Anne Hathaway & Hugh Jackman - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

Anne Hathaway ("Modern Love") and Hugh Jackman ("Bad Education") join Variety Studios Actors on Actors conversation #AtHome where they discuss what it's like getting older as an actor. Jackman also talked about saying goodbye to his long-lived Wolverine character and Hathaway shares a "Devil Wears Prada" short story.

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All twitter took from this interview was Christopher Nolan doesn’t like chairs lol
I love how they talked about mental health. The same mental disorder doesn't present the exact same way for every person, but there are similar behaviors for each disorder. Displaying mental health disorders is all about respect. Some people have severe cases others have mild cases.
Iyas _
Iyas _:
Anne Hathaway aging like a fine wine, taste sweeter and definitely expensive.
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
Jean Valijean and Fantine back together again!
Lolita De Abreu
Lolita De Abreu:
Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman? Say no more.
Iftee Talukder
Iftee Talukder:
Everyone only hear to see Catwoman and Wolverine together
David A. Cortez
David A. Cortez:
So Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars wasn't nearly as bad as she thinks it was. James Franco was dreadful and I think probably killed the entire show but Anne was great! I think she needs to give herself a little more credit.
neo 1
neo 1:
I love anne hathaway! She is the best!
Ambuj Singh
Ambuj Singh:
He was the best host Oscars ever had. His opening number to everything in 2009 Oscars was amazing and it all got really lucky for Kate Winslet and she finally won her Oscar that year
Josefina Balatbat
Josefina Balatbat:
Such a refreshing, informative & engaging session between 2 people who shared experiences in the practice of their craft. They are very relaxed with each other - they shared insights that comes from strong professional bonds...and also because of similarity in backgrounds (both film and stage performers). Anne was able to draw from Hugh how his farewell to Wolverine affected him - was it Logan or was it Hugh who was saying Goodbye in the end? I think Hugh even admitted to having had a teary take which Mangold did not use. Maybe he was very affected because of how the role( of a lifetime) changed his life and what it has done for the rest of his career on film and stage.
Adrian Vaduva
Adrian Vaduva:
You know, just two gorgeous people having a chat.
Miguel Grecco Reyes
Miguel Grecco Reyes:
anne hathaway just be glowing like that
The Chesh
The Chesh:
As someone who's BiPolar 1. I am happy that mania is addressed. Too many focus on the depression, but personally my manic episodes are far more destructive. I equate it too the progression of a meth addict.
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule:
Anne's big goofy smile is gorgeous.
Job Acevedo
Job Acevedo:
Since princess diaries I’ve loved this lady. Lol 😂. Also Logan is amazing and my son loves the greatest showman! Great actors!
man in chair
man in chair:
Hugh's 2008 Oscar opening performance was the greatest of all time (written by Dan Harmon!) , and Anne Hathaway was a big part of it , she absolutely killed the absurdity of the bit and belted like a champ .
Anne was great when she hosted the Oscars, it was her partner that let her down.
Ashish Nagar
Ashish Nagar:
I want those extra deleted minutes from LOGAN now 😭 #ReleaseTheLoganUncut
Sam Lee
Sam Lee:
Finally Anne Hathaway’s here!!
Iftee Talukder
Iftee Talukder:
The longest actors to actors of all time
Aditi Mascarenhas
Aditi Mascarenhas:
These are some of the sweetest people in hollywood.
Kate Lee
Kate Lee:
Aww Hugh Jackman seems like the absolute sweetest soul that ever roamed planet Earth ❤️❤️
M S:
Anne, you were great at hosting the Oscars. You did what you could with that co-host of yours. He prevented you from being able to fully express yourself and your talents.
Azarel Fernandes
Azarel Fernandes:
Loving this Actors on Actors thing
Poetically So
Poetically So:
Who has a better smile than Anne? Who?
I like the "no phones on set" mentality. If you're getting paid for a job, you don't get to be on your phone except of you're on break. It should go for any job, even if you're a celebrity
For me a couple only comparable to Evans and Scarlett.
Katherine 23
Katherine 23:
I'd love to see an episode of actors on actors with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
Calvin Loo
Calvin Loo:
Her skin looks glowing yet natural. She should drop her skincare routine. Ageless beauty.
