Albert Einstein का दिमाग क्यों था खास ? How Albert Einstein Brain Is Really Different Than Others

The brain of Albert Einstein has been a subject of much research and speculation. Einstein's brain was removed within seven and a half hours of his death. Einstein's brain has attracted attention because of Einstein's reputation as one of the foremost geniuses of the 20th century, and apparent regularities or irregularities in the brain have been used to support various ideas about correlations in neuroanatomy with general or mathematical intelligence. Scientific studies have suggested that, within Einstein's brain, regions involved in speech and language are smaller, while regions involved with numerical and spatial processing are larger. Other studies have suggested an increased number of glial cells in Einstein's brain

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I also think his brain should be preserved for future research in museum.
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"Genetic-Code की खोज किसनें की थी"?, "पृथ्वी की जुड़वाँ बहन किस ग्रह को कहतें हैं"? "चंगेज खान किस देश का निवासी था"?-#AmaZingKnowLedge
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It was not right to take out his brain without his family's permission.But he was a great scientist for which I salute him🙋
10 C Rajveer Sharma
10 C Rajveer Sharma:
He was a very genius person and who one was tried to came out brain from Albert Einstein, he was done in right way so it was not a bad It is a very good for research
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Doctor. Using his mind
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Please make a video on his biography. It will reveled more knowledgble facts of his talent.
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He was a great scientist, gifted to the world from the GOD !!
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🌹🌹Einstein was a computer 💻 great intelligent and fanciful man, 💖💖❣️💖💖❣️
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Hope any one from us can research his brain.
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یا الٰہی اس ماں مبارک کے صدقے مجھے سپورٹ کرنے والوں اور تمام مسلمانوں کو ہر قسم کی افت اور پریشانیوں سے دور رکھ اور جو بیمار ہیں انہیں صحت کاملہ عطا فرما آمین ثم
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I am only one who think I will also become genius when I grow up.
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If his brain was cut how did they again fix it😅
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He made each generation capable for their own he was not he is great even if he is dead his theories r with us for our knowledge and naun sources of our careers and about his brain comparison can be done it is fabulous as a person and a successful scientist too he proves that every person has their capability and knowledge ... Tq sir for ur research work..
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l have a question that can we take out the brain is it possible??
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"Why should i fill my mind with unnessesary things when i can easily find this stuffs in book" great
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Doctor ne Einstein ke brain ki jaach karne ka sahi nirnay liya.
This video was ossum please keep it up 👆
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this channel and Arshpedia are great for hindi and urdu documentories
Jinhone Albert Einstein ko challange kiya vo te. Vasisht suryakant narayan .patna .bihar . 👍👍❤️
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यही सर आइंस्टीन के दिमाग का रहस्य है l
J. Krishanamurti .
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He is brilliant .he so more wise.
No one like them He is always great scientist . All over world Honoured them
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over 9000!!!
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Interesting sciencetics
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Albert Einstein ne kuch soch samajh Kar Hi research karne ka mna Kiya hoga.
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Benjamin Stilton
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Doctor Thomas ने Albert Einstein के दिमाग के साथ जो भी किया एकदम सही ही किया
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عند الجزار بيتباع بالكيلو هههههه
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Einstein was a genius person he will always be remain in our hearts
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