Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits (Official Full Album) | Aretha Franklin Best Songs Playlist

An icon of 20th and 21st century music, the voice of the civil rights movement, and the undisputed Queen of Soul 👑—there is only one Aretha Franklin. Listen to this playlist of Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits and comment your favorite song below 💭💗

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Track listing:

1. Respect 0:00:00
2. I Say a Little Prayer 0:02:24
3. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 0:06:00
4. Think 0:08:45
5. Chain of Fools 0:11:03
6. Ain't No Way 0:13:49
7. Rock Steady 0:18:02
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water 0:21:17
9. Day Dreaming 0:26:49
10. I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) 0:31:51
11. You Send Me 0:33:36
12. Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) 0:36:02
13. Son of a Preacher Man 0:39:29
14. You're All I Need to Get By 0:42:49
15. Baby I Love You 0:46:25
16. Do Right Woman - Do Right Man 0:49:08
17. Something He Can Feel 0:52:24
18. The Weight 0:58:43
19. Don't Play That Song 1:01:46
20. A Change Is Gonna Come 1:04:46

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An icon of 20th and 21st century music, the voice of the civil rights movement, and the undisputed Queen of Soul—there is only one Aretha Franklin. In her incredible six-decade career, Aretha evolved from teenage gospel star to reigning pop and R&B diva, recording classics like “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Chain Of Fools”, “Think” (lyrics by Aretha Franklin), definitive versions of the songs “Respect” and “I Say a Little Prayer”, and global hits like “Freeway Of Love,” “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”, and “A Rose Is Still A Rose.”

Altogether, 112 of her singles reached the charts, with 20 No. 1 R&B singles, the most ever by a female artist. She won 18 Grammy Awards (including the first eight trophies for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance) and, out of recognition for her for indelible contribution to American music and culture, received both the Presidential Medal Of Freedom and a Pulitzer Prize.

100+ comentarios:

Jeff G
Jeff G:
Remember, this collection just scratches the surface of her recorded output. If you have even a passing interest in great music, not just soul, I urge you to go on a streaming service like Spotify or Amazon Music and explore. She could sing the phone book and make it memorable. Miss you, Aretha.
Valecia Adams
Valecia Adams:
Man listen, when I was a young girl, teenager, my mom had her albums that I would play over and over because of her voice. Then, when I became an adult and listened to the words,
man😍🥰 I fell hard hard!!! Whenever I wanted to feel my emotions, I’d play her albums and sing my heart out and cry my eyes out! My kids would go running🏃🏾🏃🏾 Now my daughter does the same thing. And my one son is an Aretha super fan! I’m jamming to my fav girl! Cant wait to see her movie! RIH 😇🙏🏾 REE😍
After watching "Respect", I now deeply understand her songs. I love how she used her voice to empower women. Such a great artist. Respect.
Martin Joergensen
Martin Joergensen:
Her voice is timeless.
Barbara Harris
Barbara Harris:
Been a fan of "The Queen of Soul" since I was a young girl. I am 63 now and still could listen to her all day. One of the best singers the world has ever known!!! R.I P. Queen 👑🙏🏽 we miss you ❤️
Eileen Cornelsen
Eileen Cornelsen:
After watching the entire "Aretha Franklin Genius" series, I was mesmerized by her incredible talent. WOW...!! What a beautiful soul who brought her gift from the Lord to the world. You are still loved, Queen of Soul...!!
Vickie Ryan
Vickie Ryan:
682 thumbs down? Does not mean a thing....There will never be another talent that will even come close to the Queen of Soul, Ms. Franklin....R.I.P.....You will forever be the greatest vocalist of all time!
Carla Susana Barros
Carla Susana Barros:
... I love Aretha Franklin's voice & music .
God bless her !!!
Ms WalkitoutD
Ms WalkitoutD:
Just saw the movie with Jennifer Hudson playing Queen Aretha, made me search for her hits. What a talent Aretha was. She lives very much through her music. This was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!
Alan Kardec
Alan Kardec:
Nada como os clássicos!! Sucessos que não morrem nunca e causa sensações arrepiantes em gerações!!
Jorge Reyes Rincón
Jorge Reyes Rincón:
Aretha Franklin - la voz maravillosa, la mejor cantante del soul en el mundo, la reina del soul. México la admira y sigue su música por décadas.
Resilencia & Resistencia
Resilencia & Resistencia:
Me encanta 🥰
Wayne Kelley
Wayne Kelley:
She should be called now " The Immortal Goddess of Soul." What a beautiful lady and extraordinary voice.
Alejandro Candia
Alejandro Candia:
Hermosa voz que cruza las fronteras de los diferentes mundos y de la espiritualidad.
jorge bulfone
jorge bulfone:
Un ícono de la música de los siglos XX y XXI, la voz del movimiento por los derechos civiles y la indiscutible Reina del Soul: solo hay una Aretha Franklin. En su increíble carrera de seis décadas, Aretha evolucionó de estrella del gospel adolescente a diva reinante del pop y el R&B, grabando clásicos como "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", "Chain Of Fools", "Think" (letra de Aretha Franklin), versiones definitivas de las canciones "Respect" y "I Say a Little Prayer", y éxitos mundiales como "Freeway Of Love", "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" y "A Rose Is Still A Rose . "
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez:
Increíble voz,canciones irrepetibles,que nunca se olvidarán ,mientras haya personas que apreciemos la buena música💜
Nobody is ever touching this woman! Soul that pierces your skin right down to the bone... God bless Aretha and the priceless body of work that she blessed the world with... What a flawless catalog of art we’ve been spoiled with.
Franklin Palma
Franklin Palma:
Tremenda voz de esta magnífica cantante. Toda una excelente compilación de brillantes canciones de Aretha Franklin. Una clásica.
Jacqueline Perez
Jacqueline Perez:
Maravillosa cantante , los gritos melodicos que daba con potencia ,esta viva en nuestras mentes
Hugo Paci
Hugo Paci:
If only one thing is absolutely sure, then the fact that Aretha has the best voice ever.
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy:
Its crazy how uplifting her music is.
You feel like you're at home or something. I don't know how to explain it.
ShellBell Hughes
ShellBell Hughes:
Undeniably, she will always be the Queen of Soul! ❤ The day she passed my daughter & I were on a road trip! We listened to Aretha for atleast 2 hours! Epic road trip!
Владимир Дойлидов
Владимир Дойлидов:
Хорошая песня ,льется как вода!!!!!!!
Monique Wallace
Monique Wallace:
This song never gets old!!! This Aretha classic never disappoints and still continues to ROCK!!!
Marcinha Roque
Marcinha Roque:
Que ritmo maravilhoso,show!!!!💃💃🕺🕺
Rubenita Ferreira
Rubenita Ferreira:
Que voz divina. parabéns!!! você faz falta pro mundo, sua música e sua voz é tudo de bom. 🐛🦋
Karm Karm
Karm Karm:
Already knew and listened to her music. After seeing the movie I have waaaaaaay more "RESPECT"and admiration for her. That Is talent at its highest
Jake Rocha
Jake Rocha:
A música ultrapassa fronteiras , Maravilhosa , canta muitooooo , Aretha Franklin I love you !
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson:
Who ever put the song selection together is absolute Genious. I sang , cried, and enjoy every second I listened. Thank you.
Patrícia Lima
Patrícia Lima:
Maravilha, isso sim é música!!!!!🥰😍🇧🇷
Norma Damian
Norma Damian:
Just loved, loved....the entire movie and her music! I could relate to Aretha Franklin's life in so many different levels. She is truly a queen!
RIP 👑❣
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie:
Saying they dont make music like this anymore is a huge understatement
ASMR Samuel
ASMR Samuel:
Best singer in the world R-E-S-P-E-C-T to her ❤️💞💕
Tamara Ramirez
Tamara Ramirez:
La mejor cantante norteamericana de todos los tiempos
Sandy Keniston
Sandy Keniston:
Can't sit still when I hear her music it's in the soul! Love her
Nature Girl
Nature Girl:
LOVE,Love, love me some Aretha. So charming, beautiful & a voice like NO other.....My Mother played her songs since I was born, so I knew them ALL by ❤️. Playing Aretha after my Mom suffered over 6 Strokes allowed her regain LIFE structure. Thank U Aretha - your Family & the LOVE of Music.
