Agnes Is Actually Agatha Harkness - WandaVision Episode 7

Agnes Is Actually Agatha Harkness - WandaVision Episode 7

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the editors
the editors:
From Monica becoming Photon, to Agnes revealing it’s been Agatha all Along, to a possible Mephisto involvement, episode 7 DELIVERED
Unplugged Songs
Unplugged Songs:
I’m going to have the “It was Agatha all Along” theme stuck in my head for the rest of my days.
Canned Beans
Canned Beans:
Im like the only person who's never heard of agatha harkness until now
Loki: Finally a worthy opponent.
Burqa Wali Aunty
Burqa Wali Aunty:
i’m just saying… if agatha all along doesn’t debut in at least top 30 on the hot 100… we’re rioting
julian t
julian t:
Easter eggs:
•Agatha's basement chamber has multiple entrances... suggests more witches in town, a coven.
•Agatha says she bit a kid once, is that the missing kid on the carton of milk?
•Billy can not read Agatha's mind
•Monica/Spectrum can see and turn herself into all forms of energy.
•The mail man is in on it somehow.
•Wanda is being used as a Nexus being to either open a door way or feed magical energy to something that intends to come through that door way.
•The book is called the Necronomicon, its an evil sentient book with powers to create portals through time and between realities as well as create mystical zombies called deadites - that explains Pietro.
Wise Howell
Wise Howell:
Killed Sparky?!?! Wanda about to go John Wick
tabassum masood
tabassum masood:
Me since episode one: Agnes is Agatha Harkness and she's influencing everything

Wandavision: It's been Agatha all along
Just Watcher
Just Watcher:
marvel stans pretending to be shocked when we cracked the code that it's been agatha all along #WandaVision
waqar cpm
waqar cpm:
Me: Agnes is kinda sus. She’s at right spot at the right time. She’s definitely Agatha Harkness.

Agnes: “The name is Agatha Harkness”

Waqar Masood
Waqar Masood:
Agatha's powers are purple what a serve
Anon ymous
Anon ymous:
Is anyone really surprised that she’s Agatha Harkness? I had my suspicions the whole time. My question is, why is she doing this? What did she do with the twins? What’s her motive and is she more powerful than Wanda?
And why did she kill Sparky? 😔
McRib Prime
McRib Prime:
This was like the biggest I told you so ever, I thought it was Agatha Harkness the minute I saw her broach.
But I love the character and I think the Actress has done a sensational job of bringing her to life.
The ending to Agatha all along

And I killed Sparky hahahahahahhahaha

Me: Bitxh
Art Cat
Art Cat:
Also, I noticed that during the entire episode, Agnes wasn’t wearing her
jewel thing but when she revealed herself as Agatha she was wearing it.
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff:
the 47 dislikes are from people that didn't like to see Hayward in this video
Niko FN
Niko FN:
POV you’re here after watching episode 7
Maria N.
Maria N.:
What Agatha said: "You didn't think you were the only magical girl in town, did you?"
What she actually meant: "You know, I'm something of a witch myself"
I freakin knew it, This whole time I was telling my friends that there was some outside force pulling on Wanda's strings.
“It's me Austin! It's me Austin! It was me all along, Austin! You all bought it!”
In Comments
In Comments:
“And I killed sparky too” muahhahahhaha”
Bryan ONeill
Bryan ONeill:
"Insta-Slytherin" - Sorting Hat
Murray Mint
Murray Mint:
I am so worried for billy and Tommy even though it’s just a tv show
Tim Holmes
Tim Holmes:
With those kids and agatha now revealed mephisto has to be the villain.... those kids are part of mephistos soul
Unicorn Bubbles
Unicorn Bubbles:
I just watched it with my family and I loved the Agatha theme song 😂
I watched a theory that was actually right LMAO!!!!!!
Kool Beans
Kool Beans:
I called this lmao
THE MCU's Granny Goodness
Derek from step brothers would say that her singing is still flat
Muhammad Waqar Masood
Muhammad Waqar Masood:
We need to collectively stop as a society and appreciate how insanley good agatha all along is agnes revelaed herself as agatha harkness with style
Kirk canque
Kirk canque:
Does anybody know where i can watch this full
Raul Vargas
Raul Vargas:
I don’t care if she is manipulating Wanda and an entire town,she killed SPARKY she won’t get away with that
spectacular sudeep
spectacular sudeep:
Those who already knew that Agnes was Agatha harkness might read comics.. but for non comic readers like me it blew my mind🥺
Nothing against Kathyrn Hahn but I really wish they had cast someone OLDER for the part just to be more faithful to the comics. If Helen Mirren is too high profile, then Jane Lapotaire. Either could have done the part immense justice. I hope they reboot Harkness in FF4 and X-Men with an OLDER female actor.
This is setting up mephisto to come at the end or in doctor strange into the multiverse
Airwolf 276
Airwolf 276:
This song is still in my head
Animal Tips
Animal Tips:

*we will revenge you*
Edwin G Torres
Edwin G Torres:
Damn I really hope they keep this show going in da future
Zane Girard
Zane Girard:
I hope we get to see Agatha's full witch costume before she turned into her 1950's outfit.
Elon Mask
Elon Mask:
She was in the comics. And she appeared in fantastic 4 comics too
G1 Grimlock
G1 Grimlock:
The true Villain behind all this
I feel like Agatha may have possibly brought Ultron back, considering that Agatha brought “Pietro” back using her magic,
Ben Spencer
Ben Spencer:
I think the engineer has to be reed richards than
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts:
Why do people do this. I wanted to hear Agatha’s catchy theme tune.....
Primrose Jones
Primrose Jones:
The first #MCU Villain with her own theme song 💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈💜😈
Andres Perez
Andres Perez:
More questions than answers
Andrew Christopher
Andrew Christopher:
It's Agatha all Along
xavier ramirez
xavier ramirez:
guess this means no x men merger :/
Eustace Tuberson
Eustace Tuberson:
The inspiration for Agatha's theme song:
Gray Couch
Gray Couch:
I really hope they don’t kill Agatha off
kory stephens
kory stephens:
Meanwhile, it wet?
Sam Kursban: The Stunt Kids
Sam Kursban: The Stunt Kids:
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2:
On a rewatch I’ll skip this one 😂 boring
What happened to Peitro Anyways??
Agatha Harkness is related to the cosmic supervillain Scrier who is related to Galactus and the brotherhood of scriers who norman osborn is apart of
Al Cahallic
Al Cahallic:
Agatha Harkness was basically a good old-fashioned white-haired Witch in the FF comics, I repeat a Good Witch, so why name a character after her that is nothing like the original character in behavior or looks? Just to use the name? (I am sure that Stan Lee created the original for the FF).
Eternal Azari
Eternal Azari:
There’s a bigger bad
Wizard V2003X
Wizard V2003X:
Isn't agatha harkness good?
are we surprised tho 😭
Regular Human
Regular Human:
Wow what a twist -_- so shocking
Edwin G Torres
Edwin G Torres:
Oh and I love Agatha Harknes
Ali Haider
Ali Haider:
AGatha harkNESS
Zach Attack
Zach Attack:
I could not stop smiling during Agatha's song
Medfeeds News
Medfeeds News:
m gonna be thinking about this for the next forever holy FUCKING SHIT!!!! they really took 7 episodes to give us what we already knew and im STILL shockedLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceSkullit’s been agatha all along and i knew it but im still shocked
Waqar Masood
Waqar Masood:
Gibson Tube E T.V
Gibson Tube E T.V:
Agatha is trying to teach Billy majic
QT Taffeit
QT Taffeit:
My name is Agatha, so cause of that for someone reason I think, this song about me 🤷‍♀️And Agatha is me, coz u know it's me🤦‍♀️
A.R Pradipta
A.R Pradipta:
The twist are predictable AF lol
Ill be honest im happy for the intro for Photon but the whole It's been Agetha all alone if she is the Villan then it probably isnt great because everyone already expected her to be the villan and i feel this show is about twists and turns. Mephisto might be around but there really isnt valid evidence. Either way glad they finally pulled the curtain and prove some points.
Anthony 911
Anthony 911:
Is mephisto confirmed as well Or is Agnes working alone?
Mostly Nintendo Gaming
Mostly Nintendo Gaming:
I think Agatha killed the twins.
herberth mejia
herberth mejia:
Or maybe Wanda is crafting that idea out of guilt to blame someone else not herself to be perceived not as a villain but as another victim
Janet Graham-Russell
Janet Graham-Russell:
You think Agatha is really the big, big bad?
J English
J English:
if there won't be any explanation why it is done as a sitcom, i won't watch Marvel anymore.