Alicia Silverstone & Son Bear Recreate Iconic ‘Clueless’ Scene

Alicia Silverstone is still rollin’ with the homies! The actress left fans totally buggin’ over her first Tik Tok video on Friday, recreating an iconic scene from her classic ‘90s movie “Clueless” with a little help from her 10-year-old son, Bear. Alicia even sported her signature yellow plaid blazer from the original film, but this time she gave her scene partner a loving hug at the end – a bit of a departure from the original version!
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Alicia Silverstone & Son Bear Recreated This Iconic ‘Clueless’ Scene & We’re Totally Buggin’


83 comentarios:

thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid:
She doesn't age I swear. She looks great.
Amanda Buller
Amanda Buller:
I truly wounder if bear knows how popular his mama was in the 90s
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Alicia Silverstone will always be iconic to me clueless was always one of my favourite movies it a classic , and it sad that Britney murphy died Rip britney Murphy we love you.
Live Laugh Love The South
Live Laugh Love The South:
Loved her in the 90’s
And still do in 2021!!
She has aged gracefully and is still just as gorgeous as she was 20 years ago🤗
Love this! Her face and facial expressions are still exactly the same.
Still one of my favorite movies...from time to time you have to watch "Clueless"
linda ackerman
linda ackerman:
I love Alicia, she was so great in clueless as Cher, and is just a great actress in general, loved her areosmith video's too....and she looks exactly the same, she really does not age, lucky💗
Dopey Gang
Dopey Gang:
She’s natural and down to earth…I love her ♥️
Craig Furlow
Craig Furlow:
THIS IS EVERYTHING!! He's gotten so big and she STILL looks amazing!! So lucky to have grown up through the 90s! Alicia will forever be Cher in my mind. 🥰
J L:
Clueless way definitely one of my favorite movies growing up! Wow, I’m old! 😂 This movie will never fade and neither has Alicia’s youth!!!!
Ramona Fiordaliza Nunez
Ramona Fiordaliza Nunez:
I love her so much before and now. The Crush was my teenage movies 🤫 must watch .. but Clueless is my favorite too💕
BranBran Shenanigan
BranBran Shenanigan:
Time has been good to her she still looks gorgeous 🥰
Never been a celebrity fanatic but have always loved Alicia Silverstones work. She's such an iconic figure for those of us who were growing up on the 90s
Greeley Peterson
Greeley Peterson:
A Freaking Classic. Much Love and Support Silverstone and Bear. Keep up the awesome moments!!!!

