Abramovich confirms he is selling Chelsea | Russian says 'net proceeds' will benefit Ukrainians

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Roman Abramovich confirms he is selling Chelsea Football Club and the Russian owner says "the net proceeds from the sale will go to a charitable foundation which will benefit all victims of the war in Ukraine".
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100+ comentarios:

He is the best owner in premier league history. He won everything.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy:
He was a good owner. 21 trophies over 19 years (yes 15 managers haha) but its rare to find a billionaire owner who actually has interest in football. Wasn't perfect and should've communicated more with the fans but he was successful
Leon Chen
Leon Chen:
Let's remember, no matter how important a coach or player is to the Chelsea, the legend starts with this man.
Kamal Das
Kamal Das:
As a Liverpool fan I've always wanted a passionate owner like him! I've always believed that he operates that football club from his heart rather than thinking about finances! It's hard to find an owner like him!In spite of being a supporter of a rival club , I'd have loved to see him as Chelsea's owner for a longer time!Best of luck Roman👍
Matthias O'keeffe
Matthias O'keeffe:
He is by far the best owner we ever had. Sad that he has to sell the club. :(
End of an era. Best football owner in English history
Chris Fenton
Chris Fenton:
Thank you for everything Roman. You made all of our wildest dreams come true. A ride we never would have been on without Mr Abramovich.
lol no
lol no:
Tbh no matter who owns next it will be an inevitable step down from Abramovic. Never before and I repeat NEVER before has a billionaire takeover had this much emotion and dedication be put into a club and not just for money. I hope that in the near future when this all ends he is able to take over again. Deserves at least a statue for revolutionising PL football for the better or the worse depending on how you look at it. He truly does love the game though
Harry Kane
Harry Kane:
Even as rival fan you've got to give credit where credit is due he did make Chelsea top dogs fair play honestly it's not his fault this is happening but putlin caused this
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
Chelsea's new owners will cut the wage bill by 50% and spend less on players. So Chelsea will still be competitive but not as dominant.
Kashab Amin
Kashab Amin:
I’m a Utd fan…and I must admit he was a massive success for Chelsea and you have to rate him how he transformed Chelsea. I do kinda think though he shouldn’t be felt like he needs to sell either (just my personal opinion)

He’ll defo be missed coz he wasn’t scared to do BIG things.
Negro Amaw
Negro Amaw:
As a kid back in 03 or 04 I remember people talking about how the new owner has turned this beloved Chelsea into contenders by bringing in Mourinho and players like Drogba who I would grow up idolizing as a fan. We'll miss you Abrahamovic for the great owner that you are.
Will Davies
Will Davies:
I can’t help feel that he’s done a good thing here
😭😭 We won't ever get an owner like roman
as a gooner he was a class act he put the interests of the club his priority getting rid of managers that where losing, he made chelsea an elite club sad news for chelsea and there fans
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC:
This is very emotional moment for me as a Chelsea fan 😢😢
I don't know if you could find a better Owner then him Roman Abramovich 😢😢 what a man he is can you see what he said
No money to pay him from Club no penny
To find the best Owner for the Club
To say good bye to the fans 😢😢

What a Owner he is man come on could you please find me a Owner like him ? not a chance 😢😢

God bless you Roman Abramovich 😢🙏.

Haters wanted this to happen long time ago but believe me you will never succeed because our amazing Owner would not allow this to happen so the haters can get satisfied with us ok
Roman is making sure anyone who buys Chelsea Football Club must follow his footsteps 👣 ok

So Chelsea Football Club again in safe hands and always will be the Powerhouse and not stopping of winning trophies and that is THANKS TO ROMAN ABRAMOVICH 👏👏👏👏👏

Roman Abramovich the best Owner in the World of Football 🌎 👑🏆💪💙💙💙😉
Damien Miller
Damien Miller:
Gonna miss him roman u will always be in Chelsea hearts thank you
Regardless of the issues he may be involved in, as a chelsea fan I am eternally greatful for the joy this man has brought to the club I love. Ngl I kinda fear for our future.
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal:
We don’t know fully what happened behind the scenes, hopefully not benefiting off the likes of Putin, but there is no doubt he did everything and beyond with this club. So many memories, moments, trophies, absolute lifted this club off the ground and gave them times to remember forever.
Gladys Wambui
Gladys Wambui:
Even as an arsenal fan i always admired an owner like Roman,he actually loved football and loved Chelsea it wasn't entirely about the 💰... Respect
We would of never thought 2022 would be this intense
Xiang Qiang
Xiang Qiang:
He loves the club and he makes the right decision. Respect to Abramovich. From a Chelsea fan.
I for one am sad he is going. He has been a great owner.
As a Chelsea fan I'm devastated
Louis Gayle
Louis Gayle:
All good things come to an end eventually it'll be kind of interesting to see who takes over next at Chelsea & how successful will they be once Roman Abramovich has totally part ways I suppose things have to end badly otherwise they would never end
The guest repeats word for word what the host just said, well worth the money having him on.
Shaka God
Shaka God:
Perhaps Roman has much more serious issues nearer to home than Chelsea. Respectfully it's been a wonderful 18 year's he and the club have shared. He walks away leaving Chelsea as European Champions.
Best of luck for whatever lays ahead.
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander:
Well Roman has over the last 20 years completely changed Chelsea, a club i love and support and will hurt to see him go. Don't know what has happened behind closed doors but on a football level he is an absolute favourite of fans and thank him for everything he has done for the club
J Darks
J Darks:
Even as a gooner, he’s a class owner. What a man!!!
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life:
As a United fan I feel sad because he made Chelsea a force in Europe.
chaz girl
chaz girl:
Bad day if you're a Chelsea fan. Would love a chairman like him at my club. He spent billions and has left the club in a better place than he found it.
Jonathon De Freitas
Jonathon De Freitas:
Passionate man, will miss him. I am confident he will sell to the right bidder
Spurs fan here
It is really heartbreaking to see the end of an era. And also such a good owner.
Very respectful decision.
The Guv'nor
The Guv'nor:
Those saying he bought all the titles and trophies,the players still have to perform on the day to win those matches that win titles and trophies..he's always been passionate about the club,it's fans and the players.
He ushered in the era of football dominance from external financial super powers. No idea why his ownership is being treated as though it was positive for football: He showed the world that success can be bought and now countless opportunists copy his model.
Wow, despite being a Spurs fan - that's a sad day for me. An end to an era. Fair play to him though - that's a real gentleman move. Respect.
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward:
Newcastle and Man City have owners who’s main motivation isn’t to make money out of football, but purely about the glory, Man City currently have that and Newcastle in the future. Chelsea have had success for nearly 20 years, if Roman goes Chelsea will become the new Arsenal and Spurs, using football as a business to make money rather than for the personal glory. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the dynamic in London will change, if London will be blue, red or white in the next 5 years..
Artsiom Mikhalap
Artsiom Mikhalap:
That is sad. He did change chelsea and did alot for competitiveness of English football . Was great owner. What about Arab Emirates mistreating migrants paying them 1 dollar in awful conditions double standards
Olga Stubbs
Olga Stubbs:
Roman Obromovich spent also some time in Far North of Russia in Chukotka. I grew up there and now, watching this men parting with Chelsea club with incredible dignity, it makes me cry.
Best wishes.
Sad day for Chelsea- I genuinely see them going down the Leeds united route from years gone by.
James Trades
James Trades:
Touch of class giving all procedes to help victims of this horrific war. I am a Newcastle fan and hope our owners will be as good with us as he has been with Chelsea.
Infinity Synthesis
Infinity Synthesis:
It's not his fault with what's going on. He clearly loves the team. A shame.
Mannymantee M20
Mannymantee M20:
Wow end of an era Roman Abramovich 2003-2022 he's done Chelsea proud I have to say.
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson:
"Net Proceeds". That means what is left after all debts and costs are taken into account, I think. Given Chelsea owe RA 1.5 billion, I wonder what the net proceeds will amount to.
Incompetent Engineering
Incompetent Engineering:
Arsenal fan here. Whatever you say about Abramovich, he cared for his club. One of his best friends, even, is Andriy Shevchencko, who is a European great and a Ukrainian legend. I never thought that I'd be sad to see him go. I remember when he bought the club and frothed at the mouth, calling Chelsea a "mercenary" club. It's not going to be the same.
Tiago Brizida
Tiago Brizida:
Abramovich deserves respect! He is the first Oligarch to openly say that he is against the war. He his showing a lot of courage! I hope more follow his example
Stewart Allison
Stewart Allison:
Roman Abramovich... legend 👏👏👏
ayodeji daniel
ayodeji daniel:
Success is making nothing something enviable. He took over Chelsea FC as a struggling club that hardly qualifies for Europa Cup but now he can beat his cheat to say he won every trophy in Club football before selling it, that is a great successful business man. He stopped at nothing to achieve all this in less than 20year,within this period he brought in the finest players and best manager all in the name of winning trophies and that he achieved with pride. Roman Abramovich is the true BLUE.
Mn I only pray we land into right hands, Abramovich will always be at heart🥺
A Tin
A Tin:
This is sad I’ve liked Roman Abramovich as a chelsea fan and I don’t want to see chelsea being sold it’s seems that Roman isn’t bad but who am I to judge, Hasta La Vista Roman 😰😭
Mohammed S Ficel
Mohammed S Ficel:
Hello Mr. Roman Abramovich.
We feel sad about you selling the Chelsea football club.
I would like just to inform you that after this crisis it's going to be a beautiful life for all the world.
We wish you the best and tranquility for every step in your life for you and and your family and loved ones.

