Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins remembered by NASA

NASA Apollo astronaut Michael Collins passed away at the age of 90 on April 28, 2021. Collins flew on the historic Apollo 11 and Gemini 10 missions. Read more about this true American hero: https://www.space.com/michael-collins-apollo-11-astronaut-dies-at-90

Credit: NASA

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Water Rocket Lab
Water Rocket Lab:
“To go places and do things that have never been done before - that’s what living is all about” - Mike Collins
Rest In Peace, this great American Hero. Your part in Apollo's legacy will live on.
T. Tony
T. Tony:
Rest In Peace sir. “TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE”. We dream it. He lived it.
Forey Friend
Forey Friend:
" We are standing on the shoulders of giants " that applies to you Mr. Collins, thanks for your legacy, RIP.
God bless him ,he was one of my favorite astronauts and he deserved a lot more
Bradley Dayton
Bradley Dayton:
May he rest in peace.
Godspeed, Michael Collins. May you rest in peace among the stars <3
joe mama
joe mama:
I was sitting on the couch when I got the notification "Remembering Michael Collins" and I audibly yelled "NOOOOO!" about four times. May he rest in peace.
He was the first man flying alone around the moon!!! Most people forget this. A hero!
Stephen Mcewan
Stephen Mcewan:
Rest in peace my hero. From a simple little boy in Scotland who watched 3 heroes risk their lifes. To all those who had the right stuff: you made history;you paved the way to the future. From a child of apollo:I shed tears at your passing but you will live forever. From Scotland, thank you.
The hero's of my youth are passing on. Mike Colins thank you for your contributions to space exploration and for setting the example for all of us. Rest in Peace, you've earned it.
Everything is here sahil
Everything is here sahil:
RIP🙏,The Great Hero🙏💐
Nicholas Bishop
Nicholas Bishop:
Rest in peace Michael
You inspired our imaginations and made the dream of travelling into space a reality for all mandkind
Your bravery and honourable personnality leaves this man forever in your debt for the gift you gave me as a young boy in 1969
Nick Australia
Nina Melsted
Nina Melsted:
A lovely man. The heart and soul of Apollo 11. Humble and wickedly funny. His role on the mission was vital. His significance undenied. Michael Collins, you are a treasure sir. Thanks for being part of the greatest achievement in history.
Valentino Tera
Valentino Tera:
Hands down my favorite astronaut. He's born here in Italy. Thank you for the service Michael.
Michael Mangano
Michael Mangano:
As Old Mike himself once wrote, “Perhaps my sensitivities have changed and I will find the earth a different place from now on.” I know I will now. I’m going to miss your words, but I’m so grateful for what words you did speak. My father-figure, thank you and Godspeed - you meant more than you could ever know.
John Kru
John Kru:
A good and quality individual. What a life! Thank you, Michael Collins. RIP.
Gordon Tyree
Gordon Tyree:
Nigel Hallam - Hallam Hallam Natural Trainer
Nigel Hallam - Hallam Hallam Natural Trainer:
It is with great sadness, but you filled us with awe!
Robin Large
Robin Large:
Thanks for amazing me on tv when I was a little boy ! Rest in peace.
Joseph Kilfeather
Joseph Kilfeather:
Rest In Peace Michael Collins...”Lonely in Space - No More”......God Speed Home
Rest in Peace. May you bask forever in the Void's Glory.
Rest in Peace. Never walk on moon but walked near my heart.
So close to a possible return too :(
Mohammed Haron
Mohammed Haron:
World top hero of all the time. World will miss you. RIP 🙏
William M
William M:
Michael belongs to the immortals now, a hero of humanity's greatest adventure.
Anandha narayanan
Anandha narayanan:
I am thinking how lucky is he. Because he got a chance to see moon so close
Seema 1
Seema 1:
if the Moon ever took a human form, it would resemble Michael Collins!
Rest in Peace. 1969 shines bright!!!!
You left us Carrying the Fire, we salute you.
Bernard Cohen
Bernard Cohen:
Loved this man he was my favorite astronaut at 9 yrs old still is at 60. you brought your friends home that was everything to you
Сергей Селютин
Сергей Селютин:
Read his book 'Carrying the Fire' this year - highly recommended to anyone interested in the Apollo program
Godspeed Michael Collins. May you rest in peace.
Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett:
I interviewed Bill Dana (X-15 and lifting body pilot) once in high school (Bill was a longtime colleague and friend of my grandfather, Vic Horton, at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center). He told me that Collins was his roommate at West Point. RIP
Mark Merson
Mark Merson:
Very Sad, May His Soul RIP🙏
Derek Bowbrick
Derek Bowbrick:
Rest In Peace my good man, let it be known that you have one of the most iconic photos ever taken and for that I thank-you.
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ck digital The Q of 6th:
A saluted to a warrior of space endeavours and a man who landed mark of legendary space achievement, will be remember beyond 10 life and deaths of gallaxies.
Eastern YellowJacket
Eastern YellowJacket:
If we survive ourselves, he will be seen as a forefather of our endeavors into space.
Ɩeσ ɦenɾу
Ɩeσ ɦenɾу:
Thank you for all the work done on behalf of humanity.
Forever you will be an inspiration for all those who love space.
Thank you.
Perpetual Grin
Perpetual Grin:
There is alittle bit of an explorer in all of us. Otherwise will would still be in one village in Africa. Some take this philosophy to new ' heights '. MC a childhood hero.
Martin Ze77a
Martin Ze77a:
Descansa en paz héroe espacial 🚀
Great video !
Thank you for the memories Mike. See you on the other side sir. RIP
Legends never die.
Bravo Zulu, General Collins.
Bombyhead :3
Bombyhead :3:
Losing Collins for me was like losing a close family member, even though I don’t know much about him and never met him my passion for space goes way far up and I was really disappointed when I heard about mikes passing
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
RIP A true hero 👍
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj:
What ?? Seriously?? 😟
RIP Sir Michael Collins...
You will be remembered forever!
Terrible news...i thought these kind of guys live forever....but sadly they dont...thankyou mr collins for my childhood awe...and still do..rest now.
Sgt.Monkol photakul
Sgt.Monkol photakul:
ใช้น่าจะใช้ปี2014 เมื่อ8ปีผ่านมา Apollo11,12,13
Condolences to the Collins family for the loss of a great pioneer. I remember that photo he took during the Apollo 11 mission of the returning Lunar Module with the Earth in the background. A photo that had every member of the human race in it except him. Rest in peace.
Ydna Llah
Ydna Llah:
A true inspiration and a fine fellow, your achievements will live on in the pantheon of heroes. RIP sir
vivid images
vivid images:
People love and praise you to the moon and back. Thank you SIR.👏👏👏.....
Thomas Goodwin
Thomas Goodwin:
One less light on earth, one more star to shine the way. Thank you
Rest In Peace to the, so called “forgotten Apollo astronaut”
Carlos Chavarría
Carlos Chavarría:
Rest in Peace 🕊️🙏😔
Bendt Sten
Bendt Sten:
Rest in Peace Sir 🇺🇲🇩🇰🇺🇲
God bless you 🙏♥️🙏
As a child, we were playing outside when the Santa Barbara Mission bells unexpectedly started chiming. We just knew that it meant that the astronauts had landed on the moon and we ran in to join family and friends crowded around the TV. Michael Collin's name will live on forever.
Jason B.
Jason B.:
He had a wicked sense of humor. Sure would be nice to get back to the moon before we lose all of our Apollo astronauts.
the content we signed up for! 💕💕
Hypnotherapy conversations with Paul Garth, C.Ht.
Hypnotherapy conversations with Paul Garth, C.Ht.:
"...and returning him safely to earth".
Mission Accomplished, Sir. RIP.
prabhu orion
prabhu orion:
Your name never dies.. rest in peace 🌑in moon orbit
space freak
space freak:
You will always be remembered among us sir!!
*Thank you* for inspiring me and many many people in the work.

Rest In Peace sir
Peter Wexler
Peter Wexler:
I always imagined the Apollo astronauts as immortal, especially those of Apollo 11. I remember Apollo 11. I was born in 1965. In 1969, 45% of little boys wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up, and 45% wanted to be a fireman. I particularly remember the launch of Apollo 11, and day-1 on the moon. Among the crew, Collins has been my favorite through the years.
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer:
What a legend and what an amazing era to have lived in. Rip Sir Collins
Nature and Physics
Nature and Physics:
Rocket In Perpetuity, Commander Collins. He wrote the preface to the book _Our Universe_ in which he stated Saturn's moon Titan was his top candidate for human exploration. _Collins Base_ should be the name of the first human landing site on Titan.
skywatcher Santos Dumont
skywatcher Santos Dumont:
Rest in Peace , historic man.
Respect from Serbia
Slice and Dice Productions
Slice and Dice Productions:
Buzz is the only one left :(

R.I.P Mike Collins
We won't forget you, Michael. You are among those who made history. R. I. P.
Thunderchild 6768
Thunderchild 6768:
Rest sir. You and Neil can reminisce.
He was on the moon! And i will think of him when i am there!
Maria Giannini
Maria Giannini:
Resterai sempre nei nostri 💞
david hoyes
david hoyes:
R I P Michael best wishes to your family,you made a young lad sit up and take notice.
Rxbin WtS
Rxbin WtS:
fly high Micheal Collins🕊😥 Rest in Peace
Анатолий Романенко
Анатолий Романенко:
thanks, Michael Collins, we remember you.
I heard his name in 1969 when I was only 9.
I will remember him as long as I am alive.
jason lai
jason lai:
Incredible brave man. 👏👏👏👏👏
Ishuman Chaudhary
Ishuman Chaudhary:
Rest in Peace
Zilda Laurindo Konig
Zilda Laurindo Konig:
A kind of George Harrison of Apollo 11. We love you ✌
J. D.
J. D.:
*Thank you for your service Mr. Collins and for helping make America the great country it is. America's people are her strength and Michael Collins was one of the best.*
Tune BoyZ
Tune BoyZ:
he is still the farthest a human have ever gone!
Pratik Katkar
Pratik Katkar:
Rest in peace brave hero of world goodbye superstar
Hans Freivogel
Hans Freivogel:
Rest in Peace Michael Collins.
Chiara Tocco
Chiara Tocco:
Godspeed you my man.
Shubha Kulkarni
Shubha Kulkarni:
Wide Open
Wide Open:
He was pretty positive, 50-60 years from now, sounds like the gap of Apollo, guess no One could of predicted we would still be playing on the ISS only. Well at last other countries and private ventures are moving, so lets keep our fingers crossed.
Mariangela Bortolozzo
Mariangela Bortolozzo:
God bless you Forever, General Michael Collins
Don B
Don B:
Rest In Peace. He was always my favorite astronaut on Apollo 11
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze:
Legend... Res in Peace.
Kwacker Man
Kwacker Man:
R.I.P Michael Collins. You and the NASA family are my hero’s. I am obsessed with the universe and what is out there. You were one of my true hero’s
Paul Boger
Paul Boger:
RIP good sir. Clear skies 😢
progamer programmer
progamer programmer:
Sacrificing his life to be an astronout... They get radiation at space for a long time and die of cancer... Rip micheal collins 1930 - 2021
My idol
Keerthiraj Panaganti
Keerthiraj Panaganti:
- Qwerty -
- Qwerty -:
Godspeed, he will always be remembered. 😞
RIP Michael Collins, heroic explorer.
Pancake Town
Pancake Town:
What a cool guy, true hero astronaut and I hope he rests in peace
a great inspiration to space nerds like me a man of true bravery being the most isolated person in history for hours may he Rest In Peace 🙏
Ghastly ID
Ghastly ID:
Oh wow. Didn't know he does this year. That's sad
Camila Fátima
Camila Fátima: