Alejandro Davidovich Fokina - Federico Delbonis Match Highlights (2021 4th Round)

Watch the Match Highlights from Alejandro Davidovich Fokina - Federico Delbonis, 06/06/2021
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34 comentarios:

Delbonis' toss comes down with ice crystals on it.
Sean Eckhart
Sean Eckhart:
I thought the screen was freezing when Delbonis served at the start
Sel Os
Sel Os:
I love Foki’s game, he is powerful and motivated
Nicolas Sganzini
Nicolas Sganzini:
dolph lundgren's son winning another one
Tarzan jodeajane
Tarzan jodeajane:
The trainers go crazy talking about the trophy position in the Service and delbonis replace it with the jesus christ one..... am puzzled here.
I swear Delbonis has the highest ball toss in tennis history
Tomas Del Campo
Tomas Del Campo:
Delbonis is pretty slow huh. I never realized somehow
I really like this Davidovich Fokina guy. He has so much fight and he also seems like a nice guy.
Jeff D Yeom
Jeff D Yeom:
Davidovich has a shot! Delbonis’ toss is eventually going outer space lol.
Fabi Clares
Fabi Clares:
Grande Alex orgullo malagueño 💪💪💪😃😃
Chopper Fok
Chopper Fok:
Fok run around forehand so powerful is dangerous to his quarter finals opponent Zverev.
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis:
Delbonis has that old man serving style . That looks like it could be a problem in windy conditions. I don't see Fokina beating Zverev
Caleb Phillips
Caleb Phillips:
Delbonis throws his ball to the moon when he serves. Damn bruh
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui:
Se' acabo' el sueño para Delbonis..😎
Nice quality highlights Stan! Thank you 🙏
Julius Rogers
Julius Rogers:
Delbonis trophy position actually looks like a trophy
Cloclo 480
Cloclo 480:
Heureuse pour vous Alejandro face a un très bon Delbonis. Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour la suite.
Harrison Ash
Harrison Ash:
A 30 second point at 1:23
fokina's coach: "you only gotta be clutch on the critical points"
Jawher Méjbri
Jawher Méjbri:
hopefully he won't be easily rekt facing zverev next x)
Alejandro is hot 🔥🤭

Delbonis's serve is a cursed thing. 😬 🎾
David Hsiao
David Hsiao:
I was waiting for a dropshot at 1:36...
Roberto Amores
Roberto Amores:
1:15 when all is loss
Petar Petros
Petar Petros:
Zverev will win him 3 1
S M:
Hope Alejandro Davidovich Fokina doesn't get crushed by Zverev again in 3 sets like 2020 US Open...hoping for a better stronger fight instead of a one sided victory.
I feel like he is the most dangerous of the next Gen players. Nadal, Novak better watch out!
Horacio Huber
Horacio Huber:
Delbonis, Pecho frio
Joven Son
Joven Son:
qué bien Foki, con lo que le costó llegar al top 100 y lo rapido que ha llegado al top 30.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn:
What Weird service motion
Delbonis forehand has too big of a backswing. Fokina’s is much better
Silver Blinkz
Silver Blinkz:
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom
Marcus Fredriksson
Marcus Fredriksson:
You know the world is crazy when Davidovich Fokina can reach the Quarters.
You know any of those 2 will not go longer. Very limited game