Argentina vs Chile, World Cup Qualifying, June 2021 - MATCH PREVIEW

Lionel Messi's Argentina return to action in World Cup Qualifying, facing Chile. Lionel Scaloni will be hoping to continue Argentina's promising form ahead of Copa America 2021. Argentina will also be hoping to call upon new Barcelona signing Sergio Agüero, who's transfer from Man City was confirmed earlier this week!



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The international uploads start right here! We're going to be talking Copa America & the Euros, but first, it's time for some World Cup qualifying! 🔥🇦🇷🇨🇱
Toka Brandon
Toka Brandon:
I Wish Argentina all the best in these world cup qualifiers and the Copa america 🙏🏼
Lorenzo de Luca
Lorenzo de Luca:
I've been looking at the Argentina squad off late and I gotta say it's quite good. A lot of underrated ballers there with the likes of de Paul, Cristian Romero, lisandro Martinez and tagliafico. This team can actually do something una 🤷🤷
Finally, they got their goalie right!!!! Been way too long. Others haven’t been terrible but they haven’t been great either. Hopefully, Martinez can show top quality 👍🏼
Mohammed Elsafi
Mohammed Elsafi:
I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of international matches previews to come. I’m really excited 😃
Harsit Baral
Harsit Baral:
Omg the intro brought back memories of messi’s red card in 2019
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray:
I hope Messi will finally shut up his haters by winning this trophy
Argentina Will Face Chile, Colombia, And Chile Again! It's Crazy, Hopefully INSHALLAH They Will Win All Of Those Games.
barcelona golden state
barcelona golden state:
Messi signed aguero to get chemistry for the wc
Always look forward to watching Argentina play but this month is absolutely huge for them…I’m just looking forward to watching Messi play football again tbh 🇦🇷🐐
Drifted Soul
Drifted Soul:
only OGs remember the old intro and the anthem jamie used before his current one🥺❤️
Aaron C
Aaron C:
I love the music and the new intro with the old intro. It's just nostalgic.
Elies Boulezzaz
Elies Boulezzaz:
I love the copa America intro. This is how I got to know Jamie. 2 years ago!!
Ultimate PvZ
Ultimate PvZ:
I remember when I first found the channel MoreTalkFCB and TalkFCB. I was looking for stuff about the 2019 copa america. I started watching the videos non stop. This is very nostalgic for me.
Joseph Bello
Joseph Bello:
Since 2012, This is like the first manager that has recognized that messi is not a winger but a CAM. I don’t know why managers start him on the wing when he doesn’t even stay there
Yolo Master
Yolo Master:
I can’t wait to see Messi in Argentina once again 🔥
Atul Anilkumar
Atul Anilkumar:
"No thanks to Gonzalo Higuain" - Jamie , I like that : ]
Jeffrey Torres
Jeffrey Torres:
I have a strong feeling Argentina can get the job done at Copa America and then next year at the World Cup
Waris Ali
Waris Ali:
South American football needs italian referee, its crazy down there....
Akshit Bindal
Akshit Bindal:
I was very happy with the Argentina squad announcement, so much new and exciting talent. I am also VERY excited for Emiliano Buendia, he has had a wonderful season and he is what every midfield needs. His passes and shooting ability is pure magic, I hope Scaloni gives him a chance 🙏
Ire Adeoye
Ire Adeoye:
I feel lisandro Martinez and Christian Romero would be a great duo
barcelona golden state
barcelona golden state:
Its evident the only way to stop Jamie is to steal his set up
Marcos M. Perez
Marcos M. Perez:
Can Argentina please win Copa America? Lol. They've been through so much pain in the last 4 international tournaments.
Tibael Deo
Tibael Deo:
Whether messi take a baloon d or , or not but what we want is for messi to win the cup with the albeceleste
Avjit Andhroia
Avjit Andhroia:
I feel like this is Argentina's year
I was there when Messi missed that pen 💔
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo:
God I was so mad after the 2019 copa America, the clear favoritism and terrible refs.
Fantasmita 1023
Fantasmita 1023:
It's been a long time since Argentina had a solid team
Eryk Melgaard
Eryk Melgaard:
I am soo excited I have been subscribed to your channel for 2 years now and haven't missed a video you made since on talk FCB or more talk FCB. The Copa America 2019 intro is very nostalgic for me haha 😂❤💙. In 2021 I hope Messi is even better and wins 🏆💪 it. I am soo excited to see how your Euro's episodes will look like.
Joshua Robertson
Joshua Robertson:
I love that Maradona captain arm band
Hope Messi brings it home this year.🙏
Franklin Alvarado Rosales
Franklin Alvarado Rosales:
FM Stegen
FM Stegen:
so glad that Schaloni is finally playing Emi and Romero
Younis Khan
Younis Khan:
2-0 win for Argentina 🔥
Joydeep Rana
Joydeep Rana:
After a really really long time, this team is very well balanced. Argentina's defence and the goalkeeper have not been performing, but this time I feel this is the opportunity for copa America.

Messi deserves an major International trophy
FCSB RO's Star
FCSB RO's Star:
Let's go Argentina ! Good luck, King Leo ! 🐐👑
Arjun M
Arjun M:
I was so surprised to Romero in the line-up..I m happy with him and Quarta but still game time for Lisandro will be simply great
A back 3 for Argentina seems very fitting for the players they have. 👀

Romero, Palomino, Otamendi, Pezzella, and Quarta all play it at their clubs and it could help the midfield. With Tagliafico/Acuña and Foyth as wing backs
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kelly:
Had to comment on the intro the nostalgia. Can't wait for tommrow.
I’m so nervous lol, let’s go Argentina!!!!
Kofi Mcmillan
Kofi Mcmillan:
Bruh that intro was a nice surprise 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez:
Oooooo, that intro music is🔥
Waris Ali
Waris Ali:
Hopefully this time God pls plsss, Leo deserves it, his trophy cabinet need something big with blues and white....
Lade 212
Lade 212:
Very strong team for Argentina but will they acc play well as they should with the players they have
Yuran Abdul
Yuran Abdul:
The intro is nostalgic to long time viewers
Ayaan Bani
Ayaan Bani:
Hopefully this is Argentina’s year!
Azadar e Hussain
Azadar e Hussain:
I don’t feel too comfortable with the defence 😬
Jamie I really Appreciate your Work ❤.
You do double Uploads and you are very Hardworking.Keep up the Good work.
Raf 10
Raf 10:
I didn’t realise how much I needed to hear that intro
Abdelaziz Kindakji
Abdelaziz Kindakji:
Oh yesss this intro song, long time no hear.
Alex Munroe
Alex Munroe:
If you can...can you also do like a group match preview for more teams of Barca players. Thank u 🙏🏾
Anele Anele
Anele Anele:
Good competition in goal for Argentina, Augustine Marchesin and EMI Martinez
Mugesh Da
Mugesh Da:
Wait so ur telling me a decent mid field decent defence and a decent keeper??
Get in.
Barcelona forever
Barcelona forever:
2019 they treated messi badly
Wow loving this! Nice intro and series!
Frost Byte
Frost Byte:
Good to see the animation of the old intro.
Tibael Deo
Tibael Deo:
Jamie i remember the song which you used back in 2019 , here we go again
Intelligent Giant
Intelligent Giant:
So glad you’re doing this
Haha 99
Haha 99:
I love this intro ❤️
Satyaki Choudhury
Satyaki Choudhury:
Damn... This intro is lit🔥🔥
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
I remember this intro. Been here a while it seems 😂😂
Job Joseph
Job Joseph:
Ahhh what an intro 😍😍
Durga prasad Paudel
Durga prasad Paudel:
Overall, Argentina has great compitative squad.Hope Argentina will win the Copa America.
amon hashili
amon hashili:
This guy 🔥🔥
I like the change in music for the different occasions
that nostalgic intro tho
Ishan Purnapatre
Ishan Purnapatre:
Argentina finally have a functioning goalkeeper and i think just that is a game changer
Yo Jamie i love the into man, its new and clean 👌😉
ohh we have been waiting for this intro
Somiyo Rana
Somiyo Rana:
that's some sick intro🔥
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali:
Haven’t heard this upbeat song intro in a while lol 😂
Andrés Bejar
Andrés Bejar:
absolutely loving these intros
Martinez was one of the best goalkeepers in EPL previous season.
Suranjit Haflongbar
Suranjit Haflongbar:
That intro💥💥 Common Argentina.. This one is for Messi
Thank u Jamie for this Upload... Love u.. Nd Argentina❤❤
Aavash Lamsal
Aavash Lamsal:
Jamie I think you should also do preview on Spain Matches We love Spain as much as we love Argentina
Mohammed Emad
Mohammed Emad:
The problem of argentine was never in the players or the squad, it has been always how to play with these players together and the tactics of the coach
Ashar Ahmed
Ashar Ahmed:
Jamie please tell us how dybala can be adjusted in Argentina squad as he's a class player too
Polish Cow
Polish Cow:
Nice intro Jamie! 🔥
Pranav Goel
Pranav Goel:
Maybe it should be Romero-Martinez at CB...
Bishal Jung Khadka
Bishal Jung Khadka:
Vamos Messi # Forca_argentina⚪🔵
Preet Bhatt
Preet Bhatt:
Talkfcb is the GOAT . (Btw what was the song in the intro) it sounded really good
Manraj Dhillon
Manraj Dhillon:
3.10 AM in india...still watching your video. Huge fan of u from INDIA
rifat ahmed
rifat ahmed:
Lisandro for Quarta at the heart of defence.
Cool man 7659
Cool man 7659:
Fun fact: I was in that stadium 8:00
Proud moment
Praveen VM
Praveen VM:
The news broke that Aguero was tested +ve to covid!
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad:
For the first time in ages, both Messi and Ronaldo have quality sides. Hopefully they can both do well, Messi especially❤️💙
Coby Kenneth
Coby Kenneth:
I love the new Intro 🫀😏
Nice intro 🔥
Benjamin Debbarma
Benjamin Debbarma:
The amount of work he puts into these videos is unmatched. 👋👋👋🔥
I Am Speed
I Am Speed:
I think God created Higuain so that Messi can never win a trophy with Argentina. Let's hope he can now ❤
Roopam Barman
Roopam Barman:
Having No Dybala breaks my heartt
Maru Dan
Maru Dan:
Dhruv Jha
Dhruv Jha:
Well this was the video we were waiting for
Edwin Wejuli
Edwin Wejuli:
trust requires a track record, I pray Emiliano delivers
Suman Shrestha
Suman Shrestha:
Supporting Barca and Argentina since 2011 when I started watching soccer. L.Messi really deserve at least one international trophy 🏆
Kenneth Wepia Akibate
Kenneth Wepia Akibate:
This Argentina side is probably the most balanced I've seen in ages. Especially in the midfield- Parades-De Paul, beautiful
Joshuan Saravia
Joshuan Saravia:
Moreee bro thanks for this vids
Jason Calvo
Jason Calvo:
Fantastic preview. I completely agree with your assessment. I love how you pointed out how higuan is why Argentina is why they lost to Copa americas. Great content I just subscribed, cheers.
Sankha Subhra
Sankha Subhra:
Grt lineup🤟