Amber Heard Friends Testify AGAINST Her & Side With Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Friends Testify AGAINST Her & Side With Johnny Depp
The situation going on with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues to grow and evolve in ways both surprising and downright tragic. Because just when you think that there is going to be a major turn in the case, something goes wrong and suddenly everything is up for grabs. But perhaps things are finally going in a direction where justice can truly be served. But how? And who now is stepping up to try and make claims about what is going on? And who are they trying to defend in this matter? Allow us to break it down for you, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

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And there you have it, everyone! A look at the situation that continues to evolve with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, and everyone who is close to them. Do you think that this court situation will ever end? Do you think that more pieces of evidence or testimony is going to emerge in a way that is meaningful and either swing this in another direction...or muck it up even further? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we'll see you next time on the channel!

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100+ comentarios:

The fact that Disney actually think ppl are going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny as Jack💀
haitham agha
haitham agha:
There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny, he is the soul of the movie.
alicia [email protected]:
She is an embarrassment to women,she is a bully,and with all her lies it will make things hard to believe when women are really abused.
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
How horrible has this whole thing become. Depp’s children are suffering, Depp himself is suffering and all of Depp’s friends and associates. She has wrecked so many lives with her lies. This whole thing is one huge tragedy.
Jeffray Crownwell
Jeffray Crownwell:
I want the truth to FINALLY be revealed and Johnny proved NOT guilty of any kind of violence whatsoever! Amber Heard deserves the maximum time in jail for all her lies and hatred!!!
Noticeably Decrepit
Noticeably Decrepit:
The case isn’t about her abusing him. It’s about defamation, which is hard to prove. I think he just wants his story to be spread more than anything. He wins in the hearts of everyone.
Trudy Isaacs
Trudy Isaacs:
The recording of Heard admitting she’d been hitting Johnny, telling him “I did not hurt you” and calling him a baby, is all the evidence any reasonable needs that Heard is the abuser, and that she purposely taunted Johnny in attempts to get him to respond violently - which failed - in order to harm his reputation. She should be jailed for the DV against Johnny, perjury, and anything else she can be charged with. And every company, from Warner Brothers to L'Oréal should drop her. She should never work in the film industry again, nor should she represent any reputable company in commercials. From makeup, to fashion runways, film, and TV, Heard should be black listed for life. Child protective services needs to take a good hard look at how Heard acquired an infant, and whether that infant is safe under her care, given her own statements in recordings that have been played during this trial about her inability to control her anger, and her violent outbursts.
Morgan Smiley
Morgan Smiley:
I knew a girl that lied about sexual assault with some one she didnt know was in the closet. He turned her down. She cried wolf to male friends and they beat him to death. Only one person went to jail and it wasn't her. Pretending to be a victim is life or death. She needs to be locked up.
What's really awful about this is she used the MeToo movement and that movement was made to help people. She had no right doing this when she was the abuser.
Don’t forget on top of everything else she took an abuse story that actually happened to her assistant, to the point of pressing her for more details and then turned around and used it as her own harrowing ordeal... who in the world???? Hears someone surviving such horrific abuse and then decided “ohhh this will help sell my narrative because it sounds so real and authentic” and it’s because it is real and authentic BUT TO SOMEONE ELSE!! AH is certifiably nuts in my humble opinion - who does that? An unstable person... on top of her own recordings she leaked of her admitting she pummeled her husband and she thought it made it her look better.... chick isn’t right
Danna Camacho
Danna Camacho:
She an example of the kind of woman I tell my grandson's to stay away from.
Rose Girard
Rose Girard:
She has no remorse for what she’s done to this man
Danielle Byers
Danielle Byers:
Can you imagine Amber going to actual jail?? That would be mind-blowing but just.
Another Southern Cover Up
Another Southern Cover Up:
I would LOVE to see AH go to jail for crimes. If any of us “common people” committed the crimes she has we would be in jail without a doubt. It’s high time celebrities are held accountable for their actions.
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #BoycottAquaman2
You know how her lawyer responded to rumors about her being investigated for perjury? Instead of denying that she lied, he instead said that the statue of limitations of perjury in California is 3 years and that it's expired and that the odds of her being arrested for it is low. That's like admitting that she did lie.
A _Texan
A _Texan:
The UK judge needs to be investigated.
I hope Amber serves jail time. This is not just because of what she did to Johnny but more importantly, because of how it will affect future cases of real domestic violence. Real victims will likely have a hard time proving their case because they could be perceived as "playing an Amber."
Skylar Alison
Skylar Alison:
I absolutely love that Depp takes the gifts that are intended to be given to him and appreciates them (like the little teddy bear he was given) 🥺 it’s so cute. I really wish him the best and I hope he wins this case
They honestly think were watching Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp 💀
samantha haramija
samantha haramija:
The fact that the first officers that responded to her call May 21st found nothing and have the body cam footage. They need to testify. Plus Johnny had 2 people with him when he arrived to let her know about his mother and that he was leaving. I seriously can not stand AH.
Jocelyn Jensen
Jocelyn Jensen:
I had an "Amber" situation once in which I was speaking to a mutual friend of this person I will call "Amber". This mutual friend starts telling me "Amber's" horrible life story and it was %100 percent my events and experiences I had confided to "Amber". Only a vicious and someone devoid of a soul could do something like that. Amber Heard did that to Kate who was suppose to be a friend. AH is a monster.
Mister Christopher
Mister Christopher:
Domestic violence is almost always a long term pattern of behavior, and rarely as is alleged by Heard. My ex-wife was a domestic violence counselor and educator. I learned a great deal about abuse from her. While I cannot say, but only comment generally, Mr. Depp doesn't not exhibit the patterns of behavior which are common to an abuser. None of his friends and past partners have affirmed an abusive personality pattern. I hope the evidence from the police officers who responded to the abuse call, their sworn statements and the body camera video will yield more factual information. Mr. Depp has suffered a great deal of financial loss, career repercussions and smeared reputation. Personally, I find Johnny Deep a good human being. God bless him. May we pray for and imagine a time in the near future when he is exonerated. May the truth come out asap.
Im so sick of narcisstic behaviour.
They're so calculating behind the victims back.
I'm happy for JD and all victims who never got the chance to prove thier innocence.
That this type of abuse is getting blown wide open!
I hope she gets ten long grueling years wearing an ugly orange jumper.
Mystic water
Mystic water:
The MeTooMovement are responsible for assisting AH in making these claims. They should be investigated after this or at the very least their actions made public. Would anyone 100% believe a woman claiming abuse after this? No.
Jill A M
Jill A M:
The people who testified for her about the fight, they should be charged with perjury.
Miranda Soto
Miranda Soto:
I didn't believe her from the beginning, I can't stand when a woman lies about these things how dare she! Real woman go through hell enduring so much from men , as well as men from woman . To make light if it for what ever reason is a grotesque portray to her character and who she is! Disgusting
I cannot believe he lost in the UK. I sincerely hope this jury is smarter.
I hope she pays a high price for how she has tried to ruin Johnny’s life. If there is any justice she will go to prison..
“That’s Crazy”
She is one wicked, evil person!
Bunny Lang
Bunny Lang:
After hearing that first audio recording where she would not stop yelling and badgering him, I can see why he would want to get away from her and try to get some perspective.
Avant- Garde
Avant- Garde:
Wow that’s crazy

I can’t see how they can still justify her claims and see her as honest and dependable in court
Giovanna Iamele
Giovanna Iamele:
I think she should go to jail this woman is sick and dangerous!
Claire Botrel
Claire Botrel:
Disney should start begging and apologizing to JD.
Racheal Cardinal
Racheal Cardinal:
That's crazy! I really hope Johnny starts recovering and that she pays for all she's done.
When JD wins this case.
I hope he sues Disney and bankrupts them!
Truth walker
Truth walker:
Amber’s recording without Johnny’s knowledge, should not be used as evidence
Codi Marie
Codi Marie:
I hope she gets jail time!!! For everything she has done and for others to know NOT to lie and make shit up about being abused that it takes away from the real victims!
Brian M Fieldwick
Brian M Fieldwick:
Without Depp I'll have no interest in watching Pirates of the Caribbean
Shop Girl
Shop Girl:
If Hollywood disses Johnny Depp, I will never pay for a movie again!!
Katrina Johnson
Katrina Johnson:
Amber's videos only show how much of a good guy Johnny really is.. having to put up with her everyday trying to catch him in a bad light. Every video to me has showed how dispicible Amber really is and her intentions have been bad from day the start. She had a spark with Johnny and from there decided to use that connection against him.
She will get what she deserves in the end. #KarmaIsComing
Rudy Mora
Rudy Mora:
Amber believes her own lies 🤣 So much that's she cries wolf. They should charge her for perjury .
went through what JD is experiencing. I hope the court seeks truth as it should.
Donna Mccormick
Donna Mccormick:
I know, it’s going to be wild. They have so much hard evidence against her.
I hope it. Goes to trial so the world knows the entire truth! #justiceforjohnnydepp
Sim Sam
Sim Sam:
She deserves everything that comes to her. He didn't deserve ANYTHING that has happened to him ever since he met her.
Nikki Schoessow
Nikki Schoessow:
I'm so glad the truth about her is coming out.
Barbara Williams
Barbara Williams:
I love you Johnny Depp. Please stay away from sociopaths.
Kimberly Feliciano
Kimberly Feliciano:
It is not looking good for Amber. When you have have ex significant others speaking in his defense, especially the mother of his children who states she has known Johnny for 25 years, what else is there to say? Another thought I feel should be mentioned is there have been ZERO reports of other women who have have come out of the shadows claiming abuse by Mr Depp. I hope enough evidence comes to light to prove his innocence, if in fact that is the truth. I feel bad for his children who have to see this play out on the world stage. Johnny has his not denied his issues but a wife beater seems quite outrageous.
karen denman
karen denman:
This is amazing that she would spend this much time in this much energy to deliberately try to destroy somebody… What is she doing with all of her time in her life this is insane… Can you imagine what the hell Johnny would have had to go through to stay in a relationship with her
Alya Yew
Alya Yew:
I stand by Johnny Depp.
Darla Mc Cracken
Darla Mc Cracken:
I hope that she goes to jail for all she has done to him and it sends a message to all the women that abuse good men. It is unacceptable and you will be held accountable just as any man would
Teresa, Terri, K Finch, Sinor
Teresa, Terri, K Finch, Sinor:
Like I have been saying since all of this started. Justice will prevail the truth will come out. Johnny Depp is the kindest, gentlest, humanitarian person around. #justiceforJohnnyDepp
Tim Lawler
Tim Lawler:
That's crazy, she should lose everything like he did. What's fair is fair
Spiral Flash
Spiral Flash:
That's crazy! Johnny has suffered enough at the hands of the woman he loved. Hopefully the truth will win out and JD will be exonerated.
Maya Alieva
Maya Alieva:
I don't know what's more disconcerting (or disgusting; other than this whole situation of course.) The fact that she has/had friends, or the fact that these people were ever friends with her in the first place.
kevin niang
kevin niang:
Such a beautiful woman, if only her personality reflected what is seen on the outside. Sadly her heart shows so much more about her than her good looks ever will.
Katie Doan
Katie Doan:
"That's crazy"! Does anyone actually believe her bs anymore? Why is it taking so long for justice???
Bonet Shanteau
Bonet Shanteau:
She need to go to jail. I'm offended by her lies I was a victim of domestic abuse.
Honestly I wish I could just give JD a hug. Like can we all just send him a hug? This shit has taken such a toll on him it’s not fair.
Serrah Sarah Uhl-Wagner
Serrah Sarah Uhl-Wagner:
⚠"That's Crazy!"⚠

I'm so happy for Johnny Depp! He deserves a win.. She's evil!
karen davis
karen davis:
That's crazy ....she is so awful. The defense just keeps hammering home about the drinking an the drugs almost giving the message that it's OK to beat up an berate your spouse if they have a disease like addiction. And then there are the text messages that he clearly vents to friends about the hell he is living .....I mean do rational people really think JD is gonna burn Amber after he drowns her ? I don't....but I've sure sent my beastie some texts when I was pissed at me partner that I really did not mean. Johnny's got this .....I do not think the jury will believe he's a wife beater.
Stephanie Colmenares
Stephanie Colmenares:
It looked like Johnny didn’t want to leave his fans and his security had to pull him away. 🥺
This case will likely cause a chain reaction of men stepping forward about the abuse they silently suffer at hone. I’d wager this is a lot more common than we think.
Loyce Holland
Loyce Holland:
I dont get the she went to far thing. It's not ok at all at any level to any degree to back this kind of behavior. Publicly or privately those that gave her power to move forward are just as bad.
Andrea oldfield
Andrea oldfield:
She has powerful friends, however all these people make their money off us.. Sooner or later they will understand that JD’s support and supporters aren’t letting this go.. The evidence is clear and there will be real justice for JD because if he can’t get it, what man can??
I just love that we see that men get set up and physically abused too. It's actually sexist against men to think otherwise. Character is the entire point.
Andrea Briza
Andrea Briza:
The weird thing is that in a previos job place I worked for, I had a workmate who looked like her in some aspects, she had the same kind of gestures as I watched some interviews and even her deposition against JD. She was very manipulative and aggressive and when things went bad for her she played the complete victim in the department. I was thinking of leaving my job once because I had to hold my fist not to punch her. I just wonder what JD went through to cope with that bitch! Incredibly my workmate was just like her, she thought she was a beauty queen but she was actually a trash, she used to tease everybody. I had luck I had another job opportunity and I left the place and it was rumoured she had an affair with the big guy there... the opperandus mode is always the same!
That’s Crazy, That she keeps trying to deny that she was the abuser.
Jean Gantes
Jean Gantes:
No matter what, johnny is innocent i can feel that.
Abi Gray
Abi Gray:
If she stars in any new movies I’m going ballistic, if he can’t star in any she shouldn’t be able to either.

And if she abused her previous partner shouldn’t that be something the court take into account, I mean I know this partner didn’t press charges but still.

Also how is it that men can’t be abused.
Abuse can happen to anyone regardless of gender, race or background.
Gretchen Aloha
Gretchen Aloha:
That's crazy....I'm all for Johnny!
Kira Jordan
Kira Jordan:
That's crazy — may the truth prevail. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
Eileen cole
Eileen cole:
She needs to be in jail for perjury, her lies , she cheated on Johnny, cut hie finger off, thrower pots n pans at him , taped him without him knowing it, filed for divorce 3 days after his mothe died he couldn't even grieve what kind of monster does this she's crazy she needs help,plus she's lied about the money she got they pooped on his bed thats crazy.
Serrah Sarah Uhl-Wagner
Serrah Sarah Uhl-Wagner:
I'm so happy for Johnny Depp! He deserves a win.. She's evil!
TrekMan One
TrekMan One:
I will never watch a movie with Amber Heard in it. Many others feel the same way. I personally know what it is like to be falsely accused by a woman.
Cyrus Meeks
Cyrus Meeks:
That’s Crazy, she literally makes my skin crawl sometimes. Such an nasty person.
zulema sanchez
zulema sanchez:
Suffers from Entitalment. Johnny is the victim , no other people or ex girlfriends, have ever accused him of violence or angry behavior.
Monique Mcgill
Monique Mcgill:
he is the only reason I would watch pirates of the Caribbean he makes it
Lara Jamieson
Lara Jamieson:
That’s Crazy! About time this is out in the open! Poor Johnny🙏🏻
Was the $100,000 that she donated from the $7 mil settlement the amount that JD sent directly to the organization she claimed she was going to donate to?
Abbie Rose Holden
Abbie Rose Holden:
I have no sympathy she wanted to completely destroy Johnny. Its disgusting how men only get believed if there's proof of a woman abusing him!!!
What she is doing is hurting the cause for women and men who experience real abuse.
Lehigh Star
Lehigh Star:
Do NOT allow her to destroy his life.....he was better without her...
Elizabeth Well
Elizabeth Well:
First, “Karen” now we have “Amber” wow! Women are definitely making progress, right?! Shameful.
Mary Nellessen
Mary Nellessen:
I’ve completely done “A 180” and am disgusted by Amber Heard and her bullshit, attention getting, vile lies against JD.
I did read that a Tiktoker was able to reach out to one of gals on JD legal team about the makeup her attorney showed in court and said Amber used, was manufactured in 2017. The person went to the Virginia courthouse , was told to email her the TikTok info. Hope it makes into into evidence..
Emma Bury
Emma Bury:
I would love to see her go to jail .
Wendy Johnson
Wendy Johnson:
I hope all the other people, men and women, feel able to come forward with their own tales on A H’s abuse during their relationships. It’s happening with other abusers so I hope it happens to her. She’s a disgusting human being who is basically making light of abuse and shows no remorse. If it was reversed he’d be in prison now not sat suing like she is. She must be truly regretting that op-Ed as it was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. #justice for Johnny!
Julie Schatz
Julie Schatz:
That's crazy

I cant wait for AH to get what's coming for her
L Francis
L Francis:
When almost all of someone's exes come forward to defend someone when they absolutely don't have to, I think it's worth taking note of. I mean, with Marylin Manson it's about the opposite. (Obvs innocent until proven guilty, but usually the people who come forward are other alleged victims.)
Lumen Pierce
Lumen Pierce:
Why isn’t she in prison yet? 🙄
Jillian Melendez
Jillian Melendez:
That's crazy. She is a true predator. I'm hoping the courts rule in Johnny's favor and we get our beloved Jack Sparrow back. I even love him for Grindelwald. I cannot imagine another for these parts
Tugce Kazdal Pilates
Tugce Kazdal Pilates:
If AH was right, this would have become another "me too" incident already. Ex girlfriends, partners, employees, coworkers... but nope none, all we see is people backing him up. If an ex is backing you up in this case, it says a lot about your personality... #justiceforjohnny
Jonathan Molina
Jonathan Molina:
That's crazy! It's sad that people that should be positively influential to others can be so negative.
Chibata Anna Kamanga
Chibata Anna Kamanga:
That's Crazy

One thing I am getting from this is that the truth always comes to light especially when you keep poking at it.
Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with out Johnny Depp it's like watching 2 & half men with out Charlie sheen... It's ludicrous, my peep's don't learn from other's mistakes past experiences including me, any way back at the ranch can't wait to see Johnny d. On the roast next year....
That’s crazy. This whole thing is crazy. I’ve always loved JD. I can’t believe any of this is happening to be honest.
Melodie Ledesma
Melodie Ledesma:
Disney is going to regret letting Johnny go over "claims" he was guilty before proven innocent in their eyes. Johnny is going to get bigger more rewarding roles and Disney is going to suffer greatly. Maybe this will teach them a lesson to not listen to GOSSIP rather than facts. I honestly don't even want to support Disney anymore. Not even just for the Johnny Depp scandal but also for the many many shady things Disney has done. With their own Disney stars, to hiring on pedos, to unrealistic pressures put on tween and teen stars and the list just goes on. It's an extremely toxic business and needs to get hit with a major reality check but unfortunately they have so much money they can literally bury anyone who tries to stop them. So I'm just chosing from now on to not support them anymore. JD is going to get really great opportunities after this. Although yes, Hollywood is full of toxic WEIRDOS there's also that small group of people that have good kind hearts and will take care of him. He has been abused basically his whole life, I am so happy to see so many amazing people surrounding him in love and support throughout this disgusting and despicable time. I Love you Johnny Depp, you have a galaxy full of people that love you, support you, BELIEVE you, and stand with you! Idc what movie you come out in next I am going to watch it several times just for you! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #IStandWithJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppForever
A D:
i didn’t believe her lmao, i was arguing in the fan group of Ember with her stupid fans back in high school 5 years ago, because they were spreading too much bs
and the admin blocked me eventually💁🏻‍♀️
Ted Butler
Ted Butler:
About time the truth come out, lies will get you nowhere ,I'm glad they have seen sense ,and are now understanding how evil she is !!!!
That’s Crazy, I feel like her friends are starting to hurt because of her actions and they realized that they need new friends. I think them offering to share evidence is because they want to make something up to JD aka a good innocent man.