Actor Will Smith resigns from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Will Smith just resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nearly a week after walking on stage during the Academy Awards to slap presenter Chris Rock.

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Nancy Chartrand
Nancy Chartrand:
Chris Rock hands down has so much more class then Will will ever have ,,to resort to violence like that ,,so uncalled for
Lolli Aztec
Lolli Aztec:
He wasn’t heartbroken after the Oscars. He was all smiles him n his weird crazy family it’s a damn shame
M W:
Chris should have gotten an academy award for not stooping to his level, plus Will resigned because he wants to be in control before he was fired from the academy
Thomas H
Thomas H:
He’s resigning before he gets kicked out, he’s trying to stay ahead of the curve.
His resignation from the academy is such a PR move. Do not let him off the hook. That was a narcissistic, self righteous and entitled move.
Pen Androll
Pen Androll:
He didnt write that...please. Thats a standard apology template from one of his lawyers...its ridiculous.
He's only trying to avoid public humiliation like that which he caused Chris Rock
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
He looked real heartbroken as he partied and sang at the after parties... disgusting tone deaf hollywood elitism
Ulysses Grant
Ulysses Grant:
District Attorney, George Gascón is the Chief Prosecutor for Los Angeles and he can press charges against Will Smith, even if Chris Rock declines to file charges. Will Smith needs to be arrested for 1st Degree Assault and Battery.
Blaze E
Blaze E:
I’ve lost a bit of respect for the people who coddled Will after he assaulted Chris.
Queen FUD
Queen FUD:
Bye bye Will!!! Don't let the door hit you on your way out! Don't forget to take your family with you. #Cancelled due to violence.
Miss Sways
Miss Sways:
Resigning his membership with the Academy only takes away his ability to vote for those nominated by the Academy. I believe Will Smith can make more of an impact by donating to a charity dedicated to helping those who have been victims of violence AND volunteering his time to an organization that helps people who have experienced violence. It’s a shame that he built a strong reputation in the industry for over 20 years and it took only 5 minutes of his violent reaction to a mild joke to tear it down.
Jay bird2963
Jay bird2963:
What a joke, so he can’t vote in the academy? Big deal, they can still be nominated and attend events. They are still making this all about the Smiths and that’s all that matters to them! SMH
What consequences will the Academy face for abdicating their responsibility to provide a safe working environment for employees? They failed Chris by letting him take the responsibility of deciding what happens to his attacker.
Math Simon
Math Simon:
Will Packard is stupid. As the producer it is incumbent upon you to put order in the show. Regardless of whether Chris wants Smiths to stay or not, you should have made the decision to toss them out.
Maryna Murray
Maryna Murray:
What does his resignation mean? Can he still be nominated for an academy award in the future and if so, he will be accepted to receive the nomination/award?
Shame on the mega star, shame on the role model who smacked the little comedian Chris Rock! It is absurd! Resign?! Too late, you smacked and showed violence, spraying vitriol on national broadcast television. 🦅🇺🇸
sounding sincere and truly being sincere is different...This action is a well formed PR stint to try to salvage whatever reputation is left thereof...
DJ Gigi - music channel
DJ Gigi - music channel:
Will's resignation is the same as OJ Simpson trying to flee from the crime scene and legal consequences of his criminal behavior. Will should experience the full might of the law. Jada's egging him on and basically laughing when he returned from assaulting Chris reminds me of a gang leader who congratulates a gang member after they have committed a crime on behalf of the gang
S B:
Will Smith thinks he's punishing pathetic. There should be more consequences. Will made the worst decision in his entire life because of an eye roll 🙄🙄
And what's worse Jada laughed when macho man Will slapped Chris. Wishing Chris well and to stay strong and everyone is in awe of you. Chris has earned absolute respect ❤️
Actaem Azantor
Actaem Azantor:
"Listen Will, we're going to announce that you're officially out of the Academy."
"Not if i quit you first BIATCH!"
Balbina Gamble
Balbina Gamble:
Resignation just means he can’t vote! He can attend, present and win an Oscar!
Mike Treker
Mike Treker:
The audience at the awards should resign for giving Smith a standing ovation for his bullying. Sickening and disgusting behavior from the crowd like a high school sucking up to the bully.
This resignation and apology comes from the publishers on a behalf of Will Smith. In a decade or so Will Smith will talk about lavish lifestyle he lived.