Yours sincerely.
interesting point "Net Proceeds" i doubt their is much profit in this deal. owning a football team itself doesn't appear to be very profitable i think its more of a status symbol
Andrew Flynn
Andrew Flynn:
Best owner in the world 💙 Roman is showing respect and great dignity and I highly respect Roman for that.
junaid hussain
junaid hussain:
It's bound to happen, but he achieved everything he can, need to sell good owner who not care about money, not like my team man u
RYAN zeus
RYAN zeus:
We are going to miss you boss 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽
Good for him
The father of financial play. Looking forward to his sports documentary.
China Unveiled
China Unveiled:
Thanks for all the memories Roman. Good luck and Godspeed
Ok, first of all, sad news for chelsea since abramovic has been the best owner imaginable for a club. But can we talk about the guy on the left, literally just repeated what was just said for no apparent reason, what great presenting
Yaw Boateng
Yaw Boateng:
Wow. Respect To Roman Abramovich that what I call a club owner
Dereck LeGare
Dereck LeGare:
Dereck LeGare
It was quite fitting that Luton was his final match - given that is how Abramovich got his money.
James Main_Email
James Main_Email:
So I wonder what the legislation going through over next few weeks to take the club off him and all like him will do to this plan?
yaska dhalinti hore
yaska dhalinti hore:
Greatest owner ever💙
Myat Myat
Myat Myat:
The best owner in the world 💙💙
Eddie Tshepela
Eddie Tshepela:
Never thought this would happen😲😳
Richard Kedge
Richard Kedge:
It's in his best interest not the club's
Nelson Avenbuan
Nelson Avenbuan:
As a chelsea fan it hurts me
Kweku badu
Kweku badu:
I think abramovich should reconsider this decision and find another way to mobilize funds for the foundation cuz he’s the best man to handle the club
Dominic Penner
Dominic Penner:
Props to Roman for actually standing up against his own country. Sports isn't about politics and it should stay that way, but I'll give this the exception status. A noble deed for a noble cause, bravo Roman!
Mobile Freelancer
Mobile Freelancer:
no way chelsea will ever be the same again they going down for sure!, i say this because the new owners will only care about money where this guy was about the club and football
Peter nufc
Peter nufc:
Fair play to him
Kayus Entertainment
Kayus Entertainment:
I criticized the marketing of the Chelsea brand for years they never managed to hit the highs as other clubs who accomplished everything in the game never get the recognition they deserved and so much went into buying everything you name it for trophies sadly City gets more recognition in such a little time i always said is only a matter of time before the curtains fall on the Roman era
God's Bassist
God's Bassist:
God Bless Roman Abramovich
Can't stand Chelsea but we'll played Roman. Respect.
C J:
Hmm... Something tells me that the reason why Roman won't be sanctioned is down to having private negotiations with the government, and this was the agreed action to which all parties settled with.
devesh rakheja
devesh rakheja:
man is a club legend
André Fiallos
André Fiallos:
Respect to Abramovich…shame it has come to this but he did the correct thing here. Sorry for Chelsea fans but they will still be a top club, I have no doubt.
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
Not Chelsea fan but growing up this guy wanted henry prime shevchenko r9 at Chelsea when they were just starting of thats the caliber Of owner he was.
He would have even bided for halland mbaape
He doesn't say 'Ukrainians' though does he, 'he says victims of the war in Ukraine'. Don't get me wrong I think there's undoubtedly a lot of Russians that are going to be hard hit by this too which could do with financial support. However he doesn't explicitly say who he's donating to.
Andy Phan
Andy Phan:
Chelsea will forever indebted to Mr. ABRAMOVICH. Stamford Bridge should be renamed to Roman Abramovich. Thank you Roman.
Good for him, actually doing something good for once
Adeniji Ayodeji
Adeniji Ayodeji:
Arsenal fan here. Wish we had a owner like him.
lol no
lol no:
Tbh no matter who owns next it will be an inevitable step down from Abramovic. Never before and I repeat NEVER before has a billionaire takeover had this much emotion and dedication be put into a club and not just for money. I hope that in the near future when this all ends he is able to take over again. Deserves at least a statue for revolutionising PL football for the better or the worse depending on how you look at it. He truly does love the game though
Black lightning
Black lightning:
As a United fan I'm a little sad. I've allways liked how the Premier league is competitive with 3 clubs at the top not just a Bayern winning the league every year.
Muchammad Adriyan
Muchammad Adriyan:
One of the best owner I've ever known.
Joshua Agbogun
Joshua Agbogun:
Why do I feel he's a billionaire who kept his networth private
Edit: Never mind I just checked. He's worth 13 bill😗👍🏾
Olly G
Olly G:
So many of you have no idea about who Abramovic is. He’s an oligarch. He’s been funding the Putin regime for decades, and most of his dirty oil money is also thanks to Putin. If he’s not lying, then Fair play. Respect it. But I’m sure he is
Dynamik Shotz
Dynamik Shotz:
As I'm gooner I'm happy... but its sad how he might not be able to see the team.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
They should have a statue of him outside Stamford bridge for the things he's done for that club I wonder if the Glazer's would ever do that for United 🙄⚽️
I want the last two minutes of my life back. If I wanted to listen to it verbatim again, I would have just rewound it
Paul Cramer
Paul Cramer:
I love the gesture that “loans won’t have to be repaid” 😂😂 as if they were EVER LOANS … they just called them that to hide the ridiculous free money he pumped into the club … don’t think the new owner will be anywhere as generous
The second guy literally just repeated everything which the first guy said. Why is that guy even on these talks he always does this 😂✅
Cabbie DEEjay
Cabbie DEEjay:
When he got Chelsea financial FairPlay wasn’t a thing neither was fit for purpose of ownership…blood money fc … money laundering fc ..
I wonder who wrote that statement for him😂😂
Michael Zoellner
Michael Zoellner:
Wow, don't know much about Abromovich, but this seems to be a class move.
PsychAdvisor :
He is selling up to avoid sanctions.
Bjj mad ICON
Bjj mad ICON:
I’m not a Chelsea fan but the sale is like the loss of a good friend. Please don’t loss sight of where Chelsea were before he took control.
Does net proceeds mean the 2/3 billion chelsea valued he will only take the 19million pound he bought the club for wow
I am an Arsenal fan, but this is the true legend club owner
Raphael D'C
Raphael D'C:
We won it all. We’ll do it again 💙