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Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Stronger Than Me. (C) 2003 Island Records Ltd.

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One for the ladies who keep attracting co-dependent men.
such a beautiful soul gone too fast. :/
sh m
sh m:
5 grammys for one album. . 1rst person to do that.
Miss that girl.
Neida Constantino
Neida Constantino:
Who still here in 2020 ! 😊
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
You are more stronger than me 💓
I w h
Pj Jones
Pj Jones:
This lady was so good looking. Drugs should be eradicated, just like RACISM.
Lara Cindy
Lara Cindy:
Amy be Talking about simping before it even existed. She was way ahead of her time.
2020 Quarantine with AMY WINEHOUSE: anyone?? 💕💕
Feel like a lady, and you're my ladyboy
Thereal Vlad
Thereal Vlad:
Im gay and none of this is offensive, after a guy asked "do you think gay men are weak?", she replied "some gay men are weak, and some straight men are too." I think by weak she means the men who are insecure and hyper-dependant(like the video is showing) yet still claim to be the manliest men of them all.
A. B.
A. B.:
This poor girl. In this video, you can see she's so healthy. Drugs took a hold of her. I think all she wanted was to follow her dreams. It wasn't for the fame, it was for creating music. Creating art. And I think she just wanted a man who could love her right, not drug her up. Such a beautiful soul gone so fast. We miss you, love.
Ynaves Warrior
Ynaves Warrior:
She's 19 here! Wow, she looks much mature and laid-back.Miss this legend since I was a child
D Clev
D Clev:
She died 9 years ago on Thursday R.I.P
i get why some people may not like the terms “lady boy” or the lyrics “are you gay?” but personally (my opinion may not matter since i’m not a homosexual male), amy wrote what she felt which is normal for song-writers.

*SHE* wanted a dude who was masculine, and that could take care of her. instead of using the word “feminine”, amy substituted it. plus, she was bisexual so i honestly don’t think a kind person like her meant it in a homophobic way. but rather in a, “don’t waste my time by continuously trying because you’re not my type of *GUY”*
Zelly U
Zelly U:
Blake is a total waste of oxygen.

I love you Amy, you deserved SO much better.
riccardo knopfel
riccardo knopfel:
If you listen to this song in 2019 you’ll have a beautiful life
Christopher Strongman
Christopher Strongman:
“Are you gay” “ladyboy” it’s a joke people, relax.
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata:
She looks so beautiful and healthy in this video. I love you Amy.
Karina B.
Karina B.:
It’s crazy that people are saying she looks healthy here, but in the documentary AMY her mother mentions that Amy was battling what was essentially bulimia since she was 14 or 15.... eating disorders as severe as hers were, or of any severity, are no joke. Many people die of eating disorders alone purely because of the damage it does to your body, specifically your heart- some die in the process or after they recover.
Her story just breaks my heart. She will never be forgotten as long as humanity exists. Such a unique soul with an everlasting impact who never truly got what she deserved- true love and support.
kamil kamil
kamil kamil:
I think her lyrics will be studied at poem lessons. Unforgattable.
Εύα Κορκολή
Εύα Κορκολή:
Guys, she said “are you gay?” For a man that she knew he was straight so she didn’t mean it in a bad way for gays also she was bisexual and generally a very open minded woman. Once in an interview she answered in the question “miss Winehouse do you think you are an icon?”
“Only to gays”
gewloom sre
gewloom sre:
she looks beautiful here when the industry didn't eat her up and still was herself.
Bebel Muniz
Bebel Muniz:
Amy is the perfect example of how drugs can destroy talented successful people too. As a music teacher, I'll always warn my students about what drugs can do, even if they think I'm overreacting or being boring. I want them to be as brilliant and as talented as Amy, but having a healthy happy ending. 🥰
Adrian Gutierrez
Adrian Gutierrez:
This is most beautiful I've seen her look....
She looked so good in this video. Really sad that she passed I would have loved to seen her live
Alyssa K O
Alyssa K O:
2:40 that SMILE!
Lautaro Adam
Lautaro Adam:
A day like today July 23, 2019, 8 years ago the legendary Amy left us, but he left us his great musical treasure...
R&B Line Distributions
R&B Line Distributions:
Can we appreciate the quality of this video?😩
Joseline Arellano
Joseline Arellano:
I literally get goosebumps singing in the mirror imagining myself dressed and makeup done like her 😭❤️
Natália Silveira
Natália Silveira:
I hope you found peace, my dear! Love U
C Powers
C Powers:
In her pre Blake days, she looks so healthy vibrant full of life and solid voice
So much talent, I wish she was still alive today and I'd hope she'd be happy and continue making wonderful music
Maria Eduardaa
Maria Eduardaa:
maravilhosa!!! essa música é perfeita
Thata Santos
Thata Santos:
o tanto que essa mulher era bonita e talentosa mds
4K quality <3
Mr. Nzeribe
Mr. Nzeribe:
Sexy, savage! I met her once in Manchester, sitting alone outside after a performance at a tiny bar, having a smoke. Nobody knew who she was - she was just starting, trying to make it in music. She was sweet, so much tinier than you'd imagine. I asked her out, but she was going back to London. One of the highlights of my life, for real. I miss her so much, still heartbroken all these years later. Love you, and I'm not ashamed to say it.
nevaeh j
nevaeh j:
she looks so gorgeous and healthy in this video💙🕊😪 rip to a amazingly talented woman who’s time was cut short😔
Amy jade winehouse
Idade 27 anos saudades
Discance em paz
Taz Video Gaming
Taz Video Gaming:
When you go on 2b2t and everyone questions your masculinity:
NOW IN 4K!! Thank you so much for this!!!!
That's why I liked her. She said what most women are unable to!
here in 2020!! she’s so amazing, such a good song 🥺💕💕
Amy Lives On!
17 years of Stronger Than Me today!
Amy forever and ever!
Perlā Bodo
Perlā Bodo:
2019 and still miss her. 💔
Ece Şenaydın
Ece Şenaydın:
im here for you today.. miss u amy.
Shawna Dyment
Shawna Dyment:
Playing for Amy today <3 Gone since 23.07.2011 miss you
XIA Artist
XIA Artist:
I Feel Like She Deserves a Biography
9 years ago today, rest in peace angel <3
Karine Ginoux
Karine Ginoux:
Such an amazing and emotional voice, I miss her 😢
Juliana Arthuso
Juliana Arthuso:
she looks so healthy in this video
In Loving remembrance.
9 years withouh you
+23 July 2011
Amy...we will always have your songs and videos
Zandile Ngcobo
Zandile Ngcobo:
Oh my love. Thank you for the music ❤️
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel:
It’s been almost 9 years since you left us, Queen of Soul. 😢
Serena Viani
Serena Viani:
"Feel like a Lady and you my Lady boy" Big Amy
Wint Herr
Wint Herr:
Amy definitely did NOT find a guy who was "stronger than her".
Otherwise, he would've helped her out of her hell.
Her best song btw.
Roger Zheng
Roger Zheng:
Almost 11 years. Miss you Amy.
joce Lokzs
joce Lokzs:
2020 , first time I heard the story of Amy . WHAT A LEGEND.. RIP ANGEL ❤️❤️❤️YOUR LEGACY WILL NEVER DIE
Danilo Rodrigues
Danilo Rodrigues:
I love this tune!
Linda como sempre ❤❤❤
Carolina Juárez Andrade
Carolina Juárez Andrade:
She looks gorgeous in this video.
It's been 9 years since you left I'm herelistening to your music know I love you ❤️❤️❤️
I miss you so much
R.I.P Amy 🌹🌹🌹
Andreea Trif
Andreea Trif:
I love and miss her 💔❤
She was a beautiful curvaceous woman in her pre Blake days..and that voice never ceases to amaze me 😍
It's Earl
It's Earl:
Stonger Than Me😍😍😍😍
original toya sweetness
original toya sweetness:
Any listeners in 2019?
9 years to the day already 😭😫❤️
blurry gorillaz
blurry gorillaz:
If she were still here she could make a perfect song with kali uchis
T cstgnt
T cstgnt:
Thank you for uploading it in 4k ❤️
Dom’s Waking Life
Dom’s Waking Life:
Amy Winehouse is everything that Adele wish she could be but will never be.
Leandro Balmaceda
Leandro Balmaceda:
Look how beautiful she looks here!😍I wish she never got into drugs.
😭 so hard to see her like this ... why didn't someone help her 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
luiz cesar morais
luiz cesar morais:
2020 and I'm still in love with this girl
gman1 657x
gman1 657x:
The words of blake fielder-civil
"I destroyed something beutiful"
Listened to this every morning the last two weeks
Ciuco Nomas
Ciuco Nomas:
holy shit, how beautiful and sexy, charismatic and badass she was... What a waste. what a f*ckin waste
Sadee Ocean
Sadee Ocean:
17 years old today still adore Amy the legend the 1💚💚💚
Feel like a lady and you my ladyboyyyy
Msann Taylor
Msann Taylor:
Who's here on her date of vanishing (physically) 9 years ago today..
First World Problems
First World Problems:
Everyone’s either talking about how she mentions lady boy and gay or how healthy she looks. Lmao
nachala waters
nachala waters:
she looks so healthy in this video compared to Tears Dry on their Own
Taz Video Gaming
Taz Video Gaming:
When a zombie kills an iron golem:
Edgar Serrano
Edgar Serrano:
She´s beatiful i love forever Amy, grettings from Mexico !!
I love her look here so much. Never understood the beehive hair.
Gabrielzim Henrique
Gabrielzim Henrique:
Me apaixonei na voz e na beleza dela , algum brasileiro aqui?
I agree with everything you say
I agree with everything you say:
"Feel like a lady and you my lady boy" always makes me smile!
Billie’s Avocados
Billie’s Avocados:
Legends never die❤️
flavio jotta
flavio jotta:
Sempre estará no meu coração Amy....
We were all blessed to live during her short life... and enjoy her music! She left far too early...
Luci V
Luci V:
she looks so pretty, i miss her sm
Alessandra Kings
Alessandra Kings:
Still missing you amy
2:38 that was a genuine smile. she was the kindest!
Alander Meireles Reimão
Alander Meireles Reimão:
I love your songs and Love you Amy. You'll be forever in our hearts
Any listeners in 2020 ?
Natasha Tides
Natasha Tides:
I didn’t even know she made music videos I’m so happy 😭😭 I’ve been listening to her music for weeks now
Ivy Antonio
Ivy Antonio:
God, her eyes. It looks so alive here compared to her later songs where you could see that her eyes are already dead. so sad.
Maeva Tessier
Maeva Tessier:
An amazing artist gone too soon...
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs:
I miss Amy, she is still one of my favorites. She was so beautiful too.
Água com gás é ruim de mais
Água com gás é ruim de mais:
Jesus, she's so pretty without drugs ;-;
Belinda Amat y León
Belinda Amat y León:
This woman will never die, her music is from beyond the grave, how great Amy is, today she lives more than ever.