Abdulrazak Gurnah: “As if there isn’t enough to go around”

“A kind of miserliness,” is how Abdulrazak Gurnah describes the attitude of some in Europe to refugees. After all, he says, “Europeans streaming out into the world is nothing new” and he suggests those seeking succour also be seen as “talented, energetic people, who have something to give.” In this brief conversation with Adam Smith, recorded just after he had heard the news, his surprise at receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature is evident. “I was just thinking ‘I wonder who’ll get it’”, says Gurnah: “I thought it was a prank, I really did.”

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Vikrant Panwar
Vikrant Panwar:
Please if you could provide with subtitles of this video too.
Humble man! Congrats to Abdulrazak. Always extra special and interesting when the prize goes to an author outside of the western hemisphere! Any suggestion which book to start with?
Caio Girão Rodrigues
Caio Girão Rodrigues:
"Well, I'm glad it's over," the truest line for a writer.
Mr Gurnah's statement on refugees reflects the words of the poem " Give me your tired , your poor, your huddled masses , yearning to breath free..." written at the base of the Statue of Liberty.
30 Seconds Juggling
30 Seconds Juggling:
Dear Universe,
The Beginning Of Life Is Idealism, Yet We Live In Reality.
"Love Your Land
Love Your Mind
Love Humanity, More Than A Human Being.
The Shortest Path To Love A "Being"
Which Seems Unrealistic, Yet Brings Closer To Nature;
Closer To God;
Closer To Life."
"uncompromising and compassionate" infuses and imprints in one's conscience. Unparalleled expression of human consciousness.
Lots and Lots Of Love, Congratulations!!
Aniket Ranjan
Aniket Ranjan:
This is very inspiring! And the way he remained so calm and humble explains how rich and diverse his experiences are. Congratulation to him, and also my most sincere respect.
A P Radhakrishna
A P Radhakrishna:
Beautiful interview. I haven't read any writings of Nobel laureate, Abdulrazak Gurnah, inspired to read on listening the interaction. Congratulations
Angelica Di Madero
Angelica Di Madero:
Abdulrazak Gurnah is a great writer and deserves the award. He is right about refugees, they are not bad people and we have to welcome them to give them a better life. After all, they would have done the same thing for us.
jib the world
jib the world:
Congratulation to Mr. Gurnah. We need literature so much in this time.
Babangida Ibrahim Babura
Babangida Ibrahim Babura:
A. Gumah, you are indeed very special. This moment made me to know you and I said congrats. I'll definitely find sometimes to read some your literary works.
Alexis Zorba
Alexis Zorba:
Congratulations to Abdulrazak Gurnah! I’m looking forward to read some of his books.
PS I hope that, maybe next year, the Albanian novelist Ismail Kadare will be awarded by this prestigious literary prize. His work really deserves it.
Utamakura Utamakura
Utamakura Utamakura:
A beautiful, beautiful, courtly, caring soul and lyrical writer. So well deserved. Icon of African oceanic imaginaries.
niyas mvr
niyas mvr:
I have an urge to read his books without delay, that is my current dream😊😊
Didn´t know him before the prize, what an insteresting man! Congratulations!
Harriet Sarah Newton
Harriet Sarah Newton:
What joy, and how great, so many congratulations.
Ben Gwynne
Ben Gwynne:
Awesome shout by the Nobel Committee this time - I was born in 1990, this is the first black, African writer to get the prize in my lifetime.
partha sarathi
partha sarathi:
Mind-blowing surprise and that's life changing...
Vikram Raj Singh
Vikram Raj Singh:
Indeed! A remarkable voyage I would like to explore through his books.
Every grey hair you see on him is dedicated to the hard work, which he truly deserves.
He's a very intelligent, brave man. My hats off to you, Mr Gurnah.
Harriet Sarah Newton
Harriet Sarah Newton:
What a daft time to interview the poor man -- why not give him a day to be happy and tread on the air, rather than start asking him questions on his views, kind of like interviewing a new mother just as she holds her baby -- not the moment Sweden or BBC
Mary Fraser
Mary Fraser:
Great news and finally awarded to a non-European - in addition for being a great persuader!
P Uk
P Uk:
Congrats to him! Love reading myself, but had never heard of him!
Let him talk to his friends, family and the media which must be trying to call non-stop!
Shadreck Kondala
Shadreck Kondala:
Congratulations. Literature speaks. And many thanks to the Nobel prize committee for literature for recognizing his works. I have not read any of his works at the moment but I am itching to do so very soon.
Abhishek Soni
Abhishek Soni:
Congratulations Sir Gurnah for this great prize
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3:
All those young men of fighting age have lots to give.
Nathan Ngumi
Nathan Ngumi:
Congratulations to Abdulrazak Gurnah, he has made Africa proud!
shahinur shimul
shahinur shimul:
I am so much glad for this right person.
Vijaya Mishra
Vijaya Mishra:
Congratulations sir, indeed world need to work more about refuge crisis..
Tsering Paljor
Tsering Paljor:
For which exact work did he win? I am interested in reading it.
