Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits (Official Full Album) | Aretha Franklin Best Songs Playlist

An icon of 20th and 21st century music, the voice of the civil rights movement, and the undisputed Queen of Soul 👑—there is only one Aretha Franklin. Listen to this playlist of Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits and comment your favorite song below 💭💗

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Track listing:

1. Respect 0:00:00
2. I Say a Little Prayer 0:02:24
3. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 0:06:00
4. Think 0:08:45
5. Chain of Fools 0:11:03
6. Ain't No Way 0:13:49
7. Rock Steady 0:18:02
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water 0:21:17
9. Day Dreaming 0:26:49
10. I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) 0:31:51
11. You Send Me 0:33:36
12. Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) 0:36:02
13. Son of a Preacher Man 0:39:29
14. You're All I Need to Get By 0:42:49
15. Baby I Love You 0:46:25
16. Do Right Woman - Do Right Man 0:49:08
17. Something He Can Feel 0:52:24
18. The Weight 0:58:43
19. Don't Play That Song 1:01:46
20. A Change Is Gonna Come 1:04:46

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An icon of 20th and 21st century music, the voice of the civil rights movement, and the undisputed Queen of Soul—there is only one Aretha Franklin. In her incredible six-decade career, Aretha evolved from teenage gospel star to reigning pop and R&B diva, recording classics like “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Chain Of Fools”, “Think” (lyrics by Aretha Franklin), definitive versions of the songs “Respect” and “I Say a Little Prayer”, and global hits like “Freeway Of Love,” “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”, and “A Rose Is Still A Rose.”

Altogether, 112 of her singles reached the charts, with 20 No. 1 R&B singles, the most ever by a female artist. She won 18 Grammy Awards (including the first eight trophies for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance) and, out of recognition for her for indelible contribution to American music and culture, received both the Presidential Medal Of Freedom and a Pulitzer Prize.

100+ comentarios:

BossBlue Jay
BossBlue Jay:
Who ever put the song selection together is absolute Genious. I sang , cried, and enjoy every second I listened. Thank you.
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson:
Just saw the movie Respect, loved it but gotta see it again. Cried thru most of it. Grew up listening to this great woman and I'm from Detroit. It was all so personal to me. It felt like I loss my sister!
Ms WalkitoutD
Ms WalkitoutD:
Just saw the movie with Jennifer Hudson playing Queen Aretha, made me search for her hits. What a talent Aretha was. She lives very much through her music. This was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!
lil fibi
lil fibi:
After watching "Respect", I now deeply understand her songs. I love how she used her voice to empower women. Such a great artist. Respect.
Saw Aretha at a little club in Philly in the 60’s. She sat at the piano, played and sang. The club held less than 50 people at individual tables. Boy, did she take off! Sistah Queen. She and I born same year!
Jeff G
Jeff G:
Remember, this collection just scratches the surface of her recorded output. If you have even a passing interest in great music, not just soul, I urge you to go on a streaming service like Spotify or Amazon Music and explore. She could sing the phone book and make it memorable. Miss you, Aretha.
Barbara Harris
Barbara Harris:
Been a fan of "The Queen of Soul" since I was a young girl. I am 63 now and still could listen to her all day. One of the best singers the world has ever known!!! R.I P. Queen 👑🙏🏽 we miss you ❤️
Martin Joergensen
Martin Joergensen:
Her voice is timeless.
She is the ONLY Queen I would EVER bow down to. You are STILL dearly loved, missed & will NEVER be forgotten Re! Rest in Peace.
I know that when you arrived in Heaven, Our Lord & Savoir said, "Job Well Done".
Henrique Doria
Henrique Doria:
quanta paz essa voz trás aos ouvidos.....
Eileen Cornelsen
Eileen Cornelsen:
After watching the entire "Aretha Franklin Genius" series, I was mesmerized by her incredible talent. WOW...!! What a beautiful soul who brought her gift from the Lord to the world. You are still loved, Queen of Soul...!!
Valecia Adams
Valecia Adams:
Man listen, when I was a young girl, teenager, my mom had her albums that I would play over and over because of her voice. Then, when I became an adult and listened to the words,
man😍🥰 I fell hard hard!!! Whenever I wanted to feel my emotions, I’d play her albums and sing my heart out and cry my eyes out! My kids would go running🏃🏾🏃🏾 Now my daughter does the same thing. And my one son is an Aretha super fan! I’m jamming to my fav girl! Cant wait to see her movie! RIH 😇🙏🏾 REE😍
Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim:
Ree Ree with the Rah Rah! I love her voice, phrasing and the way she can work a song! She can even hum better than some vocalist sing. She was a true genius. She could write, arrange, produce and orchestrate. She could deliver a song in a unique way. No wonder very few attempted to sing her songs while she was here. She made it seem so easy. But she's hard to imitate. Undisputed Queen of Soul! RIP!
A C:
54 years after recording respect and we STILL loving the performance given by Miss Aretha Franklin!!!
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy:
Its crazy how uplifting her music is.
You feel like you're at home or something. I don't know how to explain it.
Jennifer Lowe
Jennifer Lowe:
This was just amazing. God certainly bless us with this lady
Charlotte L. Rhodes
Charlotte L. Rhodes:
I took my daughter, best friend and granddaughters to see RESPECT. Loved it, Loved it, Jennifer Hudson and little Star did an amazing job. This move should get all types of grammy's....Going to see it again so that's why I'm playing her playlist today...
Christine Brown
Christine Brown:
"You're A Heartbreaker Baby" ... tears even now. Thank you Aretha , for making us all one.
Wayne Kelley
Wayne Kelley:
She should be called now " The Immortal Goddess of Soul." What a beautiful lady and extraordinary voice.
Aretha Franklin Genius brought me here. I am a 63 yr. old white man who has listened to mostly rock music for 50 years, but always had time to listen to good R&B and Funk Music. Just appreciating the older artists like Aretha.. Better late than never...
Just announcing to the world that I am finally taking a deeper dive into Soul. Loving every moment of this journey so far.
XxxIts_ŽØĘxxX Reynolds
XxxIts_ŽØĘxxX Reynolds:
And just like my Momma Ms. Aretha gets me thru those hard times of love 💕 and heartbreak too. Rest in Eternal Peace to my Momma and Ms. Aretha 💙🙏🏾
maggie calos
maggie calos:
A bit of flat day until I got onto Aretha's play list and brought be back to the beautiful days pre covid and that love matters in this world. 💖 Bless you sister Aretha your music lives on and on and on.
I grew up with Aretha, and this is one of the absolute best collections on 'Tube with minimal interruptions. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!
Crystal McCormick Ware
Crystal McCormick Ware:
Watched Genius Aretha this week. Cried my eyes out. She went through so much. God bless her soul.
A true survivor in so many ways.
Randolph Sykes
Randolph Sykes:
Enjoyed the movie Respect. Jennifer did a great job as well as the other cast members. I will see it again and again. aAretha was my favorite artist of all time. I had just graduated high school in 1967 and have been a fan all these years. She was also one of my Honorary Delta sorority sisters.
Glinda White
Glinda White:
All Hail to the queen my mother used to play her music when I was a young girl. I'm 63 and I'm still listening to her music so All Hail to the queen Aretha Franklin rest in peace
Gussie Williams
Gussie Williams:
Rest in Paradise Queen; You have really left an impression on the World.
Nicole Morandi
Nicole Morandi:
Linda como a voz.
Saudades eternas da rainha do Soul.
Maravilhosa graça.
Amo demais.
Aleli Bacalso
Aleli Bacalso:
Oh my goodness I love her music 🎼 she is so inspiring ❤️ she has a great voice and I listen to this like almost all the time 😅
Natural Woman💕
Natural Woman💕:
"You make me feel like a natural woman"r.i.p. sis your music still the jam!💞
Sherlethia Parker
Sherlethia Parker:
I have loved this woman all of my life She's definitely a Genius
Monique Wallace
Monique Wallace:
This song never gets old!!! This Aretha classic never disappoints and still continues to ROCK!!!
Yaw Owusu
Yaw Owusu:
What a beautiful old school soft rock voice.
Norma Damian
Norma Damian:
Just loved, loved....the entire movie and her music! I could relate to Aretha Franklin's life in so many different levels. She is truly a queen!
RIP 👑❣
Cherri Phelps
Cherri Phelps:
What an amazing artist. Miss Aretha. When I have a stressful day, I unwind to Aretha. RIP Queen 💘
LaShonda Sigee
LaShonda Sigee:
2021 and we still rockin' Aretha. Thank you. ❤
Jacklyn Allison
Jacklyn Allison:
Yes I am still also listening to all of her. The GREATEST of ALL TIME.
Avuzwa Khumalo
Avuzwa Khumalo:
I was watching her documentary yesterday so thought I would also listen to some of her best songs and get them on my phone.
Lyida Campbell
Lyida Campbell:
I really enjoy listening to this album has a lot of great songs on it. I love her all these song!! I will be listening to this one a lot. Go resa Franklin!! Wonderful lady. Sunshine.
R M:
Have always loved her . Cruising in my cage listening to greatness.
Aretha is way before my time but this introducing my ears to greatest I never knew within her legacy
Pat Early
Pat Early:
Absolutely and uniquely fantastic. God bless Aretha and everyone
LeStine Ford
LeStine Ford:
Love this lady and miss her much! Rest well Aretha❤️🎼💃🏽
jÄêgEr BOMB😏
jÄêgEr BOMB😏:
Ever since 2010, Respect has always been one of my favorite songs from Aretha, May she rest in peace
Man oh man she sang and played the hell out of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters!"
Ana Maria Canales Perez
Ana Maria Canales Perez:
Esto es música buenísima y aretha fue única.
Patrícia Lima
Patrícia Lima:
Maravilha, isso sim é música!!!!!🥰😍🇧🇷
Vera Lúcia Silva
Vera Lúcia Silva:
Aretha Franklin eterna , maravilhosa amo 😍😍⚘⚘⚘
Happy Happy Birthday To The Only QUEEN of Soul! You are so very missed, but thank you for all the music you left behind.
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie:
Saying they dont make music like this anymore is a huge understatement
Karm Karm
Karm Karm:
Already knew and listened to her music. After seeing the movie I have waaaaaaay more "RESPECT"and admiration for her. That Is talent at its highest
Ms Te Te
Ms Te Te:
Genius brought me here. A flood of memories came by. I remember growing up in the 70’s I’m 51 now and my mom and aunties would be playing Ree-ree’s songs. I really forgot all of the beautiful music she made. Let’s all bow to the real Queen of Soul! I’m in awe of her life story and her music 🎶
Catherine Frye
Catherine Frye:
I have followed Aretha Franklin music for many years. I have all of her hit songs! I love her and her music. She is definitely the Queen of soul! RIP MY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. ❤❤❤
sabrina marie
sabrina marie:
Thankyou mom and dad for raising me on such great music that I was able to pass on to your grandchildren 🌹❤
Polixenia Graf
Polixenia Graf:
Beautiful music !❤👏👏👏
One of my favorite singers!
Rainey J
Rainey J:
Natural Woman gets me every time ❤❤❤🖤 rest in peace, Queen!!!!
Eddie Gordon
Eddie Gordon:
A one off unique and amazing artist.
ratu tapuosi
ratu tapuosi:
My queen 😇 forever miss you queen ❣ I'm 18 and I'm in love with her voice 💙
Sandy Keniston
Sandy Keniston:
Can't sit still when I hear her music it's in the soul! Love her
Her work with Duane Allman, Jemmott, and King Curtis is some of her best EVER.
Audrey Nichols
Audrey Nichols:
My hubby loves Aretha alone with me so hopefully he will download this album so we can listen to it on special occasions
A Hayes
A Hayes:
I have had this CD since I was in my 30s , now I am in my 50s . I can appreciate it even more after seeing the movie 🎥 to know how these songs came into being. Loved 🥰 the movie
rui ueliton lima oliveira
rui ueliton lima oliveira:
Urruuu, nasci em 1981 mas minha alma é soul, me sinto feliz ao ouvir Aretha
Saw the move Saturday, emotions run high and low thru out the movie. One minutes I'm singing and bopping my head, the next I was going dam that's mess up. I still got to listen and watch The Greatest. Hands Down!
L L.
L L.:
Aretha YOUR ARE SORELY MISSED.... I've been in love with Aretha my whole lfe....Her poise no matter what. Cynthia's performance brought me to tears towards the end of Areathas life . Amazing Ms Aretha I miss you so much.
Just what I needed today RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady Dee
Lady Dee:
This Awesome Lady of Soul the Song... Lady lived her songs. That why it comes for the soul. Came from DEEP WITHIN....AWESOME STORYTELER....SINGING THE SONG OF THE MUSIC..
Soul Music.
That gifted chilld with her share of REAL LIFE.. EXPERIENCES !!
I am thankful to be born in this era!!!
Abbie Howard
Abbie Howard:
Sharon P
Sharon P:
Bought many of her songs on 45s. Loved her then, love her more now
Shari Jones
Shari Jones:
I grew up listening to this awesome artist , I was also able to view her home going she is and always will be the Queen of Soul / the Legendary as she would say Ms Franklin. Jennifer Hudson you honored her with the upmost respect !!!!! I see another Grammy coming !!!
George Anakotta
George Anakotta:
Aretha thanks for the memories in the times of despair, your songs have given me strength and hope. R.I.P
Iris Azuline
Iris Azuline:
Amo d++++ as músicas e a voz da rainha do sollll, amo vc ARETHA FRANKLIN.........
Lynn Ph
Lynn Ph:
Timeless ...Much love and respect to the Queen❤️
Emah Sherah YsraEL
Emah Sherah YsraEL:
I have this CD in my car and ride with her often!
Marcinha Roque
Marcinha Roque:
Que ritmo maravilhoso,show!!!!💃💃🕺🕺
Lovey Davis
Lovey Davis:
I love Aretha Franklin and she is surely missed. I have been watching Genius Aretha and really enjoying Cynthia Erivio play her in the movie. Rest Well Queen of Soul!!!
J D:
N Auz
N Auz:
My mom introduced this classic rock n soul groove from Queen Aretha who was like an aunt or cousin who visited our home or went on drives in our family car when her songscame on. Great song from a great artist whose vocal style is the personification of womanly power. There are few songs I have heard that have both a rock drive and blues grittiness married to gospel infused, deep soul. This is one of those gems. Love you cousin Aretha always.
Caprice Gills
Caprice Gills:
Happy birthday to the Queen of Soul. I just watch her movie, Jennifer Hudson done a stellar job. Great movie and to know that she dealt with that type of abuse. Then it again you can hear her experiences through her music. She is a tough icon to follow, and Jennifer did exceptionally well. ❤️
brian labair
brian labair:
Will ALWAYS be the QUEEN FOREVER! Her voice brings me back home to the D
Maternity Maternity
Maternity Maternity:
David Chapman
David Chapman:
How can you listen to this woman sing "Ain't No Way" and not feel like she is begging YOU personally to let her love make you into the greatest man you can be.... It's like God himself saying "I can't love you if you won't let me!" Angel from heaven.
Tanzaniyah Kash
Tanzaniyah Kash:
The best memories being at my grandmothers house, singing and dancing.
Ariana GM
Ariana GM:
Am I the only one that hears Michael Jackson when I listen to her for long enough?! He had to listen to her a lot! Man what an era. How sad is it that we're still struggling with so much that they fought so hard for?! ❤️💔❤️
Martin Joergensen
Martin Joergensen:
Her music sounds best at high volume :)
ShellBell Hughes
ShellBell Hughes:
Undeniably, she will always be the Queen of Soul! ❤ The day she passed my daughter & I were on a road trip! We listened to Aretha for atleast 2 hours! Epic road trip!
Sian Burke
Sian Burke:
The notes of this song are like falling in love
Franklin Palma
Franklin Palma:
Tremenda voz de esta magnífica cantante. Toda una excelente compilación de brillantes canciones de Aretha Franklin. Una clásica.
Renee Hurt
Renee Hurt:
Rest in peace and birthday wishes to our only queen of soul ❤ Ms Aretha Franklin. Her rare talent combined faith and love 💘 we will never hear that level of talent again God bless you queen
the old legend. I still love her music
Fernando Augusto
Fernando Augusto:
Rosana Rocco
Rosana Rocco:
Arrepia dos pés a cabeça! Surreal essa voz!
Michel R. Beaudin
Michel R. Beaudin:
Miss Franklin, gone but never forgotten !!!
dean demars
dean demars:
Simply the best❤
William Chiwawura
William Chiwawura:
Music that heals the soul
Sônia Maria
Sônia Maria:
You make me Feel like a natural woman !!❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️
Pietra Bratcho
Pietra Bratcho:
Maravilhosa ❤❤❤👑