Elizabeth Galligan
Elizabeth Galligan:
Love Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Two humble , Down to earth, gifted Actors!😊😍👍
Arcelia I
Arcelia I:
This was one hour of Anne and Hugh providing peer reviewed analysis of why the other is amazing and talented and I’m here for it
Anna Heart
Anna Heart:
Immediately a dislike for the "covid-19" setup.
Sarang Nambiar
Sarang Nambiar:
The best interview of this season.
Hugh is the nicest man. What a smile
Jennifer Ariesta
Jennifer Ariesta:
I love how Anne gave her sons normal names
So cute how he says “My Deb”, about his wife. I saw him on stage, and it was the same, he talked a lot about her. ☺️
Hugh Jackman looks like he has a better webcam than Anne Hathaway. Her camera is very fish-eyed. Webcams have small lenses right? I guess she has a laptop.
"How's it been for you?" Hugh is one of those rare souls who always genuinely sounds as if he wants, even needs, the answer to that question.
Dhanesh B
Dhanesh B:
They start talking about Chris Nolan from 43:45. You're welcome!
Lais de Oliveira
Lais de Oliveira:
So nice to watch those two having a conversation! They both seem to be so professional, hard working people. I admire that. Also, this video made me like Christopher Nolan even more.

And Hugh Jackman, please, stop being so charming.
James Paul Gregory
James Paul Gregory:
That Intro was all I needed.
Michael Leahy
Michael Leahy:
Missed opportunity! They should have discussed Dark Waters, that was a great movie from last year and she was great in it
The moment you realize you've been smiling for one hour, seven minutes and thirteen seconds :)
I love their mutual adoration for one another!
Simply Elegant
Simply Elegant:
She is so pretty and elegant and her smile is mesmerizing! Love you Ann you’re such an incredible actress and Hugh is everything you’d think he would be and some!
yjkg bybtb
yjkg bybtb:
LOGAN is one of the best movies ever. So depressing, but so real and relatable.
Les Misérables ♥ the only musical i've loved to watch
Josie Park
Josie Park:
Watching them together makes me really happy, they're both my favourite ❤️❤️❤️
rutu shrirame
rutu shrirame:
Hugh Jackman is such a perfect human being
Awande Masuku
Awande Masuku:
bruh i’m so early, this is kinda exciting😂😂
Sexiest man of all time from Australia 🔥🤩
Choc K
Choc K:
*When you didn’t know what Anne Hathaway said and your asked to answer a question* 48:24
My celeb crush (HJ)and one of my favourite actresses(AH) in the same video. Thank u Variety Fair.
Ian Feldmann
Ian Feldmann:
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule:
i like actors on actors because it shares the humanity and normalcy of "movie stars."
Andreea Ilie
Andreea Ilie:
Two amazing actors and very humble human beings🤗🤗🤗🤗
M H:
When a celeb can raise her eyebrows and get forehead creases, I automatically consider them as genuine.
deborah bunger
deborah bunger:
I just want to say that I have been privileged to watch a good number of the Actor on Actor interviews. This, however, was a TOTALLY different ballgame. Hugh and Anne clearly DO love each comes across so vividly in the conversation and is so charming and endearing. They respond to each other so naturally and generously...I found it totally disarming!. By FAR my favourite interview so far...❤
Michelle Doiron
Michelle Doiron:
Yesssss we love a good actors on actors moment in quarantine!
Ryan Humphries
Ryan Humphries:
I think that this is the first conversation between Hugh and someone when Ryan Reynolds hasn't gatecrashed
Hypocrite World
Hypocrite World:
2020 and still the internet is weak in videos chats , and NASA used to video chat from mars decades ago , yeah NASA that's believable
Angel Smith
Angel Smith:
1:08 yes? Can I help you? So many YouTube videos that keep saying my name. What do you want from me?
Alexander H
Alexander H:
"Actor with actors" producers: Please tell actors that these conversations don't have to center on complimenting each other but rather talking about the craft. It's understandable that there will be compliments but it's not the purpose. With Amy Adam's and Nicole Kidman I finally checked out. I wanted to hear about their experiences in acting but turned into a tennis match of compliments- ridiculous.
Nadira Nibras Adiba
Nadira Nibras Adiba:
The “aging like a fine wine” gang🤟🏻
Uros Djordjevic
Uros Djordjevic:
They love each other hahah, Anne Hathaway looks the same for last 20 years, love her so much, she is sexy like catwoman hahaha
We need Keanu Reeves and Hugh Jackman on Actors to Actors
courtney wagg
courtney wagg:
That was awesome Interview. I think Hugh Jackman is so cool I would love meet him someday. ❤️🇨🇦
Олеся Герасименко
Олеся Герасименко:
ohhh hugh so cute 😻
R R:
Hugh's Smile at 00:11 sec
Marcelo Matiello
Marcelo Matiello:
I love this woman. Her portrayal of someone w/ bipolar disorder was one of the funnest acting I've seen in years. It made me cry.
This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. I could listen to them talk to each other for ages.
Hiren Vithlani
Hiren Vithlani:
Please Robert Downey Jr next conversation with Tom Holland
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee:
Watching this, I find myself...overwhelmed with nostalgia and completely enthralled by the workings of Stacey Cornbread.
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
Anne somehow excels when she's afflicted on-screen: drug-addiction in Rachel Getting Married, Parkinson's in Love & Other Drugs, tuberculosis in Les Miserables and now this: bipolar disorder.
I heard the best Hugh Jackman fact the other day. I won’t go into details as I simply can’t bare the hate I may receive.
I love them both!!!
Les Miserables is still one of my favourite movies and I miss Anne's short hair, she needs to bring that back one day because she looked gorgeous in it!
Vaibhav Kumar
Vaibhav Kumar:
Following them for 12 years and counting, It feels good seeing this conversation !!!
matthew rappaport
matthew rappaport:
- <3 Chris Nolan
Samantha Millan
Samantha Millan:
C’mon Anne... I loved so much your “own my own” parody at the oscars. You were great, sister!
4 P
4 P:
I can never really get into her maybe the movies she makes. I have to admit she is so gorgeous and classy looking.
Tamie Le
Tamie Le:
ugh, I remember Logan the last scene just ripping me to shreds (pun intended lol)
Paiva Jr
Paiva Jr:
What a breath of fresh air watching these 2 chatting .. so much love and admiration for each other, a recipe for a long-lasting friendship.
Sandra Monroy
Sandra Monroy:
Hugh Jackman ... you take my breath away... ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know all the lyrics of The Greatest Showman, hello from Bogotá, ColOmbia, South America! Would you like a great cup of coffee?? ☕️
robert goyette
robert goyette:
literally just watched the opening monologue from 09 randomly yesterday haha best Oscar's of my lifetime
Yuri Saladino
Yuri Saladino:
I love Anne Hathaway! She's my favorite actress! 👑🌟💖💖💖💖🌟
Anne Hathaway has THE most amazing eyes! Great interview.
Carla Caroline Official
Carla Caroline Official:
This conversation is the reason we are on quarantine. I can rest now.
reshma mehra
reshma mehra:
We absolutely need one of these with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds and also Jake Gyllenhaal
Mark N.
Mark N.:
Can I just say how much I love Anne, Hugh is cool to.
rishab karki
rishab karki:
I am just waiting for the moment when she says Chris doesn't like chairs.😎
Hugh Jackman is my all time favorite Oscars host! ❤️
Terrible freeze frame of hathaway
Antonio H
Antonio H:
These are one of the most charming beautiful people in the industry, love them!
Drishti Chanchu
Drishti Chanchu:
UGHHH such infectious amazing smiles and vibes they have!!! I can never listen to people talk for an hours but this is like GIVE ME MORE
Hugh Jackman 🙈🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🥰😍🤩
Emack B
Emack B:
This is so long I need a time stamped table of contents 😂
PK Collins
PK Collins:
love these two but this conversation is boring as all get out. normal boring people - thank god!
Adi Adrian
Adi Adrian:
In an alternate universe Anne is my wife and Hugh my best friend
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil:
DC and Marvel
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
Anne’s so talented and stunning like always♥️👏🏼