Andrey Rublev vs Stefanos Tsitsipas | Hamburg 2020 Final Extended Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Tsitsipas vs Rublev in the Monte Carlo final - who wins?!
For a moment I thought it was Monte Carlo final, LOL
Phum Sneah
Phum Sneah:
Who are here for tomorrow battle for both of them 🤣🤣🤣
Alexander Hnatovsky
Alexander Hnatovsky:
5:25 bweh unleashes his primal mating call
moc 009
moc 009:
And this Tourny is where that crazy atp500 run started for Rublev
These could be the new rivalry for the coming decade.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Insanely competitive match. And super classy speech from Andrey at the end.
Cannot wait for tomorrow's Monte Carlo rematch of these two.
Nicolò Folgori
Nicolò Folgori:
Today Tsitsipas got his big revenge against him in a clay final in Montecarlo🥳
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa:
Rublev: Russian Nacionality.
Also Rublev: ¡Vaaamooos!
Congrats!! 😄
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal:
Tsitsipas - off course

the most stylish player in tennis history
Cheba Skipper
Cheba Skipper:
Waaaamooooos bweeeeeeeee!!!
OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original Videos
OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original Videos:
Somewhere Out There
Somewhere Out There:
Rublev ❤️
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
Thanks for this video, I finally discovered that Stef also improved himself so much comparing to last year, hope he can do better this time.
Both of these guys are so fit. Like how the hell did they get to some of these balls??? Unreal
Let's go Rublev! 🙏🔥
Glinda Conard
Glinda Conard:
He works hard for the money and the title 💯❤️
P L:
Love Rublev , such a nice humble guy
Yuri Serebriany
Yuri Serebriany:
Great game. Congratulations for both guys.
Philippe GRARD
Philippe GRARD:
Belle victoire de Stephanos.
Et enfin du nouveau en finale.
Surtout sur terre.
Fantástic Rublev ✨💚
Amazing game! Love the new gen of pros because they surely have and show respect lifting each other up. 😌❤️
Евгения Лещук
Евгения Лещук:
Поздравляю , Андрей с победой!!! Супер финал! Игра на высшем уровне.
who else click on this waiting to watch monte carlo final?
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr:
What a battle! 2 future Top 3 players if not more. So much young talent in Men's and Women's Tennis right now, we are on the brink of the Changing of the Guards. Tennis Everyone?
Dario Hernan Salice Larrosa
Dario Hernan Salice Larrosa:
Muy buen partido!
Is that the sound of the spin of the ball as it is flying through the air??
Marcel Jansen
Marcel Jansen:
I thought final as well from today😂
Tom Kleins
Tom Kleins:
Great Tennis!!!
Angela Moskovia
Angela Moskovia:
What? I lost the final because I thought it was Monte Carlo final! Seriously? You should post this video after the final obviously!
amazing tennis
darko milojević
darko milojević:
오우 루블레프 멋찐데..
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
I got confused with the 2020 Hamburg final - didn't realize they were showing reruns. It was an awesome tightly contested match thought!
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Tstisipas better come out 🚀 blazing 🎾 balls ! Rublev is a beast !
Это вам не это
Это вам не это:
Andrey was so tired ((His grid was very heavy
Habeeb Aina
Habeeb Aina:
Thanks for sharing this extended h.lite.
Whets the appetite nicely for the Monte-Carlo final.
It's too close to call, but we'll surely settle for more of this, thanks.
Paris Zingis
Paris Zingis:
this guy predicted the future
7:52 - can we please mike up line judges so as not to jeopardise their choir careers.
Андрей Сурков
Андрей Сурков:
Андрюха молодец!
Повтори завтра в Монте Карло .
Aku Salo
Aku Salo:
Graham Swartwood
Graham Swartwood:
I’m watching the Monte Carlo final rn btw
C’est Mahel
C’est Mahel:
Rublev 🔥🔥 win
Donnadynes summer
Donnadynes summer:
I enjoyed watching...
Все ключевые хайлайты проиграл но в итоге победил. Гений!))) 😂
Costa Athanasiou
Costa Athanasiou:
Both tremendous talents but as fate has it: there can be only one and it's going to be Stef this time!
Самир Справедливый
Самир Справедливый:
Рубль красава!!!!
Alex Fowler
Alex Fowler:
A very close contested match between both players. I was rooting Stefanos but Rublev seems to be the guy to beat lately. I see why it's become a counter strategy to hit everything to Rublev's backhand until an opportunity opens on the forehand side. Not this time for Stefanos but next time.
clinton clyde
clinton clyde:
this is just great tennis
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
7:19, the point that costs the whole match for Tsitspas. Close game though. Future of tennis at its best. Medvedev, Rublev, Tsitsipas. Throw in Sinner and Aslan for good measure.