Naziru Imam
Naziru Imam:
Congratulations to Mr. Abdulrazak Gurnah and Africa. It's a great win 🏆
Stupid Idiot
Stupid Idiot:
This man is really a legend writer on the topic of Refugees ❤️❤️❤️
Many Congratulations to Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah for your recognition of uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialisim and the fate of the refugees in the gulf between cultures and continents .
santus unuovoraye
santus unuovoraye:
Congratulations to an African writer.🔥💯.. we are proud of you Sir
prasad Nilugal
prasad Nilugal:
Congratulations Sir , I really will read books of yours .
Gaurav Tyagi
Gaurav Tyagi:
Green house effect has been measured good .
Mintwab Dinbere
Mintwab Dinbere:
Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊 proud an African got it.
I don't understand. LOL Which work of Mr. Gurnah is being credited? His entire work?
He sounds too calm like he doesn't really care
Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna:
Abdulrazak..... Nature.. Whispers.. People like you
Hear... Have
. Heart💜❤.. For
Mother.. Nature...
Einstein.. General Theory of Relativity... William Shakespeare... After sweet songs of.. Venus..
Mercury... Has something
Please correct me..
William Shakespeare knew
About.. Gravitational fields in his own way...
M M Jabry
M M Jabry:
We Tanzanian Proud of you brother
what a great news..........The First TANZANIAN TO WIN NOBEL PRIZE.
Simon HSI
Simon HSI:
Congrat for Gurrmah;s contribiton..
Ajijul Biswas
Ajijul Biswas:
Congratulations for your award.
Jama Yassin
Jama Yassin:
Congratulation. Lot of love from Somaliland
Nagham Osman
Nagham Osman:
Wow! Congratulations
Samir Samir
Samir Samir:
Congratulations Prof. AG. 259Zanzibar!
Seema Marmath
Seema Marmath:
This is awesome.
Francisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas:
Good choice. Congratulations.
Congratulations Gurnah💚
Raif Hossain
Raif Hossain:
Many many congratulations✌️
Shadow Mt
Shadow Mt:
congrats ! Smart guy!
Bageera Sixtythree
Bageera Sixtythree:
Modi GK Tricks By Chandan Sharma
Modi GK Tricks By Chandan Sharma:
Mouzdalifat Mohamed
Mouzdalifat Mohamed:
Congratulations Abdourazak Gurnah. 👍
ravindranath hospital
ravindranath hospital:
Mudi Tracks
Mudi Tracks:
Mayank Sahu
Mayank Sahu:
So great...........yet so humble
Indeed it deserve it 👍
Congratulation 🎉🎉🎉
Abel Disla.
Abel Disla.:
Congratulation Mr. Gurnah. 👍💯👏💗📚🔏.
Shanthi Manjunath
Shanthi Manjunath:
Many Congratulations 👏👏👏
Zuhra Horvat
Zuhra Horvat:
Sahil Qayoom
Sahil Qayoom:
Congratulations.. 🌟
Sangram Singh
Sangram Singh:
William Jayaraj
William Jayaraj:
Congratulations Dr . Abdulrazak.
Karenju Kamau
Karenju Kamau:
Lakshmi Narashiman
Lakshmi Narashiman:
💐🌹🍀congratulations sir🌺
Congratulations sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love from india 🇮🇳
Atalanta 1907
Atalanta 1907:
Fauzi Almaliky
Fauzi Almaliky:
Amazing ! OMG
Muhammad Sami
Muhammad Sami:
Congratulations !!!
S Vlogs Bangladesh
S Vlogs Bangladesh:
Congratulations sir ❤
Rafik Amin
Rafik Amin:
Congratulations sir🥰
Sukumar Subramani
Sukumar Subramani:
Ahamed Basha
Ahamed Basha:
congratulations sir
Mar Bet
Mar Bet:
Dimen Barang
Dimen Barang:
Congratulation sir
Benu Bennuu
Benu Bennuu:
محمد Mohammad سماعيل Ismael
محمد Mohammad سماعيل Ismael:
Bhabatush Mitra
Bhabatush Mitra:
Congratulations 💐
Rehaman Basha
Rehaman Basha:
Congratulations from India 💐
Sahil Maurya Kanpur
Sahil Maurya Kanpur:
Congratulations 🎉 abdulrazak gurnah sir 👍
Khan sir
Khan sir:
Congratulations Dear sir
Emmanuel Olowolagba
Emmanuel Olowolagba:
Congratulations Abdulrazak Gurnah!!!!!!!
English Guardian
English Guardian:
Congratulations to Abdulrazak
Ahmed Sabir
Ahmed Sabir:
Nour Lababidi
Nour Lababidi:
Congratulations to #NobelPrize winner Abdulrazak Gurnah
عبد الحميد محمد علي
عبد الحميد محمد علي:
Mashallah happy for you
Aida Musaxodjayeva
Aida Musaxodjayeva:
Rajarshi Manna
Rajarshi Manna:
Grate video
Binkhalid ame
Binkhalid ame:
from zanzibar