Armie Hammer's Alleged Strange DMs Leaked?! | Daily Pop | E! News

The "Call Me by Your Name" star is trending after graphic sexual acts and fantasy messages about drinking a woman's blood were leaked. Are these DMs real or fake? Watch "Daily Pop" weekdays at 11am|10c, only on E!

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Armie Hammer's Alleged Strange DMs Leaked?! | Daily Pop | E! News

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100+ comentarios:

Christina Zaino
Christina Zaino:
Cannibalism is just a “preference” that shouldn’t be judged? Excuse me?🤮
The dude said in those screenshots that he cut a heart out of a living animal and eaten it while still warm, he said he wants to hold the heart of his gf in his hands and control how it beats, how he wants to cut his gf's toes and keep them as his possessions and keep her as a slave. His texts are alarming and shouldn't be excused.
kevin waddle
kevin waddle:
Oh look, Hollywood protecting one of their own again.
Chris Long
Chris Long:
The way these people are talking about the texts sickens me.
Sabrine Saad
Sabrine Saad:
I can’t believe they’re talking about this so lightheartedly. Have they done their research and read the tweets. They’re alarming. There’s nothing charming or fun about this, it’s simply disgusting.
INK Studio
INK Studio:
wow you guys are just horrible.
why do you chose the least disturbing thing he said in those dms? why don't you cover the fact that it wasn't only one girl but 3, and 2 more known women who he dated in the past year came forward and said they are all true? also what about his audio recording? or those videos of him drinking and driving? or doing drugs?
Disgusting coverage! always give this powerful abusive men the benefit of the doubt
Astrid A
Astrid A:
are they for real? The messages are horrible, he's talking about cutting limbs, beheading, raping her dead body, f* her actual brain. These are messages from a sociopath, not someone who wants to "experiment" ...
sarah stage
sarah stage:
I believe it. He sent photos to the girl choking himself.
Victoria Hendrix
Victoria Hendrix:
You’re all so unprofessional. Do your research, and you’re taking his messages so lightly, he’s talking about raping and murdering... the girl posted screenshots, videos and photos sent from him, what else do you want?
Lucy Glass
Lucy Glass:
I can’t believe they’re really victim blaming in this even if the girls deleted their parts (I don’t think they did as the messages makes sense together & he doesn’t seem to be replying to anything), he still has said these things and should be held accountable! How tf are you supposed to lead someone into saying they want to eat and rape you! That’s on him and no one else maybe try having some compassion for the victims who he said these nightmarish things to
Cj V
Cj V:
If he wasn’t so attractive I think people would be taking this more seriously. But he is, so people are brushing it off like it’s just a normal fetish. Cannibalism is NOT normal ENEWS. You guys are crazy and you shouldn’t make light of such disturbing messages. Who knows what he would do to his kids if he got custody of them or even partial custody. It’s very disturbing.
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez:
Another one that’s getting exposed as a sicko imagine my shock
“People are into different things... and that’s okay.” God bless her. She clearly doesn’t understand.
saying, as far as I know, he is a good guy does not make him a GOOD GUY
Shubham Mandal
Shubham Mandal:
This is Normalization of cannibalism
America is turning into the the world of a song and ice and fire
Coral Titan
Coral Titan:
The black guy knows.
I follow all those disturbed dm's and they are............disturbing, to say the least. the man needs to check himself into a mental institution.
But for sure the girls delete their part from the screenshots.
Katie Katie
Katie Katie:
Why are they talking about it like it's some funny stuff?????
Even his wife believes women and another of his ex from last year. I believe these ladies...E! News stop with even a suggestion of victim blaming. He's been sending them since 2016. Please do better. He's trying to get out of it and probably will with daddy money
Roland Boss
Roland Boss:
Everyone is talking about what he said. But I want to know what she said in them DMs.
Nathan Bergmann
Nathan Bergmann:
Hollywood is gonna cover for him. Theres so much weird crazy stuff that we don't even know about that goes on in LA. Maybe someday it will get uncovered, maybe not. With enough money and power you can hide anything
Palm Tree
Palm Tree:
The fact that they’re trying to justify the whole situ is beyond disturbing 😳
random human
random human:
Why is he silent though?
Hey Marey
Hey Marey:
Why is the Alexander Wang issue not getting the same attention from E News?!
Adrienne M
Adrienne M:
The way Justin said "Suck your blood and eat your flesh"....😂😂😂
Krystal Elizabeth
Krystal Elizabeth:
Justin sippin' that tea...😂😂
Masked Mono
Masked Mono:
Just got his career destroyed
Clever Sim
Clever Sim:
I believe all of it and I don’t believe 99% of media! More than half of Hollywood are like that lol! These people are SUPER sick!
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman:
That guy on the right is very victim blaming, and insensitive. It’s no laughing matter and these woman who have come forward should be taken seriously.
Zarina M
Zarina M:
Innocent until PROVEN guilty. That’s why we have a court system and lawyers to investigate and lawfully prove things. NOT media, people who don’t TRULY know anything, trying to be judges. Not saying these accusations are not true, however people need to stop believing everything that uncredited strangers put out there. Think for yourselves
Armie hammer comes out as a vampire
2:55 YES, THANK YOU! I agree with that!
Sc Che
Sc Che:
I never used to believe the whole adrenochrome, 🍕 gate and satantic ritual stuff ... but now I do - the fact that they are making light of the situation shows that they are protecting him and pretty sure worst things going on that hasn’t been exposed.
Roksolana N.
Roksolana N.:
More and more people are getting canceled over things that we have no way to know the truth about or reasons behind :( ridiculous
Ljubican napredni
Ljubican napredni:
Hollywood , world capital of perverts.
Ugh I knew he was just too perfect 😂
This basically confirms that Alex Jones was right the whole time. All of Hollywood is in on this
oh, protecting him really???? 💀 typicial devilwood.. it's no surprise here really
LOL...If there rich Hollywood never disappoints. We rang out the year with Hilarious Baldwin rang in with Armie Dhamer
Ligma Sucrose
Ligma Sucrose:
where's Alexander Wang?
Now it explains why he looks so healthy I guess😱🤮
P R:
He is good looking but everything that I am hearing about him creeps me out. He's like the main character in The Fall
Liz Marty
Liz Marty:
No burner account??!! Wow, me thinks this might be the tip of the iceberg. Or toe
The messages: *super alarming and sickening*
This journalist: some people are into weird things and that's okay 🙂
Design Capsule
Design Capsule:
no need for the background music
Patrick Flomo
Patrick Flomo:
O my goodness that guy is crazy 😳 he need help
Sam Inc
Sam Inc:
It's called gynophagia and they're real. He's a sociopath
John Dough
John Dough:
Why wouldn’t it be real? Bunch of sociopath actors attending Marina Abramović spirit cooking parties. Bunch of freakin lunatics
Jocelyn Cooper
Jocelyn Cooper:
If this is true, I can’t believe he was dumb enough to DM stuff like this from his official account. Also, I cannot believe there are so many people making this about politics.
bored egg
bored egg:
This is a bad coverage of this issue. You have 1) victim-blamed 2) tried to excuse Armie's behaviour 3) did not do your research
Ahlisha Holloway
Ahlisha Holloway:
E News is not, and has never been, a news channel. It has from it's inception, been used to justify the celebrity class and dismiss or diminish criticism. This segment just proves it. Cannibalism and rape are not just "kinks" especially when forced upon ones spouse without their consent. The fact they are trivializing abusive behavior is repellent.
L M:
Pretty shocked by the amount of people here who are totally ok with someone cutting the heart out of an animal because the dude is attractive. Humanity is so low.
What is it about being powerful, rich and famous that results in all sorts of disturbing and deranged desires?
She looks nice with red 💋💄
N G:
Well, 2021 started totally normal
What if he's a serial killer
I know what not's real. The lips of the lady in stripes.
H00A00 A
H00A00 A:
Why people mostly talk about the cannibalism part of his DMs!! Since when we accepted rapes & violence as part of kinks fantasies!! I really hate the world we living!! The fact we ignore such things & normalize it as preferences scares me!!
Summer Williams
Summer Williams:
This is the same man who posted a video of his son sucking his toes on his IG story back in 2019 with the caption "This happened for a solid 7 minutes... # footfetishonfleek", and has liked and followed a lot of BDSM stuff on his verified public Twitter and Instagram accounts. I don't think this is that much of a stretch.
Yesica Padilla
Yesica Padilla:
Christina Galler
Christina Galler:
I need to see proof to know that he actually texted that, People are quick to attack without any proof. What if he was framed by his ex wife and ex gf? Why is she only telling us now and not 4 years ago? Slandering is bad too you know.
Gaurav Vikalp
Gaurav Vikalp:
Hahaha! What is so wrong with these texts 😂
The Wood Elf
The Wood Elf:
I think this is so fake but whatever.
It actually makes him hotter in my book.
Right now I'd be more worried about the dude in the orange shirt with the mug - he's scary! Check his DM's!!!
Justin's face when Morgan said she didn't know how to photoshop a dm.... saw that ;) would love to know that tea
03 AI
03 AI:
He dropped the movie with Jennifer Lopez at this leak. But did you have to go that far? If this were true, he wasn't committing a crime. Did he assault a woman? did not. Why does a woman post this on Twitter? If she feels dangerous, go to the police. He should sue the woman who leaked this.
Ap Xalxo
Ap Xalxo:
Why don't people just look at their own sins first before stoning someone else to death. God is watching !
Alonzo Rodriguez
Alonzo Rodriguez:
Cannibalism, personal preference? What 😬🤔
Man what a waste of talent🤦🏾‍♀️ he really had to blow it like that
sarah stage
sarah stage:
He's trying to be christian grey 2.0
Mary Clare Olive
Mary Clare Olive:
Weeble Lehmann
Weeble Lehmann:

Well, THERE goes Lone Ranger 2!
Why wasn’t he cast as Christian Grey?
Jean-Pierre Mutin
Jean-Pierre Mutin:
Just a lot of crap. Is this some form of revenge porn?
Štěpánka Gunárová
Štěpánka Gunárová:
Stfu he's my maaaan
Stupid Pink
Stupid Pink:
Lol I’m scared
Jessica Brewer
Jessica Brewer:
It's true.. it's true. That person had no reason to come forward. It's disgusting. Period.
The Quirky Girl
The Quirky Girl:
At first I was like what's the big deal, he is a real life Christian Grey... But then after reading more texts he quickly sounded like Jeffrey Dahmer. It's one thing fantazing about it, but those dark fantasies can take over your soul and next thing it becomes reality. Scarey. Always thought he was freaky, there's something about him... but had no idea to it was to this extent. 😬
Lyanna Schwimmer
Lyanna Schwimmer:
lmao if armie was not an attractive rich white guy more people would be blasting him for this 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ana MX
Ana MX:
I'm always skeptical cause anyone can make up anything and people are evil but there are audios of him and pics. It's creepy, fetish is something else. Sad I had a crush on him.
Lauren Bray
Lauren Bray:
@3:00 exactly my thoughts. I think its real but her removing most of her messages makes it look one sided. I need to know if there was actual abuse or crimes going on or not, otherwise its kink shaming. The things he is saying in the messages are actual kinks in BDSM. Its when things are not consensual and turn into abuse or a crime that they become a problem. Or when certain fantasies become reality.
yeet me
yeet me:
I'm sorry.. wHAT?
Lola Who
Lola Who:
Hmm but his ex wife and ex gf s said it’s true...
He should demant it if it is not true.
Also justifying cannibalism in this show is crazy and horrible.
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz:
Lots of people have come forward so how would they be fake now🥴
Simple 2live
Simple 2live:
Lmao ... are there more? Asking for a friend
How can they be taking this lightly ???
sarah stage
sarah stage:
It's real.
Ewww throw the cannibal in jail ASAP!
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's Got My Tongue:
What does Armie Hammer do after he dumps his girlfriend?

He wipes his butt.
I think Arm and Hammer is done. Soon won't even be good to absorb odors in the fridge. This is the beginning of the end. I'll bet numerous Women will now come out with claims and lawsuits.
And reading his face, those eyes are hiding shame and secrets. Barely smiles because he hates himself.
what I want to know is who's teaching these people that 'Angels' are meant to 'save' you or GIVE THEIR BLOOD???
Jazy Moonchild
Jazy Moonchild:
Why didn't yall verify FIRST before yall open your mouth about it...AND SAY EVERYTHING NOT LEAVE THE WORST STUFF OUT. trash bin news.
This is absolutely horrifying and disgusting. This man and ANYBODY simping over him or sympathizing with him honestly need serious mental attention as well as put onto a government watch list. Thinking that this is hot or sexy doesn't make you more kinky, interesting, or edgy. Once your kinks pass safe, sane, and consensual, it's not a kink anymore, you just need help.
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
Armie Hammer must have upset some Elites in Hollywood.
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney:
Cannibal is his gender identity, stop being ignorant and let this man eat. Bigots
Captain Bigot
Captain Bigot:
Hollyweird for sure.
why do we victim blame? girl did egg him on to say i'm a cannibal..or many of the other things. Plus his WIFE said..yep..she believes the girls.
Star Dom
Star Dom:
Are we pretty sure it's real!!🤔🤔
Hannah S
Hannah S:
Smdh when will we learn to believe women
Is there more to this story? He's getting cancelled because he said he wanted to drink her blood? If it's consensual, who cares?
Sounds like a serial killer but go on