СтАвКи ЗлО
СтАвКи ЗлО:
Давай Андрюха. Второй подряд Монте Карло бери)
Paul Guloglou
Paul Guloglou:
GO Stefanos
I see what you did here
I'm rooting for Rublev but I think Tsitsipas is gonna take it. He's playing exceptionally well and I don't trust Rublev's serve and success at converting on his 2nd serve.
Forget tennis this kid is me at parties 7:00 🥱🤣🤣
I watched the video and just realized it was not the Monte Carlo final after the Monte Carlo final
RDy Navi
RDy Navi:
The days of the legends have ended.
Felipe Vallejos Mellado
Felipe Vallejos Mellado:
Rublev is power and consistency. Tsitsipas is creativity and smoothness.
Saji Chirakal
Saji Chirakal:
Rublev shows consistency
Tsitsipas has it all power game and one of the few players that can volley.He should win easily v Rublev.
Wow what a match
Stone W
Stone W:
Tsitispas had his chances at the end and choked. He handed the championship over to Rublev....
Estela Alvarez
Estela Alvarez:
Dont miss the highlights Rublev-Tistipas
Rublev deserve it he is the next rusian who would dominate the world
Сергей Сироткин
Сергей Сироткин:
Рубль красава!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikos Gkiakos
Nikos Gkiakos:
Stef is the man!!!
Yoan Mihailov
Yoan Mihailov:
Dr Destroy
Dr Destroy:
The day Rublev evolved into Rublev500
Soham Maity
Soham Maity:
You fooled me tennis tv thought it was the Monte Carlo final
Toni Ramonero
Toni Ramonero:
7:52 could you tell me who did that sound?
Both are future of new generation
Grant Wiler
Grant Wiler:
Tsitsipas needs to come in sooner on some of those rallies
Oh man what a win! That trophy is horrendous though, looks like it’s made of chunky plastic?
Arbaz Malik
Arbaz Malik:
Stefnos he really badly need this masters
guillaume lebris
guillaume lebris:
Wrong title it's Tsitsipas VS Bweh
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Rublev and Dimitrov they play brutal tennis 🎾! I mean it is a blood , ⚔️, knives 🍴 play !! 🙄🙄🥺 after a while it gets hard to watch though riveting 🧐 😬
Guillermo Dellatorre
Guillermo Dellatorre:
I like the bwehh but tomorrow I'll go for zeus
James Anzalone
James Anzalone:
I think rublev is the best on tour right now, especially on hard courts, besides the big 3, he is the best new generation guy in my opinion, along with Stefanos
nice fight
Alex Explorer
Alex Explorer:
both guys are low profile...respect to each other. Congrats for Rublev...
kik locus
kik locus:
haha fooled me to think that its Monte Carlo 2021
Pietro Girardi Music
Pietro Girardi Music:
4:54 Tsitsipas doing his usual racquet banging on the ground to distract the opponent. What a shameful player.
I thought this was monte carlo
Wattanai James
Wattanai James:
It's will end with same result.
Zain choudhary99
Zain choudhary99:
Tisitsipas nailed it
paul garcia
paul garcia:
BEWWHH for the win yeh!!!
Mr Ilias
Mr Ilias:
In my opinion its bad to show winners of the match on a thumbnail. Cause you already know the winner and you don't intersted in watching the video
Allan Dela Rosa
Allan Dela Rosa:
Tsitsipas got his revenge
Tistipas about rublev said hype rublev showed what is hype.
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa:
Man wtf the crowd? They don't longer wear masks?
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
In clay I choose Rublev. in grass i choose Tsitsipas.
Ezer Gora
Ezer Gora:
Tsitsipas hairstyle deserve the monte carlo 1000 than rublev
Роман Боровицкий
Роман Боровицкий:
Андрей новый коронованный король грунтовых кортов
Musk -eteer
Musk -eteer:
Shittypas is a great player with a super confusing off-court social media addiction. Bad temper too but pretends to be this philosophical nice guy.
Zainab Manzar
Zainab Manzar:
Pure deserve it...
Whelm King
Whelm King:
The young generation: massively impressive hitting and no killer instincts at all. Seems to always be a battle of who can lose more.
And they both played gruelling 5 setters at the FO the very next day
AMTF GeeGees
AMTF GeeGees:
best clay
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa:
The champion is great 🙌🏻 The trophy 🏆 is ugly