Actor William Hurt dies at 71

Oscar-winning Actor William Hurt has died at age 71, his family announced.

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100+ comentarios:

Kamikaze Kid
Kamikaze Kid:
RIP Mr. William Hurt. He was truly one of the greatest actors of our time
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy:
This guy was such a beast of an actor. RIP to one of the best ever.
Ann Smith
Ann Smith:
Rest In Peace, Bill! Condolences to your family and friends. A life well lived. We can’t ask for more than that .
Tomasino Romano
Tomasino Romano:
This sucks! I met him after I did a set in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store and he came up to me to compliment me and tell me how funny I was and that he loved my dark sense of humor.
I was really ready to give up and he kept me in the game! Like I said this sucks!!
fuck Trump
fuck Trump:
A great leading man in his heyday who transitioned into a fabulous supporting player in later years. Phenominal work in Kiss of the spiderwoman, Children of a lesser God and The accidental tourist, as well as an unforgettable appearance in A history of violence. Man will be missed.
Thu Lekovish
Thu Lekovish:
A great American actor he was! Condolences to his loved ones. I'd love to go back and watch all his movies in memory of William Hurt.
Ray Lanier
Ray Lanier:
Wow. I’m surprised at how sad this makes me. His portrayals really helped me understand the range of human intelligence on emotional and thinking levels. Very sad to here this.
RIP to the man who would’ve become our red hulk
S. Kanninchen
S. Kanninchen:
He was great in body heat
Rest in peace William
You've been a great actor
vicenç lopez bataller
vicenç lopez bataller:
Lo siento mucho Señor Hurt. Descanse en paz. Gracias por su aportación al mundo del cine.
r.i.p. william hurt. he was a fantastic actor.
Jay D
Jay D:
You've done well, sir. Thank you for your contribution to humanity.
Karl Zitterkopf
Karl Zitterkopf:
R.I.P. (William Hurt) Awesome actor. He will be missed. I'm going to have to pull out some of my movies & watch them again. "Altered States", "Mr. Brooks", "The Incredible Hulk", "Body Heat", "Black Widow", "Gorky Park", "Captain America "Civil War", "A History Of Violence", "Vantage Point", "Dark City" & "Avengers: Infinity War." are some of my favorites...
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez:
Loved the way he acted!! A great actor!!, GOD BLESS Mr.Willam Hurt.
Thank you William Hurt for many great works. You will be missed but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Robert Rudick
Robert Rudick:
Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family William Hurt.

May God bless you and family with the strength to carry forward 🙏 .

