Addison Rae - Obsessed (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Addison Rae – Obsessed

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Directed by Diane Martel
Produced by Missy Galanida
Executive Producer: Missy Galanida and Isaac Rice
Director of Photography: Chris Soos
Color & Title Design: Tim Masick
Edited by: Jeremy Maneval
Choreographer: Calvit Hodge
Assistant Choreographer: Sara Biv
Director rep: Missy Galanida/Isaac Rice

Addison Rae Team:
Director: Diane Martel

Photographer: Marcus Cooper

Makeup: Mary Phillips

Hair: Jenny Cho

Nails: Thuy Nguyen

Styling: Kyle Luu

Choreography: Calvit & Sara

You turned our song down baby what for
You had lit candles on the dashboard
Red roses growing out of the door
Wanna say something ya never said before

We were driving down sunset
You know I like fast cars
Past by where we first met
Damn we made it so far
Red eyes from
The red light
And that just set the mood
You said you’re obsessed w me and I took a second and said me too

Im obsessed w me-e-e as much as u
Said you’d die for me I’d die for me-e too
If I lost you I’d still have me I can’t lose
When you say that you’re obsessed w me, me too

I did my hair like waves on the beach
This dress so tight you can’t even speak
My heels so high you might get a nose bleed
Music’s so loud but I hear your heartbeat


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Anishka Singh
Anishka Singh:
lets just appreciate her guts to leave the comments section *ON* for this one 😭😭
addison looks like she’s going to attack me with her choreography
Addison realized she couldn't be a singer and now she's on netflix.LMAO
“Tell me you’re a narcissist without telling me you’re a narcissist”
man, idk why ya’ll are hating, if it just had better vocals, lyrics, choreography, beat, and sound it would low key be a bop.
*The comments are legit getting more fame than the actual song*
Thanks. I had been paralyzed in the bottom half of my body, making me unable to walk. After seeing this music video, I got the motivation to walk to the nearest bridge and jump off
💜J-Hope is my sunshine child☀️
💜J-Hope is my sunshine child☀️:
The choreography looks like something me and my cousins would make up at the family reunion that we would make the rest of our family watch
Why does everyone hate this? It's so good on mute!
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton:
Imagine if she sang this for her audition for any talent show with Simon Cowell as the judge 😂😂
Would love to hear what Simon thinks about this.....
she was dead serious with that dance too 😭😭
Mallika L
Mallika L:
But clearly fame isn't everything
- Severus snape
PowerzZ 父
PowerzZ 父:
This song sounds like something you’ll hear at forever 21
She’s basically saying that she’s a narcissist in the most nicest way possible
Scruffy Adi
Scruffy Adi:
Wow, I just wanna extend a huge thanks to Addison Rae, her music is literally sooo inspiring and I'm soo soo happy that I discovered this song, and because of this song I am cured from my Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and I got up and finally turned this trash song off, this song cured me and cured my disabilities... So thank you Addison Rae for curing my leg disease because of your song I am finally able to walk again 🙌🏽
Addison really wrote a song about how obsessed she is with herself LMAO
Laura Amore Carman
Laura Amore Carman:
Addison’s song is entirely made up of Instagram captions
Cottage Freak666
Cottage Freak666:
It’s kind of a shame, she’s pretty, her clothes in the video are amazing, her voice isn’t even that bad… but the lyrics and choreography are giving me secondhand cringe.
Purple clips ✓
Purple clips ✓:
Why do so many people hate this song, it actually slaps when it's paused
Gamer Girls
Gamer Girls:
“Say you’d die from me, I said m-m-m-me too” at this point even she knows how terrible this is.
Aiden Ngo
Aiden Ngo:
Let’s give some credit to the back dancers who are actually trying their hardest :)
Shawn Cabello
Shawn Cabello:
The best thing about this song is that it ends✨
Abiha Durrani
Abiha Durrani:
My sister who never laughed started laughing so hard after watching this that we thought that she is traumatized
Olivia Darling
Olivia Darling:
“This dress so tight you can’t even think.”
Ok so is it just me, or did Addison just ran out of something to speak, so she just put that.
And she wasn’t even WEARING a dress
So I’m confused....
And Addison is the queen of face expressions lol
“I would die for me too”

*Girl that is suicide.......*
why is everyone hating? i mean, the first 7 seconds are fire!
Just Sofia
Just Sofia:
Guys this song is SUCH A BOP THO.
Bop meaning
People music
Ruoshui Liu
Ruoshui Liu:
My computer literally froze when I clicked on this- even it didn't want to play this trash.

