A Newbie's Guide to the MyHeritage Website - Explore New Features

Tour the updated MyHeritage.com website with Devon Noel Lee. Walkthrough the Instant Discoveries, Smart Matches, Record Matches, Pedigree Map (it's hiding), Family Statistics, Research Pages, Consistency Checker, and more.

0:00 Intro to MyHeritage Website
0:47 Switch Language of the MyHeritage Website
1:28 MyHeritage Home Page Design Review
5:25 MyHeritage Smart Matches and Record Matches

7:35 MyHeritage Family Events
7:58 MyHeritage Family Statistics
10:56 MyHeritage Pedigree Map
12:20 MyHeritage Consistency Checker
13:12 MyHeritage Relationship Report
14:50 MyHeritage Record Search

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Genealogy Basics

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41 comentarios:

Family History Fanatics
Family History Fanatics:
To learn more about MyHeritage Theory of Family Relativity DNA tool, watch https://youtu.be/i-_fBt6Bn50
teresa yost
teresa yost:
I love the astrology part of of My Heritage.
Judy Webb
Judy Webb:
subscribed, It is my second service. Have found it hard to learn.
Kayla Crosby
Kayla Crosby:
This is kind of cool. I might check it out. I’ve only done 23&Me. I have no real paternal dna information but I’m looking. Also I think the zodiac sign thing would be fun to look at. I am a Capricorn.
Genealogy TV
Genealogy TV:
I'm subscribed!
Michele Parker
Michele Parker:
Devon, I subscribe but I have a lot of trouble getting around in it. Will be try using your great hints. I am a Pisces. Thank you and I am sure I will re watch this many times.
Paint It Black
Paint It Black:
Subscribed. I never even knew MyHeritage had all this thanks for showing it.
Subscribed from the beginning. I feel that their ethnicity results leave much to be desired. I hope they update them soon. Mine were completely different than the other big three companies (which were more accurate.) I'm at least 30% English which MyHeritage says I'm zero. I'm about the same of Scandinavian, yet MyHeritage says 69%, which is more than my uncle who is actually twice as much as me. I like their cousin matching though, with all its filters. And, the fact that MyHeritage does a lot of pro bono for adoptees which is really admirable.
I am recently subscribed but am finding it kind of awkward to navigate in the tree I have attached to my DNA....I find I can’t merge which is annoying. Also I manage 5 kits and because I didn’t upload their DNA through the tree, I am finding I can not add them to the tree after (I didn’t even realise I could do that until I went looking)....I have contacted them after viewing videos on site which didn’t give me an answer...they have given me a reference number but a week has passed and I still have not heard back....I am feeling somewhat frustrated as I have attempted to fix a few problems and in the process have unknowingly made my aged aunt the site manager and I can’t seem to change that mistake....I am leaving it alone for the time being and hopefully I will soon get a response from My Heritage as to what to do
Maria Halmfors
Maria Halmfors:
Subscriber and user of there DNA testing. Zodiac sign Taurus
Bill Bergendahl
Bill Bergendahl:
This is the DNA Test I did a few years ago. The result for me showed Scandinavian, Iberian, Greek and West Asian/Middle Eastern.
Trudy Muiser
Trudy Muiser:
Thank You for the video
kynnidi noel
kynnidi noel:
I'm subscribed. Thanks!!
Pauline Aitman
Pauline Aitman:
Don’t have a subscription I used free trial but they’re too expensive
so I use family search
fee based ancestry the geanologist fmp as they offer monthly subscription
Pedro Lima
Pedro Lima:
I got that site by geni.com ended up send a ADN kit
Caryn Richards
Caryn Richards:
Thank you! I had a free MyHeritage site and just upgraded to a paid site, but I am having trouble learning how to use it, so this was super-helpful! (I now know about all those educational articles in the Help section!) Do you or anyone you know use the Family Tree Builder software tht is supposed to sync to your site on MyHeritage? Is it worth it?
cian king
cian king:
Im confused, I paid for the saliva DNA test but do I have to pay extra to see who I'm related too and for tree lines aswell?
B V:
Thank you for the video. I just signed up for the free account today. Spent the morning looking through. Your video is very helpful.
Cooper Cox
Cooper Cox:
What does ICW mean on the Cluster Tool report in the AutoClusters Information filter header?
Randall Dodds
Randall Dodds:
I've been a user from the time it started and user of there DNA testing. I Don't like the new home page. I have asked to go back to the older page was much more information which was great.
Yuriy Pavlenco
Yuriy Pavlenco:
thanks i use like more 100 people cause i ask but the questions to my family.But why do you have to last names Geizler and Lee.
Shaun Washburn
Shaun Washburn:
how can i see my results where the globe is spinning and playing music at ? or does it automatically pop up when i log in to see my results ?
decko cards
decko cards:
I am not a subscriber mainly because I subscribe to Ancestry.com and I don't want to pay extra money for another site. I like MyHeritage but its not worth the cost.
Maria Capaldi
Maria Capaldi:
This is such a helpful video, I had no idea about the statistic area etc! Thank you🧬✍👩‍💻📚
Why did you chose MyHeritage over Ancestry? I am not sure which one is the best to try out. Please advise. Thanks.
Miriam Seppala
Miriam Seppala:
I have been working on my genealogy and use Ancestry for making a tree. Subscription a bit steep so I find a lot of information on Family Search.Org where I do my research. I copy docs and attach to Ancestry. My mothers side all come from North America so Family search is wonderful. My fathers side is Finnish so I have a tree and a subscription on MY Heritage. I have been a subscriber 3 times on MH.
I do find more info on MH for my father vs Family Search although much comes from tree members. There are a few things I like better on MH that Ancestry, one is tree page of blocks of people shows full date of ancestors and the space for facts is larger to put info. .On the other hand I do like the the profile page on ancestry that shows who mother, father and siblings with their birth dates .
I do have a MH family tree builder. Only advantage here is you can print out a descendant's report so you can print out 8th grandfather and all his descendants and go down to you. I also recently bought a Rootsmagic family tree maker as well to just print of descendants reports
Vicki Withani
Vicki Withani:
I signed up for my heritage, got locked out, sent several email and the owner resets they send don't work? I give up, sticking with ancestry.
Janet Landry-Lucey
Janet Landry-Lucey:
I have been a long time user of Ancestry, but wanted to try My Heritage, I transfered my Raw DNA over to it and got totally different results. So far MyHeritage is very confusing to me and I do not see why I wasted my money. Shortly after doing this, they literally called me and roped me into paying more for many more bells and wistles! UGH. Again, sorry I did this as I cant figure the whole thing out!
2nd Chance Crafting
2nd Chance Crafting:
Myheritage is my main program.
You covered everything except how to start and add people to the tree.
angela raftis
angela raftis:
My GGF lived to 112 ... not out of the realm of possibilites.
CatchySet Family Vlogs
CatchySet Family Vlogs:
I might subscribe
The Macabre Gamer
The Macabre Gamer:
None of this comes up on the app
Joan Mcgovern
Joan Mcgovern:
talks too fast glosses over many features that need explanation.like GEDCOM whereas thetr were several mentions an explanation of the language selections but at least it gave me more confidence to explore.
I'm still subscribed but not sure I'll resubscribe. German ethnicity is too complicated for these DNA tests. All my DNA tests are consistent in that my ancestry is Europeon, I guess that's close enough. I took the tests as a research tool anyway.
Kathleen Betz
Kathleen Betz:
How to invite someone not in my tree?
Dana Conway
Dana Conway:
Subscriber and Leo
Please tell me how to cancel the subscription, pls
David Moore
David Moore:
Rosanne Lytle
Rosanne Lytle:
not subscribed