Dark Soul
Dark Soul:
He was great in the movie Michael. Rest in peace.
He was incredible in the miniseries Dune! He will be missed for his honest genuine portrayals! His excellence was always a draw on the big or small screen! When he was in a show you knew it was going to be good!!
I'm really going to miss not seeing you in film or television Mr Hurt. Thank you for a lifetime of outstanding work!!
This only reminds us all of our own mortality. Rest In Peace, William Hurt.
Pohana Hawaii
Pohana Hawaii:
😭 Oh, no! Such a talented actor, I loved him in so many movies! Accidental Tourist, Body Heat, Broadcast News, Gorky Park...
patricia nogueira de souza
patricia nogueira de souza:
Lamentável,meus ídolos , estão partindo, minha geração está se despedindo. A vida é um ciclo, essa é a regra natural da vida.Mais triste é quando ela é interrompida precocemente . Deus conforte a família.
Lee Quinn
Lee Quinn:
I was just watching a movie he was in "Into the wild" which I liked. Mr. Hurt was in many good movies I saw in the 80s and 90s. He burned up the screen in Body Heat with Kathleen Turner. Very good actor, RIP
Simba  Salzgibber
Simba Salzgibber:
I remember him on The Miracle Season.He did a great job on that movie too. I'm pretty sure he is going to be in heaven 🙏🏻
J. Thompson
J. Thompson:
He was good in every role he took on. Loved him in "The Big Chill", as well as many other roles.
Christopher Lee Golden
Christopher Lee Golden:
Ah man...sorry to hear of your passing Mr. Hurt...Rest in peace Sir😢💙
Rest In Peace Mr. Hurt.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary:
May his soul rest in The Grace of The Lord 🙏❤️. This is why we should appreciate the celebrities and people in our lives because they're not just here for our entertainment or judgement but to share the time we all have a limited amount of in this world.
💕💕💕 I am so sad to hear about William hurt's death. He was an excellent actor!!!
John P OConnell
John P OConnell:
Great actor. Left behind a large body of acting work. Thanks for all the characters and memories. RIP.
Rustynail Mendlesohn
Rustynail Mendlesohn:
oh no :( Such a fine actor. Really enjoyed his performance in The Accidental Tourist. RIP
Unk Known
Unk Known:
Good actor rest in peace Mr Hurt youre still young❤️
Synthia Wilson
Synthia Wilson:
Respect,heartfelt condolences n family/friends stay strong
Antje Neiß
Antje Neiß:
What a great, great loss! RARE BIRDS was my favourite! But I loved all films of him! We all lost an incredible artist!
R C Nelson
R C Nelson:
I didn't follow Hurt's movie career closely, but what I saw was excellent: "The Doctor" and "A History of Violence." I wish his family well. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust/It'll never be the same./But we're all forgiven/ We're only living/ To leave the way we came." 5th Dimension.
Wild, I just bought Body Heat on laserdisc at the Goodwill three days ago and watched it for the first time. Instantly loved it and have been watching it on a loop all this week. His powerful, nuanced and believable performance makes that movie excellent.
Tanya Owen
Tanya Owen:
Oh he was a great acto. God bless his soul and my sympathies for his family 🙏❤️
71?! He's still young for today's standards, especially one who can afford good health care. Man! The hits keep coming. smh I always liked his quiet grace. There was always something about his bearing that was really striking. I pray for his family's comfort.
I'll miss him as Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU 😢
His name will go down in the history books. Thank you for your time and your presence on earth 🙏 r.i.p.
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia:
Altered States was a great film 🎥 I saw many years ago where Mr Hurt played the leading role. He will be missed. RIP 🙏
Glenn Webster
Glenn Webster:
The great ones are dropping like flies.. look at what we're left with...... R.I.P
William hurt.
RIP. Willian Hurt is one of my favorite actors - Altered States, Children of a Lesser God, The Big Chill, The Village, Broadcast News and two of my favorites Rare Birds and Accidental Tourist.
Brenden Darlin
Brenden Darlin:
Sadness! Too young to die although thankfully it was natural causes. I will miss him, I loved his acting! RIP
Rest in Peace. Awesome actor.
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis:
His work in Changing Lanes was incredible and actually helped me understand recovery and helped inspire me to quit heroin.
Aaditya Changayil
Aaditya Changayil:
Rest in Piece. He was a great, underrated actor and I wish he lived much longer.
Captain Jack sparrow
Captain Jack sparrow:
Noooooooooooooo!! Rest In Peace William 🙏🙏🙏. You will be missed no one can replace you.
Practical Living
Practical Living:
Wooooow what a talent! One of the greatest ever to do it! RIP
Phillip Leech
Phillip Leech:
R.I.P. Human 😪 Great Actor
Appalachian Wanderer
Appalachian Wanderer:
Thanks for entertaining us for so long!

"Altered States" my personal favorite.

God speed to you.
John Bowerman
John Bowerman:
Another reminder... the 80s are long gone. RIP Bill.
Marita Zoto
Marita Zoto:
So sad…. One of the great actors! RIP
Lars Hansen
Lars Hansen:
They dont make actors like this anymore. Thank you Mr. Hurt always a plesure to whatch your movies. RIP 😢
Rodriguez Kuba
Rodriguez Kuba:
Amazing actor! 😢
L G:
Scrolling through world knows I saw this and had to pause. William Hurt acted in so many classic roles in the 1980s as I was coming of age and everyone seemed to have VHS machines and we would go to video rental shops. We had an actual copy of The Big Chill and I and my cousins could recite every single line of that movie. We didn't exactly know what the adults was really talking about but we knew the lines. One of my early favourite roles was "Children of a Lesser God". He and Marleen Matlin were captivating.

ROP and thanks for so many memories!
Sharon Fain
Sharon Fain:
William Hurt was a great actor who made many movies and he was superb in all of his work. We have truly lost one of the best actors and he’s going to be missed he’s left us to soon God bless his family and friends. Thank you sir for the joy you gave us through film.
Luke Daley
Luke Daley:
Brilliant actor. Loved him as Thunderbolt Ross in the Marvel movie franchise. RIP William Hurt.❤️🙏🏾
Johnell Harris
Johnell Harris:
One of the best,Mr.hurt will be missed God open your house,to this most gracious being.
Gary Rouyea
Gary Rouyea:
R.I.P. WH...YOU WERE ONE OF THE GREATS...and...will be forever...
You will be missed...there is now a
void, that can not and will not ever be refilled...MUCH LOVE MUCH RESPECT...
Ron Stallworth
Ron Stallworth:
RIP. A talented actor.
Great actor seen him in Body Heat, Gorky Park, Jane Eyre and
Changing Lanes amongst others. RIP
Rest in peace Mr. William Hurt.
A true American gent and icon...gone too soon...RIP Sir +++
Oof this makes me sad. I'm really never saw him in anything except for Tuck Everlasting, but I knew of course that he was a well-known and talented actor. And I loved his portrayal of the patriarch of the Tuck family.
TRE45ON is Bat5hit Crazy by Ulysees S. Grant*SS$!
TRE45ON is Bat5hit Crazy by Ulysees S. Grant*SS$!:
Great actor as his early movie Body Heat and more..
There’s no such thing as dying of “natural causes” at 71 years old. RIP Mr. Hurt - I was/am a fan, & I’m sorry to see you go too soon 😢
Denise Gladden-Peters
Denise Gladden-Peters:
RIP Sir. You were great.
M t
M t:
Thank you for sharing your art with us.
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez:
A very believable actor didn't work as much in his later years ❤️
Richard The Imaginator
Richard The Imaginator:
I will never forget him from playing General Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards:
He was a week away from his 72nd birthday.
Tita Roldan
Tita Roldan:
May He R.I.P 🙏🏽😢🕊
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
R I P Mr William Hurt Legends Never Die
2weeks ago?? How did I not hear about this?
Sad news , I grew up watching him from his very beginning. So many great actors are leaving us now.
Sophisticated Gentleman
Sophisticated Gentleman:
Noooooooooooo! I just found out about 80 seconds ago. He'll be missed. I was 2 in 1986 when he won the Best actor academy award for "Kiss Of The Spider Woman." Smh.
B Z € h
B Z € h:
Such a great loss!
bryce mcqueen
bryce mcqueen:
" He was a talented actor"
Just watched Children of a lesser God and thought what a great actor he is. Body Heat is also fantastic. Sad news, I will miss you William Hurt.
Luthfan Naufal
Luthfan Naufal:
His performance as thaddeus ross is amazing
RIP! Condolences to his family.
Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson:
Awesome talent... my fav... Altered States. Two... Dark City. Farewell, and Thank You Mr. Hurt.
Rip legend 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
steve conn
steve conn:
Tremendous actor, great in Altered States (also funny cameo during Glenn Close's SNL monologue saying of course he'd never host the show). RIP
RIP mr hurt hope you and stan are friends 🕊
Grejs Dervishi
Grejs Dervishi:
RIP William Hurt ❤
Grejs Dervishi
Grejs Dervishi:
RIP William Hurt ❤
Jarhead 0311
Jarhead 0311:
I saw the movie Body Heat when I was in High School great movie.
Monkey Humour Films
Monkey Humour Films:
All his fans must know Altered States. A Must See! One of the greatest actors of all time.
RiP Mr Hurt
It hurts
Thanks for your being
Liza Rivera
Liza Rivera:
rest in peace 🙏🙏
Liza Rivera
Liza Rivera:
rest in peace 🙏🙏
Truth Seeker Always
Truth Seeker Always:
Rest in Peace Rest in Heaven Rest in Power William Hurt 🌱🕊️❤️💞🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️
Wes Mcgee
Wes Mcgee:
I met Mr. Hurt on a night shoot with Kevin Costner on the Mr. Brooks set in 2006. Nice guy and very interesting. Condolences to his family.
William Lacey
William Lacey:
R.I.P. William Hurt he will be missed
R.I.P honest pure actor.
Cat on a wall
Cat on a wall:
May he rest in Peace in Heaven.
My favorite movie of his, The Accidental Tourist. RIP William Hurt.
Arctic Redpanda
Arctic Redpanda:
When I saw him in Black Widow, he appeared gaunt and emaciated. It occurred to me that something could be wrong.
Dinah Isabel Vallejos Alegria
Dinah Isabel Vallejos Alegria:
Que pena, Q.E.P.D.,un gran actor, fuerza a su familia 🌷🌹⚘😪😪😪👏👏👏👏