Amber Heard Speaks Out As Johnny Depp's $50 Million Lawsuit Begins

Amber Heard is speaking out on social media ahead of her court battle with ex Johnny Depp, who's filed a $50-million defamation lawsuit over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed about domestic abuse.

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100+ comentarios:

Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
No one cares what she has to say. She dug her own grave when she admitted to faking everything 🤦‍♂️ why do people still give her a platform to speak.
Cat M
Cat M:
She has done a disservice to all REAL survivors. Sickening, she became famous because of her lie
Mecha Jay
Mecha Jay:
I hope this lawsuit expose her as the abuser that she is. #JusticeForJohnny
She admitted to abusing him on tape. SHE'S AN ABUSER!!!!
GZB Army
GZB Army:
The corrupt media gave her the spotlight to continue emotionally abusing Johnny Depp, his family and REAL domestic abuse survivors who stand by the truth. We are tired of her and all of you. Justice for Johnny Depp!
If she was not actually abused by Johnny and staged all that for personal/career publicity, but implied he did, that is beyond despicable. Not only is that hugely unfair to him, but it could impact the activism against domestic violence. I guess this is what this case will determine.
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry:
This woman is all types of evil
Donna Mccormick
Donna Mccormick:
I hope you guys can really investigate this. The Andy Files, Stevie J Raw. Les. The Real Laura B & Jax. Road to Fairfax. Tug that umbrella guy. All clear & proven facts! The work has been done for you.
Amber Heard is the villain!
We support Johnny because he’s innocent she’s a chronic liar!
You’ll Float Too
You’ll Float Too:
Justice for Johnny
I feel like et Canada took part in turning a blind eye, when they upload a video of Amber speaking about women's empowerment, for L'Oreal. Things like this is why her career doesn't seem to have been impacted.
Cat M
Cat M:
Please remember men are abused also, I'm so disappointed that only women are focused on. Perhaps as a society we should be looking at abuse in both and by both sexes
Emily Edlund
Emily Edlund:
Justice for Johnny
She is a pathological liar and also cheater
Cookie 🏴‍☠️
Cookie 🏴‍☠️:
What she should be saying is "I lied and I apologize to Mr. Depp!"
Patricia Savage
Patricia Savage:
I have heard the recordings between Johnny and Amber where she admitted to hitting him and it was pretty clear she's the psycho. Im not sure how it even got this far
Captive Cat
Captive Cat:
“He wants to hold her accountable for what he THINKS she did” not you dismissing the ABUSE her endured as “what he thinks she did”. Pathetic.
Kay De
Kay De:
It’s too bad that the hosts didn’t bother to point out that Amber has a countersuit.. so it’s clearly not a ‘one sided’ lawsuit. On top of that, anyone who listened to the opening statements will also know that its not one sided. Johnny Depp is guilty of being an addict, and having made an insanely bad decision when getting involved with someone like Amber Heard. It’s disgusting that she is still a UN goodwill ambassador and L’oreals celebrity face. Those that claim to stand up for victims of domestic violence should not continue to work with people when irrefutable evidence comes out that shows they were involved in it. Johnny has nothing but exes who speak highly of him, who are self sufficent, while Amber has been arrested for assaulting one of hers, who seems to be a sort of starving artist, and is most likely on her payroll to maintain a positive position on their relationship. The reality is that even those that started out backing Amber backed off when the evidence of her violence came to light and the fact that she made a fake bruise to gain a restraining order happened so she could co opt Johnnys property for herself. Anyone who has spent more then 20 minutes looking at everything that is out there knows that Amber is a liar and was married to Johnny to elevate her career and her fame, as well as to get into his pockets. When she found out the gravy train was drying up and he was going to leave her, she decided to use the power of the momentum of metoo for her own selfish gain. As a victim of DV myself words cannot express the disgust I feel for the grift that Amber executed to garner sympathy and attention as well as financial gain. She needs to make the donations she promised to make, and stop lying. I hope that Johnny prevails, and he will if there is any justice.
Reginald Xavier
Reginald Xavier:
Gold digging in all its forms...Amber Heard 101...Poor Johnny!!!!!
She cut off his finger. ET is spineless defending Amber.
Rayan Noor Raziq
Rayan Noor Raziq:
Justice for Johnny
Teryn B
Teryn B:
I hope he wins and I feel like they are trying to be unbias while being bias
I can’t get passed the fact that just because she told him no one would believe she hit him.. it doesn’t prove that he’s never struck her. It only proves that they were both participating in and maintaining a toxic relationship
Syamil Shazlan
Syamil Shazlan:
It's pretty clear E is siding with the turd
Flying Without Fear
Flying Without Fear:
Heard statement is incorrect, it should read “ I have always maintained a love for Johnny’s money” . All journalists need to go through ALL evidence, not cherry picks. Johnny is innocent. He is a DV survivor, hence why he fights so hard and does not care about the money, he cares about the truth and vindication.
D Lov & Wife
D Lov & Wife:
You guys want Will Smith to be sued for $200 million. Naw, Johnny needs to Sue Amber for $200 million.
It's not surprising at all that Johnny Depp is going after Amber first.... For now! (tho, they are claiming he did go after an news outlet).
For those aware of situations like this, sometimes (most times) it's a strategic move to go after one at a time. You always want to go after the person who is making the extremely serious actuations as well as character assignation, first...Which is obviously Amber.
Once she gets found guilty, it will be a downwhirl slop after that to go after the others. I have no doubt that the media type outlets that has made false stories will for sure be held accountable in one way or the other.
And make no mistake, amber not only tried very hard to provoke and antagonise Johnny on hidden video and voice recordings while presenting herself as this sweet calm person while the cameras were rolling... But when the cameras were off, Amber was definitely a different person. She was absolutely abusive, both mentally and physically toward Johnny.
Lindsey Stedman
Lindsey Stedman:
Justice for johnny depp 💜
BL Flower
BL Flower:
She says there's a lot of bad men but never said there's a lot of bad women. Before that they were talking about one sided.. Disgusting.
Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl:
I hope he wins… she needs to go away for a long time.
Justice for Johnny!🙏
Eileen Walsh
Eileen Walsh:
Look at her track record….as opposed to his!! His partner of 14 years testified that she had never been abused by him
Maximus Proliferus
Maximus Proliferus:
This didnt age well. Hope he sues all media that defamed him based on baseless allegations
Ariel Vaikla
Ariel Vaikla:
I hope they play the court video where Amber rolls her eyes when Johnny talks about how she punched him in the jaw. The lies are so strong in that video. She always claims she was trying to get away from him. But literally in the tape he says he was trying to get away from her!!!! She says in that same recording that she hates it when he tries to escape. She would taunt him about it. In this fight he tries to get away, he brushes the door over her toes on the third try of attempting to close the door (cus she’s trying to get in), she reacts by she kicking the door open (which hits him on the head) and then she punches him in the jaw. And somehow he is the abused? What in gods name.
Blackhero 221
Blackhero 221:
Bruh this news station is so full of bullshit, i swear these people are all wrong in their head and need to wake up to damn reality #justiceforjohnny
Ellen Aitchison
Ellen Aitchison:
I think false domestic violence accusations is also on the rise.
Amy Wong
Amy Wong:
Justice for Johnny
Kimberly Nope
Kimberly Nope:
She is shameful and I pray justice is finally served and Amber loses
That Arizona Dude
That Arizona Dude:
Amber is going down
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson:
Depp, go to AA/NA, get clean and sober. With the ME TOO Movement, men are assumed guilty and bad no matter how innocent you are. Depp, do not marry young women gold diggers no matter how cute they seem at first.
Marlene Ful
Marlene Ful:
most of us know separations are messy and to have it all on the world stage I would not want it. We should not take sides at the end of the day they both loose.
Shimmy Isaacs
Shimmy Isaacs:
Justice for Johnny
Hi ET Canada, I’m here to watch you closely so you have to eat your words and innuendo after the trial 😇
jo pete
jo pete:
I feel sorry for Johnny she abused him!!!!!!
Valerie Palenkas
Valerie Palenkas:
She doesn't look in pain at all!!!
J LaRose
J LaRose:
Without Johnny, she's nothing.
The amount of evidence proving her guilt, if there is any justice and truth in the court of law she will finally be held accountable.
Jay Rallacsed
Jay Rallacsed:
She just want a money thats all about!!!
Anabelle Adalin
Anabelle Adalin:
Jeff Low
Jeff Low:
love and adore women. My mother was my role model. But women need to take a stand against modern feminism 2022. Modern feminism is not real feminism. Real feminism is about protecting women from abuse in all forms and to give them equality. In 2022 2x more woman go to college than men. 2x More! That is HUGE. Only a few years ago 2x more men went to college than women! Also, more women have high paying jobs than men and when they are paid less it's due to less responsibility/worked hours/leave from work etc I have read in at least 2 data reports that shows the details of men vs women pay at work. Modern 2022 Feminism is nothing to due with the equality of women who bring empathy, care, understanding and love to our families. Modern 2022 Feminism is about making masculine men...not men who abuse women, just masculine, disagreeable men...modern 2022 feminism is bent on destroying these men and replacing them.
John Jones
John Jones:
Jada and Amber should hangout cause they bash there men
MovieBuffReal The Second
MovieBuffReal The Second:
When a couple get into a problem which leads to their separation, divorce, feud or whatever similar, it's the both individuals who are responsible. You can't point at one side only. In addition to that watching movies and collecting them in all different formats (from Betamax[!] when I was a kid to Digital in recent years), I have never found J. D.'s movies appealing and never watched even one of them. As per her estranged wife, I had not even heard of her until this mess started. So it's just the media which is trying to feed people with something as unimportant of my cat having a few kitties!
Amber is a crazy gold digger ! Johnny never abused anyone ! Justice for Johnny!
christel blomqvist
christel blomqvist:
They both are messed up!
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat:
i'm really sorry for both of them, when two people go head to head it is awful
Juanita Thompson
Juanita Thompson:
She did admit to abusing him. And, his friend had said, "he saw no bruises" and loved his friend's wife. That witness is a key witness. She loves the publicity from this case. An actress to the "tee", even in Court. What does this say to women and men genuinely being verbally, mentally, sexually, socially, physically, abuse, whom carry the bruises? This, I love "Johnny" is old. And I could careless about this case, with the exception it downgrades the real abuse cases; a circus. Just Saying: First Amendment Right
DDD Pheth
DDD Pheth:
If and when johnny Depp wins, does amber have 50 mil to pay????
Thorn Hex
Thorn Hex:
Does any news source do their research anymore or do they just copy each other's work??? Can we really call them news anymore if they aren't going to take a minute to read and do research on the topic they are writing/ reporting about??? They act like the kids in class who don't really care/ pay attention in class. The teacher wants a report on trees they do a report on rocks instead.
Jojo Pabroa
Jojo Pabroa:
you right...we respect each... men or women...😉👍
Wille Valle
Wille Valle:
go depp
Lisa Goodin
Lisa Goodin:
maybe Johnny will keep some poor future dude from getting anywhere near her...
Yoku 07
Yoku 07:
Ok so what I find a bit hilarious is Johnny's net worth is 150 M dollars so even if he did lose (which is very unlikely and if it happens I'm losing all of my faith in humanity) he would suffer a great financial drawback but he can still afford it. Amber on the other hand has a net worth of only 8 M dollars lol 😂😂😂
Kate Hanley
Kate Hanley:
What do I think about the lawsuit? I think they should send me a few mil.
Colten’s Creations
Colten’s Creations:
I imagine the dislike ratio for this video is crazy. Why would you side with Amber Heard? Despicable:
Wendy Gliddon
Wendy Gliddon:
Ha! AH is such a joke!
Linda Lauchlan
Linda Lauchlan:
Johnny took more abuse from Amber .
Valerie Palenkas
Valerie Palenkas:
Justice for Johnny and AH should be arrested for false allegations. She's evil
Benji le
Benji le:
Where’s the me to movement now! These are some of the women you empower so step up and support the double standards your ok with. I don’t see the me to movement speak out about female teachers getting a lesser sentence than male teachers doing the same crime.
Did L’Oreal drop Amber from their Ads?
Melinda Martin
Melinda Martin:
You girls just have no idea whatsoever...domestic abuse 'on the rise' your has always been bad 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😞
Kate Hanley
Kate Hanley:
Oh, the beautiful people are fighting.
Stephanie Ivanova
Stephanie Ivanova:
"We have to be careful of not painting people with a brush, can't say ALL"... Well, you've done a fine job so far... and we also have to remember that there are women who don't do a lot of great things. God, you're such hypocrites.
I never know who to believe I guess we will see the evidence
Deanna Stephenson
Deanna Stephenson:
Amber has such an ugly heart. Any outer beauty she has is now diminished by her internal nastiness. I hope Johnny gets justice
Tami Z
Tami Z:
She’s worth $8M, if she loses, does she call Elon lol
L'Oreal should use Ambers fake make up bruise pics as a commercial. 😆
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
All I wanna know is when is pirates of the caribbean 9 coming out?
B Ulrich
B Ulrich:
Honey,-if you dont know Johnny's a Good Man,-U aint been payin attention your whole life,,,😒🙄 et,,seek help.,,,
Russell's Plant
Russell's Plant:
omg GET RID of the background chaos music. I feel ADHD watching this.
Joane Dyer
Joane Dyer:
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Teresa L
Teresa L:
What a see you next Tuesday!!
Just take a look at "Incredible average", it's a YouTube channel.
It's the quickest way to know what happened.
I think Amber brought out the worst in Johnny. She is full of drama. She's just as at fault as he is if not more. I hope JD wins his case and Amber leaves him alone. This should be in the past already.
edward mac nab
edward mac nab:
so the 21 jump street guy is suing Amber Heard for calling him a *ickhead ? Well , doesn't that prove he's a *ickhead ?
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie:
Amber is such a liar. She ruined his career. I hope she is never cast in another movie! If so, boycott it!
Frank Sanchez
Frank Sanchez:
Im all for Depp but how tf is he gonna get 50 million she's worth like 8 million? Genuinely trying to understand this
It’s both of them. Rich people problems 🙄
T Bone
T Bone:
She's not credible.
Colonised Tartan
Colonised Tartan:
Amber is skint always has always will Elon musk was one lucky guy . Jesus
Great overview. Thanks ET Canada.
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat:
they were both awful to each other
Kyaw La Pyi Wunn
Kyaw La Pyi Wunn:
Trust in women. Every woman matter. She too.
Susan Butler
Susan Butler:
How many relationships have they both had they can't sort out invoblment with anyone they should stay single
Felish Rodrigs
Felish Rodrigs:
Horrible hosting .. why are they really nervous about what to say? Nothing to waste your time with over here. Come on! Amber was hoping to destroy Johnny.... Which she didn't and now he wants to get what she deserves.
Jenifer Navarro
Jenifer Navarro:
Amber SHOULD GET IN TOUCH w/ the Duchess of DUMBarton for THEY ARE BOTH LIARS.
Sith Lord
Sith Lord:
Jeez... there's a lot of knee-jerk Depp fans here. I don't have a horse in this race, because I don't care much about either of them, but there's obviously two sides to this story, and I don't think Depp's as squeaky clean as his horde of admirers would have everyone believe. With a 23-year age difference between them, Depp knew what he was getting into.
Summer Knight
Summer Knight:
I think Johnny should have kept a low profile.
High vibrational beings
High vibrational beings:
Elon Musk stands up for Amber heard I’m going to strongly dislike him after that which sucks because he’s quite intelligent you think he’d be smarter