Are Manchester City favourites for the Champions League?

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The Athletic's Carl Anka discusses Manchester City's chances in this season's Champions League.

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100+ comentarios:

Anunaya Shahi
Anunaya Shahi:
- Pep Guardiola
Ian Hall
Ian Hall:
I hate when they make us favourites! Honestly I just wanna get to semi finals 😄
dogs hate me
dogs hate me:
Even city fans would think 2000 times before saying that
George Woodfine
George Woodfine:
She contributed so much to this conversation
John McGrady
John McGrady:
They are always the favourites 😂🤣 NEVER MADE A FINAL LMAO
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh:
English media make them favorite
Guna raj
Guna raj:
Poor girl. No one let her speak a word 😡
Steady as we go..!!!
Markell Edwards
Markell Edwards:
I'm a city fan we are not favorites just let us play football and see how far it gets us.
Jubair Bilali
Jubair Bilali:
having fun gh
having fun gh:
If you got two teams regardless of what they are, he goes with the one with Mbappe 🤣 I love it. Made me laugh
Kyle Meyer
Kyle Meyer:
As a city fan, I am ready to be disappointed again :')
Robby Jarvis
Robby Jarvis:
I disagree with all of your choices!! CHELSEA FC WILL BE THE VICTORS
Reece McArdle
Reece McArdle:
By his own logic he should say Real Madrid are favourites every year?
ervin chua
ervin chua:
They are definitely the favorites. They have the strongest team. Even if they were to play with a team B with their squad on the bench, both their teams would be favorites to win.
"it's about the process.." wait is he channelling Arteta???
1:45 her first n last words b4 the video ends lmao
abhinay arora
abhinay arora:
If Bayern wins today then they will the whole thing again, otherwise, Man City and PSG would be the teams to beat .
Liverpool to progress to semi′s.
Matthew Hardwick
Matthew Hardwick:
The "best team" in the world doesn't automatically mean you'll win a big trophy. If Man City don't turn up in any of the games they will lose. Doesn't matter who they play against.
Bhavya Sharma
Bhavya Sharma:
Imagine counting real Madrid out lol
Vaughn Hardy
Vaughn Hardy:
Let’s go CIty
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono:
I think they'll gonna move step up higher to be semifinalist but for reach the final we'll see, it's gonna be a tough one doesn't matter who's the opponent.
PSG vs Man City 😱
Eoghan Ryan
Eoghan Ryan:
You cant be favorites for a competition u have never have been expected to win the champions league for the last decade and have yet to even reach a final
They have to get through tonight and beat PSG first
We wont win the Champions League for a long time without Aguero or playing with Jesus. Get Kane or Haaland in the summer and we might win next season.
K Daray
K Daray:
I love how everyone forgets Madrid and Madrid in the final none can beat them even Bayern.
Chelsea have the 'easier' run to the final and are just starting to get their big players playing. ( forget the debacle WBA- not relevant.) a very strong squad, true dark horses and a history of winning silverware. Well worth a punt.
Every season 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Jennifer Samano
Jennifer Samano:
This aged well
Going all in on Real at this point. Can't have City, PSG or Chelsea winning this.
Joseph Keown
Joseph Keown:
You can't be favorite if you don't have a good track record or never made the final 🤡🤡
Empire Joshvir262
Empire Joshvir262:
Chelsea favourites imo
Thomas Homer
Thomas Homer:
Was nice to hear the woman's take on it ?
waqas taj
waqas taj:
Ffs can ppl stop calling us favourites we haven't been past the quaters with pep. psg are the clear favourites
Come on city
I think psg are slight favs but any of the teams left in the fray could do it, I don't think anyone can be counted out.. However if Madrid dominate Liverpool today then they would become clear favorites
David Mugo
David Mugo:
amittai zihove
amittai zihove:
I love how everyone is sleeping on zidane and his rel Madrid squad. soon youll understand there is more to this champions league than just these analysis
They are favorites every season but never get past the QF.
Let's wait till they reach the final for once..before calling them favorites.
If psg beat city they probably gonna take it.
If man city beat psg they probably gonna take it
People sleeping on the Chels. Our defence is impeccable right now. After watching city vs leeds safe to say they are definitely breakable although them being faves is understandable and definitely the safest bet for the bookmakers
Revolution Recording Studios Company
Revolution Recording Studios Company:
Whether you like it or not, Man City is the best team in the world right now.. Stats and records broken don't lie BUT, I really doubt they can go through to the semi's and even if they does, PSG with Pochettino is 'really10x' tough to beat..
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill:
PSG favourites. Or Chelsea.
Bada bing Brook
Bada bing Brook:
Most woke panel ever
George Bamete Jnr
George Bamete Jnr:
They are always the favourite and never ever win.
Charytyto Mwaura
Charytyto Mwaura:
Honestly, I don't know. But Real Madrid, Bayern, Manchester City , PSG look all to go to the semis. Real Madrid look to make it to the finals with maybe City or Bayern.
I don't think PSG will make to the finals .
Amandeep Mann
Amandeep Mann:
No. PSG are favorites imo.
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
Technically we are and we aren’t at the same time.
Man city defence cost more than your club
Man city defence cost more than your club:
Guys don't doubt man city encourage them to win it let's go city
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson:
Real Madrid have to be the favourites now surely... They have players in their starting 11 with most experience who are still at high quality level, plus the talent of youth combined. Man City will fall short against PSG, and the same for PSG in the final.
As City fan, people are underestimating Madrid and Chelsea
Obamium Prism
Obamium Prism:
So they’re pretending like City didn’t lose against Chelsea?
Hryo Cyko
Hryo Cyko:
I think it will be PSG, city will face pochetino and then france club like last season it always bad record with it, but who know they seem solid this season