Resign before sanctions? A way to avoid punishment. Therefore the academy is left with only one option: take away his Oscar.
Sandra Goodwin
Sandra Goodwin:
not to mention that he just confirmed what so many of us think about Hollywood - "they act like fools and think they are above the rest"
It's a good start, but we need to see serious consequences here.
Kenneth Matov
Kenneth Matov:
Let's see how much Jada is willing to sacrifice defending his honor over the coming months or will she continue to pursue her own "healing" by sharing how unsatisfied she is.
Carol Hern
Carol Hern:
He is trying to cover the academy’s inaction by rewriting what Chris said
I don’t believe him or cbs
Moka LARE:
*“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”* _Warren Buffet. It took him 5 seconds; he proved it could be less than that.
So what...he can still attend, be nominated, present and keep his award?
Susan Charles
Susan Charles:
The academy should have NEVER allowed Will to take the award after the slapped....He should have been disciplined .
So "He" him self decided to resign? While the academy was still trying to determining what to do with him? How convenient. No, it's not just some thing "you" decide,.... it's consequences given to you. Punishing yourself doesn't work. (Oh I won't get to vote 😩) Like I said, consequences need to be handed out.
That kinda sounds like someone offering to resign from the PTA! WTF
Judy Rapozo
Judy Rapozo:
He resigned b4 he got fired. What a big girlie man. Can't even handle the punishment for his ridiculous actions. And to further prove his lack of strength, he did what he did because he was afraid his wife was going to kick his ass fir laughing at the joke. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Starring: Will Smith
Directed by: Jada Pinkett
MO Voice Overs
MO Voice Overs:
Very sad for Chris Rock and how he was treated, sad for the nominees and winners who waited a life time for their moment. Sad for Will Smiths family. I am also sad for Will Smith. I hope he reflects on his actions and really takes a moment to find peace
L.A. McGee
L.A. McGee:
Seems like Will is only concerned with his own well being per usual has Chris even gotten a real apology or anything from Will as of yet?
Leah B.
Leah B.:
Okay so WS resigns, what does that actually mean? Resigning at work means leaving so does this mean he's no longer making movies? Not sure what this mean other than it's a PR move imo.
C. Huseyin
C. Huseyin:
Imaging going through life smacking everyone and just crying and giving a conference. Just imaging…😒
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore:
Hermosa eleccion 1😍 X18TINDER.Uno de mejor siempre en mi corazónf mañas no se la.🌹🤩💜 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols:
Lmao I love how this is on every type of media source. Sports, finance, politics....
Will Smith resigning doesn't really mean anything, he just can't vote on anything dealing with Academy of Motion Pictures. I just heard on the news that if he happens to do another great movie and he happens to get nominated for an award, he's back in the Academy.
Jake Black
Jake Black:
Well my, my. He knew he would be kicked out so he chose to resign first; like an employee saying I quit just before knowing he/she was being fired.
Q P:
So the Academy tried to save face and used Chris Rock as a scapegoat that they did not follow their rules to escort Will Smith out of the room.
ED 409
ED 409:
"You can't fire me. I quit. You can't punish me. I take myself out of any formal punishment and consequences other than what I decide."
The victim should never be put in the position (burdened) to be responsible to decide what happens next, immediately after an assault and battery. The fact that the academy and/or academy affiliates are using Chris's statements (directly after the assault) as rationale for not ejecting It's despicable. Chris was slapped once by Will and now he's being slapped again by the academy for them using Chris's statements as rationale for not taking action. As if the victim, directly after an assault, now needs to be burdened with exactly what must happen in the immediate aftermath. It's disgusting. When someone is assaulted, it's time for the people around the victim to step up and take control of the situation. Way to go academy.
Samson June
Samson June:
Will Packer just wanted things to go smoothly as if nothing happened. He got his back, bro.
margarita gutierrez
margarita gutierrez:
The Academy is forcing him , I doubt it 🤔 I don’t think it came from him, he has no remorse.
Please Justice for Chris Rock!! 💪🏼
Diane Min.
Diane Min.:
wow, he probably resigned before academy fires him
Melody Melody
Melody Melody:
The academy needs consequences for its inaction and therefore endorsing this behaviour
Just doing this to show the public that he has learned his lesson. And to save face because he has seen the backlash. I doubt that he feels sorry at all. Which was shown in his acceptance speech and him partying afterwards
Alex Stone
Alex Stone:
Will Smith was actually auditioning for the leading roll in the new
"Marvel TV show "Moon Knight".
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas:
He managed to take himself from a box office hit to a 1 hit wonder !!!
DJ Gigi - music channel
DJ Gigi - music channel:
I hope the Academy knows that Will's resignation doesn't further abdicate them from dealing with this matter
He should have his Oscar taken away. He’s disgusting 🤮
Alexa Melissa
Alexa Melissa:
❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .
Docchuck, Wiser for the Wear…
Docchuck, Wiser for the Wear…:
The fact that his Oscar has not been removed is a prime example of the “possible” double standard for those in Identity politics…..
(Identity politics is ridiculous)
Even more drama from Will Smith. What does that even mean he’s resigning from the Academy??
This is just nonsense his pr team came up with.
The sense of entitlement Will Smith thinks he has is sickening. He’s allowed to get up on national tv and cause battery to Chris Rock because he made a joke about his wife. A joke I might add he laughed at until his wife told he better do something about it. Chris Rock didn’t know Jada was dealing with this and you’d think the Smith’s would give a man they’ve known for over 30 years the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know and would of just spoken to him about it later.
Will just go away for a while and stop all this nonsensical drama. You’re resigning, what a joke.
Gabriella Miller
Gabriella Miller:
❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .
Still why not the Academy push for his removal in the premises. It's not only about Chris Rock, it's the Academy's show. Oscars is so hypocritical to admit that they only reacted because of the deluge of negative reactions. Cleary, they did nothing. A representative could have took the stage and immediately denounce what happened. They just continue with the show as if nothing happened. These actors applauded, gave him a standing ovation. Will Smith attended a party getting jiggy with it. It is very telling from the producer himself that they just want to go on with the show and finish it despite of the ugly incident. Shame on them.
KN Byam
KN Byam:
He didn't write that. He should come out in front of a camera and speak.
Tom Baja
Tom Baja:
Oscar the grouch: hold my drink box
Stonewall Joey
Stonewall Joey:
Will Smith! Retire! You were one of my favorite actors - now you are on my boycott list. I won't view any movie or tv show that features you. I know that effects thousands of people's jobs; however, that's on you!
Steve Morin
Steve Morin:
Good !! Hollywood should cut him off as well. I for one as many of my friends and family will NEVER AGAIN watch a movie or anything involving Will Smith in it. With all the violence in the world with war in Ukraine, the public execution of George Floyd, the unimaginable suffering of so many children, women and men. We dont need to see, watch such an act of violence over such a minor stupidity.
Steven Kelley
Steven Kelley:
Will... legally purge yourself from that laughing " devil" as Denzel suggested you do. Before it takes you down further and eviscerates your soul.
Leslie William
Leslie William:
Are the LA authorities impotent? I witnessed an assault as did millions of others. Smith should be hauled through the legal system for his thuggish behaviour, if they don’t, they’re saying it’s ok to physically assault someone
Gary May
Gary May:
It isn't going to end there, there's more consequences coming for Will Smith
Karama kameon
Karama kameon:
I doubt he actually resigned. More like the academy kicked him out but decided to let him say he was resigning. That way the academy doesnt get more hate than its already getting and Will gets to not have the embarresment of getting kicked out
Sin Explicación
Sin Explicación:
Will Smith bullied Chris Rock and the Academy did nothing about it, they are as much in fault of the incident as the aggressor. The after math goes beyond that evening and event and kids everywhere are the victims as much as Chris Rock was that night. So regrettable!
Aleezah Anava
Aleezah Anava:
Excellent!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 I pray he gives the idol (Oscar) back to the idol worshippers.
Blur Tam
Blur Tam:
You're about to be fired! I QUIT!!! The "producer" should be fired too!!
Wendy Hearn
Wendy Hearn:
Yes...hes been coached in to how to back away from this mess....remember hes got good people to fall back on for advice...the best money can buy...this isnt sincere this is a cop out!!! As for Chris Rock...he got humiliated in front of the WHOLE WORLD...and he dosnt want to hold Will Smith to accountability.,..whats really going on here....what are the 3 "entanglement trio" trying to hide...has Chris Rock and Jada slept together....I could see then why Will Smith reacted the way he did....
