Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos addresses what it does to catch counterfeit products

Rep. Henry Johnson (D-Georgia) asks Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos whether the company should be responsible for keeping all counterfeit products off of its platforms. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on Amazon and more:

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95 comentarios:

Visori J
Visori J:
Isn’t this the man who said he was worried about Guam Tipping over due to a military base being built on it.
Pete Jams
Pete Jams:
These congressmen don't even wait to hear half the answers, they have already formed their positions it seems
craig keene
craig keene:
Good ol’ Henry “Guam is gonna cap-size” Johnson.
When the market is large enough, you start to see all kinds of stuff be selling at the platform.
Haibo Zhao
Haibo Zhao:
advertisement breaks American dream?Where did he get this idea?
tube you
tube you:
Jeff is looking more and more like Mr Burns from the Simpsons and I'm scared
Syzygy Syzygy
Syzygy Syzygy:
This is like your no nonsense grandfather getting after you when you threw a baseball through the kitchen window, and you're not going to win.
Sebastien Boulas
Sebastien Boulas:
Politicians are getting a taste of their own medicine. This is what happens when you ask someone a question and they don’t give a clear answer
How many committees is Johnson on? My goodness...
“It's called 'the American Dream' 'cause you have to be asleep to believe it.” ~ George Carlin
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson:
Just say the right thing and none of this matters
Phillip Buckley
Phillip Buckley:
You mean you have to pay more to have your product advertised, Who would have thought... What a bunch of stupid questions
Roman Gallardo
Roman Gallardo:
what does his body language and facial expression mean?
Amazon allows chinese sellers to sell counterfeit Rolex watches on Amazon
They have a team of robots dressed as people working on this
Jeff Bezos always have this very concerned face
Hank "Capsize" Johnson
Daniel zf
Daniel zf:
“ we had the Moon here testify that with the help of Amazon the Sun goes down every night and magically comes back in the morning, is that an acceptable practice? If so please explain”
I didn’t know advertising was a crime
Scott Boswell
Scott Boswell:
Congress needs to make it easier to sue sellers for peddling fakes after being warned. Period.
Rep. Johnson believes an island can "cap-size"....
Why did you guys make him blue?
Sandra Pisu-Jocic
Sandra Pisu-Jocic:
Benzo are sleep Medikament s.
Here play the Amazon Firmen Mafia dynamics. It go don't.
samp1117 P
samp1117 P:
What has these people in congress accomplished in life, they are the scam
Bezos is either a complete moron or the smartest man in the room he was so tired of trying to ask him questions 😂
HeadsandTails HeadsandTails
HeadsandTails HeadsandTails:
Let's be honest they all want his Money and he knows it, just like you and that Muppet called a congressman
Max Strong
Max Strong:
Syzygy Syzygy
Syzygy Syzygy:
Why is Bezos blue in the thumbnail?
Keenan Smith
Keenan Smith:
I it a bad thing if you pay to be seen first with ads?
C Trey
C Trey:
Anything Chinese is cheaper most of the time on Amazon
And we got where? This is all so distracting
Old Music
Old Music:
Vechain can solve this problem 😎
Amazon is where individual citizens who can be like walmart, import from cheap places and sell at higher price at home, all while China takes all the blame as if Chinese are the one selling on Amazon.
MentalSupremacy VisionCube
MentalSupremacy VisionCube:
We should catch those who make billions but pay no taxes what happened to that question?????????????????
Tony Tong
Tony Tong:
You have fox guarding hen house. That's what happens.
Ian H
Ian H:
Bzs looks like a mob boss
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon:
2:56 how about pass a law makinf stricter fines for companies that let 3rd party sellers sell counterfeits
Hank Johnson really needs to take a lesson in not interrupting people mid sentence.
Sandra Pisu-Jocic
Sandra Pisu-Jocic:
She play mafia like a old mafia club maker. The behinddor from this is from rumain church in secret, doubel head and heigj hitler. Real i have 6 injekzion, my son Gas and, and.
I can this not need.
What annoy me?
Barry Phillips
Barry Phillips:
Where's mini me
Able Media876
Able Media876:
What is the point of this.
elijah mikle
elijah mikle:
I don't mind buying a counterfeit off some schmuck off the street cuz I know it's counterfeit.
But getting a counterfeit through a legitimate business......
Syed Shah
Syed Shah:
Great leader
Olivia Tannenbaum
Olivia Tannenbaum:
Iammyownchoice Presidentof
Iammyownchoice Presidentof:
When is Elon Gates testifyinhg for mars?
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
Bloomberg technology and Global news are in some sort of a rivalry.

i dont care man, how many rivalries am i suppose to regulate? what is this, fight club?
Kreative Chaos Guides
Kreative Chaos Guides:
is this the most important thing going on right now america?
Amanda P
Amanda P:
Amazons business practices are predatory intentionally to keep its basic monopoly. Please buy from someone OTHER than Amazon. Bezos deserves to be drawn and quartered.
Bozo gained weight
Scott Dee
Scott Dee:
Why not go after wish? They are nothing but knockoffs
Can't believe amazons website hasn't really evolved since I first used it 2001. Just as cumbersome, slow and filled with unreliable sellers.

Still the way forward
Amazon takes nearly 1/2 of my profits, the least they can do is provide real answers when A seller cals them and not a scripted 2,000 word email to every issue.
Mario Mario
Mario Mario:
Jeff bezos 👍🙋🙌🙆💪
Adam Asbury
Adam Asbury:
Can we please filter out any made in China products…? Amazon should make a function to filter out products made in China
Amazon needs to stop letting Chinese companies sell on Amazon. When you purchase something, it initially appears to be coming from the United States, but it looks like some of their stuff is coming from China. We just bought some pool filters, and they said they were shipped with some weird foreign tracking number, we can't even look it up. We've gone back to the seller, no response. Now we have to try to get our money back from Amazon, which seems to be very difficult to do at this point. We are about to throw in the towel on Amazon at this point.
Shreyas Kanna
Shreyas Kanna:
Question : is it fair that some get to pay for views while others get buried because they don't pay.

Answer: Bro you know what advertising is? It's been around for a while 😅
No compliant no case
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon:
Nothing they do nothing
These congressmen are ridiculous
Susan Ananda
Susan Ananda:
Why so nervous?
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter:
The richest guy on earth is so afraid..
praise me ma lord
Solo Me
Solo Me:
Bezo has white hair
Based Gringo
Based Gringo:
Kind of disappointed that Rep. Johnson didn't ask Bezo if having Amazon facilities all over the US put the US in danger of capsizing into the ocean
Sweet Lil Devil
Sweet Lil Devil:
Maybe he can pressure him to promote small, black owned businesses. Would that be fair?
Chommy Tong
Chommy Tong:
They dont care
Crappy Coin
Crappy Coin:
VeChain VET. VeChain uses blockchain and Smart Tag(NFC/RFID/QR Code) to implement the traceability of retail products' entire lifecycle management. ... It is difficult for sellers to check the products' authenticity when customers return or exchange the products, and they may receive counterfeit goods upon return. VET solves the counterfeit product problem.
Bob Taylor
Bob Taylor:
If the laziest reports about Amazon using popular products to create their own brand goods is true, they are the ones doing the counterfeiting I think...
I'm losing faith in the political system in general.
Sir Jeff Bezos is An Honest & True Human Being 💖...May God bless Him AAMEEN 💖👍
I worked for Amazon behind the scenes. I can answer that's called stock watering, congressman! If you all KNEW what I know. And i know where the answers you are looking for lie.

Congressman, ask him about how employees keep the stock strong while 3rd party sellers bear the brunt of costs including shipping fees while Amazon products, counterfeit included, reap all the benefits (including reputation and ratings!) essentially killing small businesses!! Never mind the redundant shipping practices which is polluting the crap out of the planet!!!
Tony Faxton
Tony Faxton:
I ordered Nike shoes, Vera Wang perfume and very expensive grill cover among many other things from Amazon. But those 3 items were counterfeit products that were so obvious it was impossible not to see. I got in touch with Amazon customer service center and I asked then why they didn't tell me those products were being shipped from 3rd party seller(Because on Amazon web site, it says 'processed/shipped by Amazon'. I just assumed it was coming from their warehouse and from their legit distributor).

The service agent said, they don't have to tell the customers. So, I asked them how I would know if a product is fake or not. Guess what he said. He said 'IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK OTHER AMAZON CUSTOMERS IN THE COMMUNITY WHETHER AN ITEM IS FAKE OR NOT'.

I stopped buying anything from Amazon since then.

You may be paying premium for something that's completely fake on Amazon.
Kurt S
Kurt S:
This guy is hurting small business. Amazon will not let people on the site and just sell everything themselves.

They already offer a full refund if you even think or say you have a counterfeit.
Stupid congress
Army of Gog
Army of Gog:
The archaic zio world odor is cracking. Now these pawns are very afraid. If the ship sinks more...Big 5 tech and China can buy them out for pennies on the worthless dollar.
David Rosario
David Rosario:
It seem like Bazos has no control of Amazon or its practices. Honestly he has no new answers really
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick:
Jeff Bezos, billionaire. Treats his employees like garbage. Pays them minimum wage. He paid zero federal income tax last year. Greedy....evil....
Numan M. Yass
Numan M. Yass:
Eat the rich
Dawood Parvizi
Dawood Parvizi:
He is guilty as charged, but everyone is addicted to AMazon
im surprised he did not pressure bezos to donate his wealth to black businesses
Dustin Montgomery
Dustin Montgomery:
Seems like a cool dude. Don't break up big tech?
Go Jeff! The guy has worked hard as hell to get to where he’s now. He employs thousands people, what have these Congressmen done?
They need to worry about Coronavirus rather than this problem at this moment. Some of the questions don't even make sense like congressman saying advertisers are put to the top of those who don't pay to advertise. Well DUH bc they paid to be promoted that's the notion of advertisement.
Julie Beam
Julie Beam:
Actually Amazon as well as Facebook with the Facebook Portal and Amazon with the Echo are bringing poor people like me into the 21st century with superior products I can actually afford.. They're not the cause of our problems, they're helping us.
Decouple from China, please, America. 🙏🙏
Mozzy A
Mozzy A:
No company in a democracy should sway this much power over our economy.
They take 20% off the top off sales, and retailers cant compete with price on there on websites because of amazon traffic. Screw amazon, and the convenience they brought, the cost of which is destroying companies while making bezos rich. Screw him and his company.
NewFriends&DatingItUp YupYup
NewFriends&DatingItUp YupYup:
Even though he’s super rich, he’s still customer-oriented and this is part of the reason for his continued success. A lot of small businesses resent his success but when you visit their establishments, the energy is beyond weird and it’s clear all they care about is stroking their egos (at your expense) and they surprisingly still expect to make sale (even after being passively disrespectful). Customer service is nonexistent these days. I’ve given stores a lot of my money, but even years later the staff continue to show disrespect (when they close down they play the blame game and then move on to help close down another business).
Kyoya Cloud
Kyoya Cloud:
Jeff Bezos the GOAT! I hope he becomes a trillionaire sooner
Julie Beam
Julie Beam:
Jeff Bezos isn't the one who made housing including rent unaffordable. Jeff Bezos isn't
responsible for making vehicles unaffordable or healthcare unaffordable. Jeff didn't make all kinds of insurance unaffordable.
Raymond Cascella
Raymond Cascella:
Amazon rising documentary required reading for congress before these hearings are conducted. They keep having these hearings but do nothing absolutely nothing. They think were fools.
Abhijith Arakali
Abhijith Arakali:
How do these people even get to occupy such high positions as a house representative? Democracy is as good as its people. This just goes to show the quality of people who have elected such a person into the house.
Lukas t
Lukas t:
I think its a shame to put one of the greatest entrepreneur of our time on the spot like that. He actually creates value for society not like these suckers sitting in congress. He souldnt even have to testify imo.
Leave him alone and if you dont want to do business with him dont do it
American Patriot
American Patriot:
Henry Johnson is turning this in to a trial. Why would you want to go talk to congress if they are going to treat you like this? Counterfeit products will always show up. I personally like Japanese bootlegs. Which are deemed counterfeits. I like to buy the real deal from the Japanese bootleggers. Over the years learned how to spot the fakes. In the bootleg industry it is very common for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootlegger. Very rare do you find these bootlegs on Amazon, Ebay and Discogs you can get them.