Andy Murray: Greatest ATP Comebacks & Dramatic Escapes!

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43 comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
What's been your favourite Murray moment on Tour?
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant:
Robredo must be thinking not again andy
Tommy Robredo lisliked that video.
Game To Love - Tennis Podcast
Game To Love - Tennis Podcast:
Such an inspirational player and that comeback vs Nishioka was nothing short of remarkable!!
I remember watching both of those finals vs. Robredo, and I don't think I've ever seen such a huge effort to stay in a match, I laughed out loud when he flipped Andy off at the end of the Valencia final! XD
Id St
Id St:
The Murray vs Robredo at Valencia is one of my all time favorite ATP tour matches
15:01 the gall of Murray to try that on match point!
Pedro López
Pedro López:
I just started the video, but the one I can think about on the ATP tournaments is against Kohlschreiber in Dubai 17'. I remember my app gave the match won to the Philipp and next time I checked they were 15-15 on the Tie break and I was very confused. That drop shot was something else
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller:
Lol what's funny is the two Robredo matches were like just a coupple weeks apart.
Jack Macpherson
Jack Macpherson:
14:00 - "I've still got fight in my heart!" There is no better fighter in the game of tennis than Murray.
Caleb G
Caleb G:
Lmao Robredo. Gave andy a finger for each of the two comebacks
Radu Andrei Tennis
Radu Andrei Tennis:
Mental toughness at it's best! That is what separates the great ones from the rest :)
Haris Kriještorac
Haris Kriještorac:
My God the return at 12:20 is insane!!
лейтенант Коломбо
лейтенант Коломбо:
Poor Robredo :)
little puzzle
little puzzle:
Been a long time since my college beauty course!!! But maybe for you only!!!
Sung Rae Kim
Sung Rae Kim:
wow Andy Murray!!
By far the mentally toughest player on tour in history. No one else even comes close. Murray became a successful player simply through sheer mental strength. Incredibly tough player.
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper:
Is it just me or anyone else also thinks that in Shenzhen the hard hitting by Andy feels like as if he's the one with match points and not the other way around 🤣
Haha I just noticed that Murray and Kohlschreiber were supposed to switch sides at 15-15, but Murray only pointed it out at 16-16 cause people never play tiebreaks that long
Mateus Henrique
Mateus Henrique:
I miss the Young Andy Murray
Abdullah Yousuf
Abdullah Yousuf:
Djokovic ruined Murray’s count of major titles.. So he ruined Raonic’s 😂
ritty 55
ritty 55:
Robredo would be a major victim by Andy
R L:
Alex Sottil
Alex Sottil:
The match he had vs Dimitrov on AO (I forget the year) that he came back from behind.. hand no match point saves?
Sanjay Kumar Pal
Sanjay Kumar Pal:
2016 against Raonic was astonishing
I Love Sir Andy Murray! ❤️😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 xxx
Marie Cooper
Marie Cooper:
Andy Murray is a wonderful player, just brilliant x
Poor Robredo...
olzas Esenaly
olzas Esenaly:
little puzzle
little puzzle:
Ha ha ha ha Indian Thai massage my dear!!!???!!!
Sampo Eichner
Sampo Eichner:
Crossgates Conno
Crossgates Conno:
Kohlschreiber and Murray match they didn’t switch at 15-15 and I don’t understand why
Nishioka was also a great play!!
He is getting stronger.
Luisa federer
Luisa federer:
King of Castles
King of Castles:
i feel bad for robredo
PE Expert
PE Expert:
Kohlschreiber disliked this video.
little puzzle
little puzzle:
Twenty years of crap out my system!!! De crapping!!,
olzas Esenaly
olzas Esenaly:
It's great that Murray came back from his back problem and is doing well, his win against Nishioka is nice. But not only him, Norrie, Coria, Ruud, Khachanov,Cilic and Garin also came from two sets down to win yesterday.
Their wins are also as good, I'm just saying that most if not all tennis players have the fighting spirit, not just the big players, because all I am seeing is news about Murray's win
little puzzle
little puzzle:
the most sportiest thing I’ve ever done I’m not quite sure!!!
Hoang Phuc Luu
Hoang Phuc Luu:
It seems that he became more more passive as time went by