Mandy S
Mandy S:
It appears that Will Packer used Chris Rock’s name to prevent Will Smith from getting removed from the ceremony. He clearly wanted to “save” his show. But the optics of him being there & then that lame self pitying speech he gave excusing himself for his pathetic actions had the opposite effect. He should have been removed! BAN him & never allow him into the Oscar’s again. That’s what he deserves. Nothing less.
Sounds like the narcissist is taking control like a good narcissist does. This is nothong nore than an attempt to quit before he is removed. Pathetic!
Dindin Gonzaga
Dindin Gonzaga:
Smith could have done it earlier...!!
Will Smith is just like me at my old job lol quit before i get fired 🤣
Two words…Damage control
Michael Flinn
Michael Flinn:
Will leaped before he was pushed...
Mark Gilla
Mark Gilla:
the academy as a whole should face heavy consequences after this incident. for having tolerated an assault caught in 4K.
James Williamson
James Williamson:
Good, Not Before Time, should've been kicked out of the Oscars, Academy should be ashamed of its self, Hats off to Chris a True professional
Rose R
Rose R:
smith marriage is open to everything expect jokes. Lol 🤣🤣no one has the right to put their hands on anybody no
matter the provocation. if that was a regular person (no money)
the police would be called, and that person would be put in a jail cell.

Hollywood has always enjoyed this type of oppressive joke, bullying entertainment.

every Oscar they laugh at other people's misfortune.
He had all the opportunity to do different and he didn’t. He needs to spend time in jail and get some serious treatment. He is an angry man with serious issues.

By the way, his wife looks amazing with her bold head
Apache Angel
Apache Angel:
He did this outta "Love" ......... for himself..
Brendia Reeves
Brendia Reeves:
Did he resign AFTER hearing they were going to throw his ass out? Well, bless his heart. lol
At least they won't have any seating problems at next year's Oscars.
All I'm waiting 4 them 2 all say is April fools to us
Shona Roan
Shona Roan:
The arrogance and entitlement displayed at a global platform was incredible. The resignation is just a pacifier. The academy needs to take strict action as the damage and repercussion was felt across...Chris honestly had no idea of the trauma he was going to face, as he leant forward smiling towards Will.
William O'Leary
William O'Leary:
Will Smith pr team came up with this nonsense. If he was really sorry he would of left the Oscars when he was asked too. Look at the way he partied afterwards, he’s not one bit truly sorry.
Again you’d think Smith and his wife knowing Chris Rock for over 30 years would of given him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know what Jada was going through and would of just spoken to him later about it.
The sense of entitlement and that he’s above the law is sickening.
The classiest thing that Will Smith could've done would've been to go up to the stage, put his arm around Chris Rock and say that Jada would make a great GI Jane, acknowledge her alopecia (which she has already done publicly) and bring attention to the issue that millions suffer from and say that his wife looks beautiful with her shaved head and hopes she's an inspiration for those suffering from it. Instead, Will chose the dishonorable path, made Chris Rock look like the class act and torpedoed his own career....Well done!
Mermaid Glow
Mermaid Glow:
THE LEAST HE COULD DO. HE STILL NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE TO ROCK PERSONALLY. He resigned after getting his own Oscar, wow. The so called "Academy" did not provided enough security for nobody, I bet next year there will be some in place.
Dennis Eudela
Dennis Eudela:
Best for the whole family to have @ least 1-yr Sabatical hiatus, as if they don't exist.
A public appearance now will spell BOOooosss! from everywhere at this point.
For their sake...
forrest malcom
forrest malcom:
Yes, he still gets to keep his Best Actor Oscar for “King Richard”
Yes, he can still get invited to future Academy Awards ceremonies
Yes, he can still be nominated for future consideration
No, he is no longer a voting member of the Academy
Super Drive
Super Drive:
The academy doesn't condamn violence
The truth always prevails
The truth always prevails:
So he resigned before the academy determine any punishment for him…
Neo Akram
Neo Akram:
Guilt leads to Redemption!
Pfsst Uuuf
Pfsst Uuuf:
He should also relinquish his award since he is no longer a member of the academy and felt the need to surrender his membership under egregious circumstances.
red sed
red sed:
SMACK does ruin lives!
Dodoltala Dodol
Dodoltala Dodol:
I heard in order to calm Will Smith down they gave him a statue of jada
bob bobber
bob bobber:
they still can arrest him! is taking so long???? id like to do a citizen arrest
John Barron
John Barron: