Afganistan - Kabul and Some Parrots

Video of my travels through Afghanistan in 2014. I visited Kabul and would like to share with you this footage of the region and some of the birds and parrots I had seen there. Afghanistan is a devastated war torn country with many years of problems and extreme poverty. You will be able to see some of this through my eyes in my travels through Afghanistan.

Article and video of my travels through Iran during the same trip coming soon. Here is the article and footage from Iraq on the same trip:

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Maria de la Guardia
Maria de la Guardia:
Love this! And oh my gosh, I have footage of the same guy at 4:10 in the bird market! ( Haha. Thank you for showing the reality, the good, the funny and the hospitality. It is my favourite place in the world, yet so misunderstood by most.
must be hard... trying to live with constant threat of violence. i hope afghanistan has a chance for peace - such a beautiful nation.
Jack Regan
Jack Regan:
Thanks for a great video. I spent three years over there and really learned to love the country and the people. Most of my photos and videos were of wildlife, however.
Amazingly insightful video. U almost never get to see the day to day interactions of these people. Great job with this one
Niyab E Jabbar
Niyab E Jabbar:
good, hardworking people, i am respecting you guys💕
This was fascinating, and the minimal (if you could even call it that),input was appreciated. Thank you for sharing it with us :)
hugh thomson
hugh thomson:
thank you for sharing,
showed alot of the life there in short time,
wish good luck for Afghanistan
Well that was the longest intro ever
Abdulbasit Khan
Abdulbasit Khan:
brother where are you from?
Tube Specific
Tube Specific:
That was one of the most interesting 5 minutes of my life. Facinating exploration. Looks kinda like Egypt, India, and Indonesia mixed together and it's between those countries. I felt quite all by myself when I woke up on a Malaysian Airways flight over Afganistan seeing everyone else sleeping and the sun glowing golden for hours like sunset from Kuala Lumpur to Paris or London, can't remember which one, but was going to Europe on that back in 2011. Thanks for showing. You are brave.
Tammy Stephenson
Tammy Stephenson:
D M:
My beautiful country Afghanistan. I love you so much.
Obidulla Rahman
Obidulla Rahman:
Watched your videos on training parrots very informative and useful but didn't know you make documentaries too great video thanks for your work
Zabe Yardam
Zabe Yardam:
what were doing inafganistan??
WhoMeNoob Sarw
WhoMeNoob Sarw:
i know this country is in war over 50 years
Samah Samiee
Samah Samiee:
Last time I visited Kabul was five years ago, and they had signs on not to film/pictures. Did you not film when there was no police around or does the police not care?
those poor birds :( so hard to make a living over there
Ananda Amrita
Ananda Amrita:
cywilization anti-lieve
Ajmal Shah
Ajmal Shah:
beautiful city
حسن حسن
حسن حسن:
جميل جدا
Alex zaki
Alex zaki:
Welcome to my country afghanistan
Alex R
Alex R:
wow did parrot wizard do a world tour?? this is awesome!! he has the coolest life ever!!!
M Y:
Sad to watch.
Ros Bolton
Ros Bolton:
Thanks for sharing. I feel so sorry for both the people and the birds. I am in the UK and trying to help a gentleman in Iraq with his African Grey who is a chronic plucker on every part of its body. They do not have access to avian vets and can't get pellets to feed their birds so they have an inadequate diets of sunflower seeds which will contribute to its situation because it is likely to be malnourished. Very sad.
Dhr. en Mevr. Jahangier
Dhr. en Mevr. Jahangier:
mohammed rafie ramzaan lietjes
Najoo Jane
Najoo Jane:
Khadim Khan
Khadim Khan:
Omar rasabzada
Omar rasabzada:
Im from afghanistan
ashley eden
ashley eden:
Does Afghanistan looks much better than before the invasion? No
Has any citizen of those 54 countries who went there to make it better place asked they're government what they achieved after all that life los.?
Jana Kalejova
Jana Kalejova:
jana kalejova
Banunu Hawawa
Banunu Hawawa:
What were you doing in Afghanistan? Are you Afghani?
S A:
That is so cruel to keep a bird in that ugly tiny cage
Why can't they rebuild Afghanistan like it was before the wars like in the 60s. Sad to see after 17 or more years of war and USA has not changed a thing over there.
The Supreme Thunder Dragon
The Supreme Thunder Dragon:
Wow, this looks quite civilized for a dump like Iraq.
Poor birds
Poor birds :(
Caleb Tidwell
Caleb Tidwell:
it is sad #bringbackour girls i thought you forgot about you channel 
Aladar Horvath
Aladar Horvath:
Primitive tird country
Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu
Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu:
Very nice video about the locals of kabul thank you
Bit byBit
Bit byBit:
Who looks after the parrots at home while you are away ?
Me No last name needed
Me No last name needed:
Poor birds. The bidgies and counuries are in so so conditions but deserve better. But the medium and large birds are in horible conditions they dont even have enough room to extend there wings.
Yamin Momin
Yamin Momin:
I want come afganistan ... How can indian come in Afghanistan.
Too much terriostm
Fatima Asghari
Fatima Asghari:
i am from kabul and i am muslim