Alexis Mac Allister - AMAZING skills and goals - HD

Outstanding goals, assists, skills and passes from 22 year old Argentine pro baller who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion
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23 comentarios:

Monkey Saur
Monkey Saur:
As a Brighton fan, I think this guy is incredible, easily one of my favorite players and one of the biggest young attacking talents we have. I think he goes under the radar a bit, but I don't think that will be for long. He is only 22, I think he is going to go on to become one of the best players in his role, both in the PL and for Argentina.
Cosman Pelcea
Cosman Pelcea:
When i heard his name for the first time " McAllister " I thought " oh yeah , blonde hair, typical scotish name, he could be from Scotland or Ireland " then I find out he is from Argentina and I was like wtf 😅
Val Man
Val Man:
4:54 Que golazo
Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler:
A big PL team should snap him up, right age and attributes for an excellent CAM in 3/4 years time.
Tareq Ahmed
Tareq Ahmed:
Argentine blood. Love from Bangladesh.
marvin silverman
marvin silverman:
he made increidible goals
Maxi Ezequiel Sampallo
Maxi Ezequiel Sampallo:
Ojala esté en la Copa América
Tomas Marin
Tomas Marin:
Da placer ver un enganche ⚽️
Si me dicen que es hermano ó primo hermano de Messi me la creo jaja
Claudio Cúneo
Claudio Cúneo:
Me recuerda a Diego Forlán
Quando Messi, Sérgio Ramos E De Bruyne Decidem Virar Uma Pessoa Só...
Misael Xeneize y verdolaga
Misael Xeneize y verdolaga:
Que jugador que se perdio boca mamita mia roman tiene que convencerlo de que vuelva
Abudl Mazid
Abudl Mazid:
É o Roxo
É o Roxo:
É do Galo
Marcelo Martins
Marcelo Martins:
Vem para o Flamengo ⚫🔴
Reza Fauzan
Reza Fauzan:
The next Messi?
Henrique Hernandes
Henrique Hernandes:
Come to Palmeiras 💚💚💚💚
Homenigui Gomes Garcia
Homenigui Gomes Garcia:
Bem-vindo ao Palmeiras!
Nicolás Fernández
Nicolás Fernández:
Todavía no se porque lo dejaron irse de Boca, todavía no entiendo
Lucas Müller
Lucas Müller:
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez:
Talento limitado. Gracias a la muñeca de su padre jugo en boca después ni en un equipo de barrio se destaca
xlRvsox S'd
xlRvsox S'd: