Anya Taylor-Joy & 'The Queen's Gambit' Backstage Speech - 2021 Emmy Awards

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Angus Walsh
Angus Walsh:
They should call her Anya Awards Taylor-Joy because she’s a winner in everything and also brilliant speech
Ocean Sage
Ocean Sage:
I wish she won for Best Actress for The Queen's Gambit. Anya really made the show so captivating.
Miguel Guzman
Miguel Guzman:
Anya looked amazing nonetheless ❤️
Alondra Lucero
Alondra Lucero:
She is dress like an Emmy, I love her 💖
Gonçalo Freitas
Gonçalo Freitas:
"What if she takes up pool? Billiard?" haha I agree!
yeah thats a good peach voice, good ass decision 👏 lets go
I see AnYa does not have a Emmy bummer..
Aw Anya’s laughter😭
frank really said: no ❤️
lkz 2
lkz 2:
The men should stay in the back and give the women some shine. We don't even know who these behind-the-scenes folks are.
Manpon awareness advocate
Manpon awareness advocate:
In case you haven't noticed there are also 4 men and two women with her in the video
Gol D. Ace
Gol D. Ace:
She is brilliant
YSL 1:
Jaque mate para el look de Anya.
Giss ._idk
Giss ._idk:
My babyyy 🥺🥺
Wagner Brito
Wagner Brito:
Anya wonderfull!
Kiara Rejas
Kiara Rejas:
Bella parece reyna de belleza la coneja
Elvis Chew
Elvis Chew:
Nice film
konroth rec.
konroth rec.:
i've lost a tooth today
Emily Gregory
Emily Gregory:
Katerine jessvc
Katerine jessvc: