All Access: Diane Warren

Diane Warren has written hundreds of hit songs including “Because You Loved Me”, “If I Could Turn Back Time”, “Rhythm Of The Night”, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and many more. Diane has won a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three consecutive Billboard Music Awards for Songwriter of the Year, and has been nominated for nine Academy Awards.

Many of her songs were written for films, and have then gone on to be launched into the stratosphere of pop culture. In recent years her music has tackled incredibly important subjects. She has written “Til It Happens To U” with Lady Gaga, “Stand Up For Something” with contributions from Common, and of course now “I’ll Fight” which was performed by Jennifer Hudson for the documentary RBG, about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In this All Access we find the extremely fun and down-to-earth Diane taking some time to talk about why she wanted to become a songwriter, and how she got her foot in the door. She talks about the different approaches to writing melodies and lyrics, and why music is such a powerful tool for expressing ourselves and commenting on the world around us.

Interview Produced & Presented By: Kaya Savas

Special Thanks: Diane Warren, Jeff Sanderson, Chasen & Company

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Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson:
One of the greatest songwriters that ever lived. She is out of this world!
She seems like one of those cool rich ladies who work hard and remain humble, not those pretentious ones.
Donna Thomas
Donna Thomas:
Your songs matter to me. A great songwriting indeed.
she’s badass! I admire her art so much
Will Maultsby
Will Maultsby:
This woman is a legend she have wrote so many hits
Writing Genius!
what a nice lady a great songwriter to ,
Michael Gaines
Michael Gaines:
Ok. this lady is a true badass
Jayvier Mendiola
Jayvier Mendiola:
She also wrote "Nothing's gonna stop us now"???

ps. Heard she wrote "Don't wanna miss a thing", just beautiful.
XtoPHer of LAkerNation
XtoPHer of LAkerNation:
Happy Birthday To Diane 9-7."I don't want to miss a thing"
dmg uk
dmg uk:
mad love for this lady.
Lmaooo. She said "was is this? Write a word get a third???" Hilarious to me
Иван Иванский
Иван Иванский:
Legend on her own!
Nick Michael
Nick Michael:
What a great interview...Great songwriter and a super inspiring lady. The guy interviewing did a great job,Thank you
Sylvia W
Sylvia W:
My favorite song that she ever wrote was I'm getting used to you that was used on the Selena dreaming of you album the song was amazing thank you Diane ❤️
Queen Tantrum
Queen Tantrum:
My mentor! She doesn't know it, mind.
A lot goes into entertainment- all across the board, people creating is an amazing process. The end result can mean So much to someone-
David Bruce
David Bruce:
I loved this interview. She's very funny, very sarcastic, but so full of honesty and I feel, hard earned wisdom. Never a dull moment.
His Royal Dudeness
His Royal Dudeness:
wow. so many hit songs she has written. what a talent
I'm big fans of her. I have meet with her one time at Java Jazz festival 2010.
The legend behind so many legends. Love this lady. Long may she reign supreme. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌 the interviewer giggling was a bummer
Candy Love
Candy Love:
Such amazing work she's done!
Miranda Al
Miranda Al:
It’s like she’s guarding a trade secret when asked about the process of her songwriting
Greg Meeuwsen
Greg Meeuwsen:
GENIOUS songwriter!
She's an amazing writer.
Carl Wise
Carl Wise:
The Young man interviewing is priceless .Diane is hard from the Biz and he is gentle and curious .
Custom Chevys
Custom Chevys:
Diane. Write Meg Myers a song. Take a look at what I'm saying. Just consider it at least. For those of us who appreciate those who can put emotion into lyrics, and can convey emotion from lyrics.
I greatly admire the person, her honesty and, for sure, her work. Interesting what she says about co-writing credits. I think this is because the meaning of the word 'songwriting' has changed. 100 years ago, a composer would literally write a score on manuscript paper; the lyricist would write the words, and performers (instrumentalists, singers) would perform. Orchestration would normally be done by the composer, but arrangements and new interpretations of original compositions were of course also very common. With recording technology, the role of the producers and engineers came in - a whole new set of skills. Publishing companies had long been around, but now record companies were added to this. I think a big part of the problem is this strange idea that singers must write, and composers must sing. I think this led to the problem of people wanting a chip of writer's cut, particularly as legally it is a large part of the royalty pie (and I think probably does not leave enough for others involved in the arranging/producing/performing process). I think composition, lyrics, and singing/performing have all suffered as a result. The meaning of songwriting has broadened and come to include things like 'adding a sax solo' even though strictly speaking that is not what songwriting or composing really is: that falls more under the heading of instrumentation/orchestration (or arranging if the sax solo melody was also thought up). What is important is that people understand that composing, writing lyrics, production, singing, arranging, performing are all highly skilled activities, and deserve equal respect, and the boundaries between them respected.
theD!fference TAB
theD!fference TAB:
Erick Bolivar
Erick Bolivar:
Great casual interview. Loved it!!!
Nathan Voy
Nathan Voy:
I wonder what the song was she said was personal and meant a lot to her but we haven’t heard yet! Anyone know?
Roger F
Roger F:
There isn't a "first note" well sure there is, but writing music, it's thought of as a "first phrase". You can always modulate the key, which "changes the first note"
Rosendo Marcelo
Rosendo Marcelo:
Courtney Raiyn-e Shaiyn
Courtney Raiyn-e Shaiyn:
Why is this down voted so much? Diane Warren is a genius. Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" was and still is one of the best songs of all time and way beyond its years of 1989. But that's not the only one. Many of her songs are HUGE hits to this day.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams:
4:24 Do you know where the first note comes from? It's all's about JESUS
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page:
Her face reminds me of patty stanger with short hair
David Madden
David Madden:
Wish Madonna would ask to write some songs of her .
poppy paul
poppy paul:
i don't see her songs on the charts anymore. what happened?
Deangela Bruner
Deangela Bruner:
She needs a movie
Stevie Sugano
Stevie Sugano:
Thanks for this interview. Diane Warren is one of America's most brilliant composers. She has a propensity for uniting a song to a visual/story. and she seems very cool.
Xv Xv
Xv Xv:
Who ever mic’d her up did a poor job
She is a very smart woman.
nand nicarrabla
nand nicarrabla:
She possesses true greatness. She does a lot of good with what she is and what she has with so much less of the dishonesty. If only presidents and politicians could be more like her, the world would be a less hypocritical place.
Rocko Cuba
Rocko Cuba:
She can swear!!!
Bek Coddington
Bek Coddington:
some really great songs, some horrid shrill CHR stuff also. Some of the good songs she's written has been stifled by fake production trends for airplay also.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams:
She looked at God but didn't acknowledge him
Starlight Sign
Starlight Sign:
I dislike her political tedious. She splits the stave into notes and white...NOTHING MATTERS at that point.