- a pal
Melissa Love
Melissa Love:
OMG I’ve never seen a son look so much like there mother in my life ! 💕😍💕
My grown self is watching the new version of the Babysitters Club and absolutely love she is one of the moms on the show!! Every time she talks I'm waiting for a "As if"!!!❤️❤️
Dekotah Runninghorse
Dekotah Runninghorse:
She is amazing women and such an incrediable mom!!! Wishing her all the best and more!!
Just A CD
Just A CD:
Awwie, look at Alicia's mom love. That's so cool.
Other celebrities raise their children through nanas. That's a lucky boy right there.
Tamara’s Bargains
Tamara’s Bargains:
OMG! That was so cool! I loved it and started following her on TikTok!❤️
Mid Hubbs
Mid Hubbs:
So cute!!! Love it!!
I never seen the movie but this is so cute ❤️❤️
We love a Queen who barley ages😌👑💖, her son is adorable🐻.
Mz Mika Love💋
Mz Mika Love💋:
I love her in beauty shop with Queen Latifah it showed how versatile as an actress she really is.
Jennifer Bullett
Jennifer Bullett:
Classic!!!! 💜💜💜💜
This is everything 😍😍🤩
Jorge L De Jesus
Jorge L De Jesus:
he is a clone of his mum , it's nice to see mum & son like this
and yes Alicia still gorgeous as ever!
well she was Batgirl too !
V. Nikki Johnson
V. Nikki Johnson:
Do I even OWN an article of clothing from 26 years ago?! Of course better yet, could I fit it like Alicia's jacket?! Doubt it!!
Abdulaziz Ladan
Abdulaziz Ladan:
She looks beautiful. ❤️
Jackson Daniel
Jackson Daniel:
He looks sooooo much like his mom
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young:
When you think about it, old boy was a bit rude and obnoxious, for just grabbing and hugging her like that. LOL. They need to make a Clueless 2 with her and Dionne being teachers. LOL!!
Stars and beyond
Stars and beyond:
It's especially more funny because it's her child.Every parent can relate :D
You can tell she’s is older but she she looks so good!!! I’m jelly !!
Andrea lee
Andrea lee:
Shes still gorgeous
Renee Williams
Renee Williams:
Lol love this 💕
IAmJust Amanda
IAmJust Amanda:
I love this😩❤️❤️
i've been bi for as long as i can remember. prefer dudes. but gotta say. have always found alicia silverstone stunning since i was a young teenager. her videos in aerosmiths trilogy.....DAMN.....i was in love. she's still a stunning natural beauty
Abhi Karthikeyan
Abhi Karthikeyan:
0:22 is being a teenager .0:27 is being a mom
I Dig Chick Flicks
I Dig Chick Flicks:
Just when I let my 90s crush go, you do this...... damn you Alicia lol
Linda Yusof
Linda Yusof:
My favourite movie as a teenager
Such a cool mom 😎
Riii Mae
Riii Mae:
That was the best video I’ve seen on tik tok this year 😂😂🔥🔥
Patricia Valencia
Patricia Valencia:
You are an awesome 👍 mom just love 😘 seeing you two together much ❤️🙏💐 from california 😁🤗❤️🙏💐
her hair.... is still the same 😍
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne:
That's funny! It's the 8pm movie tonight on HBO ⭐️
Edward Black
Edward Black:
Adorable!!! I would love having CHER HOROWITZ as My Momma 😍💐💐💐👑
Mariana Warden
Mariana Warden:
Fun loved it 😛😍🤩😘
Debu Jalanan
Debu Jalanan:
There were times when I thought she was more beautiful than Liv Tyler. Especially when they were together in Aerosmith video.
P R:
She obviously looks better in the 90s than in this video 📹 she usually looks nice in her 40s
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez:
She’s so gorgeous , my old crush ♥️♥️
Micah Smith
Micah Smith:
I didn't know she had a son.
Thiago Lopes
Thiago Lopes:
Charlie Omar Hernandez Conticchio
Charlie Omar Hernandez Conticchio:
😂 😭 GoD bless Bear 🐻 🐻‍❄️
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny:
I might watch clueless tonight lol
Her son looks like Elton. Does anyone know who his father is? :-)
Cristian Manuel Bohada Castro
Cristian Manuel Bohada Castro:
Omg bear grew up. I remember when she was chewing his food for him when he was a baby
Mz Mika Love💋
Mz Mika Love💋:
He looks just like his mom
Camis Might
Camis Might:
Sieg Roy
Sieg Roy:
Alicia is my first crush. And my forever crush🙈😍❤
Baby Yoda Chelsea
Baby Yoda Chelsea:
H.F. Day
H.F. Day:
I regret not saying hi to her in the 90's. one night, I was walking home from work and I saw Alice coming out from a fancy restaurant in San Mateo ,with her grandmother.( I think it was). She looked at me gave a small grin. As giving permission to approach her and for her autograph. But, I got spooked and kept walking. She seem nice.
He had so much hair!!!!
Mz Mika Love💋
Mz Mika Love💋:
She is beautiful 😍
Mylene Olofernes
Mylene Olofernes:
LBloggie Awakened
LBloggie Awakened:
Lmao bear looks just her
Amy Meanor
Amy Meanor:
Wow she sure hasn't aged at all I am.older than she is
Kathleen Seymour
Kathleen Seymour:
0:15 I swear her son looks like Breckin Meyer. Interesting..😅 lol jk
If you think she looks the same, you need glasses.
kyle espinosa
kyle espinosa:
You know why she never age. She got no any surgeries
erika alvarez
erika alvarez:
Wendy wilson
Wendy wilson:
cristal lemus
cristal lemus:
This!!!!!! Omg
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress:
She? she ate all yur cereal, niet! she is a hologramn
Kristy Persaud
Kristy Persaud:
Acila silver stone and Paul Rudd very great job movie culeless July 19,1995,
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero:
These people get paid to be on Tictoc.
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero:
This is so confusing. Wait that child is a Boy????? Well she used the pronoun He. Okay, her son is Trans or he is just a boy with a long hair and the name of a species of gay men, the bears.
one thing i just cant help wondering after seeing this, why do americans say 'off of'? is one off not sufficiant enough off's lol.
*AS IF!*
Serah Akbulat
Serah Akbulat:
Is her child a boy or girl? I was so confused..
She named her kid “Bear?” Jesus help this world. SMH.
Fbi open up
What's so funny about this?