N Auz
N Auz:
My mom introduced this classic rock n soul groove from Queen Aretha who was like an aunt or cousin who visited our home or went on drives in our family car when her songscame on. Great song from a great artist whose vocal style is the personification of womanly power. There are few songs I have heard that have both a rock drive and blues grittiness married to gospel infused, deep soul. This is one of those gems. Love you cousin Aretha always.
Tenisha Bradley
Tenisha Bradley:
Saw the movie last night and a totally new found respect for this Queen of Soul…..may she R.I.P. and her legacy live forever❤️
Катя Бязрова
Катя Бязрова:
Обожаю её голос, вечная память Арете 💝💝💝💝👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
Una voz encomiable , un sonido agradable al oir la voz de una grande como lo sera siempre Aretha Franklin , viviras por siempre en mi vida y en la de varios de esa epoca hermosa , una generacion valiosa , la mas maravillosa , haberla escuchado en mi juventud fue y sera siempre un agrado , volver y volver y volver a escucharla a ella es increible .
Julia Wojtowicz
Julia Wojtowicz:
These songs give such strenght ! How many fighters and modern warriors have risen through Aretha's voice!
Desii Doua
Desii Doua:
This will never be old. Her music is so timeless 🥰😍😍😍
Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce:
Ms, Aretha Franklin an Original! Singing in the Heavens above! She earned the Title of Queen of Soul. We love you Ms. Franklin. Thank you for the memories. I’ve listened to her songs since childhood! Had a record collection. Every Saturday morning we played her records . I’m 70 s years young. No one comes close to her talent. Notice, I said records. That’s old technology but was still Enjoyable.
Catherine Frye
Catherine Frye:
I have followed Aretha Franklin music for many years. I have all of her hit songs! I love her and her music. She is definitely the Queen of soul! RIP MY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. ❤❤❤
One of my all-time favorite performers. RESPECT is her best song, I believe. The great Otis Redding wrote that classic song, and his own version is also wonderful.
Marta Aguado Medina
Marta Aguado Medina:
It's amazing how much I'm passionate about this kind of music when I'm 15 and what works of art are. I wish I could have enjoyed these songs when they were released. Greetings to all who like me enjoy this music so much.
Aleli Bacalso
Aleli Bacalso:
Oh my goodness I love her music 🎼 she is so inspiring ❤️ she has a great voice and I listen to this like almost all the time 😅
Robin Burchill
Robin Burchill:
She has a voice and energy that can relax every last nerve in your body no matter what is going on! I found an artist magically that takes me to the same place and she was covering I say a little prayer - Shameka Dwight! XOXOXO Aretha would love her! What a blessing it is to listen.
Dina Prowell
Dina Prowell:
We never tryly know and understand what our Queen went through. I daw the movie and I was sad about the abuse and being pregnant at such a young age. She definantly told her story through her beautiful songs. I grew up listening to her music. Never paid much attention to the lyrics until now. RIP Aretha the chains has been broken and you are free now.
Glinda White
Glinda White:
All Hail to the queen my mother used to play her music when I was a young girl. I'm 63 and I'm still listening to her music so All Hail to the queen Aretha Franklin rest in peace
Yvette Bell
Yvette Bell:
Every morning I hum or sing that beautiful song...I say a little prayer... it's contagious......
XxxIts_ŽØĘxxX Reynolds
XxxIts_ŽØĘxxX Reynolds:
And just like my Momma Ms. Aretha gets me thru those hard times of love 💕 and heartbreak too. Rest in Eternal Peace to my Momma and Ms. Aretha 💙🙏🏾
LaShonda Sigee
LaShonda Sigee:
2021 and we still rockin' Aretha. Thank you. ❤
Michael Sackett
Michael Sackett:
The first time I heard her singing, I was just 12 , the song was " Chain of Fools". I was just blown away, entranced and amazed. It truly gave me a chill, a for real chill. I had never experienced such a thrill, with even The Beatles. I remember the entire incident vividly , truly a magical moment in my life. I never heard her slip or falter on any song and I have listened to as many albums as my paper route money would let me afford at that time It is now 55 years later and my love for her talent has never changed. I feel the need to give mention to the fact that she always had some of the very best background singers and the most talented musicians I miss her dearly and am grateful for this compilation, playing this was a sweet walk through the past. THX; CDXX
relâmpago Matheus
relâmpago Matheus:
Que musicalidade, que qualidade sonora. Aretha é tudo de bom, mais um fã. Mais alguém ouvindo em 2022 ?
Johnnie Mass
Johnnie Mass:
Aretha Franklin The QUEEN of SOUL when I hear music period its so invigorating. When I heard her sing You're All I Need To Get By I gets chills, now I do like Marvin and Tammi version ut I must say Aretha takes it to another level. Also Ain't No Way; Until You Come Back; Angel ; Do 't Play That Song. I Understand they doing the best they can In getting Jennifer and Cynthia to play Aretha but no one can replace the real thing like my man Marvin sing Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing. Happy Birthday on tomorrow for Ms. ARETHA FRANKLIN.
Randolph Sykes
Randolph Sykes:
Enjoyed the movie Respect. Jennifer did a great job as well as the other cast members. I will see it again and again. aAretha was my favorite artist of all time. I had just graduated high school in 1967 and have been a fan all these years. She was also one of my Honorary Delta sorority sisters.
Michael Parrish
Michael Parrish:
I was 13 when this came out....reminded me of Tent Preaching Revivals. Saw them perform this...just like them love it
Héctor García Navarro
Héctor García Navarro:
Nice album! Her song "Respect" has just been chosen as the best song in the history by the Rolling Stones Magazine. Congratulations to Aretha Franklin for that.
Gisele Denonfoux-Pourret
Gisele Denonfoux-Pourret:
Quand j'entend Aretha , je danse dans ma tête comme quand j'avais 20 ans.
Brycial Williams
Brycial Williams:
I have enjoyed listening to this album. I love Aretha and find her music soothing. Usually, I play while doing homework or just cleaning.
Patricia Avila
Patricia Avila:
Que voz maravillosa tenía, siempre será recordada
Robby England
Robby England:
My favorite? Chain of Fools. I was mesmerized the first time I heard it in '67. Love the bass, the harmonies, the soulful backup voices, and, of course, Aretha's masterful lead. I still have to stop and take this song in whenever I hear it.
A Hayes
A Hayes:
I have had this CD since I was in my 30s , now I am in my 50s . I can appreciate it even more after seeing the movie 🎥 to know how these songs came into being. Loved 🥰 the movie
William Chiwawura
William Chiwawura:
Music that heals the soul
Любовь Волкова
Любовь Волкова:
Великолепное исполнение 💯👍
Abbie Howard
Abbie Howard:
Elinor M. Walker
Elinor M. Walker:
Came here for "Rock Steady", stayed for...everything. Now I'm dancing at work. Thank you, Aretha, and thanks to the curator of this collection.
jÄêgEr BOMB😏
jÄêgEr BOMB😏:
Ever since 2010, Respect has always been one of my favorite songs from Aretha, May she rest in peace
Neusa Saraiva
Neusa Saraiva:
Amo essa cantora,vou assistir o filme❤
I listened to Ms. Aretha Franklin as a child when my mom cleaned up on Saturdays. I just saw Respect. Jennifer Hudson killed it. I see why she was requested. I hope Jennifer Hudson brings home so many awards...much respect💜💜💜
Graciela Planchart
Graciela Planchart:
Priceless woman, artist and singer. We love you now and forever Queen. All miss your incredible voice
Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim:
Ree Ree with the Rah Rah! I love her voice, phrasing and the way she can work a song! She can even hum better than some vocalist sing. She was a true genius. She could write, arrange, produce and orchestrate. She could deliver a song in a unique way. No wonder very few attempted to sing her songs while she was here. She made it seem so easy. But she's hard to imitate. Undisputed Queen of Soul! RIP!
jose de la cruz santana
jose de la cruz santana:
Excelente..buena música
Espectacular, desde Bogota-Colombia
Me transporta total
I grew up with Aretha, and this is one of the absolute best collections on 'Tube with minimal interruptions. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!
Cherri Phelps
Cherri Phelps:
What an amazing artist. Miss Aretha. When I have a stressful day, I unwind to Aretha. RIP Queen 💘
Jennifer Lowe
Jennifer Lowe:
This was just amazing. God certainly bless us with this lady
Christine Brown
Christine Brown:
"You're A Heartbreaker Baby" ... tears even now. Thank you Aretha , for making us all one.
Lynn Ph
Lynn Ph:
Timeless ...Much love and respect to the Queen❤️
Patricia Young
Patricia Young:
I just love love love Aretha Franklin. I have loved her for many many years! What A Fantastic singer she was and a great joy to dance to. The groups backing was out of this world too. Xxxx 😊❤️❤️
Dany Claro
Dany Claro:
She talks with our heart, just wonderfull!
Aurora Ibarra
Aurora Ibarra:
La máxima Reyna ....amo su voz. Y. Su personalidad
Jacklyn Allison
Jacklyn Allison:
Yes I am still also listening to all of her. The GREATEST of ALL TIME.
Carlos Barros
Carlos Barros:
Cada canção dessa incrível mulher é como uma pequena oração para quem ouve! Divina!
Kacia Rocha
Kacia Rocha:
Amooo Aretha ♥️🇧🇷.
A voz poderosa de nossa diva mundial Aretha Franklin acorda todos nós pra irmos à luta, todo santo dia, sempre! Que falta faz!
Lynn Macpherson
Lynn Macpherson:
Recently watched "Respect" and it left me feeling a mixture of pain, sorrow, awe & joy. I honestly had no idea that this wonderful woman had endured quite so much heartache in her life, I'm just glad that in spite of it all she chose to share her breathtaking talent with the world. This newfound knowledge & understanding has made me appreciate Miss Franklin & her glorious music all the more and I'll be listening with an already high but now much deepened level of R.E.S.P.E.C.T 🙏
Just announcing to the world that I am finally taking a deeper dive into Soul. Loving every moment of this journey so far.
Pat Early
Pat Early:
Absolutely and uniquely fantastic. God bless Aretha and everyone
Ms Te Te
Ms Te Te:
Genius brought me here. A flood of memories came by. I remember growing up in the 70’s I’m 51 now and my mom and aunties would be playing Ree-ree’s songs. I really forgot all of the beautiful music she made. Let’s all bow to the real Queen of Soul! I’m in awe of her life story and her music 🎶
LeStine Ford
LeStine Ford:
Love this lady and miss her much! Rest well Aretha❤️🎼💃🏽
Hortense Clarke
Hortense Clarke:
It's amazing! I heard that her mother was a better singer. I wish I could hear her mother's voice. Aretha, you were the best!
Wynona Johnson
Wynona Johnson:
Aretha was just ONE of the best of ALL the musicians in the world. I never get tired of listening to her or Tina Turner💖💖💖
maggie calos
maggie calos:
A bit of flat day until I got onto Aretha's play list and brought be back to the beautiful days pre covid and that love matters in this world. 💖 Bless you sister Aretha your music lives on and on and on.
Edgar Mauricio Medina Núñez
Edgar Mauricio Medina Núñez:
Gracias por tu música, Dios te guarde Aretha Franklin
Jéssica Sierra
Jéssica Sierra:
Maravilhosa 😍
Margarita Antelo
Margarita Antelo:
"Sencillamente" majestuosa!!! 👏✨✨💖
Aladdine Djazaiiri
Aladdine Djazaiiri :
What a splendid voice she had.
I'm in love with it 😍😍
a real legend!!!
Rainey J
Rainey J:
Natural Woman gets me every time ❤❤❤🖤 rest in peace, Queen!!!!