ADAM SANDLER wins Best Male Lead for UNCUT GEMS at the 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards

ADAM SANDLER wins Best Male Lead for UNCUT GEMS at the 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards.

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The 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards will took place February 8 on the beach in Santa Monica and were broadcast LIVE on IFC.









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Ross Stern
Ross Stern:
I love how self aware Adam Sandler is.
These 5 minutes alone are better than the entire Oscars of the past 5 years.
Jam and Mom
Jam and Mom:
I immediately laughed when he said “Hello my name is Adam Sandler”
Imagine an awards show that let's someone get through their entire acceptance speech!
Aero Mundos
Aero Mundos:
Can you imagine such a speech at the Oscars? We won't be seeing that this year.
Dai 大
Dai 大:
"Hello, my name is Adam Sandler. Thank you. I stand before you trembling with thankful glee as I receive this this so-called best actor trophy, independently speaking, of course. First off, it’s great to see our host Aubrey Plaza again. Aubrey and I did a movie entitled Funny People 11 years ago. That was actually the last time critics pretended not to hate me for five fucking minutes. Catch you in another 11 years, Aubrey!

I’d like to also give a shout out to my fellow nominees, who will now and forever be known as “the guys who lost to fucking Adam Sandler.” How did that happen? Independent movie? Adam Sandler? “To get my movie I had to live in my car outside of fucking Ralphs, begging for nickels on fucking kickstarter, and all Sandler had to do was get Ted Sarandos stoned.”

A few weeks back, when I was quote-unquote snubbed by the Academy, it reminded of when I briefly attended high school and was overlooked for the coveted yearbook superlative category Best Looking. That accolade was given to a jean-jacket-wearing featherhead douchebag by the name of Skipper Jenkins. But my classmates did honor me with the allegedly less-prestigious designation of Best Personality. And tonight, as I look around this room, I realize, the Independent Spirit Awards are the Best Personality awards of Hollywood. So let all those featherhead douchebag motherfuckers get their Oscars tomorrow night! Their handsome good looks will fade in time, while our independent personalities will shine on forever!

I’ve got more, I’m sorry, I’ve gotta cruise through this. But in all seriousness, independent films have been a big part of the Adam Sandler ecosystem. From my first film, a fearless look into the American education system through the eyes of a privileged sociopath by the name of Billy Fucking Madison to my searing exploration of American college foosball and its manipulation of socially-challenged athletes like Mister Bobby Boucher, I have tried to sell my truths with a truly independent spirit, while also cashing some truly disturbingly large paychecks.

But tonight is about Uncut Gems. I want to thank some people. First off, of course, the person who shares my life, my home, my laughter, my tears: Scott Rudin. Two years ago, Scott said the words that would forever change my life: “No, those aren’t homeless rabbis, those are the Safdie brothers.” No, honestly, I do want to say thank you to the Safdie brothers for believing in me and thinking of me for this part, and I really had the best time getting to know you guys, I love you guys and I’m glad we’re tight now. I also want to say thank you to anybody who ever worked on any of the comedies I did over the years. You guys, I love you, and I’m glad we did all that work together that the Safdies and Noah and everybody liked our stuff enough to put me in their stuff.

And I truly want to thank my kids for reading Uncut Gems and saying, “Dad, you’ve gotta fucking do this movie. Fantastic stuff.” And my wife, I love you — thanks for running lines with me and thanks for hanging out with me, and we really had some fun on this one, so I love you. And thanks everybody for — it’s a great night, I appreciate it."
I had a big stupid grin on my face seeing this. He deserves it and he deserved an Oscar nomination too
Platinum Patience
Platinum Patience:
Robert Pattinson's reaction doesn't even change... What a heart broken man.
"Those aren't homeless Rabbis those are the Sfdie brothers" is literally _theee_ most fitting description of Josh and Benny, I've ever heard .
Yashvin Jagarlamudi
Yashvin Jagarlamudi:
After Adam gets snubbed at the Oscar's :
"It means nothing. It meant nothing."
It's like he prepared his entire life for this speech.
Rodeo Father
Rodeo Father:
All he needed was rob schneider to yell “YOU CAN DO IT”
Film Toppings
Film Toppings:
It looks like everyone's actually having fun and not just there for publicity
He deserved it. I still can't believe Uncut Gems received no oscar nominations.
I’m no Adam Sandler fan, but he was seriously good in Uncut Gems.