Prathamesh Parte
Prathamesh Parte:
Man city are favorites to go until quarterfinal and then go to home and win fa cup and community shield.
Rui Gomes
Rui Gomes:
You cant no longer say ‘trust the process’ when during 5 years he couldn’t go further than the 1/4 finals i’m sorry.. almost a billion pounds later lets see if its this time..
800 IQ
800 IQ:
I don't think so. At least not a strong favorite. I don't doubt they have the ability to win but it won't be comfortable for them and they will have to play their absolute best to stand a chance. They will have to face either Madrid, PSG, and Bayern. All of them can cause problems for City so they'll have to play knowing they're the underdogs
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
If they beat Dortmund, they’re favourites
John Israel
John Israel:
First let them reach the semis
Simphiwe Mntambo
Simphiwe Mntambo:
Man city best team in the world??? Wow...never reached a CL final in their history, always said to be favourites over every year! Premier league propaganda at its best
Ahas Iikuyu
Ahas Iikuyu:
City will bottle it again😔😔😔☹🙁😟😕
Bishan Raj Rai
Bishan Raj Rai:
They're going out again tomorrow 😂
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Most of the hype on City comes from British media, there some lack of ruthlessness about them on the CL and I don’t think this is the season they’ll win it either
Real Bayern PSG all seem to have better chances I feel
As a friend of mine liked to say, the pitch is flat and the ball is round. Randomness is high in football. Add in red card, penalty, referee, VAR, the weather even, any crazy result is still possible.
For me it's massively dependent on Liverpool Madrid game. If Liverpool go out and City get to the final, then it's theirs for the taking, but if them scousers pull it round at Anfield. They're favourites for me.
Michael Burley
Michael Burley:
Think Bayern would beat man city
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher:
Can’t wait for them to get knockout out by Erling braut Haaland Tomorrow
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
people sleeping on Chelsea. coming from a casual there my favourites very good defensively and that 1st half performance against palace was arguably the best 1st I've seen this season,
Sanjeed U
Sanjeed U:
Here we go again..
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji:
Just don't play Jesus and Sterling versus Dortmund. They miss too much. I would be more comfortable with either Foden, Gundogan or of course our captain, KDB as striker/false nine.
kani fuker
kani fuker:
Love to see them win it with their world class mid field in KDB and Gundywundywan but still don't see it unless Aguero was 100%.
Red Panda Agency Entertainment
Red Panda Agency Entertainment:
Bayern or PSG will win the champions league
Federal Gaming
Federal Gaming:
City are the best
Jaheem Maddison
Jaheem Maddison:
Although am a city fan, but you guys are right, maybe if no one calls them favorite they might win it.
David West
David West:
The girl spoke one word, yeah
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz:
for me the Media keep presure man city.. that why man city failed.. Now you saw this season in EPL table.. They predict Liverpool , chelsea and MU gonna win EPL but Man city came from behind and now top on the table with no Presure from Media..Now man city in quater final and media and Pundit playing back the card keep saying man city gonna win UCL.. If man city squad believe and brave to win they gonna win it because so far they have nice form this season and squad all fit already..
Raunak Iqbal
Raunak Iqbal:
Yeh Man City are favourites still
Azaan Hassan
Azaan Hassan:
Also why isn't anyone talking about Chelsea?? They surely gonna win against porto
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Man City lose in CL
Because Pep overthinks
Because of VARcical Decisions?
Until Man City wins it Bayern is favorite.
Mohammed Zoheb
Mohammed Zoheb:
It's as if you people have seen the future and man city are in the semifinals... City are the creaters of their own downfall every season in the ucl
Nathan McGuckin
Nathan McGuckin:
I’m a united fan but absolutely. If they get past Dortmund and if Munich goes out I don’t see anybody else beating them because I like to think they will beat PSG who struggles to beat a bang average united team Real Madrid are decent but not the same team about 4 years ago and they should beat Chelsea. All about mentally the team is definitely good enough but as we seen with city before they do crumble when it comes down to these situations but I expect them to get past Dortmund
Rajeev Verma
Rajeev Verma:
No they losing tonight 😂
Azaan Hassan
Azaan Hassan:
*Are City favourites??*
yes, they always seem to be
*Are they gonna win it???*
As a City fan I think we are cursed in this tournament so no!!!!
ToXic Lol Lol
ToXic Lol Lol:
Lose to PSG semi finals remember my comment.
taken down today
taken down today:
😅😅 only two kings of Europe left and they play tomorrow liverpool and real Madrid so please stop saying city are going to win it COYO's
Haaland 4 goals incoming innit
Madrid have easy route to final. Once they are there they are the favourites no matter the squad tbh
Michael Burley
Michael Burley:
I’d say psg
PSG are in my opinion
modar kherbek
modar kherbek:
What a great argument, man city gets knocked out every year and can't make a semifinal but they are the best team in europe just because it's a cup competition
I guess it's the same argument for why England are the best team in the world but can't win a world cup
these damn cup competitions, you just gotta love English media and the bubble they live in
problem with English media is that they call everything world class because they think the premiere league is the world then they go to international competitions like world cups, euros and champions league and find out what world class really means but sadly they never learn
Daragh Thomas
Daragh Thomas:
fraudiola overthinks is such a bad meme
Ryan Ingram
Ryan Ingram:
i think PSG will win
Vincent Sichalwe
Vincent Sichalwe:
English media overates them
Don Jon
Don Jon:
Sense Chelsea wins the cup
Psg will destroy city!!
I think City will win the UCL as they had 21 wins in a row which is a good record and are in Amazing Form.