclot a mwen ya
i walk in circles
i walk in circles:
The comments alone were worth watching this garbage.
You all made me proud.
If cancel culture is a real thing can't we just cancel all this nonsense.
Bye Hollywood you will not be missed.
hugh jorgan
hugh jorgan:
I hope Kimmel is cured from his brutal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome before hosting.
We don't need to hear more of his Democrat hate, divisiveness, and lies.
Which he cleverly disguises as "satire".
Gina Pino
Gina Pino:
Who cares!?
stay zero
stay zero:
Juli Branca
Juli Branca:
We do not care about the "fixed'award Emmy!!!👇😣💰😈🐍👇👇👇😣😣
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God:
No one GAF!
Mary Carter
Mary Carter:
No one will be watching
K Rod
K Rod:
jordan dontworryaboutit
jordan dontworryaboutit:
Thumbs up if you aren’t going to watch
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Dan Torr
Dan Torr:
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo:
No one cares
Kitchen Crab
Kitchen Crab:
Schitts creek better win