Richly deserved!
Flex Piper
Flex Piper:
Sandler is slowly turning into the caucasian Samuel L Jackson and I love it.
This means the world to Sandler and his speech reflects who he truly is. This is what the Oscars should be about. Congrats Billy Madison.
ziga zaga
ziga zaga:
Uncut gems was an actual gem of a film, so well deserved Adam.
Morgan Dakin
Morgan Dakin:
He looks happier and healthier than he has in years; I hope he has faith in his skills enough now to keep doing roles he loves
Who's the actress at 3:43? She looks so familiar I swear I just saw her in something but I can't remember what she was in.
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin:
That's how you do an acceptance speech, as opposed to sanctimonious and ultimately self serving political sermons.
This and Adam's tribute song to Chris Farley are a tie for my favorite Sandler moment. Glad his luck has turned and people finally giving him some professinal respect.
Lily Farizon
Lily Farizon:
Adam sandler to his wife of many years, the mother of his children: thanks for hanging out with me
Gavin Hinson
Gavin Hinson:
Okay but this low key may be one of the best speeches ever given. Why aren’t more people talking about this??
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar:
I feel like his fans limited him. When he made Punch-Drunk Love, it was his first box office flop in years. So, he just continued to do comedies. Jack & Jill, despite being one of the worst films of all time, made a profit.
He was fuckin great in Uncut Gems. He deserved it and The Safdie Brothers did a great job directing it.
Arnulfo Navarro III
Arnulfo Navarro III:
"to my wife... thanks for hanging out with me..." 
sandman I love you.
Derrick Santos
Derrick Santos:
Finally, the Sandman getting some well-deserved recognition on his acting skills.
Shara James
Shara James:
It’s much easier to try and look good and constantly obey the status quo and be politically correct and win the accolades of the Academy. Much harder to actually BE a naturally funny hilarious person and deliver comedy with cleverness. Much harder to have the guts to speak your truth and choose to be the outlaw. Adam Sandler you ROCK!!! Here’s to breaking down the door of the snobby academy and making room for genius comedians!! 🥂
Congratulations!!! 😀👍👍
MK Plug
MK Plug:
If Netflix has more films like uncut gems I won’t be stopping my subscription anytime soon!
Naomi Winters
Naomi Winters:
I saw the movie a few days ago and I still can't believe I was watching Adam Sandler, he reminded me of Al Pacino.
"Those are not homeless Rabbis. Those are Safdie Brothers" lmao
He deserved this far back even when he did Punch Drunk Love. Like Robin Williams, their comedic energy and insight forced them to actually understand sadness on a profound level. Fantastic dramatic actor.
You can tell everybody love him casue when he introduce himself in his speech the crown went crazy
"the guys go fuck*ng lose to Adam Sandler"

We need this energy on his next movies XD
I loved Adam Sandler ever since Billy Madison. I’ve never stopped supporting this guy he’s Fucken awesome and hilarious.
oriel heled
oriel heled:
Flash back
Flash back:
Sandler seems like a really good guy, especially in interviews. Very humble family man.
em M
em M:
"I've got more, I'm sorry" Lmaoooo
I’m really satisfied he won. I hope Adam realizes we want him in more serious roles
Big Mikes
Big Mikes:
This speech brought back nostalgia of when I was a kid and everything was ok thanks sandman
Roger Nilsson
Roger Nilsson:
A truly deserved award. So glad he won after being snubbed at the Oscars.
BG Resjek
BG Resjek:
I haven't smiled so much before man. We do not deserve Adam he's so great
Fi No
Fi No:
Uncut Gem was a gem. His acting was so good.
Well deserved. Uncut gems was a masterpiece.
Suburban White Dad
Suburban White Dad:
Independent Spirit Awards AKA the REAL oscars
“Stop looking at me swan!” - Billy Madison
I am thankful this speech happened before 2020 went south because it quickly became one of my go-to videos to make me feel better.
Not only did Adam Sandler win, he went up and killed it! I was laughing so hard at his speech like the first time I watched happy Gilmore
Independent Spirit Awards > Academy Awards. Also everyone there looks happy and relaxed and like they're genuinely having a good time.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey:
_"This is me. This is how I win."_

_-Howard Ratner_
A.M. Sanchez
A.M. Sanchez:
The BEST acceptance speech of ALL TIME. (You can dooo eeht!)
Bennett Muasau
Bennett Muasau:
You can’t help but be happy for him. Uncut Gems was phenomenal and he was amazing.
SA Amateur Basketball League
SA Amateur Basketball League:
Adam Sandler is an uncut gem - what a legend!
Shane Wright
Shane Wright:
Everyone was so happy for him
Give him more good dramatic roles. He’ll knock ‘em out of the park.
Shawn Iyer
Shawn Iyer:
When he said ”hello my name is Adam Sandler” in his funny iconic voice I lost it
Look is fleeting... personality is FOREVER
purple rainbow
purple rainbow:
Man I've never felt so much positive vibes in one speech before, everyone was feeding of his energy
,,Shoutout to my fellow nominees, who will now forever be knowed the guys who lost to fucking Adam Sandler.''
I love this man so much.
Stranger Jones
Stranger Jones:
When Sandler took shots at the other nominees, I love how Kelvin was just like "You know, I'm cool with losing just to hear this speech."
Alissa Gonzales
Alissa Gonzales:
He's such a sweetheart.
He's always been one of my favorites.
He deserves the best. ❤
Some 30 second speeches feel eternal, this was over 4 minutes and i could have listened for another ten.
That's how you know Sandler is a natural born entertainer.
hen ko
hen ko:
"Those aren't homeless Rabbis those are the Sfdie brothers" is literally theee most fitting description of Josh and Benny, I've ever heard .
Pedro Vera
Pedro Vera:
Watching the Oscars is going to be surreal since Adam Sandler has been completely ignored by the Academy.
It does not make sense at all!
Kishan Bhatt
Kishan Bhatt:
He got robbed for not getting at least an Oscar Nomination.
*He Was Fucking Phenomenal!!*
Anthony Henry
Anthony Henry:
Should have gotten these Oscar noms:

