Alize Cornet vs Tsvetana Pironkova | US Open 2020 Round 4

Alize Cornet takes on Tsvetana Pironkova in Round 4 of the US Open 2020.

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Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb:
Making the quarters of your first tournament back AT A MAJOR after giving birth? Tsvetana should be extremely proud and should feel no pressure against Serena. Probably won't beat Williams, but she has had huge upsets at majors in the past. I certainly wouldn't count her out.
Respect for Tsvetana !!! Being out of court for 3 years .what a great performance !!
Браво! Дано победиш и в следващия мач! Пък може и титлата после!
Дарина Николова
Дарина Николова:
Браво, Цветана! Успех срещу Серина :)
Wow Pironkova is so hot!
Julio Pacheco
Julio Pacheco:
My heart was divided in this match, hope Tsveta reach the final
Timmy Vo
Timmy Vo:
Honestly no disrespect to the other but I really think more people should be talking about how Tsvetana hasn’t played a tournament since Wimby 2017. Had a baby since then and started her own clothing line. Now she’s in the QF of the 2020 US Open.
Velina Stoyanova
Velina Stoyanova:
Браво Цвети! Успех! 🇧🇬
Quinn Knox
Quinn Knox:
So happy for Pironkova! I'm getting Jelena Jankovic vibes from her backhand
Randy Benito
Randy Benito:
Saw pironkova in person...shes really beautiful.
Brently Sams
Brently Sams:
Pironkova: Shine.. Shine!!! Like a star in the heaven!!! Lets go Dark Horse Pironkoooovaaaaa!!!! 👏🏻😍 fr: 🇵🇭
Ravi Diene
Ravi Diene:
Pironkova is stunningly beautiful.
JuAn MarroquIn
JuAn MarroquIn:
Well done pironkova! 👏👏👏 keep it up!
I don’t understand how Pironkova is winning with this weak forehand, respect
Emanuil Mihaylov
Emanuil Mihaylov:
Pironkova win 4 time in a row in grand slam after 3 and half year out from tennis she is a big star
Tom Scott
Tom Scott:
i'm gonna marry Tsvetana Pironkova
M G:
One thing i notice with pironkova's game she loves the corners of the court she's smooth and most times her placements are accurate and she does'nt draws much errors playing like that
Bob Cat
Bob Cat:
Several years ago Alize Cornet beat Serena three times in one year. Serena is probably glad that Cornet lost this match.
Smoky O
Smoky O:
Pironkova looks like a female face of Nadal
Glip Abazza
Glip Abazza:
Smart match from Pironkova. Whining french girl didn't even deserve to be there (Poor Madison).
Gustavo 7227
Gustavo 7227:
Cornet, miss triple no-show. I'm glad she's out. Dope fiend.
Coming back after childbirth and 3 years off court and yet managing to make a splash at one of the majors. Huge achievement !
Paulie A Wakefield
Paulie A Wakefield:
Kylie Lee
Kylie Lee:
Finally a decent highlight reel
Cosmin Ciornei
Cosmin Ciornei:
Congrats Tsvetana. Back in top 160 after the first tournament in 3 years. Great play and motivation. She will lose to Serena in the QF but a great tournament for her.
Gogo Nikolaev
Gogo Nikolaev:
Айде 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
tara fabio
tara fabio:
Г-жа Пирокева е най-известна с изрязването на топките, особено на тревни кортове
TC Bouncer
TC Bouncer:
Cornet was able to come back in the second set. But Pironkova still held it in the end.
Sadio Jeep
Sadio Jeep:
Pironkova is the 🐐
ivan kostov
ivan kostov:
Roy Sabariman
Roy Sabariman:
Pironkova sangat beruntung bila main diturnamen grand slam.
Spider Sr
Spider Sr:
Браво машина !!!
They really look alike. The physical appearance and the way they play, like sisters.
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Do y’all think she can be like Kim Clijsters coming from her pregnancy and winning a slam?
Scott H
Scott H:
The highlights show TWO POINTS! of the third set? Are you kidding me?
I can see this ponytail on the highchair - is it my favorite diva EVA umpiring? I so admire her.
Great to see her and Tsvetana back in business. Both moms. Eva has a baby too.
Dawid Koper
Dawid Koper:
What's the name of female commentator here?
BraTac - Full-Stack Wizards
BraTac - Full-Stack Wizards:
Incredible bad highlight... not showing the break points and important moment both from 2nd and 3th set
Cameron Bedeau
Cameron Bedeau:
One tip I would give Pironkova is to be wary going crosscourt with her forehand as it often lands too short and high and allows opponent to dictate with their forehand. Much safer to go the opponent's backhand with that shot. Only go crosscourt when you're hitting the winner or get depth on shot. With backhand she can go either way. Love her off backhand. It's a beauty
Pironkova surprises me. She has made it quite far with average gameplay.
cruz loera
cruz loera:
Two women I didn’t even were still playing. Congrats to both of them.
They both are so hot
In The Beginning Was The Word
In The Beginning Was The Word:
Why does everybody's strings sound like they're broken this US Open?
Even the highlights are boring
Pironkova....took 3 years off of tennis and now this ?.....what a great story..i'm an instant fan..
angel G
angel G:
Със Серена ще е трудно
Farhat K
Farhat K:
POV: with this level a fit Dementieva Ivanovic etc would cruise their way easily to win this title
Dave Border
Dave Border:
Miss Bonkova is rolling back the years.
This was first round qualifier, right?
The level of play is quite weak here... (and I'm french by the way). Cornet lacks power, she often plays short. That's why her best shot is the drop shot, I guess.
Why can’t we just combine make and female sports leagues?
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Serena Vs. Pironkova is tricky. Serena comes in as the favorite, but Pironkova upsetted Vekic and Muguruza. I want to say Serena will win, but she has been coming up with great angles and redirecting pace and direction. She might give Serena a marathon of a match.
RyE Gads
RyE Gads:
That forehand slices from a slice return from her opponent. lol
It will be crazy if she takes out Serena, but highly unlikely.
Zarko Dzabic
Zarko Dzabic:
Cornet is so anoying
Bruno Levasseur
Bruno Levasseur:
Alizé, on dit "Allez!", pas "Come on!" :-P Dommage, tu étais ma favorite! ^^
H. Han
H. Han:
Why are so many French players so dramatic and thrashy. Look at cornet mladenobitch, quarantine moutet, Benoit paire. Except Caro Garcia 😍
Arya Stark
Arya Stark:
Serena....see you in semis
Dominic Spiller
Dominic Spiller:
This is the comeback of all comebacks, wouldn't be surprised at all if she beat Serena
Vinit Shah
Vinit Shah:
Next match is the real test for Pironkova. It's not easy to face Serena with this kind of average game.
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens:
Both ladies are lovely - if I were there I might even have let them kiss my glorious cheek.
she will destroy Serena hehe. Or at least take a set.
Daws10 1
Daws10 1:
All this just to get destroyed by Serena😂😂but no it’s great see her come back and do so well as a mother🙏🏾🙏🏾
W E L:
She has nothing to lose against her Quarterfinal opponent. But if she play her wits and have a strategy how to win matches, nothing is impossible. Is she could beat Venus 3X in her career especially in Wimbledon, I'm sure she can beat her sister. I don't care anymore who wins as long it's not that so-called player people called GOAT.