Andy Murray rallies to win five-round marathon in first round | 2020 US Open Highlights

Check out highlights of Andy Murray and Yoshihito Nishioka’s first-round match at the 2020 US Open, which went five sets and lasted over four hours.

#USOpen #Tennis
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26 comentarios:

Club Astro Transcendental Motor
Club Astro Transcendental Motor:
"five round marathon in first round"... Get better writers.
Nomon Munir
Nomon Munir:
That’s amazing bc the man had career changing hip surgery
J Masked
J Masked:
can see he wants the win soooo bad. feel for Nishioka, Murray's drive to win is a weapon.
Luis Felipe Diaz
Luis Felipe Diaz:
Andy getting that power from his new metal hips!
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
As expected. Respect to Nishioka for being a wall, but the legend that is Andy Murray triumphs.
5 sets. not rounds.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan:
Let’s go Andy!!
B D:
29th comment Andy wants his top five ranking in world back
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki:
Well done andy
Andrew W
Andrew W:
Espn does not know the different between a round and a set
Liz Copp
Liz Copp:
The Big 4!
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller:
What a legend
Ayden Mohamed
Ayden Mohamed:
Jan Merc
Jan Merc:
Felix played exceptionally well and a gram slam in the horizon ! He has proven himself !
Andy Mai
Andy Mai:
We can clearly see that whoever posted this video does not watch tennis
Five -set ....... Come on ESPN!!!??
HAHA 7:00
Real one
Real one:
Everybody Google Kyan King how come nobodies talking about this on the NBA?
Gloria Evans
Gloria Evans:
No Federer or Nadal. It's not worth watching. Novak doesn't have that magic.
J.T. Buttar
J.T. Buttar:
Wait Andy is back?! Don't judge me if he's been back for awhile, haven't been keeping up with the ATP as much as I should have
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz:
Whoever is Reading this:
Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it
Your body isn't a book don't judge it
Your heart isn't a door don't lock it
Your life isn't a movie don't end it it
You're beautiful
Be you.. Stay safe
(by the way I’m also a small youtuber looking for your support )

I didn't create this quote
Just wanna spread positivity❣️Plzzx
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
I hope someone will put up a challenge for Djokovic because it looks like he will just steamroll through the whole tournament.
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
Murray probably lost the first two sets on purpose to test his body in five lol
Real one
Real one:
That Jacob Blake bs ended quick. Talk about Dijon kizzee😎
jose giron
jose giron:
Andy just needs to change his game in order to not be stuck in those long rallies that kill your body, and you can see from his movement that he is thinking about that, he is trying to learn when to give up on a ball to conserve his body and when you have a good chance and push it. All throughout the match he was moving gingerly you can see how that surgery has changed his play and mindset, hopefully he can learn how to play in his new situation as a limited player. Sucks when a world class player is plagued by injuries but there are many who have managed to change their game in order to preserve whatever career they have left and andy will have to do that for sure if he wants to compete for yrs to come.
Sim W
Sim W:
One of my most hated sportsman, and his grandma that rocks up to games and acts like a tool just like he does