Anne With An E 3x10 - Gilbert And Anne Kiss Full Scene (All Kisses)

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Both: I'll write to you
Anne: I have follow up questions
Gilbert: So do I

me: So do I. *glares at Netflix*
N a n u k a Babunashvili
N a n u k a Babunashvili:
Bruh Netflix canceled “anne with an e” and not riverdale. Im mad 💀

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Alessia Mallus
Alessia Mallus:
Why Gilbert is so hot 😭😭😭
Carol ine
Carol ine:
At least she figured out she wont get pregnant from a kiss lol
Franka swk
Franka swk:
This was the most satisfying kiss in a Netflix series EVER 😍😍
Bella Blackshaw xo
Bella Blackshaw xo:
That’s how everyone deserves to be kissed 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Hannah Eriksson for life
Hannah Eriksson for life:
He was so confident in kissing her
Katy Nadal
Katy Nadal:
I loved how Gilbert had to kiss Anne not once but two more times before he left.
Rocio Gauto
Rocio Gauto:
They are literally taking away the only series that teaches us about life.
It has no stupid teen drama, raunchy themes, toxic relationships, etc.
You have messages of acceptance of yourself, self-love, love of others. Everything.

It really takes a lot of work for me to understand how such toxic series with bad examples are successful and this type of series is not
Green Tea
Green Tea:
I’m gonna tell my kids this was Romeo and Juliet
Preciouss Urreaa
Preciouss Urreaa:
They're dressed like adults, but they look like children still xD
honey sun
honey sun:
honestly I don’t even watch the show and and even I was waiting for their kiss
Kaely A
Kaely A:
Diana’s face when he kisses Anne in front of her! 😂
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda:
I’m gonna tell my kids this was the day I died
Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell:
I just spoiled Anne with an e for myself
Victoria De León
Victoria De León:
“I have follow up questions” Bruh me too, NETFLIX I WANT TO SEE THE WEDDING!
Katy Nadal
Katy Nadal:
I love the way Gilbert looked at Anne before he kissed her. I also love how tight he helded her not wanting to let go of her. I also loved how sad he looked when he had to leave before he kissed Anne's hands. The fact he knew he had to leave and didn't want to leave at all and just wanted to stay there with Anne. I just love this scene so much.
jere mire
jere mire:
"I have follow up questions"
"So do I"
Linang Algo
Linang Algo:
Who else is obsessed with this entire scene?? I’ve been coming back to this ending since last week.. i clearly need season 4 ...
Editando Porque Sim
Editando Porque Sim:
I've watched it too many times that can't be healthy lol
"Dear Anne,

Since we are parting ways, perhaps forever, I feel I must unburden my heart.

You are the fond object of my affection and my desire.

You and you alone are the keeper of the key to my heart.

Please, don't be alarmed. I don't expect your favor, but I can't in good conscious not reveal myself.

I'm not engaged, nor will I be, unless it's to you, Anne, my Anne with an e.

It always has been and always will be you.

With love, Gilbert.

Ps. Thanks for the pen, good luck at Queens."

it’s such a pity Anne never got to read Gilbert’s beautifully written letter.
Adriana Paliato
Adriana Paliato:
He kissed her with so much desire. I just love this scene.
Anne and Gilbert : *kissing*
Diana : WhY Am I HeRe


Ruby Pham
Ruby Pham:
God has given us another timothee chalamet you guys
edit: omg thanks so much for almost 500 likes this is the most I’ve ever gotten😁❤️
Green Eyed Teen
Green Eyed Teen:
I was so ready for Anne to lose her braids
Crazy Spirit
Crazy Spirit:
Their story just started and the show has ended.......I want more. #renewannewithane
Nicole Acuña
Nicole Acuña:
This is like the best kiss scene EVER, i mean this is so intense
Gilbert was just gettin all into that first kiss😂
Telur Dadar
Telur Dadar:
the thing about Gilbert is, he is the perfect a-friend-but-husband.. like he loves you a lot, but he never afraid to correct or tell you the truth, and will support you and your dream no matter what
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia:
This show has made me realize that if I don’t find someone like Gilbert I don’t want ANYONE.
Bruh the way Gilbert runs 😂
Amir Syabidabidu
Amir Syabidabidu:
Anne: I have follow up question
Netflix: nope we’re cancelling your show..
Mariela Pires
Mariela Pires:
Who else wached this 10029 times 🥺
No explicit sex scene, no violence. The kind of serie that makes us think about the world we live in. And how people undervalue feelings and overvalue rational thinking today. I was born in the wrong time. The love romantic love and imagination here lost its value.
Jeanne Séguineau
Jeanne Séguineau:
I'm sorry Gilbert Blythe but to the question "Do you really have feelings for me?" No matter who you ask it to the answer is gonna be Y E S
Serena Vatavuk Tlach
Serena Vatavuk Tlach:
The dislikes are the people that wanted to be Anne
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda:
I can’t stop repeating this video, I’m in love with they
Livi M
Livi M:
Netflix canceled “Anne with an e” and not Riverdale. Why?? I'm really mad
aisling giltinan
aisling giltinan:
sorry this was the best series to exist
Evan Hample
Evan Hample:
I like how they both go in for a kiss. They truly are equals. “Life mates”.
elegant loser
elegant loser:
When he went back to kiss her before leaving my heart exploded
Kaliah Hill
Kaliah Hill:
I have tried so desperately hard, desperately, to let this show go. To let these characters go. To let this story go. And I am struggling terribly. I can’t let this show go. I won’t ever get over the facet that they cancelled the show early. So early. The story had JUST begun and I am beyond devastated. I need a season 4. I’m praying to god everyday that some network or anyone will pick up this show. Please god. Please Netflix. Please CBC. Please anybody who loves, LOVES, this show half as much as I do. #renewannewithane🙏🏾❤️
Larena Abdon
Larena Abdon:
The fandom wanted one kiss but we got so much more
Gilbert: *after kissing Anne with so much love* *gets into carriage* *looks at Anne*
Anne: *smiles*
Gilbert: *heart eyes* ~thinks: HOW IS SHE SOOO CUTEEEEE~ *gets up to kiss her again*

Me: *smiles* I have no problem with this!
I wonder what they really felt about the kiss behind the scenes.
Brittany Jarosiewicz
Brittany Jarosiewicz:
When he climbs in the carriage and looks at Anne, the little sigh that comes out is adorable. I can practically read his thoughts, "Wow, that girl is mine. I'm lucky."
Gaia Salegna
Gaia Salegna:
I think i will never have words for this show. I won’t forget all these feelings.
Bailey Scholpp
Bailey Scholpp:
LISTEN: YOU CANT FAKE THAT KIND OF PASSION. also Cole needed a boyfriend before the show ended NETFLIX
Addison Grubb
Addison Grubb:
I love how Diana is just standing there when they kiss. 😂
Lmao “it’s 12”

Okay Cinderella
The kiss was the most outstanding beautiful scene ever hit the screen
Catherine Leal
Catherine Leal:
honestly this is probably the only show i screamed at when they kissed! THEY ARE TOOOOO CUTEEEE
Emily Hasunuma
Emily Hasunuma:
their chemistry is on a whole other level i love it
Abby Oneill
Abby Oneill:
I’m going to have a nice long chat with Netflix
They call me Marry Helen
They call me Marry Helen:
Is no one gonna talk about the hand kiss? Like that was legit super romantic of Gilbert.
Sarah rose
Sarah rose:
I wish Gilbert didn't have to leave
middyyy queens
middyyy queens:
Season 4 we need the indians to get justice gilbert and ann more kisses and maybeeeemoreee and ect.. I need more of this show its all so beautiful
Madison Lewe
Madison Lewe:
In a way, I’m kind of satisfied with how the series ended. It doesn’t seem too abrupt to me and at least they got together before the show got cancelled.
Jadyn Barlow
Jadyn Barlow:
I saw someone write how *gilbert kisses anne like she's oxygen and he's desperately trying to breath her in* (or smthng like that) and like that's honestly the most perfect simile I've ever heard for this scene 😍😍😍
I swear I‘ll watch this everyday till season 4 comes out, even if it never comes out
Liliac Chan
Liliac Chan:
I hate Mr. Barry but i love how gilbert and Anne kissed right in front of him and he didn’t even look one bit surprised
like EVERYONE in that town knows that they’re are meant to be(❤ ω ❤)
xXNyxVengfulXx t
xXNyxVengfulXx t:
My heart is so happy their together now but WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX
Sarah Gallart
Sarah Gallart:
Évi Koszta
Évi Koszta:
Damn, one day I came up to youtube and I found this scene in my recommended videos. I watched it thinking “Oh I’m curious, I always liked Anne of green grables but probably won’t watch the new series so let’s see them kissing”
I Spoilered the WHOLE series with this one scene and I was so mad at myself when I found out I’m so in love with this series and I know through the 3 seasons when and how it gonna ended.

WE NEED SEASON 4. I started Netflix JUST because ANNE WITH AN E. Why they cut down such a wonderful art like this series???!
Kitty Yang
Kitty Yang:
from the moment Diana starts yelling at Gilbert on the train
my brain: ohmygoshohmygoshthisishappening
my brain when i hear it's canceled: i- i don't know what to say, you- i- and PiRAte and-
Charutha Santhosh
Charutha Santhosh:
This kiss was worth three season's wait
Melina Tsilira
Melina Tsilira:
Diana’s face 😂 she was like WAIT WHAT DID I MISS ??
Victoria De León
Victoria De León:
Guys what if we all create Twitter accounts and tag Netflix in a ton of tweets of renewing awae for season 4
Meza Garner
Meza Garner:
I love the way they look at each other, it’s different then the other times, they are saying finally you are mine!!!
Esraa Samir
Esraa Samir:
1:09 get u a man to pull you closer like that!
Andrea Luna
Andrea Luna:
It was worth the wait to have a kiss as perfect as this with an entire tragical Romance behind it.
supreme mugwump14
supreme mugwump14:
The best thing about this is that they still had the witty conversations and banter that they had always had
Chaotic Disaster
Chaotic Disaster:
Wow Gilbert looks like lost puppy dog when he asks Anna if she likes him
Deonne Belletrist
Deonne Belletrist:
Seeing people have social interaction just reminds me how lonely I am HAHHAHA
Isabel Fayer
Isabel Fayer:
You can see the look in his eyes when he jumps in the carriage. It’s a mix of dread that he’s leaving and then so happy that she’s his. His acting is so good a depicting the conflicting feelings
Noreen Shah
Noreen Shah:
I won't thank them for this kiss. It was what we deserved after all the torture we had faced and that letter drama made me throw my wig off to Mars. You don't know how many days it took me retrieve it back. Btw I think of Gilbert as Gilberella now. Leaving the love of their life at 12
Fernanda Jiménez
Fernanda Jiménez:
Anne's gaze at 1:00 after Gilbert asks her "do you truly have feelings for me?". She's not afraid anymore. And when she kissed him, it was like both (him specially though) put all those deep, hidden feelings after so many years into the kiss. When he pulled her closer i- 😭 this was literally unreal. I truly expected a wonderful confession, big words from both, but honestly words were not even needed. They are finally together knowing both truly love each other and that's basically what matters. ❤😪 #renewannewithane
Riley Sullivan
Riley Sullivan:
Thanks Netflix for not blocking this video like they did to the dance scene.
Growing Paynes
Growing Paynes:
Diana's face its like: why did I dump Jerry?
Ella Shortt
Ella Shortt:
This scene always melts my heart and Diana's face is hilarious she was like Anne ur gonna get pregnant 😅🤣
Those 3 Weirdos
Those 3 Weirdos:
1:13 Anne is so ready to keep kissing shes like *YES IVE BEEN WAITING wait why are you going away? Oh.*
Tam Bek
Tam Bek:
This scene is the epitome of romance. If something like this ever happens to me in real life, I think I might faint and possibly even die instantly. It was an especially great and satisfying scene because of the three fricking seasons building up to this, with two episodes of nerve wrecking anticipation preceding it. I already know I won’t be able to take my mind off this show for a long, long time. I’ll miss it a lot, in fact
somona cookie
somona cookie:
Anyone else have a huge crush on Gilbert 🤷‍♀️😍♥️
Hannah f.
Hannah f.:
I wanna be Gilbert. He's so lucky

I think I'm in love with Amybeth McNulty. That may be a problem considering she doesn't know I exist.
Westi XoXO
Westi XoXO:
Anyone else get butterfly’s in their stomach every damn time they kissed or just me?
Mystii gacha
Mystii gacha:
I was so happy then a few minutes later the show ended ):
stray freckles
stray freckles:
Fiona Rearden
Fiona Rearden:
Gilbert: Anne I have to know do you truly have feelings for me
Anne: kisses him again
Me: welp I think thats your answer Gilbert
Maddie Wolf
Maddie Wolf:
It’s the same music as when she’s running to his house in S1 im 🥰
ella thomsen
ella thomsen:
They are perfect for each other
Bella Richardson
Bella Richardson:
this show is so lovely, I can’t believe it’s not getting renewed. i’m so sad :(
lauren hand
lauren hand:
they can’t leave me like this. they can’t. idk if i can ever watch a netflix show that got cancelled early ever again
Tatis Mar
Tatis Mar:
Gilbert said 🏃
Ty Truck. 。゚
Ty Truck. 。゚:
This is the cutest serie I have ever seen before.
Aleah Cloudhunter
Aleah Cloudhunter:
Anne: misses Gilbert already
Gilbert: kisses Anne twice
Diana: stares like she had a bad dream👩🏻
The Barts
The Barts:
we all have to contact Netflix with our speeches on why we NEED another 40 seasons of Anne with an E
Fatima ArshadAnaya
Fatima ArshadAnaya:
Seriously- BEST SCENE EVER. If there isn’t a season 4 I’m never going to get this attached to a show ever again. P.S- this is the best show on Netflix. They shouldn’t be canceling it:(