Argentina vs Chile, World Cup Qualifying, June 2021 - MATCH PREVIEW

Lionel Messi's Argentina return to action in World Cup Qualifying, facing Chile. Lionel Scaloni will be hoping to continue Argentina's promising form ahead of Copa America 2021. Argentina will also be hoping to call upon new Barcelona signing Sergio Agüero, who's transfer from Man City was confirmed earlier this week!



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The international uploads start right here! We're going to be talking Copa America & the Euros, but first, it's time for some World Cup qualifying! 🔥🇦🇷🇨🇱
Always look forward to watching Argentina play but this month is absolutely huge for them…I’m just looking forward to watching Messi play football again tbh 🇦🇷🐐
Toka Brandon
Toka Brandon:
I Wish Argentina all the best in these world cup qualifiers and the Copa america 🙏🏼
Lorenzo de Luca
Lorenzo de Luca:
I've been looking at the Argentina squad off late and I gotta say it's quite good. A lot of underrated ballers there with the likes of de Paul, Cristian Romero, lisandro Martinez and tagliafico. This team can actually do something una 🤷🤷
Mohammed Elsafi
Mohammed Elsafi:
I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of international matches previews to come. I’m really excited 😃
Finally, they got their goalie right!!!! Been way too long. Others haven’t been terrible but they haven’t been great either. Hopefully, Martinez can show top quality 👍🏼
Akshit Bindal
Akshit Bindal:
I was very happy with the Argentina squad announcement, so much new and exciting talent. I am also VERY excited for Emiliano Buendia, he has had a wonderful season and he is what every midfield needs. His passes and shooting ability is pure magic, I hope Scaloni gives him a chance 🙏
Argentina Will Face Chile, Colombia, And Chile Again! It's Crazy, Hopefully INSHALLAH They Will Win All Of Those Games.
The YouTube Account
The YouTube Account:
Omg the intro brought back memories of messi’s red card in 2019
Joseph Bello
Joseph Bello:
Since 2012, This is like the first manager that has recognized that messi is not a winger but a CAM. I don’t know why managers start him on the wing when he doesn’t even stay there
Jeffrey Torres
Jeffrey Torres:
I have a strong feeling Argentina can get the job done at Copa America and then next year at the World Cup
Joydeep Rana
Joydeep Rana:
After a really really long time, this team is very well balanced. Argentina's defence and the goalkeeper have not been performing, but this time I feel this is the opportunity for copa America.

Messi deserves an major International trophy
Yolo Master
Yolo Master:
I can’t wait to see Messi in Argentina once again 🔥
I love the copa America intro. This is how I got to know Jamie. 2 years ago!!
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray:
I hope Messi will finally shut up his haters by winning this trophy
Sir Peashooter
Sir Peashooter:
I remember when I first found the channel MoreTalkFCB and TalkFCB. I was looking for stuff about the 2019 copa america. I started watching the videos non stop. This is very nostalgic for me.
FCSB RO's Star
FCSB RO's Star:
Let's go Argentina ! Good luck, King Leo ! 🐐👑
only OGs remember the old intro and the anthem jamie used before his current one🥺❤️
A back 3 for Argentina seems very fitting for the players they have. 👀

Romero, Palomino, Otamendi, Pezzella, and Quarta all play it at their clubs and it could help the midfield. With Tagliafico/Acuña and Foyth as wing backs
Fantasmita 1023
Fantasmita 1023:
It's been a long time since Argentina had a solid team
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo:
God I was so mad after the 2019 copa America, the clear favoritism and terrible refs.
Eryk Melgaard
Eryk Melgaard:
I am soo excited I have been subscribed to your channel for 2 years now and haven't missed a video you made since on talk FCB or more talk FCB. The Copa America 2019 intro is very nostalgic for me haha 😂❤💙. In 2021 I hope Messi is even better and wins 🏆💪 it. I am soo excited to see how your Euro's episodes will look like.
Arjun M
Arjun M:
I was so surprised to Romero in the line-up..I m happy with him and Quarta but still game time for Lisandro will be simply great
The Barça Boardroom
The Barça Boardroom:
Messi signed aguero to get chemistry for the wc
Tibael Deo
Tibael Deo:
Whether messi take a baloon d or , or not but what we want is for messi to win the cup with the albeceleste
Footballing Nostalgia
Footballing Nostalgia:
"No thanks to Gonzalo Higuain" - Jamie , I like that : ]
Ire Adeoye
Ire Adeoye:
I feel lisandro Martinez and Christian Romero would be a great duo
Lxfj 212
Lxfj 212:
Very strong team for Argentina but will they acc play well as they should with the players they have
Benjamin Debbarma
Benjamin Debbarma:
The amount of work he puts into these videos is unmatched. 👋👋👋🔥
Waris Ali
Waris Ali:
South American football needs italian referee, its crazy down there....
Jonathan Rodas
Jonathan Rodas:
I was there when Messi missed that pen 💔
abdirahin dahir
abdirahin dahir:
I agree with you Jamie, Argentina has a strong squad this time and hope they will finally win some silverware.
As for Emiliano Martinez he used to play for Arsenal and he is a very good GK. His distribution is so good and I am still angry that we sold him to Aston Villa and kept Leno.
Avjit Andhroia
Avjit Andhroia:
I feel like this is Argentina's year
Mohammed Emad
Mohammed Emad:
The problem of argentine was never in the players or the squad, it has been always how to play with these players together and the tactics of the coach
Kenneth Wepia Akibate
Kenneth Wepia Akibate:
This Argentina side is probably the most balanced I've seen in ages. Especially in the midfield- Parades-De Paul, beautiful
Aaron C
Aaron C:
I love the music and the new intro with the old intro. It's just nostalgic.
Syed Yousuf
Syed Yousuf:
I'm really happy to see Argentina's such promising squad after a very long time especially Emiliano Martinez, he deserves it
Hope they can achieve success in this Copa America and the 2022 WC
In Sha Allah !!!
Suman Shrestha
Suman Shrestha:
Supporting Barca and Argentina since 2011 when I started watching soccer. L.Messi really deserve at least one international trophy 🏆
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad:
For the first time in ages, both Messi and Ronaldo have quality sides. Hopefully they can both do well, Messi especially❤️💙
What D Hell
What D Hell:
so glad that Schaloni is finally playing Emi and Romero
Kumar Paudel
Kumar Paudel:
Overall, Argentina has great compitative squad.Hope Argentina will win the Copa America.
Alex Munroe
Alex Munroe:
If you can...can you also do like a group match preview for more teams of Barca players. Thank u 🙏🏾
Hope Messi brings it home this year.🙏
Jason Calvo
Jason Calvo:
Fantastic preview. I completely agree with your assessment. I love how you pointed out how higuan is why Argentina is why they lost to Copa americas. Great content I just subscribed, cheers.
I’m so nervous lol, let’s go Argentina!!!!
Anele Anele
Anele Anele:
Good competition in goal for Argentina, Augustine Marchesin and EMI Martinez
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit:
Finally a good looking Argentina squad in years. Only 1 change I would have made and that would have been Lisandro Martinez for Quarta. Its a dream to see Messi lifting International trophy with Argentina 😍#vamosargentina 💙
Ayaan B
Ayaan B:
Hopefully this is Argentina’s year!
Marcos M. Perez
Marcos M. Perez:
Can Argentina please win Copa America? Lol. They've been through so much pain in the last 4 international tournaments.
Martinez was one of the best goalkeepers in EPL previous season.
Suranjit Haflongbar
Suranjit Haflongbar:
That intro💥💥 Common Argentina.. This one is for Messi
Leonardo Montoya
Leonardo Montoya:
I think Argentina's strongest XI would probably be:
GK: Emiliano Martínez
RB: Gonzalo Montiel
CB: Cristian Romero
CB: Lidandro Martínez
LB: Nicolás Tagliafico
CDM: Leandro Paredes
CM: Giovani Lo Celso
CM: Rodrigo de Paul
RW: 🐐
ST: Lautaro Martínez
LW: Lucas Ocampos
Ishan P
Ishan P:
Argentina finally have a functioning goalkeeper and i think just that is a game changer
Waris Ali
Waris Ali:
Hopefully this time God pls plsss, Leo deserves it, his trophy cabinet need something big with blues and white....
Perceptionist /
Perceptionist /:
Man I really hope they win this one. Not only for Messi but that Argentina generation need something to show for. They’ve came so close so many times.
Younis Khan
Younis Khan:
2-0 win for Argentina 🔥
Joshua Robertson
Joshua Robertson:
I love that Maradona captain arm band
Bishal Jung Khadka
Bishal Jung Khadka:
Vamos Messi # Forca_argentina⚪🔵
Honestly this is best Argentina squad since 2016. Jamie didn't even mention players like Nicolas Gonzalez, Palacios, Lo Celso, Acuna, Montiel, Correa, Dybala. Argentina gonna win!!
Simon Lawal
Simon Lawal:
I'm so relived that otamendi is not in the lineup, he is full of committing avoidable mistakes.. I wish Lionel messi the best this time amen
Gregory Abraham
Gregory Abraham:
#vamosargentina Let's GOOO!🇦🇷
I think Palomino should play next to Romero in defense. But if the manager chose Quarta I think he chose him for a good reason.
/root Yoo-jin
/root Yoo-jin:
I don’t think dropping Aguero will work out well for them
Jamie I really Appreciate your Work ❤.
You do double Uploads and you are very Hardworking.Keep up the Good work.
Arushi Agarwal
Arushi Agarwal:
This team definitely have possibility for winning the first international trophy for messi
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
Argentina had Higuain in the past, he had the chance to score in all three straight finals and win it for Argentina, now we have Aguero, Nico Gonzalez, Martinez type of players who can score goals at important occasions
karthik beemaraj
karthik beemaraj:
Hope this year, they will host the tournament Fairly.. Last time Brazil robbed Argentina. and Messi got Red card vs chile for exposing that..
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
I really hope Argentina do something this summer. Messi's last chance to win an international trophy imo
Aavash Lamsal
Aavash Lamsal:
Jamie I think you should also do preview on Spain Matches We love Spain as much as we love Argentina
Azadar e Hussain
Azadar e Hussain:
I don’t feel too comfortable with the defence 😬
Ashar Ahmed
Ashar Ahmed:
Jamie please tell us how dybala can be adjusted in Argentina squad as he's a class player too
Wow loving this! Nice intro and series!
Dzidodo Godfred
Dzidodo Godfred:
Wish Messi all the best 🙏
I hope we see Jose Luis Palomino, I knnow he's 30 and not well known but he has put in decent performances for his club
Tbh I just wanna see Messi win the National team I don't really care much about Barca he's won everything with them
Knight Show
Knight Show:
Not gonna lie
This Argentina lineup is giving me good feeling after a long time.😍
Good players on every position.Specially on defense with players like
Adit Sud
Adit Sud:
They're actually quite decent and probably look like the only team that can challenge Brazil
Nirdesh Ghimire
Nirdesh Ghimire:
Remove ocampos..the other 3 can do their job in forward line...have defence instead and that is lisandro martinez
Sid Dey
Sid Dey:
What a picture of Messi 🇦🇷
rohan Dybala 21
rohan Dybala 21:
The Renaissance of Argentina's central defense and left-backs.

What's more happier than this. We have found someone in the mold of otamendi before he even hanged up his boots, and that's Cristian Romero. The best defender of Serie A, plus we have already managed to churn out good technical ball playing defenders in the shape of Martinez quarta and foyth. The sudden birth of full backs has left my mouth wide open with the discovery of Nicolas tagliafico, lisandro Martinez, nahuel Molina and obviously the experienced young Gonzalo Montiel. The options doesn't end here, over to the under 23 side we already have manufactured some really exciting future prospects coming into the scene as Nehuen Perez, Leonardo balerdi, Bruno amione of Verona, Medina and always Santiago Ramos Mingo of Barcelona. And also, there are obviously more potentials who are yet to unravel themselves, the likes of valenti, barco, vera, Ortega, and many more are coming through the youth ranks to compete for that one spot in the Argentina national team. It's so competitive now.

Never in my dreams I thought I would see this, I had seen some of the best defenders Argentina brought up back in the 90s when football was much more rough and intense. But after that a gap was formed for many years that left the team in total dilemma for finding someone who the forwards could rely upon. Although we can never forget the legendary otamendi and mascherano for what they did but the turmoil bent over and over for many years untill now.

I can't be more happier than seeing Jamie covering Argentina national team updates. This is what bring joy to us and this is what exactly is put to effect when a player dominates and drug your life with his charisma, personality and art. It's the same thing that happened with people of Naples when Maradona was in his prime. The people of Naples supported Maradona and cried his name even though they knew that they were Italians and should shout for Italy, when they were playing against Argentina.

And oh I forgot to mention a crucial name that has been left out of the national team and someone who has been performing at his best for the last two years. It's Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord, I was sure he would get the nod but sad that he didn't. He's a great ball playing centre back.

Thanks again, Jamie.
Di Maria maybe the most underrated player ever in football history.
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
If things don't go well for Quarta, thankfully Lisandro is there, Acuna provides depth for LB too
Mato Plays
Mato Plays:
This squad looks like it could do some damage. Only suprised not to see Ruli in he was amazing in the Europa League final.
aidan gledison
aidan gledison:
I was praying that they start emiliano Martinez 🤩
Harsh Jha
Harsh Jha:
For some odd reason , Argentinian managers always prefer Higuain over Aguero
Noob Player
Noob Player:
Where can I watch this match online for free? Can anyone provide me some information please?❤
Adrian Goerner
Adrian Goerner:
Hopefully Romero performs well so that he never gets dropped of the starting line-up because I cba seeing Otamendi again. It’s harsh to see Lo Celso and Lisandro Martinez not part of it given the fact they can perform well in this team. I’m sceptical with Di Maria, I’d like to see Buendia once. And Ocampos and Foyth are good but I wouldn’t mind seeing Dominguez and Montiel play in their respective positions. Hopefully they can do something this summer🤞
Truth Triumphs
Truth Triumphs:
Iam so glad that you cover Messi's Argentina campaign Jamie. We will win the Copa💪💙
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo:
I feel like rulli would have been a much better option for goalkeeper
El Profesor
El Profesor:
Claudio Bravo will save Chile. Mark my words. I predict a 0-0, 1-1, or 1-0 to Chile.
m b
m b:
I really hope buendia gets his chance.. he is on fire
The Siblings
The Siblings:
Hey jamie as u cover Argentinas match .. u should cover frances match as well as many of barcas players are from france not to mention griezmann and dembele gettin on the score sheet..
Noob Gamer34
Noob Gamer34:
The intro brings me nostalgia from Jamie’s 2019 Copa America videos
Fun fact: I was in that stadium 8:00
Proud moment
Steven M.
Steven M.:
Why does Dybala never play? Isn’t he pretty damn good?
Farouk Hussein
Farouk Hussein:
I'll go ahead and predict an optimistic 3 - 0 win for Argentina
Yahia Champ21
Yahia Champ21:
I hope Argentina win against Chile and Colombia so it can give confidence for Copa America
No injuries to our players please 🙏🙏
Zeebran Ismail
Zeebran Ismail:
Great lineup....just needed lisandro instead of martinez quatra
The Barça Boardroom
The Barça Boardroom:
Its evident the only way to stop Jamie is to steal his set up