Lead actor
Original screenplay
Film editing
Original score

And maybe director(s)
The Academy can kick rocks, Adam made a damn good point in his speech and the fact that the new Star Wars got recognized by the Academy and not Uncut Gems just goes to show just how right he is. What Im referring to btw is the fact that the new star wars is LITERALLY eye candy, its so spectacular to watch but its SO hollow. Uncut Gems manages to tell a story while also sending the message that the story thats unfolding in front of us is just something thats occuring in a VAST seemingly NEVER ending universe. I dunno about you guys but that sounds like a challenging feat in itself and the Safdie brothers fucking KILLED it along with everyone else involved.
cue intense music
cue intense music:
No speech in the Oscars tomorrow will ever top this

Edit: Okay I take it back since Parasite won but this speech was still good
Jill I
Jill I:
I actually like Adam Sandler and the movies he stars in....from "you don't mess with the zohan" to "the longest yard" and so on....
He's versatile, talented and funny!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis:
"I want to thank everyone who worked with me on my comedies"

*Camera pans over to Jim Gaffigan.... from Hotel Transylvania..... 3.......*
2:28 Long time friend and caddie, Mr. Skipper Jenkins. "What do you mean you got to take a shit? We gots to win this mutha fucka!"
dinkle ding
dinkle ding:
"Ey, thank you so much, man, that's really cool" - I can feel the freestyle
Maycon Maximiano
Maycon Maximiano:
Adam Sandler winning an award for acting, and is not the razzies, THE WORLD IS NOT THE SAME
The Red Republic
The Red Republic:
This is the first I’ve heard of this award
People love him so much... It speaks for itself 👍 Happy for him, he deserved it.
That. Was. Awesome. This beats anything the Oscars will serve up tonight.
When adam is actually trying on a movie he always kills it
Can we *not* ignore that great near 2 minute track shot at the begining? Camera man/ceremony director should get some award for that too lol
Tate Gibbs
Tate Gibbs:
Not only did he absolutely deserve this award, he also made some of his other movies sound intelligent.
Michael Helms
Michael Helms:
How can you not love this guy?
Div Does Stuff
Div Does Stuff:
What a legend! People like him don't come around everyday. Oscars should have nominated him atleast.
Charles DiGloria
Charles DiGloria:
His laugh will never get old.
I hope Adam lives to be 100+ years, he is truly a gem.
This marks the moment in time where aspiring artists are going to start dreaming of one day, winning an Independent Spirit Award.
Julian N
Julian N:
nostalgia feeling almost like watching 8 crazy nights for the first 100 times or an SNL skit from him when he started; this was amazingly hilarious and heartfelt
No One
No One:
I honestly don’t mind long speeches as long as they’re funny and heartfelt (not reading off a list of names). It’s way more respectful than cutting someone off with an orchestra.
I will cry manly tears when he eventually wins an oscar.
Adam Sandler was brilliant in ‘Punch drunk love’. Another overlooked masterpiece.
Adam Sandler deserves this and more awards for his mesmerizing performance in Uncut Gems.
When he won the award I thought it started playing that Twilight song I felt so bad for Robert for 4 seconds
Ive never been prouder of an actor. Even his comedy, shit is brilliant with its undertone. He made movies where damn near every line was a punchline. So happy for him. About time the sand man got his shine.
Riku Majumder
Riku Majumder:
Actually they were all great but I am so glad especially after hearing this speech. Just think about how this gem of a speech we would have missed if he didn't win.
Ludwig Von Cocksucker
Ludwig Von Cocksucker:
holy shit, i died when he said "let all the featherhead douchebags get their oscars tomorrow night" LMFAO
Just Another Monster
Just Another Monster:
this man deserved the oscars, this was literarry the best performance of the decade
michael blackston
michael blackston:
He should of been nominated and won an Oscar for his performance. Well deserved win here
Drew Bonner
Drew Bonner:
This was the best part of 2020 and we didn't even know
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin:
Damn he is so good that his speech has it's own character
i dunno if i've ever seen an award speech kill this hard
Hollywood BTW
Hollywood BTW:
One of the greatest actors of all time truly deserved he should’ve definitely been nominated for an Oscar and WON