Amy Winehouse - Live at Porchester Hall [2007]


00:00:25 Know you know
00:03:16 Tears dry on their own
00:07:05 You know I'm no good
00:11:22 Just friends

00:15:09 He can only hold her (That thing)
00:18:21 I heard love is blind
00:21:42 Rehab
00:26:37 Take the box
00:30:30 Some unholy war
00:34:40 Back to black
00:38:34 Valerie
00:42:10 Addicted
00:45:10 Me & Mr Jones
00:48:14 Monkey Man

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Nic Chris
Nic Chris:
You could see the disappointment in her face when she saw her dad wasn’t there , i saw a documentary where he said he never really saw her live , poor girl . She didn’t care about the crowd , she just wanted her daddy .
manilo catalano
manilo catalano:
Amy is one of the artists that have passed away, that I will miss every day for the rest of my life. RIP
00:25 Know you know
03:16 Tears dry on their own
07:05 You know I'm no good
11:22 Just friends
15:09 He can only hold her (That thing)
18:21 I heard love is blind
21:42 Rehab
26:37 Take the box
30:30 Some unholy war
34:40 Back to black
38:34 Valerie
42:10 Addicted
45:10 Me & Mr.Jones
48:14 Monkey man
Spenser Bower
Spenser Bower:
She left such a huge void in music. There’s nobody who compares. I wish I could hear what she would be up to today.
she was looking for her dad but her father wasn't there, she looks so lonely and scared, im sorry we failed u
Joshua Rivers
Joshua Rivers:
6:34 Her whole mood changed when she realized that her dad wasn't there, Jesus man! As a future father myself, son or daughter, I don't care how busy I am or work for that matter, I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE! Her father failed her, you could easily see the pain in her eyes. Ugh, makes my blood boil. Fathers who have girls should know that a father is a daughter's first love, the one and only man who will always have their back and protect them. A shoulder to cry on, a smoking or drinking buddy, a pal that they can talk to, something no Husband can't even sniff. I shake my head, RIP Amy.🤦🏽‍♂️
Brina Pineda
Brina Pineda:
Gabriela Serrano
Gabriela Serrano:
How tf can you have Amy Winehouse as a daughter and not show up to every performance possible 🙄 I’m sure he loved to pull the “Amy Winehouse is my daughter” card all the time tho 😒
Jaylen Elijah Roberts
Jaylen Elijah Roberts:
It’s so sad. You saw after she realized her dad wasn’t there, how she got stressed and even more vulnerable. She was trying to distract herself while doing something she loved. If her dad was there she would have looked and felt just as good and proud. But that goes to show how these celebrities who are really talented and really have a passion, only want to get validated and have there parents be proud of them💔💔💔❤️
Charles & Charles
Charles & Charles:
You can tell her hold mood changed when she realized her father didn’t show up she got so sad and was just over it she was going through so much shit in her life I will always love Amy Winehouse
This makes me wanna cry so bad after her looking for her dad. I feel like I can see and feel her pain so deeply
jay cee
jay cee:
Listening to Amy Winehouse was the 1st. time I realised I loved jazz, blues, soul etc. INDEFINABLE!!!!
Liliane Bittencourt
Liliane Bittencourt:
Her eyes says everything. Real, complex: Amy Winehouse.
Vii Luu Ok
Vii Luu Ok:
Nadie Va a Igualarla Nunca,Es Unica!Te Amo Amy♡
Tuusharp Tu Loose
Tuusharp Tu Loose:
We never appreciate what we have until its too late, Lived too fast and died too young, A supreme talent lost forever.
Stavroula Nikolaidou
Stavroula Nikolaidou:
she had so much soul.. so much more to give
Adir harutz
Adir harutz:
I've watched this concert so many times, and I don't think I'll never get sick of it. I can't explain how lucky I feel to listen to her genius and extraordinarily emotional music. the people in the crowd didn't really understand how lucky they were, standing there, watching such a brilliant phenomenon that was called Amy Winehouse. this world lost so much through her death. Forever in my heart.
Anecia Trujillo
Anecia Trujillo:
37:46 everytime I see her perform this song, she's super emotional & its sad that for our "entertainment" we cheer on people to re-live their traumas.
rob pammit
rob pammit:
Another beautiful soul lost to the pressures and expectations of this modern world. RIP Amy
Bona Poun
Bona Poun:
RIP Amy, I wished I had a chance to see you live.
Zaheer Kader
Zaheer Kader:
The reason you will live forever is because your pain is felt in every word you sang 💔
James Priest
James Priest:
This show rivals like fn Lou reed, Jeff beck, the band for all time best live shows.. she is spec fn tacular
Xavier Nix
Xavier Nix:
That “I heard love was blind” performance was literally perfect. Chills.
Francisco Rebolledo Castro
Francisco Rebolledo Castro:
Desde que se escuchó en CHILE me dió en el gusto con su manera de interpretar y cantar.
Mario Alberto Carpegna
Mario Alberto Carpegna:
444 dislikes in this video. I understand you can like or not like Amy's music....bue, DISlike? And you have the need to express it... wow, 444 people are really damaged...
David Lynn
David Lynn:
wish i was lucky enough to be there that night
negra lopez
negra lopez:
“Always the same”😢 sad princess
Alex Dyl
Alex Dyl:
This version of « some unholy war » is really magic
Mary Root
Mary Root:
I wonder how those who saw her felt, knowing that she was a serious alcoholic. She performed beautifully...BUT they knew.... This was but four years before she died. SO SAD.
Amethyst Bickham
Amethyst Bickham:
She kept saying how having to perform that material over and over again was making her depressed.. but it was also making people money so she had to keep doing it. Words and music are powerful mantras.. :(
Missy Hewlett
Missy Hewlett:
I love Amy infinitely... I just found this concert and though she sounds great, it hurts my heart to see her so uncomfortable and messed up. I want to hug her. What an angel
josh kirkwood
josh kirkwood:
My tears for Amy will never dry on their own. She was the absolute picture of perfection. She is sorely missed. Agonizingly.
Larissa Natielly
Larissa Natielly:
Alguém em 2020 escutando essa deusa?
PH Corretor
PH Corretor:
Que show fodástico. Ela era ela: única
Peter Christopher Banlon
Peter Christopher Banlon:
I was shocked by Amy's presence. Her powerful soul oozing from every pore left me dumbfounded and awestruck. Flippant, flirty and a voice worthy of the legend she is and will always be.
Karine Cunha
Karine Cunha:
Que passagem magnífica!
Elusive Taurus
Elusive Taurus:
Voice of an angel. See ya in the next one Amy!
Hubert Buczyński
Hubert Buczyński:
These two men were singing with Joss stone too as a choir.
George Baker
George Baker:
genious, unlikely to be seen very soon. Woz like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert...the list is not very long.
2020. Missing the angel every day ♥️
Love this video. Shows what kind of a professional she was and a great band.
Andrew Blackadder
Andrew Blackadder:
For 6 Months after she died I couldnt listen to Back to Black because I would just break down and cry like a wee boy and Im 70 years old when she died, and clean and Im sober since 1984, and even now watching and listening to her sing tears still come to my eyes, such a waste, so young so fantastic, so special.. Luv her so much.
Samantha Cripe
Samantha Cripe:
I would give almost anything to see her in concert shes just so beautiful to watch and listen to💕 God bless her soul
"...La cara es el espejo del alma, y los ojos confiesan en silencio los secretos del corazón ...." .-San Jerónimo
Su mirada ida , solo marcada por los recuerdos que nunca pasaron, ahora estas descansado después de tanto sufrimiento.
Raphael Sirico
Raphael Sirico:
great musicians, great voice, great songs... what else could somebody ask for? gone so soon...
simeia Sinai
simeia Sinai:
Absolut goddess ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Thalia Nohely Arias
Thalia Nohely Arias:
Kendall Washington
Kendall Washington:
It’s the doo wop (that thing) cover for me
Daniel Fogarty
Daniel Fogarty:
She was special.
Luca Leggerini
Luca Leggerini:
incredibilmente fenomenale.....peccato
James Priest
James Priest:
My ❤️ Ames, singing like a crazy angel. Big FN hug, always tighter
Fernanda Gesuele
Fernanda Gesuele:
Uma artista completa! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌹❤️🖤✨
such a fine show, great lady Amy in such a local setting, check this fortunate these songs will live on to live and learn, make time for those you love, and donot be afraid to love yourself. aloha
Arianne Andrade
Arianne Andrade:
Ela segurando pra não chorar pq o pai não tava lá, é de rasgar o peito 💔😭
nao higashi
nao higashi:
"Beth Hart" would estimate Japanese highly in singing voice and singing ability.
Demonic Herron
Demonic Herron:
poor baby she was such a talented and beautiful soul I miss her so much 🖤
Impresionante, simplemente IMPRESIONANTE, saludos desde donde estes..........¿ ?
C. t
C. t:
The first song is KNOW YOU NOW not KNOW YOU KNOW, the information box must be corrected :)
Karlla platt
Karlla platt:
9 anos sem você 😔🖤
Marlon Santana
Marlon Santana:
Didn't know Seal used to do backing vocals for Amy... 16:52
Graham Wright
Graham Wright:
Such a huge loss, a true and rare songstress R.I.P Amy xxx
Karina Contreras
Karina Contreras:
So sad, she looked so depressed and miserable, RIP Amy Winehouse.
yoss rose
yoss rose:
Alguien que hable español? 😅😊 Saludos desde México 😊
Samuel Cruz Contreras
Samuel Cruz Contreras:
What a gift, always in our hearts Amy
remy descotils
remy descotils:
Le declin d'une star, souffrance pas exprimée.
33:02 I like what they did there
David Eldridge
David Eldridge:
Y everyone else has god bless how sexy are u miss ya
Gris- Gris
Gris- Gris:
Creammm! Luf' u, Amy. Forever and ever.
Bruna Freitas
Bruna Freitas:
Que artista senhoras e senhores, QUE ARTISTA! :(((
Indomi بوطانق اينامو
Indomi بوطانق اينامو:
she died
and i loved her
esteban quijano gutierrez
esteban quijano gutierrez:
beautiful simply beautiful and its music a delight for the ears .I just hope that wherever this one has found the tranquility that I wanted so much
Trois Bleu
Trois Bleu:
Mr Destiny 9&14
nobody stands between me and my man...
Dave M
Dave M:
May 23rd, 2020. RIP Amy♥️ Such a beautiful soul, thank you for the music you shared with all of us, truly one of a kind, authentic, soul singer. One of the greats, gone way, way, way too young. This is just a comment on Youtube but as a fan I am happy to comment on this video's page.
Robspierre Souza
Robspierre Souza:
I heard love is blind, Take the box and Some unholy war.
Rylie Winehouse
Rylie Winehouse:
I love her off-beat style. I also see the disappointment on her face when she wasn't saw her dad watching 😭😭
Germano Lopes
Germano Lopes:
Peccato che non ci sei più...
Semplicemente Geniale❣️
Christoph MachOne
Christoph MachOne:
Amy Winehouse was and will always be the best singer ever. Damn.... Outstanding....
Sergio Vargas
Sergio Vargas:
i dont speak english language but, i still love amy´s beatiful music
Lisa Tyler
Lisa Tyler:
a women with so much soul just looks ac-ward when she dance it dont matter though she was one of the great
Kai Big
Kai Big:
Her singing voice is everything! I'm so impressed!
Richard Maxhimer
Richard Maxhimer:
Good God...this young lady had such an amazing voice...I’ve been listening to everything from Judas Priest to Stevie Ray Vaughan to everything in between throughout my years.. I just love good talent...and man, oh man...Amy had it... such a shame that God puts such talent in this world, then allows it to be wasted by such demons... RIP..beautiful young lady....
Amy talking to the fans is so endearing
Sorcha Chisholm
Sorcha Chisholm:
So tragic how she’s wanting her father so badly in between sets and he’s just not “there” the way she needed him. I believe he had a lot to do with her demise. The guy just exploited her.
Gwen P
Gwen P:
I LOVE her voice! So talented! I wish I could have helped her! I would have loved to be her friend! I wouldn’t have wanted ANYTHING from her! I’m a retired drug counselor and a recovering addict. I’ve been clean since June 20th 2002! So I’ve been there and done that! I know just how hard it is to get clean! The first thing is STOP hanging out with those who still use! I don’t care who it is, Family or Friends! Misery loves company!
Amy just needed someone to love her
and love her for just herself and NOT for what they could get from her! It’s hard to believe but when you’re famous and so many love you, it’s one of the most loneliest jobs! When you meet new people you never know if they truly like you or if they just want money or if they’re just recording you to sell it to some rag mag!
However, Heaven has a very talented singer now! But imagine how much more she could have done here! I MISS HER BEAUTIFUL FACE AND HER BEAUTIFUL VOICE! RIP sweet angel! We LOVE and MISS YOU Amy😢
Артём М
Артём М:
Жаль, как жаль... Люблю тебя, земля пухом... 😖
Tony Varadaraj
Tony Varadaraj:
blues/jazz/rock and horror of horrors, even pop - she effortlessly blends all genres into one voice. A rare talent. RIP.
Watching her perform Monkey Man, all I can think of is that Amy & Brad Nowell would have killed it together in a different time.
Lucky to those who were LIVE at this show! ♥️♥️♥️
black guanábana
black guanábana:
That’s the same place where In My Bed was recorded, right? Looks VERY similar 0:10
jussi tonteri
jussi tonteri:
Atleast she didn't ever had to hear Gucci gang.... R.I.P u beauty
Bianca Vicuña
Bianca Vicuña:
Yo si hubiera estado ahí para tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(
actually my names ana :s
actually my names ana :s:
i miss u everyday
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang:
Absolutely beautiful girl, RIP Amy, you were truly one of a kind!!!!!! You’re absolutely BEAUTIFUL my ANGEL!!!!!!!! 👼 😇
when she talks about her father
Larissa Natielly
Larissa Natielly:
Alguem em 2020 assitindo essa deusa?
Sae Mathers
Sae Mathers:
The only thing his father want of her,was the money,always was the money.Damn! i hate so much to that ... human being
What a voice, what an artist, I love her, I feel so sad for her......... kiss from Spain Amy, God bless you
The Caribbean Soul Steppers
The Caribbean Soul Steppers:
Happy Birthday, queen! I still didn't get over your death.. :'(
Good soul that felt every single pain in her bones . Love u like I ever met u and we were friends .
I hope u are in peace.
I Pray and think of u .
Love u Amy ❤️