AMAZING Premier League goals from 2020/21’s opening fixtures | Shelvey, Vardy, Redmond & more!

With only two days until the start of the 2020/21 Premier League season, watch great strikes that were scored in the matches that will start the new season. This video features Aaron Ramsey, Jamie Vardy, Nathan Redmond, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Kevin Mirallas, Dimitri Payet and lots more!

Who scored the best goal? Let us know in the comments.

Discover how you can watch all matches from Matchweek 1:

Matchweek 1 fixtures:

Fulham vs Arsenal
Crystal Palace vs Southampton
Liverpool vs Leeds United
West Ham United vs Newcastle United
West Bromwich Albion vs Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton
Sheffield United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
Brighton & Hove Albion vs Chelsea

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100+ comentarios:

Premier League
Premier League:
Discover how you can watch all matches from Matchweek 1:
gokul dev
gokul dev:
Thought i somehow missed the opening fixtures of this new season and are showing their highlights XD
Jackson Martin
Jackson Martin:
anyone else think the title meant this years goals?
Lad Jose
Lad Jose:
Anyone else think that they had accidentally missed the opening day of this seasons prem
Joseph Wallace
Joseph Wallace:
Vardy’s goal is insane , he’s world class. Just won the golden boot at 33 in the best league in the world.
Thought I missed opening day for a second 😂
Jeevan Senna
Jeevan Senna:
Vardy's goal was something else
احمد الزين
احمد الزين:
Best league in the world 💪🏿
Hamngoi Mkho
Hamngoi Mkho:
That's Ramsey just coming on from the bench 💥
Gautam Vinod
Gautam Vinod:
Vardy's touch is unbelievable
1K subscribers without video Neymar Jr
1K subscribers without video Neymar Jr:
Love u my favorite league ,and also this video
This league is so good that there’s goals from games that haven’t been played yet 🤔
Freaking RogerZ
Freaking RogerZ:
i read the title 4 times to figure it out what it means HAHAHA
Shawn Edem
Shawn Edem:
most competitive league
Jo Evans
Jo Evans:
Unbelievable video, enjoyed it😀
Best league ever
chidiogo onuora
chidiogo onuora:
Can’t wait fo the next season
Spectacular goals
Still in Progress
Still in Progress:
Not a gunners fan by any means, but that Ramsey team goal has to go down in the books, yeah?
Shazzy Hussain
Shazzy Hussain:
Very confused on what this video is actually meant to be
James Wickett
James Wickett:
0:35 ahahahahaha
Suso's Left Foot
Suso's Left Foot:
Perfect way to end the year. Good EPL vibes. Hope they bring fans
Qf Moriantez
Qf Moriantez:
Best league even in commentary 🌎❤
VstayApp Social & Entertainment
VstayApp Social & Entertainment:
My dream to watch real live EPL one day :-) EPL is love
Vladimir Vladimir
Vladimir Vladimir:
Look at how tight the angle is on that
Unik Tube
Unik Tube:
Premier league is hands down the best league in the world.
Vinh Phan
Vinh Phan:
This Is Why I love this channel and this league!
Jamierm dm
Jamierm dm:
2:31 is such a clean goal
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen:
1:25 majestic
Luca Ferrari
Luca Ferrari:
1:09 kinda average goal
Prasad Dinnapurkar
Prasad Dinnapurkar:
Please tell me someone how can I watch epl in india I am big fan of epl
Abdurrazaq Lawal
Abdurrazaq Lawal:
This channels admin is a bigger troll than Sky Sports Retro😂😂
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni:
Even tho it’s only been a month n some weeks since last season finished it feels like it’s been so long since I’ve watched the best league in the world😅😅 glad that it’s finally back on Saturday😁😁😁😁
Samir Timilsina
Samir Timilsina:
Who's the commentator in the second clip?
Shush You clown
Shush You clown:
Time travel confirmed
KingDoms Kingdom1985
KingDoms Kingdom1985:
As a foxes supporter that goal against WBA is one of my favourites, the technique from Vardy was out of this world.
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera:
Premier League Rap for this season.
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
Need a new Rap song for this season 😌😉😉
Liam nufc vibs
Liam nufc vibs:
Best league luv you prem 💪💪💪
Ementle Matlakane
Ementle Matlakane:
I thought I missed the opening prem fixtures somehow XD
Zach Evaristi
Zach Evaristi:
What kind of title is that!!!
No Doubt. Jonjo shelvey is EPL Legend
Harel Katz
Harel Katz:
Sameer Haddad
Sameer Haddad:
Thank you
Salah Football -
Salah Football -:
recommend me the best striker for fantasy under 7Million
Arijit Dey
Arijit Dey:
The title is misleading though🤔🤔☹️
Shreyas Neupane
Shreyas Neupane:
Those old days when their used to be football fans in the stadium..
Bobby Turkalino
Bobby Turkalino:
SIMÉH! is watching you
SIMÉH! is watching you:
Radzinski licked the Sky Sports logo
Abdulai Bah
Abdulai Bah:
Crystal Palace first game is against Man United...
Omar Lala
Omar Lala:
Snodgrass goal?
Mukta Udhoji
Mukta Udhoji:
I had to read the title 3 times to understand it
Alan Smith ? Bloody years ago 20 to 21 ?
Please post highlights
Something's wrong with the title of the video
Chip Butty
Chip Butty:
⚔️⚔️⚔️ big up best league ever
Aaron mooy
Aaron mooy:
arsenals goal made cream so hard and i’m not even an arsenal fan
Solumto Ezenwa
Solumto Ezenwa:
Add Auba’s goal today to this list
Afiat Atmaja
Afiat Atmaja:
Yoooo are you drunk mate?
Dion Boby
Dion Boby:
That arsenal goal
Rohit Sen
Rohit Sen:
Premiere league are drunk!!! Or what
Hassan Isadin
Hassan Isadin:
Mirallas goal the best
Let's be honest we were all waiting for Yeboah
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Mane the main man
Ayaan 137
Ayaan 137:
Best league in the world can't wait for it to start
Just realised what the title means
Toms onfire
Toms onfire:
west ham are going down this season
Victor Ero
Victor Ero:
Please can you bring the premier league clubs to Africa to enable the unable imigrants to achieve thier soccer dreams
wheres gardners free kick for west brom vs Leicester then
Isaak Koorey Music
Isaak Koorey Music:
like this if Premier League is the best youtube channel
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas:
The title is misleading
COVID-19 means no spectators but a very small break between seasons 😁
Gabriel official
Gabriel official:
No doubt we are the best league in the world!
the womble
the womble:
Anyone else thought Doherty was going to put on a false moustache?
103357th view lol
Such a click bait title
Louis Neo Phetla
Louis Neo Phetla:
Am I the only one confused by the title of this video? 🤔🤔
Teams from La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga perform better in European competitions as they rarely have a tough match in their respective leagues. The teams are always well rested and prepared.
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
All Goals Best Hai
I thought they've already played some games. I got worried for a sec I thought I missed it
Luka Gajiic
Luka Gajiic:
That is a confusing title
Layla Nardo
Layla Nardo:
Vardy's goal shows that he is a legend
Abuu Afnan
Abuu Afnan:
I didn't see my team Red devil's why??
Joshua Paisley
Joshua Paisley:
The Title of this literally makes no sense
Someone explain please
Dee & Arr
Dee & Arr:
Not long now..
The title is ambiguity at its finest
Ronaldo 9
Ronaldo 9:
Get the title right we’re in 2020 not 2016
Sahil Shah-Smith
Sahil Shah-Smith:
Vardy's finish 😱
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng:
What are these goals about?
king suleiman
king suleiman:
We need the premier league preview weekend show , the Highlights , pundits
Me Dean
Me Dean:
2020/2021...? 🤔 clickbait...
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro:
Okay premier league don't be like the bundeslifa YT channel and lack replays
Sillius Soddus
Sillius Soddus:
Title makes no sense
sam covington
sam covington:
Do More squad goals and premier shorts
Nurik Pro
Nurik Pro:
Manchester United-best club in the England.
O. Flap
O. Flap:
this title is missleading af
Joshua Casbolt
Joshua Casbolt:
The Premier League channel always has the worst clickbait
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
I love you Premier League 💙💙.