Also, can I just say it's sad that she gets views for producing this when actually talented musicians who don't have the money might not get discovered for a lifetime? We need to start supporting them and ignore stuff like this.
Joia Music
Joia Music:
I kinda like it and first off it's her first song, it takes a lot to even make a song. Not every song someone makes is gonna be the best or even considered good by most every time
Sanna Antonia
Sanna Antonia:
It’s crazy how money can literally buy you a music career
Dan dan
Dan dan:
So, I'm obsessed with myself, that's basically the entire message of this song, right? Some of the people might think that's not right but in real life there's too many people obsessed with themselves. Wonder why there's so many unhappy people? This is why.
When somebody asks me what being “self absorbed” means, this is what I’ll show them.
"This dress so tight you can't even speak"

Aarya Pakhale
Aarya Pakhale:
This song is such a gem 💎 in the field of medical sciences...
It is now used by doctors to wake up patients from coma...🤣😅🤣
Amanda Butler
Amanda Butler:
The Choreography looks like a Zumba class
Allison Barker
Allison Barker:
Who made the choreography- whoever it was



Alexzis Jordan
Alexzis Jordan:
I return to this video everytime I feel bad about myself and make myself feel good
Abiha Durrani
Abiha Durrani:
My sister who never laughed started laughing so hard after watching this that we thought she is traumatized
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton:
Few days ago I went to a clothes store in a mall in my country (the clothes are brand from my own country, so it's not Forever 21 or even H&M thank goodness) and they literally played this song almost 3 to 5 times and I can't help hearing that for 30 minutes while my mom is searching for what she's trying to buy. The hell is wrong with this generation??? 😭😭😭
this is what happens when you hang out with the Kardashians a little too much
Naishaaa Galaaa
Naishaaa Galaaa:
Bro..why everyone hating? The song is an absolute bop from here- 2:14
Literal hardcore editing and choreography during a calm song for absolutely no reason:
bro imagine how much addison and the production would've had to pay the background dancers... 😂😭
Kid: Mom can I go to a Twice concert?
Mom: No, we have Twice at home
Twice at home:
Prabhkirat Kaur
Prabhkirat Kaur:
The fact that i clicked on this video just to read the comments and have the best laughing therapy XD
Danilo Ivanovic
Danilo Ivanovic:
this song has a beautiful instrumental imo it would’ve been amazing if an actual singer sung this
Myoni O'Keefe
Myoni O'Keefe:
imagine litterally making a whole song about being obsessed with yourself
[Cry] Girl☠️
[Cry] Girl☠️:
What makes me laugh the most is that they keep an eye on everything she does, they give her a lot of attention hahahaha this woman is beautiful and talented 🌸🌟
The first 7 second of this song is dope. thats all i can say really
“I’d die for me too”
Girl isn’t that suicide 💀
F. Farzia
F. Farzia:
This is embarrassing we went from Whitney Houston to this today 😪
Underrated Gamerz
Underrated Gamerz:
Addison rae: obsessed
10 Y/O: Impressed
Normal person: mute the rest
Honestly if it had better lyrics, choreography, and vocals, this would be decent.
"Im Obsessed with m-m-me too"
*When i have to talk about love yourself infront of namjoon*
gabby jay
gabby jay:
im confused as to why the dancing is so aggressive-
i dont know why all tiktokers suddenly need to feel like they have to make music even tho none of them can sing like how much more hate do they want?
Lerato Molotsi
Lerato Molotsi:
Let’s just give credit to the backup dancers thou 👏🏽👏🏽 I love the setting and the outfits
Level: Beyond infinity
There’s a difference between self-love and narcissism 🥲
The fact that everybody’s trying to make a music career
Unknown Waccoon
Unknown Waccoon:
Tell me you're cringe without telling me you're cringe.
she gets money for all this and here’s me working 12 hours a day and barely getting by. she should try living like us
Raghav A
Raghav A:
Played this at 2× speed. Crapped my pants laughing on the floor😂
Please, what is this- ive seen thousands of young artists who are underrated but have amazing voices.. give the production value to them, sharing is caring. 😇
Sofia Garcês
Sofia Garcês:
The facial expressions she does while she dances with all that aggression are hilarious lmaooo
Kiara Hegde
Kiara Hegde:
*I can clearly picture Abby Lee Miller hysterically crying.*
All she does here is just say *Obsessed* literally with a few other words that’s it

Addison Rae: if I can do TikTok means I can do YouTube mv too!!
Shaunessy Stuart
Shaunessy Stuart:
So on brand for Gen Z. Imagine telling someone you love “if I lost you, I still have me, I can’t lose.” That’s called being a narcissist, Addison.
Na Bl
Na Bl:
Why is everyone hating on this song it is so catchy I love it
Kaitlyn V
Kaitlyn V:
I have nothing against Addison but the aggressive dancing at the chorus when the song is so calm I can’t ✋😭😭😭

Edit: Thank you so much for the likes
guys, idk man its not THAT bad. i mean if you close your eyes and just listen, its still clearly a cash grab but i do think its better then dixies One whole day by yards.
Abiha Durrani
Abiha Durrani:
My sister who never laughed started laughing so hard after watching this that we thought that she is traumatized
J Jax
J Jax:
Girls really don’t know the difference between “self love” and blatant narcissism
this song makes "ONE DAY ONE DAY I WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SAD" the best song ever
anja. jones
anja. jones:
I can just feel the guy recording this be like: I don't get payed enough for this
Sanulya R
Sanulya R:
Sometimes your first song isn’t your best
I hope this is a learning experience for Addison
A good song has a good meaning to it
Self obsession isn’t
This choreography looks like my little sisters perform in school reunion
Abdellah TALBI
Abdellah TALBI:
I put this song as my alarm , now i wake up before.
Joell Grinage
Joell Grinage:
i really love this song long time i did not listen to it.. it sound even more better u go addison rea i love u so much ur the girl and one day u will hit ur biggest dream ever..sign by ur biggest fan joell.....
If Charli starts making music, then I'm going to another dimension
tippy clips
tippy clips:
I- I honestly- I just can't-😭 The fact that she had the audacity to turn the comments *ON* - like bruh I am amazed but honestly 2:14 is still my fav part ✨🤒
Trxgger Ash
Trxgger Ash:
People do realise that everyone needs to develop right? You can't expect her first song to be Ariana Grande.
Farzana Gaan gai
Farzana Gaan gai:
i set this as my alarm and now thankfully I wakeup an hour earlier! love you rae xo
It’s funny how you say your obsessed with yourself as much as I am, but that means you can’t stand yourself..
addison rae: obsessed with herself
dicksea: depressed but title says “be happy”
bella poarch: makes a song that makes sense
Bri :
It would be a lot better if she added structure, and good lyrics, and if you kept the volume down. Perfection ✨
chocolate chip muffin
chocolate chip muffin:
"my heels so high might get a nosebleed"
Alanna Dicks
Alanna Dicks:
No guys it's fine, she said she took a second before she said me too. She's not a total narcissist.
doctor zola
doctor zola:
When you're so obsessed with yourself you forget you can't actually sing
Khinmg Aye
Khinmg Aye:
When you are so obsessed with yourself you forgot Koreans are also ASIANS.
Imagine embarrassing yourself like this-
Kiara Hegde
Kiara Hegde:
*This is the type of song that would place last on Dance Moms*
Her: "Your obsessed with me, me too"
Her: "You die for me, me too"
Me: 😱😱 Wtf
safetypin .
safetypin .:
the beat is amazing, wish i could say the same to the lyric
Mami Adorkor Coleman
Mami Adorkor Coleman:
Okay so Nessa’s in pain, Dixie doesn’t want to be happy and now Addison is obsessed. Got it.
Sofia Pilia
Sofia Pilia:
I was ranked 7th in my class
Bryce: she is Asian
Addison: u don’t know that she can be Korean
this is all just so akward
the lirycs, her vocals, „sensual” dancing and the dancing in general
and the fact that it sounds like selena gomez song lolllll
vzyx 🐤
vzyx 🐤:
damn this shit hit real hard on mute 💀
I've been unable to walk for several years.

Thanks Addison, you made me get up and turn this shit off