A Tribute to Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope

A hero. An inspiration. A runner. A dreamer. Canada's Terry Fox was all these and more. His death in 1981 was mourned nationwide, and yet his legacy lives. His Marathon of Hope inspired millions then, and still does. (Video set to Jadea Kelly's "Beauty.")

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A Tribute to Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope

55 comentarios:

Chris Bouronikos
Chris Bouronikos:
Terry fox the best Canadian to ever step foot on this earth
Wow, to imagine the amount of pain he was in with that prosthetic, and how far we have come b/c of his will and  power. So proud of him, and proud to be Canadian b/c of him.
Lin Kurosawa
Lin Kurosawa:
Don't let anyone ever tell you it can't be done.
Simone Tosti
Simone Tosti:
I have now discovered his story and moved deeply. HERO
Bottle Flips
Bottle Flips:
True hero
Ace R.o.s
Ace R.o.s:
Forever remember terry fox your the real hero to the people of Canada
It’s rick
It’s rick:
I'm a Canadian and guess what my grandmother met him while he was running he said to my grandma Hello I am doing a marathon for money for cancer research " he said that to the people that were their
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster:
We love you, Terry!
We shall never forget you terry you are a hero to all of us
Ashanti M
Ashanti M:
rip. To a true Soldier <3
Tony Selina
Tony Selina:
Who will be the next Terry Fox? Does anyone have that kind of courage?
Nujhat Moontaha
Nujhat Moontaha:
I am having a Terry fox run in my school tommorrow
Talon Xavier
Talon Xavier:
Watching this in 2020, and it is still awe inspiring. I was 8 years old when he dipped his foot into the frigid North Atlantic and it still sticks with me today. Kinda grounds a person after weeks upon weeks of being bombarded with news of hate, rage, and fear regarding politics and race on social media and 24/7 mainstream news channels.
I ran 3.7 km for terry fox today... I love you terry
Unbelievable courage. A true HERO! Meredith & Ryan
All for TERRY
What a legend a true Canadian hero
I💙you terry fox💞
Drive Form
Drive Form:
Hey love you all
Why are 2 dislikes terry is cool p.s I have a terry fox coin
Th1nk L3mom
Th1nk L3mom:
Bernie Schrattner
Bernie Schrattner:
I remember doing a class project on Terry when I was 10....I'm 51 now...he was inspirational !!!
Jakes Vlogs
Jakes Vlogs:
Am cring because he side
Marty Flipper
Marty Flipper:
Heroes get remembered, but legends never die
One of the most inspiring humans to ever live
Are true hero
Zhi lian Yan
Zhi lian Yan:
The pain I feel is nothing I see kids with so much pain.

-terry fox
Sophie Onerheim
Sophie Onerheim:
if he was still alive today he would be so happy that he did it
Makes you unbelievably proud to be a Canadian. Bravery and determination you so rarely see. To think he was 22 when he died..
Anne Madgett
Anne Madgett:
To the 7 people who thumbed downed this video, your douch bags!!

Rest In Peace Terry.❤️
Travis Walsh
Travis Walsh:
The greatest Canadian to ever live
gray3890 gray3890
gray3890 gray3890:
i love you terry fox you are amazing im sad that you died rip terry fox rest in peas terry ox
Loren Scalplock
Loren Scalplock:
A hero never forgotten.
Yoongi Min
Yoongi Min:
We love u terry
Kelly Knowles
Kelly Knowles:
zanna bianca
zanna bianca:
We just have to bow to the greatness of this boy....
Golden Eagle Alaska M.C.
Golden Eagle Alaska M.C.:
A true Canadian hero. Statue to honour him is in North Bay, Ontario. Ought to be honoured on paper currency also. Like King and Queens and royalty. 🗻🌄
Alexandru Amoq
Alexandru Amoq:
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa:
He has made the best contribution for mankind.
Kary Meneses
Kary Meneses:
Robert Schechter
Robert Schechter:
God bless this soul
Eric Genest
Eric Genest:
loose the damn depressing music... put something uplifting.
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi:
so sad he died too young!
Evan Moore
Evan Moore:
Thank you Mr.Fox. You are a hero to me and so many others. RIP
tom griffiths
tom griffiths:
Did the Terry Fox Run at Himley Hall Dudley UK. Our group of runners was "The Gornal Pig Trotters" and we raised funds for cancer research.
Mike Roesch
Mike Roesch:
Easily the best Terry Fox tribute!!!!
Pandu Pangestu
Pandu Pangestu:
Music please, the music very sad and good
Bigdick Sjzhdu
Bigdick Sjzhdu:
Hot baby
Always, there are still a lot of countries in which disabled persons are discriminated and not supported by their state. They are left to their own devices.
In the 50s and 60s a funny joke was circulating in post-war Germany (still!) with an American, an Englishman, a Russian, a fox terrier in the luggage net and a drink question, which at this point, with the knowledge of the ordeal of Terrance Stanley Fox, but would suddenly represent bitter, real cynicism. R.i.P. Terrance Stanley Fox.
Jose Perez
Jose Perez:
Es una gran tristeza de dolor que un joven haya partido tan joven, pero él dejó un gran legado que aún luego de 40 años de su partida, sus frutos siguen produciendo éxito en los corazones de millones de personas alrededor del planeta tierra!
R.I.P Terry Fox 😢
yes terry was gay, so what ???
Harvey Holloway
Harvey Holloway:
Sad to see his end when he has a disease so easy to stop with herbs and natural medicines.
terry fox is gay, omg i never thought ! I mean, nothing against gays but i think he had girlfriend
The Durham Region Semen Slinger
The Durham Region Semen Slinger:
Terry was a quitter